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    Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

    Major features in Akismet include:

    • Automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam.
    • Each comment has a status history, so you can easily see which comments were caught or cleared by Akismet and which were spammed or unspammed by a moderator.
    • URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.
    • Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user.
    • A discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam, saving you disk space and speeding up your site.

    PS: You’ll be prompted to get an Akismet.com API key to use it, once activated. Keys are free for personal blogs; paid subscriptions are available for businesses and commercial sites.

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    No CAPTCHA, no questions, no animal counting, no puzzles, no math and no spam bots. Universal AntiSpam plugin.

    AntiSpam features

    1. Stops spam comments.
    2. Stops spam registrations.
    3. Stops spam contact emails.
    4. Stops spam orders.
    5. Stops spam bookings.
    6. Stops spam subscriptions.
    7. Stops spam surveys, polls.
    8. Stops spam in widgets.
    9. Stops spam in WooCommerce.
    10. Checks and removes the existing spam comments and spam users.
    11. Compatible with mobile users and devices.
    12. Compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).
    13. Real-time email validation. Is email real or Not.
    14. Blocking disposable & temporary emails.
    15. No Spam – No Google Penalties. Give your SEO boost.
    16. Mobile friendly Anti Spam & FireWall.
    17. Stops spam in Search Form.
    18. Disable comments.
    19. Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood
    20. Spam FireWall: Anti-Crawler
    21. Hide «Website» field for comments

    Public reviews

    CleanTalk – Cloud-Based Anti-Spam Service to Keep Your Site Bot-Free.
    NewsWatch Review.

    Using CleanTalk on WPLift was a great test as we receive huge amounts of spam.
    Oliver Dale, WPLift.com.

    I know you have heard of a number of anti-spam plugins. But you must know, the cloud-based ones are the best regarding detection rate. They compare all the content in forms with their own algorithm to find out the legibility.

    The key selling point of CleanTalk for me is not simply its effectiveness. It’s the fact that CleanTalk works in the background. It does not make users jump through hoops in order to submit a comment or complete a form.

    Free trial then $8 per year

    CleanTalk is a free anti spam plugin which work with the premium Cloud AntiSpam service cleantalk.org. This plugin as a service https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_as_a_service.

    AntiSpam protection for comments

    Native spam protection for WordPress, JetPack comments and any other comment plugins. The plugin moves spam comments to SPAM folder or you can set the option to ban spam comments silently. You can also enable the option in the plugin settings to auto-delete comments from SPAM folder.

    Spam bots registrations filter

    Spam filter for contact forms

    WooCommerce spam filter

    Anti-spam by CleanTalk filters spam registrations and spam reviews for WooCommerce. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.1 and higher.

    Newsletters antispam filter

    Spam filter for theme contact forms

    The plugin blocks spam emails via any theme (built-in ones included) contact forms. The plugin filters spam emails silently (without any error notices on WordPress frontend) in AJAX forms as well.

    bbPress spam filter

    Spam protection for everything about bbPress: logins, registrations, forums, topics and replies.

    Other spam filters

    • WordPress Landing Pages.
    • WP User Frontend, UserPro.
    • Any WordPress form (checkbox ‘Custom contact forms’).
    • Any submission to the site (checkbox ‘Check all POST data’)

    Compatible with WordPress cache plugins

    Check existing comments for spam. Bulk spam comments removal. Spam comment Cleaner

    With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing comments to find and quickly delete spam comments at once. To use this function, go to WP Console -> Comments -> Find spam comments.

    Check existing users for spam. Bulk spam accounts removal. Spam users cleaner

    With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing accounts to find and quickly delete spam users at once. For use this function, go to WP Console -> Users -> Check for spam. Also, you can export a list of spam users to the CSV.

    Blocking users by country

    Automatically block comments and registrations from the countries you have set a ban for. This option is useful in cases of manual spam protection and for protection enhancement. If your site is not intended for international audience and you do not expect comments/users from other countries.

    Blocking comments by “stop words”

    You can block comments which contain “stop words” to enhance spam protection and messages with obscene words blocking. You can add particular words or phrases.

    Private black lists for anti-spam service

    Automatically block comments and registrations from your private black
    IP/email address list. This option helps to strengthen the spam protection from a manual spam or block unwanted comments from users. You can add not only the certain IP addresses, but also a separate subnet to your personal black list.

    Private black list for Spam FireWall

    It allows you to add individual IP addresses and subnets to Spam FireWall. It
    blocks the spam attacks from IP addresses which are not included in the SFW base yet. This option can help to block HTTP/HTTPS DDoS, SQL, brute force attacks and any others that made it through the HTTP/HTTPS. You can add not only the certain IP addresses, but also a separate subnet to your personal black list.

    Hide «Website» field for comments

    This option hides the «Website» field from standard WordPress comments forms. After that spammers won’t be able to send spam links using «Website» field in the bottom of the comments form.
    This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in plugin Settings in your WordPress dashboard.

    Low false/positive rate

    This plugin uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spam bots having as low false/positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests help to avoid false/positive blocks of the real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

    How effective is CleanTalk?

    Accurately blocking spam is not an easy thing to do, but CleanTalk has a very low proven False/Positive rate. Here is actual statistics on false positives for all customers.

    • Registrations – 0.004%
    • Comments – 0.004%
    • Contact forms – 0.006%
    • Orders (WooCommerce) – 0.016%
    • Site search – 0.001%

    The statistic was calculated on August 28 2020 for 2.5 million requests.

    How CleanTalk improves SEO for your website?

    So, you already know that the speed of the site has a direct impact on SEO.

    CleanTalk works faster than most of the other anti-spam plugins. It is common knowledge that the faster your site loads, the better your customer experience is, the better your SEO will be, and the better your site will convert. Speed is becoming increasingly important in SEO, conversion and user experience. Today, site speed is one of the most important ranking factors on Google. A site that loads slowly will lose visitors and potential revenue.

    There are different ways of improving your site’s loading performance. One important parameter for site performance is to install well-developed plugins from a reputable source.

    Among anti-spam plugins CleanTalk AntiSpam is one of the fastest. Despite the
    large plugin functionality, the developers have optimized the performance of
    the plugin so that AntiSpam by CleanTalk is faster than most analogs. This contributes to the cloud service architecture, as all calculations take place in the cloud, not on the server, the server receives the finished result for further action.


    How CleanTalk works?

    • A visitor writes a comment or registers
    • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters into the CleanTalk cloud
    • Service analyzes the parameters
    • If this is a visitor, the comment will be published. If it’s a spam bot, then CleanTalk blocks this comment or registration.
    • Parameters are written to the spam log which can be viewed in the Control Panel service.

    CleanTalk team has been developing a cloud antispam system for five years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to guarantee
    your safety.

    Spam attacks log

    Service CleanTalk (this plugin is a client application for CleanTalk anti-spam service) records all filtered comments, registration and other spam attacks in the “Log of spam attacks” and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and no false/positive filtering.

    Spam FireWall

    CleanTalk has an advanced option “Spam FireWall”. Spam FireWall allows blocking the most active spam bots before they get access to your website. It prevents spam bots from loading website pages so your web server doesn’t have to perform all scripts on these pages. Also it prevents scanning of pages of the website by spam bots. Therefore Spam FireWall significantly reduces the load on your web server. Spam FireWall also makes CleanTalk the two-step protection from spam bots. Spam FireWall is the first step and it blocks the most active spam bots. CleanTalk Anti-Spam is the second step and checks all other requests on the website in the moment of submitting comments/registers etc.

    Spam FireWall is fully compatible with the most popular VPN services.
    Also, Spam FireWall supports all search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, MSN, Yandex and etc.

    How Spam FireWall works?

    • The visitor enters to your web site.
    • HTTP request data are being checked in the nearly 5.8 million of the identified spam bot IPs.
    • If it is an active spam bot, the bot gets a blank page, if it is a visitor then he receives a normal page. This process is completely transparent for the visitors.

    All the CleanTalk Spam FireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering.

    Spam FireWall DDoS Protection

    Spam FireWall can mitigate HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks. When an intruder makes GET requests to attack your website, Spam FireWall blocks all requests from bad IP addresses. Your website gives the intruder a special page with the description of DDoS rejection instead of the website pages. Therefore Spam FireWall helps to reduce CPU usage of your server.

    Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood & Anti-Crawler

    Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood and Anti-Crawler options are intended for blocking unwanted bots, content parsing, shop goods prices parsing or aggressive website scanning bots. Learn more https://cleantalk.org/help/anti-flood-and-anti-crawler

    No spam comments, no spam registrations, no spam contact emails, no spam trackbacks. CAPTCHA-free anti-spam for WordPress

    Spam is one of the most irritating things. Spam rates are increasing every year and conventional anti-spam can no longer handle all spam bots. CleanTalk prevents and automatically blocks spam. You’ll be surprised how effective CleanTalk is in protecting from spam.

    AntiSpam plugin info

    CleanTalk is an all-in-one antispam solution for WordPress that protects login, comment, contact and WooCommerce forms at once. You don’t need to install separate antispam plugins for each form. It allows your blog to work faster and save resources. After installation you will forget about spam; your CleanTalk plugin will do all the work. You won’t have to deal with spam as CleanTalk does this for you automatically.

    CleanTalk is a transparent antispam tool, we provide detailed stats of all incoming comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors. We have developed a mobile app for you to see antispam stats wherever you want.

    We have developed the antispam for WordPress that protects you from spam bots at the maximum level allowing you to provide your visitors a simple and convenient form of comments/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. CleanTalk detects spam in multistage tests allowing us to block up to 99.998% of spam bots.
    The anti-spam method offered by CleanTalk avoids inconvenient for communication methods (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.), and offers to your site visitors a more comfortable one.

    CleanTalk is a premium anti-spam service for WordPress, the plugin works with
    our own CleanTalk Cloud Service. Anti Spam by CleanTalk offers a free trial, you can look at the pricing here. We provide anti-spam services at the highest level. To maintain this level we cannot afford to offer a free version of our service, as this will immediately affect the quality of the providing anti-spam protection. Paying for a year of anti-spam service, you save a lot more and receive:

    • Up to 99.998% protection from spam bots.
    • Time and resources saving.
    • More registrations/comments/visitors.
    • Spam protection of the several websites at once in different CMS.
    • Ease in installation and using.
    • Traffic increase and loyalty to the users.
    • 24/7 technical support.
    • Clear stats.
    • Spam FireWall.
    • No captcha (reCaptcha), puzzles, etc.
    • Free mobile app to control anti-spam protection on your website.

    Additional features

    • Daily and weekly detailed anti-spam reports: traffic VS spam.
    • Apps for iPhone, Android to control anti-spam service, comments, signups, contacts, traffic and spam stats for the last 7 days.
    • AntiSpam apps for most popular CMS on cleantalk.org.

    How to protect sites from spam bots without CAPTCHA?

    The most popular anti spam method is CAPTCHA – the annoying picture with curved and sloping symbols, which are presented to the visitor to decipher and fill in. In is supposed that spam bots won’t discern these CAPTCHA, but a visitor will. CAPTCHA provokes great irritation, but if the visitor wants to comment, he has to fill in these symbols time after time, making mistakes and starting once again. Sometimes CAPTCHA reminds us of the doodles of a two year old child. For users with vision problems CAPTCHA is an insurmountable obstacle. Users hate captcha. Captcha for users means “hate”. Unreadable CAPTCHA stops about 80% of site visitors. After 2 failed attempts to decipher CAPTCHA 95% of visitors reject further attempts. At the sight of CAPTCHA and after input errors, many visitors leave the resource. Thus, CAPTCHA helps to protect the resource spam both from bots and visitors. CAPTCHA is not a panacea from spam. Doubts concerning the Need for CAPTCHA?

    “Ultimately, CAPTCHAs are useless for spam because they’re designed to tell you if someone is ‘human’ or not, but not whether something is spam or not.” Matt Mullenweg

    You do not have to work in IT to know what spam is. Besides piles of unwanted email, there are spam bots, or special software programs designed to act as human website visitors that post unwelcome messages over the Internet to advertise dubious services. More often than not spam messages do not even make sense. Similar to bacteria and virus mutations developing antibiotic resistance, spam bots are becoming more resilient in penetrating Internet firewalls and security layers.

    CleanTalk’s features

    Anti-Spam by CleanTalk with Spam FireWall is one of the fastest plugins that allows you to lower the server load. One of the important parameters for each webmaster is the speed of the site, so we make sure that our plugin consumes as few server resources as possible. The Cloud Service provides the advantage: all data processing takes place in the Cloud.

    CleanTalk team has developed unique anti spam algorithms to assess visitors behavior. CleanTalk analyzes user behavior and the parameters of the filled forms. Our anti-spam module, being installed in your website, sends the behavior parameters of either a visitor or a spam bot. When these parameters are estimated, the anti spam service makes a decision – to post a message or to define it as spam and reject it. Based on these checks, the service forms its own list of email addresses used by spam bots.

    The registrations of visitors are being checked in a similar manner. The service adds to the blacklist not just email addresses, but also IP addresses and domains of websites that promote themselves through spam mailing. All of this happens automatically and requires no action from the administration of the website. In 2.5 million queries the service makes a mistake in 40-45 cases, i.e. CleanTalk detects spam with 99.9982% accuracy. We constantly monitor these errors and make adjustments to our algorithms. Even with this exceptional accuracy our team is aiming to improve the figures over time.

    All-in-one. CleanTalk protects form spam all forms instantaneously – comments, registrations, feedback, contacts. No need to install additional plugins for each form. You save resources and increase performance of your website.

    Spam attacks log. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk records all filtered comments, registrations and other spam attacks in the “Log of spam attacks” and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and experience no false/positive filtering.

    With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can check existing comments and users, to find and quickly delete spam comments at once. This allows administrators of websites to automatically check and identify spam bots, comments and users, which were not detected by conventional anti-spam tools. The existing comments and users checking process is performed in a database of the nearly 2 million identified spam bots. Detailed spam stats allows CleanTalk customers to fully control it.

    CleanTalk has an advanced option “Spam FireWall”. This option allows you to block the most active spam bots before they get access to your website. It unloads you website pages when an attempt attack was made, so your web server won’t run unnecessary scripts on these pages. Also it prevents any scanning of website pages by spam bots. Subsequently Spam FireWall significantly reduces your webserver load. Spam FireWall can mitigate HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks. When an intruder makes GET requests to attack your website, Spam FireWall will block requests from bad IP addresses. Your website gives the intruder a special page with a description of DDoS rejection instead of the website pages. Spam FireWall can help to reduce the CPU usage of your server because of this reason.

    “CleanTalk team has been developing a cloud spam protection system for five years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to guarantee your safety”.

    White Label Mode

    To switch the plugin work in the white-label mode you should set up a few settings on your main site in WordPress Multisite Network:

    1. Check setting “Enable White Label Mode”.
    2. Fill “Hoster API Key” field with key from CleanTalk’s hoster panel.
    3. Fill “Plugin name” field. It could be any name you want for the plugin.
    4. Save settings.

    The plugin will do everything rest.

