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    This made the widget selection much easier. With this plugin activated we can select widgets to show specifically for one page / post / or custom post type.
    Always note to use it with a sidebar enabled theme.

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    Contributers: phpbits

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    Control your sidebar widgets more! Assign different contents on your sidebars, footer and any sidebar widgets.

    Widget Options adds elegant and feature-packed tabbed options below each widget to completely manage and control each widgets visibility and appearance.

    Built with seamlessly integration with WordPress, Widget Options is the world’s most complete widget management plugin solution yet.

    Show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages

    With Widget Options Plugin, you can easily assign pages visibility and restrict each widgets on different pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

    Show or hide widgets on mobile devices, desktop and/or tablet screen sizes

    Display less widgets on your mobile devices for easier website navigation without affecting your desktop and tablet versions. Maximizing this feature you can show different sidebar widget contents for each devices for better user content targeting.

    Custom WordPress widget alignments

    Change your widget alignment to look better on your site. Comes with center, left, right and justified alignment options.

    Custom Widget ID & Classes

    Create predefined classes on the plugin’s setting page and use them later for each widgets. You can also add custom widget ID and additional classes for styling or javascript purposes.

    Display Widget Logic

    Use WordPress Conditional tags to manage and restrict your widgets using display widget logic option if you’re geeky enough to use PHP conditions and in need of custom restrictions.

    Hide Widget Title

    Easily hide widget title on front-end display while retaining them on the backend dashboard for labelling.

    Enable / Disable Options

    Use only the features you want and disable any other widget options easily using the brand new settings page.

    Live Widget Search Filter

    Increase administrator widget management by enabling live widget search box on your widget dashboard to locate any widgets easier rather than scrolling the page.

    Easily Move WordPress Widgets without dragging

    Increase productivity and widgets management by moving any widgets easily by clicking a link and selecting the sidebar widget area instead of drag and drop! Elegant option specially on smaller screen devices such as mobile.

    Import & Export Widgets and Widget Area Backup

    You can now import and export WordPress widgets easily and create any backup of specific sidebar widget areas. Move widgets to another websites at ease.

    View your changes live!

    This plugin is customizer ready for easier customization. View your changes live before saving it, not just better control but a time saver plugin!

    Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Compatible

    Extend your SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered website’s widget panels control and management using Widget Options! Restrict devices visibility, change alignments, hide widget panel title, add custom classes and control visibility using display widget logic option!
    Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin + Widget Options = Total Freedom!

    Elementor Pagebuilder Ready!

    Extend Widget Options visibility restrictions to elementor widgets! You can now have same widget management feature available to your Elementor powered websites.

    Beaver Builder Plugin Ready!

    Now with Beaver Builder plugin integration! You can fully manage each modules on many ways you want it too! Integrated smoothly to upgrade your website building workflow.

    Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support!

    Easily show or hide any widgets using your ACF fields and conditions. You can restric widget with the following conditions:

    • Equal To
    • Not Equal To
    • Contains
    • Does Not Contain
    • Is Empty
    • Is Not Empty

    ACF integration is also available on Elementor and Beaver Builder integration.

    Upgrade to Extended Widget Options
    For more widgets management and restriction options, upgrade to Extended Widget Options today!

    Premium Features

    • Custom WordPress Widget Styling
    • Widget Animations on scroll and page load
    • Sticky / Fixed WordPress Widgets
    • Custom Widget Links
    • Widget Cache
    • Custom Widget Columns Display
    • Restrict Widget Visibility per User Roles
    • Widget Visibility per Days and Date Range
    • Extended Taxonomy and Terms Support
    • Display Sidebars and Widgets using Shortcodes
    • Disable any WordPress Widgets
    • Permission Options
    • Target URLs and Wildcard Restrictions
    • Option for child page to inherit parent widget visibilities

    Check full Extended Widget Options features.


    In need of WordPress Sliding Panel for your widgets? Check out Sliding Widget Options add-on and transform any of your widgets to modal pop-up, slide in and/or sliding widget panel; and increase your website’s user engagement!

    If you like to contribute, report issue or have suggestions, you can find the development version on Github.

    More information

    Contact and Credits

    Widget Options for WordPress is maintained and developed by Phpbits Creative Studio.

