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    Contributers: dFactory

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    Image Watermark allows you to automatically watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and bulk watermark previously uploaded images.

    For more information, check out plugin page at dFactory, documentation page or plugin support forum.

    Features include:

    • Bulk watermark – Apply watermark option in Media Library actions
    • Watermark images already uploaded to Media Library
    • GD LIbrary and ImageMagic support
    • Image backup functionality
    • Option to remove watermark
    • Flexible watermark position
    • Watermark image preview
    • Set watermark offset
    • Select post types where watermark will be aplied to uploaded images or select adding watermark during any image upload
    • Select from 3 methods of aplying watermark size: original, custom or scaled
    • Set watermark transparency / opacity
    • Select image format (baseline or progressive)
    • Set image quality
    • Protect your images from copying via drag&drop
    • Disable right mouse click on images
    • Disable image protection for logged-in users
    • .pot file for translations included
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    Contributers: David Gwyer

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    Very lightweight and simple plugin that displays the currently installed PHP version in the “At a Glance” admin dashboard widget.

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    1. Display the currently installed PHP version in the "At a Glance" admin dashboard widget.

      Display the currently installed PHP version in the "At a Glance" admin dashboard widget.

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  • Authors: webcraftic

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    Make your website faster by reducing the weight of images. Our WordPress image optimizer plugin can cease image weights on 80% without any loss of quality.

    Robin image optimizer is a smart and advanced image optimizer that really stands out among other WordPress plugins. Robin image optimizer is a WordPress free image optimizer plugin with zero limitations in terms of number of images and optimization quality. The only thing that you may stumble across is the image weight, which shouldn’t exceed 5 MB.

    What’s the purpose of image optimization?

    The lighter the weight of the image – the faster your page loads. With the constant growth of mobile users, increases the necessity in mobile websites optimization. If you don’t want to get many rejections and lose money due to the poor ad performances, we’d recommend you to start with image optimization.

    Why should we use Robin image optimizer for image optimization?

    • The first and the most significant difference from the counterparts: our plugin is absolutely free and has the same features as paid products.
    • This WordPress image optimizer doesn’t have any limits or restrictions in image optimization.
    • Automatic optimization using Cron. You don’t need to wait til optimization is completed; the plugin will be optimizing couple of images every several minutes in the background.
    • Manual mass-optimization. Press the button and wait til your images are optimized
    • Image backup. Before optimization starts, all images are being stored in original quality. Then, when optimization is over, you can restore lost images or re-optimize them in another quality.
    • You can choose compression mode (normal, regular, high). Compression mode influences image weight and quality. The higher the compression, the worse is the quality and the smaller is the weight.
    • Image optimization on boot.
    • Reducing pre-optimization image weight by changing image size.
    • Detailed statistics on optimized images

    WP CLI commands (PRO)


    • wp robin optimize
    • wp robin stop
    • wp robin status

    Available scopes

    • media-library
    • custom-folders
    • nextgen


    We invite you to check out a few other related free plugins that our team has also produced that you may find especially useful:

    Thanks the authors of plugins

    We used some useful functions from plugins Imagify Image Optimizer, Smush Image Compression and Optimization, EWWW Image Optimizer, reSmush.it Image Optimizer, ShortPixel Image Optimizer.


    If you want to help with the translation, please contact me through this site or through the contacts inside the plugin.

    1. The simple interface

      The simple interface

    2. Optimization log

      Optimization log

    3. Settings page

      Settings page

    4. Media library

      Media library

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    ووکامرس فارسی
    بسته فارسی ساز فروشگاه ساز ووکامرس شما را قادر می سازد تا ووکامرس را به صورت کامل فارسی شده همراه با امکانات کاربردی نظیر شهر های ایران، واحد های پولی ایران، درگاه های پرداخت بانکی و ابزارهای کاربردی دیگر داشته باشید.


    • Woocommece 3.6.x
    • WordPress 5.x



    • بسته فارسی ساز ووکامرس شما را قادر می سازد تا فروشگاه ساز ووکامرس را به فارسی تبدیل کنید.
    • با نصب این بسته می توانید:
    • واحد های پولی تومان ، ریال ، هزار تومان و هزار ریال
    • لیست استان های ایران
    • بخش کاربری و مدیریت ووکامرس به صورت فارسی
    • لیست شهر های ایران (جدید)
    • راست چین سازی بخش مدیریت فروشگاه
    • ابزار جایگزین کننده عبارات و ترجمه ها (جدید)
    • ابزار محدودیت فروش در استان های خاص (جدید)
    • ابزار متن دلخواه جایگزین قیمت محصولات (جدید)
    • و…


    پشتیبانی در سایت Woocommerce.ir انجام میشود.

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    3.9 (35)
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    Contributers: vaakash

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    Shortcoder plugin allows to create a custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript and other snippets. Now the shortcodes can be used in posts/pages and the snippet will be replaced in place.

    ✍ Create shortcodes easily

    1. Give a name for the shortcode
    2. Paste the HTML/JavaScript/CSS as shortcode content
    3. Save !
    4. Now insert the shortcode [sc name="my_shortcode"] in your post/page.
    5. Voila ! You got the HTML/Javascript/CSS in your post.

    ✨ Features

    • Create custom shortcodes easily and use them in any place where shortcode is supported.
    • Have any HTML, Javascript, CSS as Shortcode content.
    • Insert: Custom parameters in shortcode
    • Insert: WordPress parameters in shortcode
    • Multiple editors: Code, Visual and text modes.
    • Globally disable the shortcode when not needed.
    • Disable shortcode on desktop, mobile devices.
    • A button in post editor to pick the shortcodes to insert.
    • Supports Gutenberg.

    🎲 An example usage

    1. Create a shortcode named “adsenseAd” in the Shortcoder admin page.
    2. Paste the adsense code in the box given and save it.
    3. Use [sc name="adsenseAd"] in your posts and pages.
    4. Tada !!! the ad code is replaced and it appears in the post.
    5. Now you can edit the ad code at one place and the code is updated in all the locations where the shortcode is used.

    Similarly shortcodes can be created for frequently used snippets.

    You can also add custom parameters (like %%id%%) inside the snippets, and change it’s value like [sc name="youtube" id="GrlRADfvjII"] when using them.


    1. Shortcoder admin page.

      Shortcoder admin page.

    2. Editing a shortcode.

      Editing a shortcode.

    3. "Insert shortcode" popup to select and insert shortcodes.

      "Insert shortcode" popup to select and insert shortcodes.

    4. A shortcode inserted into post.

      A shortcode inserted into post.

    5. Shortcoder block for Gutenberg editor.

      Shortcoder block for Gutenberg editor.

    6. Shortcoder executed in the post.

      Shortcoder executed in the post.

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    4.9 (186)