    Auto-Update CleanTalk AntiSpam

    CleanTalk Dashboard allows you to set auto-update plugin and select several websites and update the plugin at once on all sites by one click or you can setup auto-update for all websites or separate websites.

    Note: there is 24 hours delay before auto-update will do. This delay allows needing to avoid any issues. All updates that made through CleanTalk Dashboard manually will do immediately.

    Auto-updating system will work from CleanTalk AntiSpam version 5.88

    Real-time email validation. Is email real or Not.

    It is very important to be sure that the user used his real email address. Spambots very often use fake email addresses, i.e. which addresses do not exist.

    CleanTalk will check email addresses for existence in real time.

    Non-existing email addresses also entail several other problems for website owners.

    • You can never contact them by email,
    • the client will never receive any notifications from you (account activation letter, password recovery, email distribution, notifications, etc.),
    • if you use email marketing for your clients, then a large number of nonexistent emails in the mailing list may result in your IP address being added to various blacklists of email servers.

    Improve your email list with email validation without fake emails.

    Blocking disposable & temporary emails

    Block fake and suspicious users with disposable & temporary emails to improve email delivery. So, it also prevents malicious activity, spam bots, and internet trolls.

    Stops Spam in Search Form

    Spam bots can use your search form to make a GET request with spam text.
    CleanTalk Anti-Spam has the option to protect your website search form from spam bots. Each time, the search generates a new page and if there are many requests, this can create additional load. So, under some conditions, spam searches can be indexed, which affects SEO,

    • Spam FireWall blocks access to all website pages for the most active spambots. It lowers your web server load and traffic just by doing this.
    • Anti-Spam protection for website search forms repels spambots.
    • If your search form gets data too often the CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin will add a pause and increase it with each new attempt to send data. It saves your web server processor time.
    • Spam protection allows you to not forbid indexation for the crawler bots if you really need it but simultaneously you will get protection from spambots.

    You will always know what users were looking for on your site.

    Disable comments

    This option disables comments on your site. You can choose one or several options:

    • Disable comments for posts
    • Disable comments for pages
    • Disable comments for media

    When using Disables comments, existing comments will not be deleted and will remain on the pages.


    • Albanian (sq_AL) – thanks to fjalaime https://wordpress.org/support/users/fjalaime/
    • French (fr_FR) – thanks to Gilles Santacreu http://net-ik.net
    • Spanish (es_ES) – thanks to Andrew Kurtis and WebHostingHub


    WordPress 3.0 at least. PHP 5 with CURL or file_get_contents() function and enabled ‘allow_url_fopen’ setting. The plugin is fully compatible with PHP 7.

    Max power, all-in-one, premium anti-spam WordPress plugin. No comments & registrations spam, no contact spam, protects any forms. Just install and forget spam.

    1. AntiSpam settings are easy to use.

      AntiSpam settings are easy to use.

    2. AntiSpam plugin rejected a spam bot at the CAPTCHA less registration form. The plugin provides explanation to visitor and websites about each rejected comment/registration or contact message.

      AntiSpam plugin rejected a spam bot at the CAPTCHA less registration form. The plugin provides explanation to visitor and websites about each rejected comment/registration or contact message.

    3. Use AntiSpam analytics tool for each website in service Dashboard to have information about spam/legitimate stats.

      Use AntiSpam analytics tool for each website in service Dashboard to have information about spam/legitimate stats.

    4. Use AntiSpam log to control anti-spam plugin.

      Use AntiSpam log to control anti-spam plugin.

    5. CleanTalk works faster than most of other anti-spam plugins.

      CleanTalk works faster than most of other anti-spam plugins.

    6. The Dashboard with a map of most spam active countries per your account.

      The Dashboard with a map of most spam active countries per your account.

    7. The plugin deletes/removes the existing spam comments and users accounts.

      The plugin deletes/removes the existing spam comments and users accounts.

    8. CleanTalk's dashboard update link.

      CleanTalk's dashboard update link.

    9. Auto update confirmation.

      Auto update confirmation.

    10. Website's options.

      Website's options.

    11. CleanTalk's dashboard.

      CleanTalk's dashboard.

    12. SpamFireWall log.

      SpamFireWall log.

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    Contributers: Takayuki Miyoshi

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    Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

    Docs and support

    You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about Contact Form 7 on contactform7.com. When you can’t find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, check the support forum on WordPress.org. If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.

    Contact Form 7 needs your support

    It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Contact Form 7 and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

    Privacy notices

    With the default configuration, this plugin, in itself, does not:

    • track users by stealth;
    • write any user personal data to the database;
    • send any data to external servers;
    • use cookies.

    If you activate certain features in this plugin, the contact form submitter’s personal data, including their IP address, may be sent to the service provider. Thus, confirming the provider’s privacy policy is recommended. These features include:

    Recommended plugins

    The following plugins are recommended for Contact Form 7 users:

    • Flamingo by Takayuki Miyoshi – With Flamingo, you can save submitted messages via contact forms in the database.
    • Bogo by Takayuki Miyoshi – Bogo is a straight-forward multilingual plugin that doesn’t cause headaches.


    You can translate Contact Form 7 on translate.wordpress.org.

    1. screenshot-1.png


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    4.1 (1,826)
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    An exceptionally powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, contact form spam, registration spam, trackback spam, pingback spam, and every other type of WordPress spam.

    The All-in-One Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress – Without CAPTCHAs

    Leading edge WordPress spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors. This plugin works silently in the background, and simply makes WordPress spam disappear.

    Supports: Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms & Comments, BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, s2Member, WP-Members, Mailchimp, Fast Secure Contact Form, Formidable Forms, almost all WordPress forms, and almost all WordPress registration forms. Automatically!


    Plugin Documentation | Troubleshooting Guide | FAQs | Support Requests

    How It Works

    Most of the spam hitting your site originates from bots, but quite a bit comes from humans too. This plugin works like a firewall to ensure that your commenters are in fact, human, and that those humans aren’t spamming you.

    Two Layers of Spam Blocking

    There are two layers of leading edge anti-spam protection that work together to block both automated (spambots) and human spam:

    1. The JavaScript/Cookies Anti-Spam Layer
    2. The Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer

    The first anti-spam layer uses a dynamic combination of JavaScript and cookies to weed out the humans from spambots, preventing 100% of automated spam from ever getting to your site. Even if bot authors could engineer a way to break through the JavaScript/Cookies Anti-Spam Layer, the Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer would still stop almost all of the spam that the JavaScript Layer blocks, and provides close to a fully redundant backstop. This JavaScript Anti-Spam Layer utilizes multiple randomly generated keys, and is algorithmically enhanced to ensure that spambots won’t beat it. The powerful Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer consists of over 100 advanced filters, and eliminates trackback spam and most human spam as well. And, it does all that without hindering legitimate comments, trackbacks, contact forms, or registrations.

    No More Wasted Time Sifting Through the Comment Spam Queue

    This type of solution works invisibly in the background, with no inconveniences. You won’t have to waste valuable time sifting through a spam queue any more, because there won’t be anything there.

    WP-SpamShield is different from other anti-spam plugins in that it BLOCKS spam at the front door of your site and doesn’t allow it into the WordPress database at all. Many other anti-spam plugins simply label a comment as spam, leaving you to sort through a spam queue, which wastes your valuable time. WP-SpamShield will give you back your time!

    Improves User-Friendliness of Your Website

    If you want to improve the user-friendliness of your site, this is THE anti-spam plugin you want. After all, why should your users have to prove they are human? Since your users won’t be inconvenienced by outdated and frustrating anti-spam methods, you will provide a smoother, trouble-free experience for your website users, which leads to improved readership, ad revenue, sales, or other types of conversion, and therefore greater success for your website.

    Improves Security

    Not allowing spam into the database improves security by potentially preventing SQL injection, DDoS, and XSS exploit attacks through automated spam comment submissions. WP-SpamShield fixes the security issues inherent to Pingbacks, and prevents Pingback-based DDoS attacks. As part of the Miscellaneous Form Spam Protection, the plugin protects against XML-RPC brute force amplification attacks. The plugin also has several other features that improve security, such as blocking certain potentially dangerous URLs in spam comment submissions, and limiting comment size to 15kb. (15kb of text is roughly the equivalent of 3 typed pages in Microsoft Word, single-spaced, so that’s more than enough for even the longest of comments.) See this blog post for more info.

    Helps Improve Overall Website Performance

    The plugin helps keep your WordPress database slimmer and more efficient (keeping your site running faster in the long term) by not allowing the thousands upon thousands of spam comments into it, which could bloat the database and potentially corrupt it. Keeping your database lean is extremely important, because bloated databases result in much longer query times and increased server load, slowing down a site dramatically even for simple functions. If website performance is important to you, then you definitely want an anti-spam plugin like WP-SpamShield instead of a plugin that uses a spam queue. See this FAQ for more detailed info.

    ZERO False Positives

    It does all this with ZERO false positives, because of the method used to block spam. Notice we didn’t say a “low false positive rate” – we said ZERO false positives. If a comment/contact form/registration gets blocked as spam, the user is given instant feedback and has a chance to correct their comment/contact form/registration/etc and try again, which means there cannot be false positives. This leads to fewer frustrated website visitors, and less work for you. We are committed to keeping the promise of zero false positives.

    100% Pingback/Trackback Validation and Anti-Spam

    The trackback validation contains a filter that compares the client IP address of the incoming trackbacks and pingbacks against the IP address of the server where the link is supposedly coming from. If they don’t come from the same server, then it is guaranteed spam, without fail. This alone eliminates more than 99.99% of trackback & pingback spam. Trackback spammers don’t send spam out from the same server where their clients’ websites reside. There are algorithmic anti-spam filters in place to ensure 100% trackback/pingback spam blocking. You can be confident that only legitimate trackbacks and pingbacks will get through.

    Includes a Spam-Free Contact Form, and Anti-Spam for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms, and Most Other Forms

    Includes drop-in spam-free contact form, with easy one-click installation. Easy to use – no configuration necessary, but you can configure it if you like. (See Installation for info.) WP-SpamShield also includes automatic anti-spam protection for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms, Fast Secure Contact Forms, Formidable Forms, and more. (You don’t have to do a thing…just add your Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms, or other forms to your site, and they will automatically be protected.) It will automatically protect most forms on your WordPress site from automated spam, even if they are not listed here.

    WordPress Registration Anti-Spam

    The plugin also includes powerful protection from user registration spam. Once you install WP-SpamShield, you don’t have to worry about bots or spammy users signing up any more. (Note: This protects almost all registration forms, including the WordPress default registration form, and registration forms for bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, s2Member, WP-Members, and many more. See this FAQ for more info.

    Stops Email Harvesters

    The plugin has a feature to thwart email harvesting bots and keep them from scraping your site for email addresses. (Which helps reduce spam in your email inbox.) The plugin automatically obfuscates plain text email addresses and mailto links in your website content by encoding them into HTML entities (hexadecimal and decimal character codes that look like gibberish to harvesters, but render the email addresses perfectly in a browser). It protects email addresses on pages, posts, comments, excerpts, and text widgets.

    Why Not Just Use a CAPTCHA-Based Anti-Spam Method?

    The concept of using a CAPTCHA as an anti-spam solution in this modern day and age is flawed for several reasons:

    1. It’s an outdated concept that has far outlived its usefulness, and was originally developed before user-friendliness was a high priority.
    2. It goes in the exact opposite direction of user-friendly design principles. Think about it. Users of your website have to type in numbers and letters obscured by squiggly lines and symbols, only to be told they are wrong several times, even after typing in the correct answer. This is proven to hurt website business and revenue because of the negative feelings it causes. People simply don’t like CAPTCHAs.
    3. It is not the user’s responsibility to separate humans from bots, or to stop spam; it’s the web developer’s responsibility. Even if the CAPTCHA is simple, and all the user has to do is click a button, it is still annoying and unnecessary. It’s one extra step that you are putting between your user and their end goal.
    4. CAPTCHAs can be defeated. In fact, bots have been cracking CAPTCHAs since 2008. The only benefit of a CAPTCHA was that it was considered to be unbeatable by bots. That day is long past.
    5. Why use a CAPTCHA when there are better solutions that don’t inconvenience your website users?

    Optimized and Scalable – Won’t Slow Down Your Site

    This plugin has an extremely low overhead and won’t slow down your site, unlike some other anti-spam plugins. Each of the filters in the plugin have been benchmarked, and when processing comments for spam, the fastest filters are put at the front of the stack. Once a comment tests positive for spam, the testing process terminates and will not engage the remaining filters. Additionally, as mentioned above, by keeping spam out of the WordPress database altogether, WP-SpamShield helps keep your database slimmer and more efficient, which in turn helps keep your site running faster. This efficiency helps keep the server load down, and helps improve the overall performance of your site. WP-SpamShield is optimized to work well with all major caching plugins.

    Faster than the Cloud

    Speaking of scalability, WP-SpamShield can kill spam faster than any cloud-based anti-spam solution. Cloud-based anti-spam plugins are inherently slower at processing spam because they have to connect to an external server to check the spam status, which in turn will increase your site’s server load. With WP-SpamShield, all anti-spam processing happens directly on your website’s server, with lightning speed.

    Free for Commercial and Personal Websites

    No cost, no hidden fees. This powerful anti-spam plugin is free for both Commercial and Personal use. If you find that WP-SpamShield benefits you, and you’re so inclined, then feel free to make a donation.

    Responsive and Helpful Tech Support

    If you have any issues with the plugin, we are here to help. Simply submit a support request at the WP-SpamShield Support Page, and we’ll help you diagnose and fix the issue quickly. Don’t take our word for it though – look through our plugin ratings/reviews and notice the high percentage of resolved support threads and satisfied users.

    Additional Features

    1. WP-SpamShield provides automatic anti-spam protection for: Contact Form 7 forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms; BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce registration forms; Mailchimp signup forms; almost all other WordPress forms; and almost all registration forms!
    2. As of version 1.9.2, WP-SpamShield protects JetPack Comments from spam. (Making it one of the few anti-spam plugins that works with JetPack Comments.)
    3. A counter on your dashboard to keep track of all the spam it’s blocking. The numbers will show how effective this plugin is.
    4. See what’s been blocked with “Blocked Comment Logging Mode”, a temporary diagnostic mode that logs blocked spam (comments, trackbacks, registrations, and contact form submissions) for 7 days, then turns off automatically. If you want to see what spam has been blocked, or verify that everything is working, turn this on and see what WP-SpamShield is protecting your site from.
    5. Multiple languages available and more on the way. Currently includes Dutch (nl_NL), French (fr_FR), German (de_DE), Indonesian (id_ID), Italian (it_IT), Serbian (sr_RS), and Swedish (sv_SE) translations. Ready for translation into other languages. Want to help translate? Join the project!
    6. Easy to install – truly plug and play. Just upload and activate. (Installation Status on the plugin admin page to let you know if plugin is installed correctly.)
    7. Compatible with, and optimized for all major cache plugins, including WP Super Cache and many others. Not all anti-spam plugins can say that.
    8. Display your blocked spam stats on your site. Customizable widgets for graphic counters to display spam stats, in multiple colors, sizes and options.
    9. Works in WordPress Multisite as well. (See the related FAQ for details.)
    10. Enhanced Comment Blacklist option. Instead of just sending comments to moderation as with WordPress’s default Comment Blacklist functionality, with this turned on, anything that matches a string in the blacklist will be completely blocked. Block specific human spammers by IP, email address, or a number of other options. The Enhanced Comment Blacklist has some improvements over the default WordPress blacklist functionality, and adds a link in the comment & contact form notification emails that will let you blacklist a spammer’s IP with one click. It also provides some advanced custom options for blocking spam on everything else that WP-SpamShield protects.
    11. WP-SpamShield Whitelist option. Allows you to specify certain users who you want to let bypass the antispam filters.
    12. This plugin is legal to use in Germany and the EU, and does not violate European privacy laws. It does not use any type of cloud-based service, spam data is not transmitted from your server to any other server, and all anti-spam processing happens directly on your website’s server.