    1. Widgets Visibility Options

      Widgets Visibility Options

    2. Device Visibility Options

      Device Visibility Options

    3. Widgets Custom Alignment

      Widgets Custom Alignment

    4. Widget CSS ID & Classes

      Widget CSS ID & Classes

    5. Display Widget Logic

      Display Widget Logic

    6. Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Widget Options

      Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Widget Options

    7. Widget Importer & Exporter Feature

      Widget Importer & Exporter Feature

    8. Beaver Builder Integration

      Beaver Builder Integration

    9. Elementor Pagebuilder Integration

      Elementor Pagebuilder Integration

    10. Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) Support

      Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) Support

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    Contributers: Damian

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    The new Popups plugin can display multiple popups. Is the perfect solution to show important messages such as EU Cookie notice, increase your social followers, add call to actions, increase your mailing lists by adding a form like mailchimp or to display any other important message in a simple popup.

    It’s compatible with the major form plugins like (read FAQ):

    • Gravity Forms
    • Ninja Forms
    • Contact form 7
    • USP Forms
    • Infusion Soft
    • Jetpack
    • Mailpoet
    • Mailchimp for WP
    • Postmatic
    • Any generic form
    • Facebook Login popups using the Facebook login pro plugin

    There are multiple display filters that can be combined:

    • Show popup on specific pages, templates, posts, etc
    • Filter user from search engines
    • Filter users that never commented
    • Filter users that arrived via another page on your site
    • Filter users via roles
    • Show popup depending on referrer
    • Show popup to logged / non logged users
    • Show or not to mobile, desktop and tablet users
    • Show or not to bots / crawlers like Google
    • Show or not depending on query strings EG: utm_source=email
    • Show depending on post type, post template, post name, post format, post status and post taxonomy
    • Show depending on page template, if page is parent, page name, page type
    • Geotarget popups using the Geotargeting plugin

    Need it in another language? Help us [translate Popup Plugin](https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/popups/)

    Available Settings

    • Choose from 5 different popup locations
    • Trigger popup after X seconds , after scrolling % of page, after scrolling X pixels
    • Auto hide the popup if the user scroll up
    • Change font color, background, borders, etc
    • You can also configure background opacity.
    • Days until popup shows again
    • Ajax mode to make popups cache compatible
    • Shortcodes for social networks available

    Premium Version

    Check the new premium version available in (https://timersys.com/popups/)

    • Beautiful optin forms for popular mail providers
    • Currently supporting MailChimp, Aweber, Postmatic, Mailpoet, Constant Contact, Newsletter plugin, Activecampaign, InfusionSoft, etc
    • New popup positions: top/bottoms bars , fullscreen mode, after post content
    • A/B testing. Explore which popup perform better for you
    • More Display Rules: Show after N(numbers) of pages viewed
    • More Display Rules: Show popup at certain time / day or date
    • More Display Rules: Show/hide if another popup already converted
    • Track impressions and Conversions of social networks and forms like CF7 or Gravity forms
    • Track impressions and Conversions in Google Analytics ande define custom events
    • Data sampling for heavy traffic sites
    • Background images
    • 8 New animations effects
    • Exit Intent technology
    • More trigger methods
    • Timer for auto closing
    • Ability to disable close button
    • Ability to disable Advanced close methods like esc or clicking outside of the popup
    • Premium support

    Plugin’s Official Site

    Popups (https://timersys.com/free-plugins/social-popup/)


    Fork me in https://github.com/timersys/popups/

    Available Languages

    • French
    • Russian
    • Serbo-Croatian – Borisa – http://www.webhostinghub.com/
    • Spanish – Andrew Kurtis – http://www.webhostinghub.com/
    • German
    • Slovak – J�n “Fajo” Fajc�k

    Beautiful WordPress Emails

    Now you can send html email in WordPress with https://wordpress.org/plugins/email-templates/

    Install Multiple plugins at once with WpFavs

    Bulk plugin installation tool, import WP favorites and create your own lists (https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpfavs/)

    1. Popups Front end with default settings

      Popups Front end with default settings

    2. Popups Back end - visual editor

      Popups Back end - visual editor

    3. Popups Back end - display rules and options

      Popups Back end - display rules and options

    4. Popups Back end - appearance

      Popups Back end - appearance

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    4.7 (268)
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    Shapely Companion is a companion for Shapely One Page WordPress theme by Colorlib.com. This plugin won’t do anything for other free or premium WordPress themes and you need to download and install Shapely. If you are having problems with Shapely theme or its companion plugin the fastest way to receive help is via our theme support forum.

    This plugin will add necessary WordPress widgets and allow to import demo content which will help you to with website setup.

    While Shapely is a great one page WordPress theme it might not be for everyone therefore you might want to check other free WordPress themes that are created by Colorlib.

    Plugin Options

    • Creates required WordPress widgets to be used in theme
    • Creates demo(dummy) content for widgets to make them easier to use and understand how they work
    • Provides an option to import demo(dummy) content.

    About Colorlib

    Colorlib is the best and by far the most popular source for free and premium WordPress themes. Our themes has been downloaded over 1,5 million times and are used by developers, webmasters and regular users all over the world. We believe in open source and that’s why we have made our themes free to use for private and commercial use.

    Further Reading

    If you are new to WordPress but are dedicated to make a website on your own Colorlib is the right place to start. Usually the trickiest part is to choose the right hosting because all hosting providers are not equal. We have outlined the best WordPress hosting providers and we hope you’ll find them useful.

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    1.0 (1)
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    Contributers: Soflyy WP All Import

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    WP All Export features a three step export process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated export tasks simple and fast.

    With WP All Export you can: export data for easy editing, migrate content from WordPress to another site, create a WooCommerce affiliate feed, generate filtered lists of WooCommerce orders, export the email addresses of new customers, create and publish customized WordPress RSS feeds – and much more.

    • Turn your WordPress data into a customized CSV or XML

    • Choose which data to export: WP All Export’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to select exactly which data you’d like to export

    • Structure your export file however you like: Rename CSV columns and XML elements, rearrange them, whatever you want to do.

    • Export any custom post type, any custom field: Lots of plugins and themes store custom data in WordPress. You can export all of it with WP All Export.

    • Easy integration with WP All Import: WP All Export will generate your WP All Import settings for you so importing your data back into WordPress is easy, simple, and fast.

    Wish you could edit your WordPress data in Excel? Now you can – export it with WP All Export, edit it, and then import it again with WP All Import.

    For technical support from the developers, please consider purchasing WP All Export Pro.

    WP All Export Professional Edition

    WP All Export Pro is a paid upgrade that includes premium support and adds the following features:

    • Send your data to 500+ apps: Full integration with Zapier allows you to send your exported WordPress data to services like Dropbox and Google Drive, to create and update reports in Google Sheets, send email updates, or anything else you can think of. This is especially useful when you export WooCommerce orders to CSV.

      Read more about WP All Export Pro and Zapier.

    • Schedule exports to run automatically: Exports can be configured to run on any schedule you like. You can export new sales every week, recent user sign ups, new affiliate products added to your site, daily product stock reports, etc. Scheduled exports are very powerful when combined with Zapier.

    • Add rules to filter data: WP All Export Pro makes it easy to export the exact posts/products/orders you need. Want to export all WooCommerce orders over $100? Want to export all of the green shirts from your WooCommerce store? Want to export all new posts from 2014, except the ones added by Steve?

      You can with a simple to use interface on the ‘New Export’ page in WP All Export Pro.

    • Export WordPress users: WP All Export Pro adds the ability to export WordPress users and all custom data associated with them. Available data is organized and cleaned up so you don’t need to know anything about how WordPress stores users in order to export them.

    • Export WooCommerce orders: Export WooCommerce Order item data with WP All Export Pro. Just as with any other custom post type, you can export WooCommerce orders with the free version of WP All Export. However, the order item data is stored by WooCommerce in several custom database tables and this custom data is only accessible with WP All Export Pro.

    • Pass data through custom PHP functions: With WP All Export Pro you can pass your data through a custom function before it is added to your export file. This will allow you to manipulate your data any way you see fit.

    • Guaranteed technical support via e-mail.

    Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Export.

    Automatic Scheduling

    A new service from Soflyy, Automatic Scheduling provides a simple interface for setting exports to run on a schedule. The service will make sure that your exports start on time and that they successfully complete without the need to set up individual cron jobs.

    It costs $9/mo and can be used with WP All Export and WP All Import. You can set up as many exports and imports on as many sites as you like.