    Languages Available

    • English
    • Dutch (nl_NL)
    • French (fr_FR)
    • German (de_DE)
    • Indonesian (id_ID)
    • Italian (it_IT)
    • Serbian (sr_RS)
    • Swedish (sv_SE)

    If you would like to help translate, please get in touch with us.

    Minimum Requirements

    • WordPress 4.0+ (Recommended: WordPress 4.5 or higher)
    • PHP 5.3+ (Recommended: PHP 5.6 or higher) [PHP 7 Compatible: YES – 100%]
    • Your server must be configured to allow the use of an .htaccess file. (This is enabled by default on the vast majority of servers.)

    Please see the plugin documentation’s minimum requirements section for more information.

    To find web hosts that meet and exceed the requirements, see our list of recommended web hosts.

    WordPress Without Spam

    How does it feel to run a WordPress site without being bombarded by blog comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam, and registration spam? If you’re happy with the WP-SpamShield WordPress anti-spam plugin, let others know by reviewing the plugin!

    Tags: antispam security anti-spam comments spam
    4.8 (1,062)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Vinny

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Give bbPress notifications your personal touch by deciding who gets the emails and what they look like.

    Features include

    • Send notifications in HTML, Plain text, or Multipart format, with full image support.
    • Override bbPress’ core subscription messages with personalized ones of your own;
    • Set Notification recipient roles for new topics and/or replies;
    • Send Background Notifications (to avoid delays in loading pages for large user databases);
    • Extensible through dozens of actions and filters;

    Click here for the full documentation.

    Premium Add-Ons

    Take your notifications to the next level with one or more of these add-ons.

    • Reply by Email Add-on: Users can create new topics or replies directly from their mailbox. No need to click links or open the forums in a browser. Heck, they can even dictate their topics/replies if they want!
    • Bulk Mailer Add-on: Having trouble with mailout timouts because you have too many users? This is the solution. Integrate bbpnns with Mailgun or SendGrid and send messages in batches of 1000 instead of one-by-one.
    • Digest Add-on: Users can choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly digests.
    • Opt-out Add-on: Users can choose not to receive any notifications, or simply unsubscribe from the thread with a single click. A must-have for CAN-SPAM and CASL laws!
    • bbPress Moderation Integration: Make bbpnns work with bbPress Moderation.
    • bbPress Private Groups Integration: Make bbpnns respect bbPress Private Groups rules.
    • BuddyPress Integration: Notify BuddyPress Group members of new Group Forum topics and replies. It also shows individual Opt Out and Digest settings in each user’s BuddyPress profile screen.
    • MemberPress Integration: Make sure your members have access to Opt Out and Digest settings in their MemberPress profile screens, and only get notified of topics/replies they have access to.
    • Ultimate Member Integration: Make sure your members have access to Opt Out and Digest settings in their Ultimate Member profile screens.
    • AccessAlly Integration: A must for those using AccessAlly, so their users won’t receive notifications for forums they don’t have access to.
    • LearnDash Integration: Play nicely with LearnDash user restrictions to forums.
    1. The settings page - General tab

      The settings page - General tab

    2. The settings page - Topics tab

      The settings page - Topics tab

    3. The settings page - Replies tab

      The settings page - Replies tab

    4. The settings page - Support tab

      The settings page - Support tab

    Tags: email-notification no-spam bbpress
    4.8 (34)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Callum Macdonald

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin

    Having problems with your WordPress site not sending emails? You’re not alone. Over 2 million websites use WP Mail SMTP to send their emails reliably.

    Our goal is to make email deliverability easy and reliable. We want to ensure your emails reach the inbox.

    WP Mail SMTP fixes your email deliverability by reconfiguring WordPress to use a proper SMTP provider when sending emails.

    Best of all, our easy-to-use Setup Wizard and detailed documentation guide you through the process.

    What is SMTP?

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an industry standard for sending emails. Proper SMTP configuration helps increase email deliverability by using authentication.

    Popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and Zoho are in a constant battle with email spammers. One of the things they look at is if an email is originating from the location it claims to be originating from.

    If the proper authentication isn’t there, then emails either go in the SPAM folder or worst, don’t get delivered at all.

    This is a problem for a lot of WordPress sites because by default, WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails generated by WordPress or any contact form plugin like WPForms.

    The issue is that most WordPress hosting companies don’t have their servers properly configured for sending PHP emails.

    The combination of two causes your WordPress emails to not get delivered.

    How does WP Mail SMTP work?

    WP Mail SMTP plugin easily resolves email delivery problems by improving and changing how your WordPress site sends email. We reconfigure the wp_mail() function to either use proper SMTP host credentials or leverage a built-in SMTP mail provider.

    When using one of our built-in SMTP mail provider integrations (recommended), emails are sent using the provider’s direct API. This means even if your web host is blocking SMTP ports, your emails still send successfully.

    This helps you fix all WordPress not sending email issues.

    WP Mail SMTP plugin includes many different SMTP setup options:

    1. SMTP.com (Recommended)
    2. Sendinblue SMTP (Recommended)
    3. Mailgun SMTP
    4. SendGrid SMTP
    5. Gmail SMTP
    6. Microsoft SMTP (Outlook.com and Office 365) [Pro]
    7. Amazon SES SMTP [Pro]
    8. Zoho Mail SMTP [Pro]
    9. All Other SMTP

    For most options, you can specify the “from name” and “email address” for outgoing emails.

    Instead of having users use different SMTP plugins and workflows for different SMTP providers, we decided to bring it all in one. This is what makes WP Mail SMTP, the best SMTP solution for WordPress.


    SMTP.com is a recommended transactional email service.

    With over 22 years of email delivery expertise, SMTP.com has been around for almost as long as email itself. They are known among internet providers as one of the most reliable senders on the internet.

    Their easy integration process lets you start sending emails in minutes and benefit from years of experience. SMTP.com provides users 50,000 free emails the first 30 days.

    Read our SMTP.com documentation for more details.

    Sendinblue SMTP

    Sendinblue is a recommended transactional email service.

    They serve 80,000+ growing companies around the world and send over 30 million emails each day.

    Their email deliverability experts are constantly at work optimizing the reliability and speed of their SMTP infrastructure. Sendinblue provides users 300 free emails per day.

    Read our Sendinblue documentation for more details.

    Mailgun SMTP

    Mailgun SMTP is a popular SMTP service provider that allows you to send large quantities of emails. They provide 5,000 free emails per month for 3 months.

    WP Mail SMTP plugin offers a native integration with MailGun. All you have to do is connect your Mailgun account, and you will improve your email deliverability.

    Read our Mailgun documentation for more details.

    SendGrid SMTP

    SendGrid has a free SMTP plan that you can use to send up to 100 emails per day. With our native SendGrid SMTP integration, you can easily and securely set up SendGrid SMTP on your WordPress site.

    Read our SendGrid documentation for more details.

    Gmail SMTP

    Often bloggers and small business owners don’t want to use third-party SMTP services. Well you can use your Gmail or G Suite account for SMTP emails.

    This allows you to use your professional email address and improve email deliverability.

    Unlike other Gmail SMTP plugins, our Gmail SMTP option uses OAuth to authenticate your Google account, keeping your login information 100% secure.

    Read our Gmail documentation for more details.

    Microsoft SMTP (Outlook.com and Office 365)

    Many businesses use Outlook.com or Microsoft 365 to power their email. Our Microsoft mailer integration allows you to use your existing Outlook.com or Microsoft 365 account to send emails from WordPress for better deliverability.

    Read our Outlook and Microsoft 365 documentation for more details.

    Amazon SES SMTP

    Advanced or technical users can harness the power of Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the Amazon SES mailer. With this integration, you can send a high volume of emails at a very reasonable rate.

    Read our Amazon SES documentation for more details.

    Zoho Mail SMTP

    Send emails using your personal or business Zoho Mail account, all while keeping your login credentials safe.

    Read our Zoho Mail documentation for more details.

    Other SMTP

    WP Mail SMTP plugin also works with all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft Live, and any other email sending service that offers SMTP.

    You can set the following options:

    • Specify an SMTP host.
    • Specify an SMTP port.
    • Choose SSL / TLS encryption.
    • Choose to use SMTP authentication or not.
    • Specify an SMTP username and password.

    To see recommended settings for the popular services as well as troubleshooting tips, check out our SMTP documentation.

    We hope that you find WP Mail SMTP plugin helpful!

    WP Mail SMTP PRO

    In addition to native Microsoft, Amazon SES, and Zoho Mail integrations, WP Mail SMTP Pro provides access to many other powerful features and services.

    Click here to purchase WP Mail SMTP Pro now!

    Email Log

    Email Logging lets you log and view all emails sent from your site. Email logs are helpful for storing emails for your records, auditing outgoing emails, and debugging during site development.

    But that’s just the beginning. Our powerful WordPress email logs unlock extra tools to help you measure email engagement and improve email deliverability:

    Resend Emails

    You resend any email or forward it to one or more email addresses, right from your email log. From the overview page, you can also resend multiple emails in bulk. This is an awesome way to resend emails that failed or forward important emails to an alternative email address.

    Track Email Opens and Clicks

    Wondering if an important email was actually opened, or if any links in the email were clicked? Our email log lets you view open and click tracking stats for your WordPress emails.

    Store Email Attachments

    WP Mail SMTP lets you store all of the email attachments that are sent from your WordPress site. That makes it easy to review an attachment or archive it locally.

    Export Email Logs

    Easily export your WordPress email logs to CSV, EML, or Excel. You can filter the email logs before you export and only download the data you need. This feature lets you easily create your own deliverability reports. You can also use the data in 3rd party dashboards to track deliverability along with your other website statistics.

    Print Emails

    Once you’ve activated email logging, any individual log file can be printed in an easy-to-read format. If you want to archive an email log digitally, it’s easy to export it to a PDF document too.

    Manage Multisite Email Logs Easily

    WP Mail SMTP makes it easy for Network Admins to view and manage email logs for subsites. You can access all of your deliverability information from the Network Admin dashboard and quickly switch between subsites. That makes it easy to review email logging data for all subsites on one centralized page.

    Email Reports

    Email reports make it easy to track deliverability and engagement at-a-glance. Your open and click-through rates are grouped by subject line, making it easy to review the performance of campaigns or notifications. The report also displays Sent and Failed emails each week so you spot any issues quickly. You’ll also see an email report chart right in your WordPress dashboard.

    Weekly Email Summary

    Get statistics about WordPress emails sent directly into your inbox. Our weekly emails reveal how many emails are being sent from your WordPress site, and which ones are getting opens and clicks. The Summary also shows you deliverability statistics at-a-glance so you can spot any issues without logging into WordPress.

    Manage WordPress Emails and Notifications

    The Manage Notification feature gives you full control over which email notifications WordPress sends. This means you can disable different WordPress notification emails. Don’t want to receive emails when new users are created? No problem, turn it off.

    WordPress Multisite Network Settings

    For users running a multisite network, our network settings provide a centralized location to easily configure your SMTP settings for all sites, saving you time.

    Expert Support

    We provide limited support for the WP Mail SMTP plugin on the WordPress.org forums. Access to our world class one-on-one email support is available to WP Mail SMTP Pro users.

    White Glove Setup

    Our White Glove Setup service is a great option that anyone can benefit from. Whether you don’t have the time or maybe you feel a bit in over your head – we’ve got you covered.

    You can sit back and relax while we set up everything for you. White glove setup includes WP Mail SMTP plugin installation and setup, configuration adjustments to your DNS for proper email domain name verification, SMTP.com or Mailgun setup, and final testing to confirm everything is passing with flying colors.


    The WP Mail SMTP team takes security very seriously. Not only does the plugin follow all security best practices, but we have several options available to ensure your site is safe and secure.

    • Direct SMTP mailer integrations (recommended), such as SMTP.com, SendGrid and Mailgun, use the official provider APIs. This means you never enter your username or password in the plugin settings and these credentials are not stored in the database. Instead, we use tokens or API keys which are much more secure.

    • When using Other SMTP mailer, we provide the option to insert your password in your wp-config.php file, so it’s not visible in your WordPress settings or saved in the database.


    WP Mail SMTP plugin was originally created by Callum Macdonald. It is now owned and maintained by the team behind WPForms – the best drag & drop form builder for WordPress.

    You can try the free version of WPForms plugin to see why it’s the best in the market.

    What’s Next

    If you like our WP Mail SMTP plugin, then consider checking out our other projects:

    • OptinMonster – Get More Email Subscribers with the most popular conversion optimization plugin for WordPress.
    • WPForms – #1 drag & drop online form builder for WordPress (trusted by 4 million sites).
    • MonsterInsights – See the Stats that Matter and Grow Your Business with Confidence. Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.
    • SeedProd – Create beautiful landing pages with our powerful drag & drop landing page builder.
    • RafflePress – Best WordPress giveaway and contest plugin to grow traffic and social followers.
    • Smash Balloon – #1 social feeds plugin for WordPress – display social media content in WordPress without code.
    • AIOSEO – the original WordPress SEO plugin to help you rank higher in search results (trusted by over 2 million sites).
    • PushEngage – Connect with visitors after they leave your website with the leading web push notification plugin.
    • TrustPulse – Add real-time social proof notifications to boost your store conversions by up to 15%.

    Visit WPBeginner to learn from our WordPress Tutorials and find out about other best WordPress plugins.