    What information is shared with Soflyy? If you set an export to run on a schedule, WP All Export will open an encrypted connection to Soflyy servers. It will send the license key, site URL, ID of the export you want to run, export security key, and times that you want the export to run.

    WordPress CSV Exports

    A CSV is a very simple type of spreadsheet file where each column is separated by a comma. With WP All Export you can very easily set up a WordPress CSV export and control the order and title of the columns.

    Very often you’ll want to edit your data with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or maybe something else. This is why a CSV export is so powerful – all spreadsheet software can read, edit, and save CSV files. WP All Export allows you edit your WordPress data using whatever spreadsheet software you are most comfortable with.

    WordPress XML Exports

    Sometimes you’ll want to export your data so that some other tool, software, or service can use it. Very often they will require your data to be formatted as an XML file. XML is very similar to HTML, but you don’t need to know anything about that in order to set up an XML export with WP All Export.

    If you want to set up a WordPress XML export all you need to do is select ‘XML’ when configuring your export template. And just like a CSV export, an XML export will allow you to customize the element names and put them in any order you wish.

    Premium Support

    Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Export for premium support.

    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Contributers: iLen

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    Related posts (aaa+) Yuzo is intended to show related post plugin as accurate as possible, also has multiple features with more customization options +60 much as structure as design.
    Also in this new version features a super widget to display related or the best post your wordpress blog. This fast to use and configure intuitive and the best thing is free.
    Displays related post your stories with different features of text and image size.

    Support only HERE

    Yuzo only works with PHP 5.3+ or higher

    Here are some of its main features:

    • The fastest: Yuzo is considered one of the fastest of all time plugins in WordPress.
    • RTL ready!
    • Cache: Now Yuzo cache uses the images and sql to make your site faster.
    • Post related manually: With this you can add a post that you want to be related to another post.
    • Minimalist: It has a minimalist design with interesting effects.
    • New Metabox: The new metabox is something you want to know.
    • Yuzo Widget: You can see it in the widget and is a super widget.
    • Customizing text: Allows you to customize the text in many ways, colors, etc …
    • Counter: Check the amounts of visits to your post have by Yuzo.
    • Dashboard (Post): Display visits in the list of post in administration.
    • Productivity: All tools and options needed to take advantage of the plugin.
    • Post Type. (post,page,attachment, other types)
    • Style: Horizontal & Vertical
    • Categories on which related thumbnails will appear.
    • Thumbnail size.
    • Height & Width image.
    • Background Color.
    • Displays your post visits (visits counter by post)
    • Show related only in a specific page/post
    • And more options.

    Thousands of websites are using this plugin

    Adjusts the image size of post related to fit your template.

    Gives shape and life to your post with ‘Yuzo related post’ 😉


    ——————— CSS Credits “Yuzo” ———————
    * core.css is licensed under the GPL-2.0+
    * All other CSS are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later license
    – Copyright 2014 Wpbars, http://www.wpbars.com
    ——————— Script Credits “Yuzo” ———————
    * The script geo.php (FREE online http://www.geoplugin.net) Help to get the location of the person but this is only used in different projects, Yuzo not use this process but is included as part of Yuzo if iLenFramework which depends on this.

    1. Yuzo related post plugin is inspired by these three geniuses

      Yuzo related post plugin is inspired by these three geniuses

    2. Other page example 9

      Other page example 9

    3. Other page example 10

      Other page example 10

    4. Other page example 11

      Other page example 11

    5. Other page example 12

      Other page example 12

    6. Other page example 13

      Other page example 13

    7. Other page example 14

      Other page example 14

    8. Other page example 15

      Other page example 15

    9. Other page example 16

      Other page example 16

    10. Other page example 17

      Other page example 17

    11. The fastest of all

      The fastest of all

    12. Other page example 2

      Other page example 2

    13. Other page example 3

      Other page example 3

    14. Other page example 4

      Other page example 4

    15. Other page example 5

      Other page example 5

    16. Other page example 8

      Other page example 8

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    4.4 (284)
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    Booster for WooCommerce is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin that supercharges your site with awesome powerful features. More than hundred modules. All in one plugin. Features are absolutely required for anyone using excellent WooCommerce platform.