    1. WP Mail SMTP Settings page

      WP Mail SMTP Settings page

    2. List of mailers

      List of mailers

    3. Other SMTP settings

      Other SMTP settings

    4. Setup Wizard - Select your mailer

      Setup Wizard - Select your mailer

    5. Setup Wizard - Example mailer settings

      Setup Wizard - Example mailer settings

    6. Email Test page

      Email Test page

    7. Email Log settings page (Pro)

      Email Log settings page (Pro)

    8. Email Controls settings page (Pro)

      Email Controls settings page (Pro)

    9. Email Log archive page (Pro)

      Email Log archive page (Pro)

    10. Email Log single page (Pro)

      Email Log single page (Pro)

    11. Email Reports - Email Log statistics grouped by email subject (Pro)

      Email Reports - Email Log statistics grouped by email subject (Pro)

    12. Email Log bulk Export (Pro)

      Email Log bulk Export (Pro)

    Tags: wordpress-smtp wp-mail-smtp sendgrid-smtp smtp gmail-smtp
    4.8 (2,532)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Mike Challis

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Adds Secure Image CAPTCHA anti-spam to WordPress pages for comments, login, registration, lost password, BuddyPress register, bbPress register, wpForo register, bbPress New Topic and Reply to Topic Forms, Jetpack Contact Form, and WooCommerce checkout.
    In order to post comments, login, or register, users will have to pass the CAPTCHA test. This prevents spam from automated bots, adds security, and is even compatible Akismet. Compatible with Multisite Network Activate.
    If you don’t like image captcha and code entry, you can uninstall this plugin and try my new plugin Fast Secure reCAPTCHA

    Help Keep This Plugin Free

    If you find this plugin useful to you, please consider making a small donation to help contribute to my time invested and to further development. Thanks for your kind support! – Mike Challis


    • Secure Image CAPTCHA.
    • Optional setting to hide the Comments CAPTCHA from logged in users.
    • Enable or disable the CAPTCHA on any of the pages for comments, login, registration, lost password, BuddyPress register, bbPress register, wpForo Register, Jetpack Contact Form, and WooCommerce checkout.
    • Login form – WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, wpForo Forum, WooCommerce, WP Multisite
    • Lost Password form – WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, wpForo Forum, WooCommerce, WP Multisite.
    • Register form – WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, wpForo Forum, WooCommerce, WP Multisite.
    • Comment form – WordPress, WP Multisite.
    • Signup new site – WP Multisite.
    • Checkout form – WooCommerce.
    • Jetpack Contact Form.
    • bbPress New Topic, Reply to Topic Forms.
    • You can disable any of the forms you don’t want CAPTCHA on.
    • Style however you need with CSS.
    • I18n language translation support.
    • Compatible with Akismet.
    • Compatible with Multisite Network Activate.
    • I18n language translation support. See FAQ.

    Captcha Image Support:

    • Open-source free PHP CAPTCHA library by www.phpcaptcha.org is included (customized version)
    • Abstract background with multi colored, angled, and transparent text
    • Arched lines through text
    • Refresh button to reload captcha if you cannot read it.


    After the plugin is activated, you can configure it by selecting the SI Captcha options tab on the Admin Plugins page.


    Once activated, a captcha image and captcha code entry is added to the comment and register forms. The Login form captcha is not enabled by default because it might be annoying to users. Only enable it if you are having spam problems related to bots automatically logging in.

    Tags: captcha recaptcha woocommerce bbpress buddypress
    4.2 (126)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: MihChe

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WPBruiser (formerly GoodBye Captcha) is an anti-spam and security plugin based on algorithms that identify spam bots without any annoying and hard to read captcha images.

    WPBruiser completely eliminates spam-bot signups, spam comments, even brute force attacks, the second you install it on your WordPress website. It is completely invisible to the end-user – no need to ever fill out a Captcha or other “human-detection” field ever again – and it just works!

    Unlike other anti-spam plugins, which detect spam comments and signups after the fact and move them to your spam folder, which you then have to delete – using up not only your website’s resources, but your time as well, WPBruiser prevents the bots from leaving spam in the first place. The result is that your site is not only spam free, it’s faster and more secure.

    In addition, WPBruiser is completely self-contained and does not need to connect to any outside service. Your logins remain yours, 100%.

    WPBruiser fights Brute Force attacks and eliminates spam-bots on comments, signup pages as well as login and password reset pages. At the click of a button, you can decide which forms to protect.

    Summary of WPBruiser features

    • Standard WordPress Login form integration
    • Standard WordPress Register form integration
    • Standard WordPress Forgot Password form integration
    • Standard WordPress Comments form integration
    • Ability to set the maximum number of characters for each comment field
    • Logging with the ability to enable/disable it
    • Automatically Block IP Addresses
    • Automatically purge logs older than a certain number of days
    • Manually white-list trusted IP Address (IPV4 and IPV6)
    • Manually block/unblock IP Addresses (IPV4 and IPV6)
    • Properly detects client IP Address when using CloudFlare, Incapsula, Cloudfront, RackSpace, Sucuri CloudProxy, AWS ELB
    • Provides statistics, reports, maps and charts with all blocked spam attempts
    • No requests to external APIs
    • Can be switched to “Test Mode” – for testing
    • Compatible with WordPress Multisite – network admin interface ready
    • Compatible with cache plugins (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, ZenCache, WP Fastest Cache and others)
    • Invisible for end users (works in the background)
    • Does not affect page loading times

    Brute Force Protection

    • Automatically detects Brute Force attacks
    • Ability to automatically block IP Addresses
    • Prevents User Enumeration
    • Ability to block most dangerous IP addresses involved in brute force attacks
    • Ability to block most dangerous Anonymous Proxy IP addresses including TOR Networks, TOR Nodes and TOR Exit Points
    • Ability to Completely Disable XML-RPC service – it seamlessly works with Jetpack plugin activated
    • Ability to Disable XML-RPC Pingbacks
    • Email notifications when a Brute Force Attack is detected

    WPBruiser Available Extensions

    WPBruiser is integrated with the most popular plugins

    Contact Forms Extensions
    Membership Extensions
    eCommerce Extensions
    Email Subscriptions Extensions

    View all WPBruiser Extensions

    WPBruiser is also integrated with the following plugins:

    • Postmatic (https://wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic)
      WPBruiser offers protection for the entire email commenting system

    • Epoch (https://wordpress.org/plugins/epoch)
      WPBruiser offers protection for the entire chat and commenting system

    • wpDiscuz (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdiscuz/)
      WPBruiser offers protection for the entire commenting system

    • MailChimp for WordPress (https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp)
      WPBruiser offers protection for all forms the user will create with MailChimp

    • Ultimate Member (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member)
      WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Reset Password forms

    • Jetpack by WordPress (https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack)
      WPBruiser offers protection for JetPack Contact Form

    • ZM Ajax Login & Register (https://wordpress.org/plugins/zm-ajax-login-register)
      WPBruiser offers protection for Login and Registration forms

    • Login With Ajax (https://wordpress.org/plugins/login-with-ajax)
      WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

    • WP User Control (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-control)
      WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

    • PlanSo Forms (https://wordpress.org/plugins/planso-forms/)
      WPBruiser offers protection for all forms

    • Theme My Login (https://wordpress.org/plugins/theme-my-login)
      WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

    • Seamless Donations (https://wordpress.org/plugins/seamless-donations)
      WPBruiser offers protection for the donation form

    Technical support

    If you notice any problems by using this plugin, please notify us and we will investigate and fix the issues. Ideally your request should contain: URL of the website (if your site is public), Php version, WordPress version and all the steps in order to replicate the issue (if you are able to reproduce it somehow)


    If you find this plugin useful, please consider making a small donation. Thank you

    1. WPBruiser - Settings

      WPBruiser - Settings

    2. WPBruiser - Security

      WPBruiser - Security

    3. WPBruiser - Security - WhiteList IP Address

      WPBruiser - Security - WhiteList IP Address

    4. WPBruiser - Security - BlackList IP Address

      WPBruiser - Security - BlackList IP Address

    5. WPBruiser - WordPress

      WPBruiser - WordPress

    6. WPBruiser - Tweaking WordPress

      WPBruiser - Tweaking WordPress

    7. WPBruiser - Protect Jetpack Contact Form

      WPBruiser - Protect Jetpack Contact Form

    8. WPBruiser - UltimateMember protection

      WPBruiser - UltimateMember protection

    9. WPBruiser - Other plugins integrations

      WPBruiser - Other plugins integrations

    10. WPBruiser - Report - Blocked Comment

      WPBruiser - Report - Blocked Comment

    11. WPBruiser - Report - Block IP Address

      WPBruiser - Report - Block IP Address

    12. WPBruiser - Report - By Location - Distribution

      WPBruiser - Report - By Location - Distribution

    13. WPBruiser - Detailed Report

      WPBruiser - Detailed Report

    Tags: antispam anti-spam spam mailpoet captcha
    4.7 (209)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: webvitalii

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Titan includes anti-spam, firewall, malware scanner, site accessibility checking, security and threats audits for WordPress websites. Our security functions provide Titan with the latest firewall rules, malware signatures, and database of malicious IP addresses – all you need to ensure the security of your website.

    Titan is a comprehensive WordPress security solution, completed by a set of additional features as add-ons, which was placed into a simple and intuitive interface.

    Why did we update Anti-Spam and what is Titan?

    Let me tell you before we start: your favorite Anti-Spam had not disappeared! Instead of that it revived and became stronger to stand guard over the secure of your site!
    The latest update of Anti-Spam is called Titan Anti-spam & Security and represents the brand new version of a plugin.

    Why TITAN?

    We aim to create a plugin as reliable as this metal – and easy-to-use at the same time. The new name of our plugin sets the pace with newest and highest standards of quality.

    What has been changed except the name?
    Whilst the process of modernization we had to take some complicated decisions. One of them was:
    What should we do: keep Anti-Spam like a simple plugin with the only one function or complicate it with a huge complex of tools made for the security of your site?
    Constant feedback from users and versatile development experience lets us claim that the situation when there is too many tools couldn’t exist!
    We considered all possibilities thoroughly to secure the best future for the plugin.
    Let me introduce new secure functionality that was developed with spending a lot of time, effort and consideration:




    • No captcha.
    • We have created algorithms to ensure reliability and accuracy against spam bots. It will save your time and resources, allowing you to focus on developing and improving your website and business. Antispam provides logs of all the processed requests that allows you to check the spam filters results. Regular analysis of parameters allows you to find new spam behavior patterns.
    • A comment posted by a user appears on the site right away. The background check marks spam comments as spam and hides them on a site. This helps to improve user experience and increase engagement.
    • [PRO] Checking the already existing comments and users for spam.
    • [PRO] We provide 24/7 technical support.
    • [PRO] To identify and block spam bots AntiSpamPro uses a series of tests running in the background, totally transparent to the website User. It allows 100% protection from spam bots No extra protection needed.
    • [PRO] Anti-spam is a comprehensive and transparent anti-spam protection. We provide detailed statistics of all logged comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors.
    • [PRO] Protect Register Form.
    • [PRO] Advanced protection of comment forms.
    • We regularly release updates to the anti-spam module. Our modules always meet new versions of CMS and we are constantly expanding supported CMS.


    The web application firewall detects and blocks malicious traffic. It protects your website at the endpoint by providing deep integration with WordPress. In contrast to cloud alternatives, it does not violate encryption, cannot be bypassed and does not contribute to data leakage.

    • Protection brute force attacks by restricting login attempts.
    • [PRO] Update real-time firewall rules and malware signatures through the threat protection channel.
    • [PRO] Real-time IP Block List blocks all requests from malicious IP addresses, protecting your site and reducing load.
    • [PRO] An integrated malware scanner blocks requests containing malicious code or content.
    • [PRO] Using the Attack Log you can track visits and hacking attempts that are not shown in other analytic packages in real time; including origin, IP address, current time, and time spent on your site.
    • [PRO] Block intruders by IP address or create advanced rules based on a range of IP addresses, hostname, user agent, and referrer.


    • The malware scanner checks the system files, themes and plugins for malware, invalid URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.
    • Basic scanning using more than 1000 signatures.
    • [PRO] Advanced scanning with more than 6000 signatures.
    • [PRO] Configure three scan speeds to make sure the performance is not affected.
    • [PRO] Set scan schedules – daily, monthly, and manually.
    • [PRO] Update malware signatures in real time through a threat protection channel.
    • Compares your system, themes and plugins with those which are in the WordPress.org repository, checking their integrity and informing you of all changes.
    • Recover modified files by overwriting them with the original version.
    • Delete unknown and unwanted files easily via the Titan interface.
    • Checks your site for vulnerabilities and notifies in case of any problems or discrepancies. It also provides a notification of potential security issues when the plugin has been closed or inactivated.
    • Checks the content security by scanning the contents of files, messages and comments for dangerous URLs and suspicious content.


    • Check the availability of any URL
    • Push notifications in the browser to show URLs access issues in real time.
      Your browser will receive push notifications if one of the URLS is unavailable.


    • Strong Password Requirement
    • Hide author login
    • Hide WordPress versions. WordPress itself and many plugins show their version at the visible areas of your site. An attacker who received this information may be aware of the vulnerabilities found in the version of the WordPress core or plugins.


    • English (default), always included
    • Korean — big thanks to @cansmile
    • Spanish (Venezuela) — big thanks to @yordansoares, @nobnob, @bragnieljimenez
    • Spanish (Spain) — big thanks to @garridinsi, @nobnob, @nobnob, @nilovelez, @fernandot
    • Italian — big thanks to @deadpool76
    • Persian — big thanks to @1farakav
    • Arabic — big thanks to @alzintani
    • Swedish — big thanks to @elbogen
    • Tibetan — big thanks to @bumpagyal
    • Albanian — big thanks to @besnik
    • Dutch — big thanks to @robelia

    We are very need for your help with translating the
    Titan Anti-spam & Security plugin
    into your native language. We want to make it international and understandable for everyone. Please contact us via email inside the plugin, or create a topic on our support forum if you can help with the translations. In exchange for your help, we will give you better support and our premium plugins absolutely free!

    1. Dashboard


    2. General Settings

      General Settings

    3. Anti-spam Settings

      Anti-spam Settings

    4. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

      Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Tags: firewall malware-scanner security antispam antivirus
    4.5 (362)
  • Authors: mra13

    Charts and Tracking Description >>


    WordPress itself is a very secure platform. However, it helps to add some extra security and firewall to your site by using a security plugin that enforces a lot of good security practices.

    The All In One WordPress Security plugin will take your website security to a whole new level.

    This plugin is designed and written by experts and is easy to use and understand.

    It reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques.

    All In One WP Security also uses an unprecedented security points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site based on the security features you have activated.

    Our security and firewall rules are categorized into “basic”, “intermediate” and “advanced”. This way you can apply the firewall rules progressively without breaking your site’s functionality.

    The All In One WordPress Security plugin doesn’t slow down your site and it is 100% free.

    Visit the WordPress Security Plugin page for more details.

    Below is a list of the security and firewall features offered in this plugin:

    User Accounts Security

    • Detect if there is a user account which has the default “admin” username and easily change the username to a value of your choice.
    • The plugin will also detect if you have any WordPress user accounts which have identical login and display names. Having account’s where display name is identical to login name is bad security practice because
      you are making it 50% easier for hackers because they already know the login name.
    • Password strength tool to allow you to create very strong passwords.
    • Stop user enumeration. So users/bots cannot discover user info via author permalink.

    User Login Security

    • Protect against “Brute Force Login Attack” with the Login Lockdown feature. Users with a certain IP address or range will be locked out of the system for a predetermined amount of time based on the configuration settings and you can also choose to be notified
      via email whenever somebody gets locked out due to too many login attempts.

    • As the administrator you can view a list of all locked out users which are displayed in an easily readable and navigable table which also allows you to unlock individual or bulk IP addresses at the click of a button.

    • Force logout of all users after a configurable time period
    • Monitor/View failed login attempts which show the user’s IP address, User ID/Username and Date/Time of the failed login attempt

    • Monitor/View the account activity of all user accounts on your system by keeping track of the username, IP address, login date/time, and logout date/time.

    • Ability to automatically lockout IP address ranges which attempt to login with an invalid username.
    • Ability to see a list of all the users who are currently logged into your site.
    • Allows you to specify one or more IP addresses in a special whitelist. The whitelisted IP addresses will have access to your WP login page.
    • Add Google reCaptcha or plain maths captcha to WordPress Login form.
    • Add Google reCaptcha or plain maths captcha to the forgot password form of your WP Login system.

    User Registration Security

    • Enable manual approval of WordPress user accounts. If your site allows people to create their own accounts via the WordPress registration form, then you can minimize SPAM or bogus registrations by manually approving each registration.
    • Ability to add Google reCaptcha or plain maths captcha to the WordPress’s user registration page to protect you from spam user registration.
    • Ability to add Honeypot to the WordPress’s user registration form to reduce registration attempts by robots.

    Database Security

    • Easily set the default WP prefix to a value of your choice with the click of a button.
    • Schedule automatic backups and email notifications or make an instant DB backup whenever you want with one click.

    File System Security

    • Identify files or folders which have permission settings which are not secure and set the permissions to the recommend secure values with click of a button.
    • Protect your PHP code by disabling file editing from the WordPress administration area.
    • Easily view and monitor all host system logs from a single menu page and stay informed of any issues or problems occurring on your server so you can address them quickly.
    • Prevent people from accessing the readme.html, license.txt and wp-config-sample.php files of your WordPress site.

    htaccess and wp-config.php File Backup and Restore

    • Easily backup your original .htaccess and wp-config.php files in case you will need to use them to restore broken functionality.
    • Modify the contents of the currently active .htaccess or wp-config.php files from the admin dashboard with only a few clicks

    Blacklist Functionality

    • Ban users by specifying IP addresses or use a wild card to specify IP ranges.
    • Ban users by specifying user agents.

    Firewall Functionality

    This plugin allows you to easily add a lot of firewall protection to your site via htaccess file. An htaccess file is processed by your web server before any other code on your site.
    So these firewall rules will stop malicious script(s) before it gets a chance to reach the WordPress code on your site.

    • Access control facility.
    • Instantly activate a selection of firewall settings ranging from basic, intermediate and advanced.
    • Enable the famous “6G Blacklist” Firewall rules courtesy of Perishable Press
    • Forbid proxy comment posting.
    • Block access to debug log file.
    • Disable trace and track.
    • Deny bad or malicious query strings.
    • Protect against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) by activating the comprehensive advanced character string filter.
      or malicious bots who do not have a special cookie in their browser. You (the site admin) will know how to set this special cookie and be able to log into your site.
    • WordPress PingBack Vulnerability Protection feature. This firewall feature allows the user to prohibit access to the xmlrpc.php file in order to protect against certain vulnerabilities in the pingback functionality. This is also helpful to block bots from constantly accessing the xmlrpc.php file and wasting your server resource.
    • Ability to block fake Googlebots from crawling your site.
    • Ability to prevent image hotlinking. Use this to prevent others from hotlinking your images.
    • Ability to log all 404 events on your site. You can also choose to automatically block IP addresses that are hitting too many 404s.
    • Ability to add custom rules to block access to various resources of your site.

    Brute force login attack prevention

    • Instantly block Brute Force Login Attacks via our special Cookie-Based Brute Force Login Prevention feature. This firewall functionality will block all login attempts from people and bots.
    • Ability to add a simple math captcha to the WordPress login form to fight against brute force login attacks.
    • Ability to hide admin login page. Rename your WordPress login page URL so that bots and hackers cannot access your real WordPress login URL. This feature allows you to change the default login page (wp-login.php) to something you configure.
    • Ability to use Login Honeypot which will helps reduce brute force login attempts by robots.

    Security Scanner

    • The file change detection scanner can alert you if any files have changed in your WordPress system. You can then investigate and see if that was a legitimate change or some bad code was injected.

    Comment SPAM Security

    • Monitor the most active IP addresses which persistently produce the most SPAM comments and instantly block them with the click of a button.
    • Prevent comments from being submitted if it doesn’t originate from your domain (this should reduce some SPAM bot comment posting on your site).
    • Add a captcha to your wordpress comment form to add security against comment spam.
    • Automatically and permanently block IP addresses which have exceeded a certain number of comments labeled as SPAM.

    Front-end Text Copy Protection

    • Ability to disable the right click, text selection and copy option for your front-end.

    Regular updates and additions of new security features

    • WordPress Security is something that evolves over time. We will be updating the All In One WP Security plugin with new security features (and fixes if required) on a regular basis so you can rest assured that your site will be on the cutting edge of security protection techniques.

    Works with Most Popular WordPress Plugins

    • It should work smoothly with most popular WordPress plugins.

    Additional Features

    • Ability to remove the WordPress Generator Meta information from the HTML source of your site.
    • Ability to remove the WordPress Version information from the JS and CSS file includes of your site.
    • Ability to prevent people from accessing the readme.html, license.txt and wp-config-sample.php files
    • Ability to temporarily lock down the front end of your site from general visitors while you do various backend tasks (investigate security attacks, perform site upgrades, do maintenance work etc.)
    • Ability to export/import the security settings.
    • Prevent other sites from displaying your content via a frame or iframe.

    Plugin Support

    • If you have a question or problem with the All In One Security plugin, post it on the support forum and we will help you.


    • If you are a developer and you need some extra hooks or filters for this plugin then let us know.
    • Github repository – https://github.com/Arsenal21/all-in-one-wordpress-security


    • All In One WP Security plugin can be translated to any language.

    Currently available translations:

    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Swedish
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Persian

    Visit the WordPress Security Plugin page for more details.

    Privacy Policy

    This plugin may collect IP addresses for security reasons such as mitigating brute force login threats and malicious activity.
    The collected information is stored on your server. No information is transmitted to third parties or remote server locations.


    Go to the settings menu after you activate the plugin and follow the instructions.

    Tags: ban anti-virus security secure antivirus
    4.8 (1,086)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Gioni

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Defends WordPress against hacker attacks, spam, trojans, and malware. Mitigates brute-force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts through the login form, XML-RPC / REST API requests, or using auth cookies. Tracks user and bad actors activity with flexible email, mobile and desktop notifications. Stops spammers by using a specialized anti-spam engine. Uses Google reCAPTCHA to protect registration, contact, and comments forms. Restricts access with IP Access Lists. Monitors the website integrity with an advanced malware scanner and integrity checker. Reinforces the security of WordPress with a set of flexible security rules and sophisticated security algorithms.

    Features you will love

    • Limit login attempts when logging in by IP address or entire subnet.
    • Monitors logins made by login forms, XML-RPC requests or auth cookies.
    • Permit or restrict access by IP Access Lists with a single IP, IP range or subnet.
    • Create Custom login URL (rename wp-login.php).
    • Cerber anti-spam engine for protecting contact and registration forms.
    • Automatically detects and moves spam comments to trash or denies them completely.
    • Manage multiple WP Cerber instances from one dashboard.
    • Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress.
    • Logs users, bots, hacker and other suspicious activities.
    • Security scanner verifies the integrity of WordPress files, plugins and themes.
    • Monitors file changes and new files with email notifications and reports.
    • Mobile and email notifications with a set of flexible filters.
    • Advanced users’ sessions manager
    • Protects wp-login.php, wp-signup.php and wp-register.php from attacks.
    • Hides wp-admin (dashboard) if a visitor isn’t logged in.
    • Immediately blocks an intruder IP when attempting to log in with non-existent or prohibited username.
    • Restrict user registration or login with a username matching REGEX patterns.
    • Restrict access to WP REST API with your own role-based security rules.
    • Block access to WordPress REST API completely.
    • Block access to XML-RPC (block access to XML-RPC including Pingbacks and Trackbacks).
    • Disable feeds (block access to the RSS, Atom and RDF feeds).
    • Restrict access to XML-RPC, REST API and feeds by White IP Access list by an IP address or an IP range.
    • Authorized users only mode
    • Block a user account.
    • Disable automatic redirection to the hidden login page.
    • Stop user enumeration (blocks access to author pages and prevents user data leaks via REST API).
    • Proactively blocks IP subnet class C.
    • Anti-spam: reCAPTCHA to protect WordPress login, register and comment forms.
    • reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce & WordPress forms.
    • Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress comments forms.
    • A special Citadel mode for massive brute force attacks.
    • Play nice with fail2ban: write failed attempts to the syslog or a custom log file.
    • Filter out and inspect activities by IP address, user, username or a particular activity.
    • Filter out activities and export them to a CSV file.
    • Reporting: get weekly reports to specified email addresses.
    • Limit login attempts works on a site/server behind a reverse proxy.
    • Be notified via mobile push notifications.
    • Trigger and action for the jetFlow.io automation plugin.
    • Protection against (DoS) attacks (CVE-2018-6389).

    Limit login attempts done right

    By default, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts through the login form, XML-RPC or by sending special cookies. This allows passwords to be cracked with relative ease via brute force attack.

    WP Cerber blocks intruders by IP or subnet from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries is reached, making brute force attacks or distributed brute force attacks from botnets impossible.

    You will be able to create a Black IP Access List or White IP Access List to block or allow logins from a particular IP address, IP address range or a subnet any class (A,B,C).

    Moreover, you can create your Custom login page and forget about automatic attacks to the default wp-login.php, which takes your attention and consumes a lot of server resources. If an attacker tries to access wp-login.php they will be blocked and get a 404 Error response.

    Malware scanner

    Cerber Security Scanner is a sophisticated and extremely powerful tool that thoroughly scans every folder and inspects every file on a website for traces of malware, trojans, backdoors, changed and new files.

    Read more about the malware scanner.

    Integrity checker

    The scanner checks if all WordPress folders and files match what exist in the official WordPress core repository, compares your plugins and themes with what are in the official WordPress repository and alerts you to any changes. As with scanning free plugins and themes, the scanner scans and verifies commercial plugins and themes that are installed manually.

    Scheduled Scans With Automatic File Recovery

    Cerber Security Scanner allows you to configure a schedule for automated recurring scanning easily. Once the schedule is configured the scanner automatically scans the website, deletes malware and recovers modified and infected WordPress files. After every scan, you can get an optional email report with the results of the scan.

    Read more about the scheduled scans.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security requiring a second factor of identification beyond just a username and password. When 2FA is enabled on a website, it requires a user to provide an additional verification code when signing into the website. This verification code is generated automatically and sent to the user by email.

    Read more about Two-Factor Authentication.

    Log, filter out and export activities

    WP Cerber tracks time, IP addresses and usernames for successful and failed login attempts, logins, logouts, password changes, blocked IP and actions taken by itself. You can export them to a CSV file.

    Limit login attempts reinvented

    You can hide WordPress dashboard (/wp-admin/) when a user isn’t logged in. If a user isn’t logged in and they attempt to access the dashboard by requesting /wp-admin/, WP Cerber will return a 404 Error.

    Massive botnet brute force attack? That’s no longer a problem. Citadel mode will automatically be activated for awhile and prevent your site from making further attempts to log in with any username.

    Cerber anti-spam engine

    Anti-spam and anti-bot protection for contact, registration, comments and other forms. WP Cerber anti-spam and bot detection engine now protects all forms on a website. No reCAPTCHA is needed. It’s compatible with virtually any form you have. Tested with Gravity Forms, Caldera Forms, HappyForms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Fast Secure Contact Form, Contact Form by WPForms.

    Anti-spam protection: invisible reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce

    • WooCommerce login form
    • WooCommerce register form
    • WooCommerce lost password form

    Anti-spam protection: invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress

    • WordPress login form
    • WordPress register form
    • WordPress lost password form
    • WordPress comment form

    Integration with Cloudflare

    A special Cloudflare add-on for WP Cerber keeps in sync the list of blocked IP addresses with Cloudflare IP Access Rules.

    Stay in compliance with GDPR

    How to get full control of personal data to be in compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California.

    Documentation & Tutorials


    • Czech, thanks to Hrohh
    • Deutsche, thanks to mario, Mike and Daniel
    • Dutch, thanks to Jos Knippen and Bernardo
    • Français, thanks to hardesfred
    • Norwegian (Bokmål), thanks to Eirik Vorland
    • Portuguese (Portugal), thanks to Helderk
    • Portuguese (Brazil), thanks to Felipe Turcheti
    • Spanish, thanks to Ismael Murias and leemon
    • Український, thanks to Nadia
    • Русский, thanks to Yui
    • Italian, thanks to Francesco Venuti
    • Swedish, thanks to Fredrik Näslund

    Thanks to POEditor.com for helping to translate this project.

    Compatibility is not verified

    There are some plugins that were not checked to be compatible: Login LockDown, Login Security Solution, BruteProtect, Ajax Login & Register, Lockdown WP Admin, Loginizer, Sucuri, Wordfence, BulletProof Security, SiteGuard WP Plugin, iThemes Security, All In One WP Security & Firewall, Brute Force Login Protection

    Another reliable plugins from the trusted author

    Checks plugins for deprecated WordPress functions, known security vulnerabilities, and some unsafe PHP functions

    Make your website instantly available in 90+ languages with Google Translate Widget. Add the power of Google automatic translations with one click.
    1. If you want to test out plugin’s features, do this from another computer and remove that computer’s network from the White Access List. Cerber is smart enough to recognize “the boss”.
    2. If you’ve set up the Custom login URL and you use some caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, you have to add a new Custom login URL to the list of pages not to cache.
    3. Read this if your website is under CloudFlare

    Schützt vor Ort gegen Brute-Force-Attacken. Umfassende Kontrolle der Benutzeraktivität. Beschränken Sie die Anzahl der Anmeldeversuche durch die Login-Formular, XML-RPC-Anfragen oder mit Auth-Cookies. Beschränken Sie den Zugriff mit Schwarz-Weiß-Zugriffsliste Zugriffsliste. Track Benutzer und Einbruch Aktivität.

    Protège site contre les attaques par force brute. Un contrôle complet de l’activité de l’utilisateur. Limiter le nombre de tentatives de connexion à travers les demandes formulaire de connexion, XML-RPC ou en utilisant auth cookies. Restreindre l’accès à la liste noire accès et blanc Liste d’accès. L’utilisateur de la piste et l’activité anti-intrusion.

    Захищає сайт від атак перебором. Обмежте кількість спроб входу через запити ввійти форми, XML-RPC або за допомогою авторизації в печиво. Обмежити доступ з чорний список доступу і список білий доступу. Користувач трек і охоронної діяльності.

    What does “Cerber” mean?

    Cerber is derived from the name Cerberus. In Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus is a multi-headed dog with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s claws. Nobody can bypass this angry dog. Now you can order WP Cerber to guard the entrance to your site too.

    1. The Dashboard: Recently recorded important security events and recently locked out IP addresses.

      The Dashboard: Recently recorded important security events and recently locked out IP addresses.

    2. WordPress activity log with filtering, export to CSV and powerful notifications. You can see what's going on right now, when an IP reaches the limit of login attempts and when it was blocked.

      WordPress activity log with filtering, export to CSV and powerful notifications. You can see what's going on right now, when an IP reaches the limit of login attempts and when it was blocked.