    Prices & Currencies

    • Bulk Price Converter – Multiply all products prices by set value.
    • Currencies – Add all world currencies and cryptocurrencies to your store; change currency symbol.
    • Currency Exchange Rates – Automatic currency exchange rates for WooCommerce.
    • Currency for External Products – Set different currency for external products.
    • Currency per Product – Display prices for products in different currencies.
    • Global Discount – Add global discount to all products.
    • Multicurrency (Currency Switcher) – Add multiple currencies (currency switcher) to WooCommerce.
    • Multicurrency Product Base Price – Enter prices for products in different currencies.
    • Offer Your Price – Let your customers to suggest their price for products.
    • Price Formats – Set different price formats for different currencies. Set general price format options.
    • Price based on User Role – Display products prices by user roles.
    • Prices and Currencies by Country – Change product price and currency automatically by customer’s country.
    • Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) – Let your store customers enter price for the product manually.
    • Product Price by Formula – Set formula for automatic product price calculation.
    • Wholesale Price – Set wholesale pricing depending on product quantity in cart (buy more pay less).

    Button & Price Labels

    • Add to Cart Button Labels – Change text for Add to Cart button by product type, by product category or for individual products.
    • Call for Price – Create any custom price label for all products with empty price.
    • Custom Price Labels – Create any custom price label for any product.
    • Free Price Labels – Set free price labels.
    • More Button Labels – Set “Place order” button label.


    • Add to Cart – Set any local url to redirect to on Add to Cart. Automatically add to cart on product visit. Display radio buttons instead of drop box for variable products. Disable quantity input. Open external products on add to cart in new window. Replace Add to Cart button on archives with button from single product pages. Customize Add to Cart messages.
    • Add to Cart Button Visibility – Enable/disable Add to Cart button globally or on per product basis.
    • Admin Products List – Customize admin products list.
    • Bookings – Add bookings products to WooCommerce.
    • Cost of Goods – Save product purchase costs data for admin reports.
    • Cross-sells – Customize cross-sells products display.
    • Crowdfunding – Add crowdfunding products to WooCommerce.
    • Product Addons – Add (paid/free/discount) addons to products.
    • Product Availability by Date – Set product availability by date.
    • Product Availability by Time – Set product availability by time.
    • Product Bulk Meta Editor – Set products meta with bulk editor.
    • Product Custom Visibility – Display products by custom param.
    • Product Images – Customize products images and thumbnails.
    • Product Info – Add additional info to category and single product pages.
    • Product Input Fields – Add input fields to the products.
    • Product Listings – Change display options for shop and category pages: show/hide categories count, exclude categories, show/hide empty categories.
    • Product MSRP – Save and display product MSRP in WooCommerce.
    • Product Tabs – Add custom product tabs – globally or per product. Customize or completely remove WooCommerce default product tabs.
    • Product Visibility by Country – Display products by customer’s country.
    • Product Visibility by User Role – Display products by customer’s user role.
    • Products XML Feeds – Products XML feeds.
    • Products per Page – Add “products per page” selector to WooCommerce.
    • Related Products – Change displayed related products number, columns, order; relate by tag, category, product attribute or manually on per product basis. Hide related products completely.
    • SKU – Generate SKUs automatically. Search by SKU on frontend.
    • Sale Flash – Customize products sale flash.
    • Sorting – Add more sorting options; rename or remove default sorting options; rearrange sorting options on frontend.
    • Stock – Products stock display management.
    • Tax Display – Customize WooCommerce tax display.
    • Upsells – Customize upsells products display.
    • User Products – Let users add new products from frontend.

    Cart & Checkout

    • Cart Custom Info – Add custom info to the cart page.
    • Cart Customization – Customize WooCommerce cart – hide coupon field; item remove link; change empty cart “Return to shop” button text.
    • Checkout Core Fields – Customize core checkout fields. Disable/enable fields, set required, change labels and/or placeholders etc.
    • Checkout Custom Fields – Add custom fields to the checkout page.
    • Checkout Custom Info – Add custom info to the checkout page.
    • Checkout Customization – Customize WooCommerce checkout – restrict countries by customer’s IP; hide “Order Again” button; disable selected fields on checkout for logged users and more.
    • Checkout Fees – Add fees to WooCommerce cart & checkout.
    • Checkout Files Upload – Let customers upload files on (or after) the checkout.
    • Coupon Code Generator – Coupon code generator.
    • Coupon by User Role – Coupons by user roles.
    • EU VAT Number – Collect and validate EU VAT numbers on the checkout. Automatically disable VAT for valid numbers. Add all EU countries VAT standard rates to WooCommerce.
    • Empty Cart Button – Add (and customize) “Empty Cart” button to the cart and checkout pages.
    • Mini Cart Custom Info – Add custom info to the mini cart widget.
    • URL Coupons – WooCommerce URL coupons.