    3. Activity log filtered by login and specific type of activity. Export it or click Subscribe to be notified with each event.

      Activity log filtered by login and specific type of activity. Export it or click Subscribe to be notified with each event.

    4. Detailed information about an IP address with WHOIS information.

      Detailed information about an IP address with WHOIS information.

    5. These settings allows you to customize the plugin according to your needs.

      These settings allows you to customize the plugin according to your needs.

    6. White and Black IP access lists allow you to restrict access from a particular IP address, network or IP range.

      White and Black IP access lists allow you to restrict access from a particular IP address, network or IP range.

    7. Hardening WordPress: disable REST API, XML-RPC and stop user enumeration.

      Hardening WordPress: disable REST API, XML-RPC and stop user enumeration.

    8. Powerful email, mobile and browser notifications for WordPress events.

      Powerful email, mobile and browser notifications for WordPress events.

    9. Stop spammer: visible/invisible reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce and WordPress forms - no spam comments anymore.

      Stop spammer: visible/invisible reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce and WordPress forms - no spam comments anymore.

    10. You can export and import security settings and IP Access Lists on the Tools screen.

      You can export and import security settings and IP Access Lists on the Tools screen.

    11. Beautiful widget for the WP dashboard to keep an eye on things. Get quick analytic with trends over last 24 hours.

      Beautiful widget for the WP dashboard to keep an eye on things. Get quick analytic with trends over last 24 hours.

    12. WP Cerber adds four new columns on the WordPress Users screen: Date of registration, Date of last login, Number of failed login attempts and Number of comments. To get more information just click on the appropriate link.

      WP Cerber adds four new columns on the WordPress Users screen: Date of registration, Date of last login, Number of failed login attempts and Number of comments. To get more information just click on the appropriate link.

    Tags: firewall malware-scanner security antispam limit-login-attempts
    4.9 (549)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Caldera Forms will be sunset/retired on 31 Dec 2021.
    Security, WordPress compatibility, and maintenance updates will continue until that time.
    To find out what this means for you and your forms, please read the full initial update on the CalderaForms.com blog, and stay tuned there for future updates.

    Caldera Form is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor. Caldera Forms has many free user-friendly add-ons for both beginners and web developers. Learn more about Caldera Forms at CalderaForms.com.

    Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, notification emails, and database entry tracking are enabled by default.

    Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin by Caldera Labs.

    5 Stars! “Exceptionally well thought out and executed.”

    -Pippin Williamson: Developer of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP.

    Top Features

    • Intuitive user interface !
    • Easy to use – drag and drop !
    • Tons of great field types – calculation, dropdown select, radio, file upload
    • Conditional logic for form fields, processors and auto-responder recipients!
    • Front-end post submissions and post editing with the free Caldera Custom Fields add-on
    • NO LIMITATIONS on the number of forms or fields or submissions!
    • Unlimited auto-responders!
    • Anti-spam by default to stop those bots!
    • Export entries to CSV!
    • Responsive and accessible by default!
    • A ton of add-ons to take your forms farther!
    • Free CDN to improve site speed

    Responsive By Design

    Caldera Forms is a different kind of WordPress form builder. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it’s never been easier and less stressful to create forms for your WordPress site that look awesome on any device. The visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and visitors.

    Whether you are creating a simple contact form or a complex system, you’ll love the drag and drop editor. Your site’s visitors will love the totally responsive, live-updating forms.

    “Caldera Forms does a thing well, let’s you build forms on your website quickly… I ship it with just about every site these days.”

    • Alex Vasquez: Owner of the DigiSavvy agency.

    Get Started Quickly With Form Templates

    Caldera Forms ships with form templates that help you create beautiful, responsive forms quickly. With our powerful grid-base form builder, you can add new fields or modify the layout quickly.

    Quickly configure the email notification, to let you know when a form has been submitted. Add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms to send emails to your lead.

    “I’ve converted many sites from Gravity Forms because Caldera Forms is easier, more powerful, and the forms looks great on any device by default”

    • Matt Cromwell: Head of support for WordImpress

    Anti-Spam By Default

    Spam is annoying. No form builder is complete without a robust anti-spam system.

    Anti-spam is not an add-on with Caldera Forms, your forms will repel spam using a highly-effective honey pot. Anti-spam does not require configuration or adding a Captcha that will hurt your conversions.

    “A drag-and-drop builder that is both easy and fun to use, we reckon Caldera Forms is possibly one of the best, most advanced free form builders available, and we highly recommend it.”

    • Lisa-Robyn Keown – Aspen Grove Studios

    All The Fields You Need

    Caldera Forms has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you. You can set field defaults using the power of Caldera Forms magic tags. Impress your site’s visitors when you take advantage of field sync!

    Caldera Forms field types include:

    • Text
    • Credit Card Number
    • Credit Card Expiration
    • Credit Card Secret Code
    • Auto-complete
    • URL
    • Calculation
    • Range Slider
    • Star Rating
    • Summary
    • WYSIWYG – rich text editor
    • Phone
    • Text
    • File Upload
    • HTML
    • Hidden
    • Button
    • Email
    • Paragraph
    • Toggle Switch
    • Dropdown Select
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
    • Date Picker
    • Color Picker

    All of these field types are included in the free version! We don’t call basic field types like URL or hidden fancy and charge extra. We even throw in the fancy field types like calculation and and phone fields!

    “WordPress should have more plugins like this. Adding new forms, editing their settings and stuff is fun.”

    • Ahmad Awais: Full Stack WordPress Developer

    Awesome Conditional Logic

    Caldera Forms provides a visual editor for conditional logic. Show only the fields you need to make your forms easy, and maximize conversions.

    When creating a form, you want to make sure to only show and only require the necessary information. Forms with fields that are not always needed can be confusing. Conditional groups, applied to fields allow your forms to adapt to user input, as it is entered.

    “I love Caldera. I’d marry it if possible.”

    • Lee Jackson: WordPress Developer and host of the WP Innovator Podcast

    Use Caldera Forms As Super-Powered Search Tool

    Caldera Forms is more than just an awesome form builder. You can use Caldera Forms to create totally custom search forms. Search posts, users, categories, tags, custom post types, custom fields — including those added with Advanced Custom Fields.

    • Easy Pods – Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search in any post type, taxonomy, or even users or a custom database table. Requires Pods works with any custom post type.
    • Easy Queries Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search across multiple post types, works great with Advanced Custom Fields.

    “Great plugin that I will be using for years to come”

    • Devin Walker: Developer of Give, WooCommerce QuickCheckout and Maps Builder Pro.

    Track, Edit and View Your Form Submissions

    Caldera Forms tracks all of your form submission data in the WordPress database. The entry viewer is fast, dynamic and responsive. You can choose to create sub-menu pages for viewing form submissions and chose which users roles are allowed to view those pages.

    Entry editing is a core feature of Caldera Forms. When editing entries, click the “Edit Entry” button to edit your saved data. Display your form entries with the Front-End Entry Viewer!

    “While Gravity Forms may be the more established form solution plugin for WordPress, there is another contender out there that is a real gem. And that gem is Caldera Forms.”

    • John Teague: Owner of Theme Surgeons


    All Caldera Forms Add-ons

    Grow Your Email List
    * MailChimp – Seamlessly integrate MailChimp optins into your forms.
    * Aweber – Aweber marketting automation meets Caldera Forms.
    * ConvertKit – Convert leads to customers the ConvertKit way.

    Accept Payments
    * Stripe – Accept credit card payments via Stripe.
    * PayPal Express – Accept payments via Paypal Express.
    * Dwolla – Accept payments with low fees using Dwolla.
    * Authorize.net Accept all major credit cards by integrating Caldera Forms with Authorize.net.
    * BrainTree Accept credit card payments in your form through BrainTree.

    Increase And Measure Conversions
    * Google Analytics – Track custom events and eCommerce conversions.
    * Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
    * A/B Testing – A/B testing for your forms. Powered by Ingot

    Front-End Post and User Profile Editing
    * Users – Register or login users from your form.
    * Caldera Custom Fields – Save form submissions as post and post meta.

    Cool Tools!
    * Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
    * Geolocation – Make a text field a geolocation auto-complete field and recorded geocoded data.
    * Mark Viewed – Let users track what content they have viewed using a Caldera Forms.
    * Mail Templates – Add your logo, and your brand’s color scheme to your emails sent from Caldera Forms.
    * Nexmo Get SMS notifications of form submissions.
    * Translations – Multi-lingual WordPress forms. Translate all form fields. One form, all the languages!
    * Verify Email for Caldera Forms – Send an email with a validate link to verify the email address before completing the form submission.
    * Form as Metabox – Custom Fields – Use a Caldera Form as a metabox in the post editor to save custom field values.
    * Slack Integration for Caldera Forms – Get notifications in Slack whenever a Caldera Form is submitted.
    * Run Action – Trigger a WordPress action with your form submission.
    * Conditional Fail – Set conditions to cause that if met will allow or prevent form submission.
    * Postmatic – Subscribe users to your posts and comments using Postmatic.

    Third-party add-ons and integrations:
    * Caldera Forms Google Sheets Create spreadsheats in Google Drive with form submissions.
    * Testify – Testimonials plugin with front-end submissions powered by Caldera Forms.
    * AffiliateWP – Register affiliate referral commissions when a Caldera Form is submitted.
    * PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon – Style Caldera Forms in the Beaver Builder layout
    * FileTrip Upload fields to Dropbox or Google Drive from Caldera Forms.
    * WP HTML Email Design fancy, responsive emails for Caldera Forms email notifications.
    * CleanTalk Anti-Spam – Additional anti-spam protection for your forms.
    * UpiCrm – Use Caldera Forms to add content to the UpiCRM database.

    1. <strong>Mobile Friendly</strong> - Looks Great On Any Device!

      Mobile Friendly - Looks Great On Any Device!

    2. <strong>Easy, Powerful Grid-based Form Builder</strong> - Drag and drop editor!

      Easy, Powerful Grid-based Form Builder - Drag and drop editor!

    3. <strong>All The Field Types You Need</strong> - Tons of fields! The fancy fields are included!

      All The Field Types You Need - Tons of fields! The fancy fields are included!

    4. <strong>Powerful Conditional Logic</strong> - Hide, show and disable fields based on user input! Don't pay for conditional logic!

      Powerful Conditional Logic - Hide, show and disable fields based on user input! Don't pay for conditional logic!

    5. <strong>Go Further With Form Processors</strong> - Auto-responders, conditional recipients, redirects are included! Go further with our add-ons!

      Go Further With Form Processors - Auto-responders, conditional recipients, redirects are included! Go further with our add-ons!

    Tags: forms form-manager form-creator form contact-form
    4.2 (420)
  • Authors: kpgraham

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Stop spam emails, spam comments, spam registration, and spam bots and spammers in general. Run diagnostic tests, view activity, and much more with this well-maintained, mature plugin.

    Stop Spammers adds security that should kill off many of your spam worries straight out-of-the-box. Because every website is different (especially if you have integrated a payment gateway), we offer dozens of features you can leverage to meet your website’s specific needs. Our 50+ configuration options make personalization easy.

    Get even more options with Stop Spammers Premium.


    Extremely granular control, so that any variety of website can create a special custom cocktail just for their particular spam issues:

    We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the project through donations, feedback, and bug reporting. Every little bit goes a long way.

    Tags: security anti-spam block-spam spam-blocker spam
    4.6 (228)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: wpdevmgr2678 bestwebsoft

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    The Captcha plugin allows you to implement a super security captcha form into web forms. It protects your website from spam by means of math logic, easily understood by human beings. You will not have to spend your precious time on annoying attempts to understand hard-to-read words, combinations of letters or pictures that make your eyes pop up. All you need is to do one of the three basic maths actions – add, subtract and multiply.
    This captcha can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms.


    • Arabic (ar_AR) (thanks to Albayan Design Hani Aladoli)

    • Bangla (bn_BD) (thanks to SM Mehdi Akram, www.shamokaldarpon.com)

    • Belarusian (bel) (thanks to Natasha Diatko)

    • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) (thanks to Breno Jacinto, www.iconis.org.br)

    • Bulgarian (bg_BG) (thanks to Nick)

    • Catalan (ca) (thanks to Psiete)

    • Chinese (zh_CN) (thanks to [TIM(mailto:[email protected])], [Jack Chen](email: mailto:[email protected]), www.jackchen.im)

    • Taiwan (zh_TW) (thanks to Kaiconan)

    • Croatian (hr) (thanks to Daniel)

    • Czech (cs_CZ) (thanks to Michal Kučera www.n0lim.it)

    • Danish (da_DK) (thanks to Byrial Ole Jensed)

    • Dutch (nl_NL) (thanks to Bart Duineveld)

    • Estonian (et) (thanks to Ahto Tanner)

    • Greek (el) (thanks to Aris, www.paraxeno.net)

    • Farsi/Persian (fa_IR) (thanks to Mostafa Asadi, www.ma73.ir, Morteza Gholami)

    • Finnish (fi) (thanks to Mikko Sederholm)

    • French (fr_FR) (thanks to Martel Benjamin, Capronnier luc)

    • German (de_DE) (thanks to Thomas Hartung, Lothar Schiborr)

    • Hebrew (he_IL) (thanks to Sagive SEO)

    • Hindi (hi_IN) (thanks to Outshine Solutions, www.outshinesolutions.com)

    • Hungarian (hu_HU) (thanks to Peter Aprily)

    • Japanese (ja) (thanks to Foken)

    • Indonesian (id_ID) (thanks to Nasrulhaq Muiz, www.al-badar.net)

    • Italian (it_IT) (thanks to Marco)

    • Latvian (lv) (thanks to Juris O)

    • Lithuanian (lt_LT) (thanks to Arnas)

    • Norwegian (nb_NO) (thanks to Tore Hjartland)

    • Polish (pl_PL) (thanks to Krzysztof Opuchlik)

    • Portuguese (pt_PT) (thanks to João Paulo Antunes)

    • Romanian (ro_RO) (thanks to Ciprian)

    • Russian (ru_RU)

    • Serbian (sr_RS) (thanks to Radovan Georgijevic)

    • Slovak (sk_SK) (thanks to Branco Radenovich)

    • Slovenian (sl_SI) (thanks to Uroš Klopčič, www.klopcic.net)

    • Spain (es_ES)

    • Swedish (sv_SE) (thanks to Christer Rönningborg, Blittan)

    • Tagalog (tl) (thanks to Roozbeh Jalali, www.languageconnect.net)

    • Turkish (tr_TR) (thanks to Can Atasever, www.canatasever.com)

    • Ukrainian (uk)

    • Vietnamese (vi_VN) (thanks to NDT Solutions)

    1. <p>Contact form with Captcha.</p>

      Contact form with Captcha.

    2. <p>Captcha Whitelist.</p>

      Captcha Whitelist.

    3. <p>Comments form with Captcha.</p>

      Comments form with Captcha.

    4. <p>Lost password form with Captcha.</p>

      Lost password form with Captcha.

    5. <p>Login form with Captcha.</p>

      Login form with Captcha.

    6. <p>Registration form with Captcha.</p>

      Registration form with Captcha.

    7. <p>Captcha Basic Settings page ("Notification Messages" options block).</p>

      Captcha Basic Settings page ("Notification Messages" options block).

    8. <p>Captcha Basic Settings page.</p>

      Captcha Basic Settings page.

    Tags: captcha security capcha spam-blocker simple-captcha
    4.5 (555)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: manishkrag

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Ger advance version WordPress Database Cleaner

    If you are a WordPress site owner then you are definitely aware that everyday more than 20-30 SPAM comments are posting in your site’s different posts. And if you do not delete these spam comments then database size going heavy day after day. So to have database size lighter you have to remove unnecessary spam comments. To do so you have to go to comments listing and delete all the spam comments.

    But we are living in advance age and here every thing should be advance. We have created a plugin which will do the same job on behalf of you 🙂

    What this plugin does?

    This plugin basically delete all spam comments of your WordPress site in a regular time interval. All you need to do is:
    * Download and Install the Spam Comments Cleaner plugin.
    * Go to settings >> WordPress Spam Delete options page
    * Select your suitable time option to delete spam comments in a regular time interval.

    Features of this plugin:

    All possible time interval available:
    * Delete Now
    * Delete after 1 minute
    * Delete in every hour.
    * Delete once in a day in a regular manner.
    * Delete twice in a day in a regular manner.
    * Delete once in a week in a regular manner.
    * Delete once in a month in a regular manner.
    * Delete twice in a month in a regular manner.
    * Delete every day at your custom set time.
    * Stop spam comments delete.

    Secure and Light weight, very simple and less coding effort.
    All you need to do is click on suitable time interval button.
    To delete spam comments at your suitable time text-box available to provide custom time in hr:mm format.
    For debugging purpose provided button to delete spam in next one(1) minute.


    1. No more need to go to the comments list and delete SPAM comments manually.
    2. Delete spam comment now.
    3. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to hourly.
    4. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to daily.
    5. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to twice in a day.
    6. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to weekly.
    7. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to monthly.
    8. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to twice in a month.
    9. Delete spam comment cron job can be schedule to user(admin) defined time.
    10. Secure and light weighted plugin.
    1. Disabled Screen

      Disabled Screen

    2. Enabled Screen

      Enabled Screen

    Tags: wordpress-comments delete-comments mindfire-solutions spam-delete spam-clean
    4.3 (17)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>













    ※例:,, と指定した場合
     []と[ ~]と[ ~]のIPアドレスを拒否(または優先通過)対象とします。

     (参考URL:http://blog.livedoor.jp/edge_labs/archives/1791613.html )現在まで利用させて頂いてまいりました。
     選択肢は「bsb.spamlookup.net, bsb.empty.us, list.dsbl.org, all.rbl.jp」から自由に選択出来、プラスご自由に記入出来るように入力欄を設けました。







    — これまでの変更点について
    ・バージョン 3.2.2, 3.2.3
    テンプレートの作りによって JavaScript エラーがあったため修正

    ・バージョン 3.2.1
    テーマによって JavaScript エラーがあったため修正

    ・バージョン 3.2
    jQuery で処理していた部分を JavaScript に書き換え。
    pre_comment_on_post から preprocess_comment にて処理を行うように変更
    IP拒否リスト、許可リスト の不具合を修正

    ・バージョン 3.1.4

    ・バージョン 3.1.3
    WordPress5.4 動作確認
    PHP7.4 対応確認

    ・バージョン 3.1.2
    throws_spam_away.class.php を単体利用した際に出力される Warningを修正

    ・バージョン 3.1.1

    ・バージョン 3.0

    ・バージョン 2.9
    コメントバリデーション部分にapply_filters 2つ追加

    $result_valid = apply_filters( ‘tsa_validate_comment’,
    ‘post_id’ => $post_id,
    ‘tsa_on_flg’ => $tsa_on_flg
    ), $author, $comment, $post_id, $tsa_on_flg );

    return apply_filters( ‘tsa_validate_comment_result’, $result_valid );


    ・バージョン 2.8.2
    ロードバランサ経由のクライアントIP取得ができるように HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR を取得するようにしました。

    ・バージョン 2.8.1

    ・バージョン 2.8

    ・バージョン 2.7.1
    外部からの利用時にThrows SPAM Away 側の設定が活用できるようにした。
    mb_split 関数を explode に変更

    ・バージョン 2.7

    ・バージョン 2.6.10


    スパム排除が目的なのにスパムが溜まる矛盾を解決すべく「スパムデータベースへの保存」を デフォルト OFF にしました。

    スパムデータベースの最小保存期間を 3日から 1日に変更しました。



    選択肢「bsb.spamlookup.net, bsb.empty.us, list.dsbl.org, all.rbl.jp」

    スパムデータベースの最小保存期間を 7日から 3日に変更しました。



      「びしえー」というように文字列を入れ替えても「えー びー しー」とスペースを入れても関係なくカウントされなくなります。

    JSファイルの $ を jQuery に変更。







    個人的にThrows SPAM Awayの設定内容をどこかに保存しておきたい場合がありましたので、そのためのメモ欄を追加しました。



    「 <div id=”throwsSpamAway”>日本語が含まれない投稿は無視されますのでご注意ください。(スパム対策)</div>」
    ※WordPress3.6以降のWordPressテーマ「Twenty Thirteen」で表示が崩れる事象が起きているための対策です。ご迷惑をお掛けしました。大変申し訳ありません。

    「スパムちゃんぷるー(ベータ)」http://spam-champuru.livedoor.com/dnsbl/ を利用出来ます!スパムちゃんぷるーでスパム判定する機能です。
    「IPアドレス 許可リスト」を導入しました。許可リストに登録されたIPアドレスからの投稿はノーチェックで投稿完了されます。





    ・バージョン2.3.1, 2.3.2 不具合修正 仕様は2.3のままです。
    作成されるテーブル名は wp_tsa_spam(wp_の部分は設定されたもの) となります。

    現在は スパム投稿したIPの件数(ユニーク) と スパム投稿総数 のみ表示中・・・・StatPressのような表示にしました。
    また、現在まで「NGワード」に設定したものが 投稿者の「名前」に存在していた場合でも通っていましたが、「名前」にも効くようにしました。

    ・バージョン2.2 ‘http’を許容数(初期設定 3)を超えて包含する場合にエラーとする機能を付けました。

    ・バージョン2.1.1 一部レンタルサーバー等の設定によってコメント投稿後エラーまたは白画面になってしまう不具合を修正






    制作:佐藤 毅(さとう たけし) 福岡のシステム開発 ホームページ制作 株式会社ジーティーアイ代表

    Arbitrary section

    A brief Markdown Example

    Tags: comments spam
    5.0 (5)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: bestwebsoft

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    reCaptcha plugin is an effective security solution that protects your WordPress website forms from spam entries while letting real people pass through with ease. It can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments, popular contact forms, and other. reCAPTCHA Version 3, Version 2, Invisible are included.

    Users are required to confirm that they are not a robot before the form can be submitted. It’s easy for people and hard for bots.

    View Demo

    Free Features

    • Add reCaptcha to:
    • Hide reCaptcha for the allowlisted IP addresses
    • Disable the submit button
    • Validity check of keys in admin panel
    • Available reCaptcha themes for Version 2:
      • Light (default)
      • Dark
    • Compatible with Limit Attempts
    • Hide reCaptcha in your forms for certain user roles
    • Hide reCaptcha Badge (Invisible and V3)
    • Supports reCaptcha:
      • Version 2
      • Version 3
      • Invisible reCAPTCHA
    • Add custom code via plugin settings page
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
    • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos
    • Multilingual and RTL ready

    Pro Features

    All features from Free version included plus:

    • Compatible with:
      • Contact Form 7 (since v 3.4)
      • Subscriber
      • Multilanguage
      • Jetpack contact form
      • Fast Secure Contact Form
      • MailChimp for WordPress
      • Ninja Forms
      • Gravity Forms
      • WPForms
      • Caldera Forms [NEW]
    • Compatible with WooCommerce:
      • Login form
      • Register form
      • Lost password form
      • Checkout billing form
    • Compatible with Divi:
      • Divi Builder Contact form
      • Divi Builder Login form
      • Divi Theme Contact form
    • Compatible with bbPress:
      • New Topic form
      • Reply form
    • Compatible with BuddyPress:
      • Registration form
      • Comments form
      • Create a Group form
    • Compatible with Forums – wpForo:
      • Login form
      • Registration form
      • New Topic form
      • Reply form
    • Compatible with Ultimate Member:
      • Login form
      • Registration form
      • Profile form
    • Select reCaptcha language manually
    • Change size: normal or compact (for version 2)
    • Configure all subsites on the network
    • Get answer to your support question within one business day (Support Policy)

    Upgrade to Pro Now

    If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

    Documentation & Videos

    Help & Support

    Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help – https://support.bestwebsoft.com/

    Affiliate Program

    Earn 20% commission by selling the premium WordPress plugins and themes by BestWebSoft – https://bestwebsoft.com/affiliate/


    • Czech (cs_CZ) (thanks to Michal Kučera, www.n0lim.it, PaMaDeSSoft, www.pamadessoft.cz)
    • Romanian (ro_RO)
    • Russian (ru_RU)
    • Spanish (es_ES)
    • Turkish (tr_TR) (thanks to Lordiz, www.lordiz.com)
    • Ukrainian (uk)

    Some of these translations are not complete. We are constantly adding new features which should be translated. If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files to BestWebSoft and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

    Recommended Plugins

    • Updater – Automatically check and update WordPress website core with all installed plugins and themes to the latest versions.
    • Contact Form – Simple contact form plugin any WordPress website must have.
    • Subscriber – Add email newsletter sign up form to WordPress posts, pages and widgets. Collect data and subscribe your users.
    • Multilanguage – Translate WordPress website content to other languages manually. Create multilingual pages, posts, widgets, menus, etc.


    • lib/recaptchalib.php – Copyright © 2007. Mike Crawford, Ben Maurer (reCAPTCHA – http://recaptcha.net). All Rights Reserved.
    1. Login form with reCaptcha.

      Login form with reCaptcha.

    2. Registration form with reCaptcha.

      Registration form with reCaptcha.

    3. Lost password form with reCaptcha.

      Lost password form with reCaptcha.

    4. Comments form with reCaptcha.

      Comments form with reCaptcha.

    5. Contact Form with reCaptcha.

      Contact Form with reCaptcha.

    6. The form with reCaptcha dark theme.

      The form with reCaptcha dark theme.

    7. reCaptcha Settings page.

      reCaptcha Settings page.

    8. reCaptcha Allow List page.

      reCaptcha Allow List page.

    Tags: captcha recaptcha antispam captha anti-spam-security
    4.0 (357)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: TechGasp

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Spam Master is a Free, Real-Time Firewall and anti-spam protection from millions of known spam emails, domains, ip’s and words by blocking user registrations, comments, contact forms, etc. Spam Master uses RBL technology (real time block lists) constantly being updated to stop spam.

    Spam Master is currently compatible with all major plugins: WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, JetPack, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Contact Form by WPForms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Formidable forms, S2Member, MailPoet, wpDiscuz, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc. Spam Master is also compatible with any modification or customization done to WordPress registrations, comments, contact forms and themes.

    Makes no use of Javascript or Ajax to keep your website fast and conflicts free.

    Fast loading, Spam Master is modular… it only loads what is needed to keep your website secure and clean.

    Spam Features

    • Anti-spam Firewall
    • Anti-bots Firewall
    • Anti-crawlers Firewall
    • Anti-flood Firewall
    • Protects Registrations from (spamming bots, users or both)
    • Protects Comments from (spamming bots, users or both)
    • Protects Pages and Posts from malicious trackbacks (spamming bots, users or both)
    • Contact Form 7 Ready. Uses pro-active scan of your email contact form before triggering any mail function
    • Woocommerce Ready. Eliminates all credit card fraud by preventing known sources of spam from registering via woocommerce registration. It also includes wooommerce spam signatures.
    • Marks as spam comments wrongly cleared as safe by akismet, check screenshots
    • Checks for emails, domains, ip’s, ip ranges and spam words
    • Uses real time scan from millions of known spamming sources (effectively blocks those nasty hotmail, live, msn and outlook registrations)
    • Professional logging of all actions regarding security
    • Includes Analytics, Statistical information to keep your life easy
    • Allows whitelist emails and ip’s to be exempt from spam checks
    • Allows customization of the frontend block message
    • Allows you to hide the website field from your theme comments form
    • Includes Character Blocking. Option to individually activate cyrillic, chinese, asian, arabic characters, immediately blocks comments or contact form 7 messages that use these characters
    • Includes Honeypot fields for registration, login or comments forms
    • Includes Firewall technology, blocking misfits before they even enter your website
    • Includes Spam Signatures
    • Includes automatic Threat Alert Level, it’s an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting
    • Includes Spam Activity Probability, in conjunction with the Alert Level, Spam Master advanced detection heuristic analytics will provide you with an approximated percentage of all activity in your website
    • Includes a bunch of useful widgets and safe website seal for commerce and sales
    • Includes several optional email reports and warnings to keep you informed
    • PHP 7 ready
    • IPv6 ready

    Real Time Block Lists

    Spam Master scans logins, registrations, comments and contacts via online real time block lists with millions of threats already listed and constantly being maintained and updated.

    Website Firewall HAF

    Spam Master blocks malicious activity before it even reaches your website or admin pages. Spam Master implements a new concept called High Availability Firewall that protects your website against dangerous exploits like HTTP and HTTPS DDoS (denial-of-service), SQL injections, brute force attacks and many others threats.

    Spam Buffer

    Buffer technology greatly reduces server resources like cpu, memory and bandwidth by doing fast local machine checks. Also prevents major attacks like flooding, DoS , etc. via Spam Master Firewall.

    Whitelist Exemptions

    Spam Buffer Whitelisting excludes spam checks from safe Emails or Ip’s, it also removes these safe Emails and Ip’s from your local Spam Buffer.


    Spam Master is a powerful anti-bot shield that easily detects and blocks robotic spam form submissions via real time bot checks. It also detects pesky robots running on browser macros, addons and extensions, headless browsers and browsers without javascript, sessions or cookies.

    Administrator Pages Protection

    Spam Master blocks DOS resulting from brute force attacks or sql injections trying to login or search for admin passwords.

    What is Spam Master Learning?

    The module comes packed with automated Spam Learning function that will make your website a fighting spam enforcer by providing registration ip’s and emails for analysis and spam lists inclusion.

    What is Spam Master Alert Level?

    It’s an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting. The update is done daily and automatically via RBL (real-time blacklist) servers sync. The alert levels range from 0 (low) to 3 (high) intensities.

    Spam Probability?

    Spam Master includes Spam Activity Probability, in conjunction with Alert Level, Spam Master advanced detection heuristic analytics will provide you with an approximated percentage of all spam activity in your website.

    Honeypot & Honeypot Version 2

    Spam Master includes TechGasp technology Honeypot Version 2 a new concept of “smart dynamic input fields” that adapt and check for things like javascript, sessions and cookies alongside the traditional honeypot traps set to detect, deflect, and counteract attempts at unauthorized use of your website, a honeypot consists of data that appears to be a legitimate part of the site, but is actually isolated and monitored, and that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers, who are then blocked, colloquially known as “baiting” a suspect.