    Payment Gateways

    • Custom Gateways – Add multiple custom payment gateways to WooCommerce.
    • Gateways Currency Converter – Currency converter for payment gateways.
    • Gateways Fees and Discounts – Enable extra fees or discounts for payment gateways.
    • Gateways Icons – Change or completely remove icons (images) for any (default or custom) payment gateway.
    • Gateways Min/Max Amounts – Add min/max amounts for payment gateways to show up.
    • Gateways by Country, State or Postcode – Set countries, states or postcodes to include/exclude for payment gateways to show up.
    • Gateways by Currency – Set allowed currencies for payment gateways to show up.
    • Gateways by Shipping – Set “enable for shipping methods” for payment gateways.
    • Gateways by User Role – Set user roles to include/exclude for payment gateways to show up.
    • Gateways per Product or Category – Show payment gateway only if there is selected product or product category in cart.

    Shipping & Orders

    • Address Formats – Set address format in orders on per country basis. Force base country display.
    • Admin Orders List – Customize admin orders list: add custom columns; add multiple status filtering.
    • Custom Shipping – Add multiple custom shipping methods to WooCommerce.
    • Left to Free Shipping – Display “left to free shipping” info.
    • Maximum Products per User – Limit number of items your (logged) customers can buy.
    • Order Custom Statuses – Custom statuses for WooCommerce orders.
    • Order Min/Max Quantities – Set min/max product quantities in WooCommerce order.
    • Order Minimum Amount – Minimum order amount (optionally by user role).
    • Order Numbers – Sequential order numbering, custom order number prefix, suffix and number width.
    • Orders – Orders auto-complete; admin order currency; admin order navigation; bulk regenerate download permissions for orders.
    • Shipping Calculator – Customize WooCommerce shipping calculator on cart page.
    • Shipping Descriptions – Add descriptions to shipping methods on frontend.
    • Shipping Icons – Add icons to shipping methods on frontend.
    • Shipping Methods by City or Postcode – Set shipping cities or postcodes to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Methods by Current Date/Time – Set date and/or time to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Methods by Min/Max Order Amount – Set minimum and/or maximum order amount for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Methods by Min/Max Order Quantity – Set minimum and/or maximum order quantity for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Methods by Products – Set products, product categories, tags or shipping classes to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Methods by Users – Set user roles, users or membership plans to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
    • Shipping Options – Hide shipping when free is available. Grant free shipping on per product basis.
    • Shipping Time – Add delivery time estimation to shipping methods.

    PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

    • PDF Invoicing – Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Credit Notes and Packing Slips.

    Emails & Misc.

    • Admin Bar – WooCommerce admin bar.
    • Admin Tools – Booster for WooCommerce general back-end tools.
    • Booster WPML – Booster for WooCommerce basic WPML support.
    • Breadcrumbs – Customize WooCommerce breadcrumbs.
    • Custom CSS – Separate custom CSS for front and back end. Per product CSS.
    • Custom Emails – Add custom emails to WooCommerce.
    • Custom JS – Separate custom JS for front and back end.
    • Custom PHP – Custom PHP tool.
    • Debug Tools – Booster for WooCommerce debug and log tools.
    • Email Options – WooCommerce email options. E.g.: add another email recipient(s) to all WooCommerce emails.
    • Email Verification – Add WooCommerce email verification.
    • Export – WooCommerce export tools.
    • General – Booster for WooCommerce general front-end tools.
    • Modules By User Roles – Enable/disable Booster for WooCommerce modules by user roles.
    • My Account – WooCommerce “My Account” page customization.
    • Old Slugs – Remove old products slugs.
    • Reports – Stock, sales, customers etc. reports.
    • Template Editor – WooCommerce template editor.
    • User Tracking – Track your users in WooCommerce.


    • We are open to your suggestions and feedback – thank you for using or trying out one of our plugins!
    • If you have any ideas how to upgrade the plugin to make it better, or if you have ideas about the features that are missing from our plugin, please fill the form.
    • For support visit the contact page.


    1. Booster for WooCommerce - Prices & Currencies.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Prices & Currencies.

    2. Booster for WooCommerce - Button & Price Labels.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Button & Price Labels.

    3. Booster for WooCommerce - Products.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Products.

    4. Booster for WooCommerce - Cart & Checkout.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Cart & Checkout.

    5. Booster for WooCommerce - Payment Gateways.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Payment Gateways.

    6. Booster for WooCommerce - Shipping & Orders.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Shipping & Orders.

    7. Booster for WooCommerce - PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips.

      Booster for WooCommerce - PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips.

    8. Booster for WooCommerce - Emails & Misc.

      Booster for WooCommerce - Emails & Misc.

    Tags: booster-for-woocommerce woocommerce woocommerce-jetpack
    4.7 (291)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Dipak C. Gajjar

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    This plugin speed-up page load times and improve website scores in services like PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdom and GTmetrix.

    This plugin will…

    • Remove any query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files
    • Enable GZIP compression (compress text, html, javascript, css, xml and so on)
    • Add Vary: Accept-Encoding header, and
    • Set expires caching (leverage browser caching).

    Follow the development of this plugin on GitHub

    P.S. It is always the best policy to open a support thread first before posting any negative review.

    1. Admin Settings

      Admin Settings

    Tags: gzip performance speed query-string booster
    4.6 (209)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Adds a PayPal donation shortcode and sidebar Widget to WordPress. The options menu lets you setup you PayPal ID and a few other optional settings. You can choose which donation button you want to use or if you want to use your own button. You can also set an optional default purpose and reference which can be overridden on each inserted instance with the shortcode options or in the Widget settings. There is also options available for currency, localization of the button, custom payment page style and the return page.


    In the Appearance -> Widgets you’ll find the PayPal Donations widget. After adding it to your sidebar you can enter a title for the Widget, some descriptive text that will appear above the button and specify an optional purpose and reference for the donation button to override the default settings.


    Insert the button in your pages or posts with this shortcode


    Which is the simplest option, and uses all default and optional settings. If you want to make a specific button for a specific purpose you can add additional options. Example:

    [paypal-donation purpose="Spline Importer" reference="3D Plugins"]

    This donation plugin generates valid XHTML Transitional and Strict code.


    The following language translations are already available in the plugin:

    • Albanian (sq_AL)
    • Danish (da_DK)
    • Dutch (nl_NL)
    • French (fr_FR)
    • German (de_DE)
    • Hebrew (he_IL)
    • Italian (it_IT)
    • Lithuanian (lt_LT)
    • Malay – Bahasa Melayu (ms_MY)
    • Norwegian bokmål
    • Romanian (ro_RO)
    • Russian (ru_RU)
    • Spanish (es_ES)
    • Swedish (sv_SE)
    • Turkish (tr_TR)

    Related Links

    1. Admin page where you setup the plugin

      Admin page where you setup the plugin

    2. Sidebar Widget Admin Options

      Sidebar Widget Admin Options

    Tags: shortcode donation paypal donations widget
    5.0 (22)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Seth Alling

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Up until recently, WordPress gave two options: You could either disable comments and trackbacks by default for all pages and posts, or you could have them active by default. In WordPress version 4.3, this finally changed so comments are always disabled on new pages.

    While the new change makes it easier for many of the sites, it make it harder for people who need to get the reverse and enable comments on all pages, or if they need to change the default for a custom post type. This plugin allows you to choose whether comments are enabled or disabled by default on all new posts, pages and custom post types, while still giving the ability to individually enable comments on posts or pages.

    Also, this plugin provides a way to quickly disable all comments or pingbacks for a specific custom post type. It directly interacts with your database to modify the status, so it is highly recommended that you backup your database first. There shouldn’t be any issues using this feature, but it’s always good to play it safe.

    Official No Page Comment Plugin Page

    View No Page Comment Development on Github

    Please Report any Issues about No Page Comment on Github

    Donate to Support No Page Comment Development

    1. The Settings page on a fresh WordPress 4.3 installation

      The Settings page on a fresh WordPress 4.3 installation

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