    Annoying CAPTCHA free anti spam

    Spam Master stops spam bots without user annoying CAPTCHA, reCaptcha, counts, puzzles and or any other question answer system. It improves your visitors satisfaction and browsing experience stopping spam bots at the same time.

    Do I need a special Mobile App

    If you want browse from your iPhone or Android device no special apps are needed.

    Logging & Clean-Up

    As good linux freaks we’ve implemented into Spam Master an healthy “obsessive compulsive” logging. Everything related to security gets logged and is accessible via the module Logs & Statistics page. On the other hand, in the module Protection Tools page we’ve also implemented full control over all logs retention time to keep your website fast & clean.

    Privacy Policy and GDPR

    We are an European Union company that fully complies with GDPR. We take a step further as described in our privacy policy, No data is shared with third parties operators.

    Spam Master is the first Free Saas spam protection.

    You can Generate a Free Server License in the plugin Settings page. This plugin provides a service software as a service wiki.



    More High Quality Plugins?

    • For professional wordpress websites
    • Tested for fast page load times and SEO
    • Errors and conflicts free. NO JAVASCRIPT or AJAX
    • Click Here
    1. Firewall Page

      Firewall Page

    2. Top Spam Countries - Statistics

      Top Spam Countries - Statistics

    3. Settings Page

      Settings Page

    4. Statistics Page

      Statistics Page

    5. Firewall Statistics

      Firewall Statistics

    6. Firewall Block Page

      Firewall Block Page

    7. Wordpress Registration. Spam Master with re-CAPTCHA plus Honeypot traps

      Wordpress Registration. Spam Master with re-CAPTCHA plus Honeypot traps

    8. Spam Master Marking Comment as SPAM from Registered User, Spam Master marking Comment as SPAM after akismet cleared it

      Spam Master Marking Comment as SPAM from Registered User, Spam Master marking Comment as SPAM after akismet cleared it

    9. Top 10 Threats - Statistics

      Top 10 Threats - Statistics

    Tags: firewall malware security brute-force spam
    4.2 (64)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: SeedProd

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Create a Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode Page, Landing Pages and Custom 404 pages. Work on your site in private while visitors see a “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” page.

    Benefits, Features and Options:

    • Works with any WordPress Theme
    • Drag & Drop Page Builder
    • Create a Variety of Landing Pages
    • Create Sales Pages
    • Create Opt-In Pages
    • Create Lead Pages
    • Create Squeeze Pages
    • Create Coming Soon Pages
    • Create Maintenance Mode Pages
    • Create Webinar Pages
    • Create Thank You Pages
    • Create 404 Pages
    • Create Login Pages
    • Page Builder
    • Headline Block
    • Text Block
    • List Block
    • Button Block
    • Image Block
    • Video Block
    • Divider Block
    • Spacer Block
    • Column Block
    • Giveaway Block
    • Contact Form Block
    • Responsive and Mobile Ready
    • Customize the Look and Feel
    • Easily add Custom CSS and HTML
    • Translation Ready, i18n Support
    • Multisite Support
    • BuddyPress Support
    • Uses WordPress Best Practices

    Pro Version Features:

    • Works with any WordPress theme
    • 100+ Professionally Designed Landing Page Templates, Layout Sections
    • Subscriber Management
    • Premium Integrations – MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign GetResponse, ConvertKit, Zapier and more…
    • Spam Protection – Recaptcha
    • Access Controls
    • Pro Blocks
    • Opt-In Block
    • Countdown Block
    • Social Profiles Block
    • Social Sharing Block
    • Progress Bar Block
    • Icon Block
    • Featured Image Block
    • Featured Icon Block
    • Nav Block
    • Anchor Block
    • Star Rating Block
    • Shortcode Block
    • Login Block
    • Accordion Block
    • Testimonials Block
    • WooCommerce Blocks
    • Plus lots more…

    • Upgrade to the Pro Version Now!»

    1. Page Builder Example

      Page Builder Example

    2. Coming Soon Page Example

      Coming Soon Page Example

    3. Maintenance Mode Example

      Maintenance Mode Example

    4. Sales Landing Page Example

      Sales Landing Page Example

    5. Optin Lead Squeeze Landing Page Example

      Optin Lead Squeeze Landing Page Example

    6. Webinar Landing Page Example

      Webinar Landing Page Example

    7. Thank You Page Example

      Thank You Page Example

    8. 404 Page Example

      404 Page Example

    Tags: coming-soon-page under-construction maintenance-mode coming-soon landing-page
    4.9 (4,318)
  • Authors: AdvancedCoding
    Contributers: gVectors Team

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    AJAX realtime comment system with custom comment form and fields. Designed to supercharge WordPress native comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features. This is the best alternative to Disqus and Jetpack Comments, if you want to keep your comments in your database.

    wpDiscuz version 7 is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world! This plugin changes your website commenting experience and provides you with new user engagement features. It’s totally improved with brand new innovative features bringing live to your website.

    Comments – wpDiscuz Features

    • Three nice and modern comment layouts
    • Brings fastest commenting experience (boosted core)
    • Adds interactive comment box on posts and other content types
    • Inline commenting and feedback. Commenting on post content.
    • Live Notification with real-time updating Comment Bubble.
    • Social Commenting with lots of Social login options
    • Post Rating. Allows to rate posts directly on rating stars.
    • Commenting can be allowed/disallowed on posts and other content types
    • Responsive comments form and comment threads design
    • Clean, simple and easy user interface and user experience
    • Comment list sorting by newest, oldest and most voted comments
    • Anonymous comments ( name and email can be set as not required )
    • Full integration with Social Network Login plugins (Facebook, Twitter…)
    • Multi-level (nested) comment threads, with maximum levels depth setting option
    • Allows to create a new discussion thread and reply to existing comment
    • Ajax button “Load More Comments” instead of simple comments pagination
    • Lazy load wpDiscuz comments on scrolling
    • Different comment date formats, reflects WordPress date format settings
    • Logged in users and guests can edit their comments (time-frame can be limited by admin)
    • Automatic URLs to link conversion in comment texts
    • Automatic image source URLs to image (HTML) conversion in comment texts
    • Long comment text breaking function (“Read more” button)
    • Multiple line-breaks (limited by WordPress comment filter)
    • Comment author notification options with special checkboxes on comment form
    • Subscription activation via additional “Confirm Subscription” email
    • Integration with Postmatic for subscriptions and commenting by email
    • Ability to add comment system on attachment pages if it’s allowed by WordPress
    • Fast and easy comment form with ajax validation and data submitting
    • Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress
    • Uses WordPress Comment system with all managing functions and features
    • Secure and Anti-Spam features will not allow spammers to comment
    • Comment voting with positive and negative result
    • Smart voting system with tracking by logged-in user and cookies
    • Post sharing options: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • Quick Tags on comment form textarea
    • Custom Comment Forms with custom fields
    • Rating shortcode for posts via comment custom field [wpdrating] with a lot of attributes
    • Option to overwrite comment template and style
    • Highlighting new comments since last visit with different background
    • Notification to comment author when comment was approved
    • Display only parent comments with view replies (x) button
    • Control commenters by roles (allow/restrict access to website comment area)
    • Option to load all comments on first page load
    • Built-in Gravatar caching
    • Sticky Comments
    • Closed Comments Threads (disable replies)
    • Subscribe to User / User Follow


    Integration Add-ons

    1. wpDiscuz Comments Three Layouts | Screenshot #1

      wpDiscuz Comments Three Layouts | Screenshot #1

    2. wpDiscuz Comments Form | Screenshot #2

      wpDiscuz Comments Form | Screenshot #2

    3. wpDiscuz Comments View | Screenshot #3

      wpDiscuz Comments View | Screenshot #3

    4. wpDiscuz Comments on Mobile and Notebook | Screenshot #4

      wpDiscuz Comments on Mobile and Notebook | Screenshot #4

    5. wpDiscuz Inline Comment Form | Screenshot #5

      wpDiscuz Inline Comment Form | Screenshot #5

    6. wpDiscuz Inline Comments | Screenshot #6

      wpDiscuz Inline Comments | Screenshot #6

    7. wpDiscuz Post Rating and Comment Rating | Screenshot #7

      wpDiscuz Post Rating and Comment Rating | Screenshot #7

    8. wpDiscuz Live Notification with Comment Bubble| Screenshot #8

      wpDiscuz Live Notification with Comment Bubble| Screenshot #8

    9. wpDiscuz Social Login and Commenting| Screenshot #9

      wpDiscuz Social Login and Commenting| Screenshot #9

    10. wpDiscuz Comment Statistic | Screenshot #10

      wpDiscuz Comment Statistic | Screenshot #10

    11. wpDiscuz Settings | Screenshot #11

      wpDiscuz Settings | Screenshot #11

    12. wpDiscuz Single Settings Page | Screenshot #12

      wpDiscuz Single Settings Page | Screenshot #12

    Tags: ajax-comments comment comments comment-form comment-fields
    4.7 (471)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: hatul

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    “En Spam” blocks totally comments of bots by cookies and javascript. Bots can’t use cookies and javascript and therefore will not be able to comment.
    Users that blocking cookies or Javascript can to comment after transfer in special page.

    The plugin is transparent to your visitors, only bots will be blocked.

    You can see how many spambots blocked in dashboard widget.

    “En Spam” means “have not spam” in Hebrew.

    Tags: comment antispam anti-spam bot block-spam
    4.6 (5)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Samir Shah

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Protect From Spam

    Instantly allow or disallow comments from any post type in WordPress (Pages, Posts or Media) to stop the spammers and gain complete control over your full website. WP-CLI Suppprt & Control comments via XML-RPC and REST-API too!

    More About Plugin ◼️ Documentation ◼️ Support Forum

    Take Global Control Over Your WordPress Site

    Override all comments-related settings throughout your website & manage your comments just the way you want.

    Disable Comments On Posts, Pages & Media

    Choose which posts, pages or media should allow comments from site visitors & configure Disable Comments accordingly

    Disallow Comments On Multi-Site Network

    Have multiple websites? Get rid of irrelevant comments on the entire network using Disable Comments Plugin


    • All “Comments” links are hidden from the Admin Menu and Admin Bar;
    • All comment-related sections (“Recent Comments”, “Discussion” etc.) are hidden from the WordPress Dashboard;
    • All comment-related widgets are disabled (so your theme cannot use them);
    • The “Discussion” settings page is hidden;
    • All comment RSS/Atom feeds are disabled (and requests for these will be redirected to the parent post);
    • The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages;
    • Outgoing pingbacks are disabled.
    • Stop spam comments entirely from the site with one click.
    • [New] Delete comments by type.
    • [New] Disable comments via xml-rpc.

    Please delete any existing comments on your site before applying this setting, otherwise (depending on your theme) those comments may still be displayed to visitors. You can use the Delete Comments tool to delete any existing comments on your site.


    Easily configure your comment-related settings with an amazing and attractive app-like user interface.

    Use WP-CLI control for comment-related settings to disable comments on posts, pages, attachments or everywhere on your website.

    Use the quick setup wizard after activating the plugin to instantly configure comment-related settings for your WordPress website.

    Instantly disable comments on your documentation pages or WordPress knowledge base with a single click.

    Permanently delete certain comment types from your WordPress website including WooCommerce product reviews as well as generic comments.

    Block any comments made on your WordPress website via XML-RPC specification and REST API.

    Important note: Use this plugin if you don’t want comments at all on your site (or on certain post types). Don’t use it if you want to selectively disable comments on individual posts – WordPress lets you do that anyway. If you don’t know how to disable comments on individual posts, there are instructions in the FAQ.

    If you come across any bugs or have suggestions, please use the plugin support forum. I can’t fix it if I don’t know it’s broken! Please check the FAQ for common issues.

    Want to contribute? Here’s the GitHub development repository.

    A must-use version of the plugin is also available.

    Advanced Configuration

    Some of the plugin’s behaviour can be modified by site administrators and plugin/theme developers through code:

    • Define DISABLE_COMMENTS_REMOVE_COMMENTS_TEMPLATE and set it to false to prevent the plugin from replacing the theme’s comment template with an empty one.

    • Define DISABLE_COMMENTS_ALLOW_DISCUSSION_SETTINGS and set it to true to prevent the plugin from hiding the Discussion settings page.

    These definitions can be made either in your main wp-config.php or in your theme’s functions.php file.




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    1. Setting Screen for Disable Comments

      Setting Screen for Disable Comments

    2. Delete Comments under Tools menu.

      Delete Comments under Tools menu.

    Tags: spam-comment delete-comments disable comments disable-comments
    4.7 (254)
  • Authors: stalkerX
    Contributers: pluginkollektiv

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Say Goodbye to comment spam on your WordPress blog or website. Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and trackbacks effectively, without captchas and without sending personal information to third party services. It is free of charge, ad-free and 100% GDPR compliant.

    Feature/Settings Overview

    • Trust approved commenters.
    • Trust commenters with a Gravatar.
    • Consider the comment time.
    • Allow comments only in a certain language.
    • Block or allow commenters from certain countries.
    • Treat BBCode links as spam.
    • Validate the IP address of commenters.
    • Use regular expressions.
    • Search local spam database for commenters previously marked as spammers.
    • Notify admins by e-mail about incoming spam.
    • Delete existing spam after n days.
    • Limit approval to comments/pings (will delete other comment types).
    • Select spam indicators to send comments to deletion directly.
    • Optionally exclude trackbacks and pingbacks from spam detection.
    • Optionally spam-check comment forms on archive pages.
    • Display spam statistics on the dashboard, including daily updates of spam detection rate and a total of blocked spam comments.



    • Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.
    • Pull requests for documented bugs are highly appreciated.
    • If you think you’ve found a bug (e.g. you’re experiencing unexpected behavior), please post at the support forums first.
    • If you want to help us translate this plugin you can do so on WordPress Translate.


    1. Block or allow comments from specific countries.

      Block or allow comments from specific countries.

    2. Allow comments only in certain languages.

      Allow comments only in certain languages.

    3. Add useful spam stats to your dashboard.

      Add useful spam stats to your dashboard.

    4. Tailor WordPress' spam management to your workflow.

      Tailor WordPress' spam management to your workflow.

    Tags: comment antispam anti-spam block-spam comments
    4.8 (185)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Captcha Bank is a powerful WordPress Captcha Plugin that protects your WordPress website from Spam.

    Captcha Bank is a bullet proof captcha validator. It allows you to add an extra layer of security on top of you in built protection. This will keep spammers and bots away from submission unnecessary data in your web forms.

    • It includes Google reCaptcha.

    • It includes simple Maths operations such as arithmetic, relational or arrange order.

    • It includes different text captcha in which you can customize text color, background, styling and much more.

    • You can make Captcha tricky by add settings such as lines, noise, distortion, transparency.

    • You can either make Captcha Case-Sensitive or not.

    • You can add Signatures to the Captcha and add more styling to it.

    • You can display Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form.

    • Captcha Bank supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress & Contact Form 7.

    • You can Hide Captcha for Registered Users by just enabling the setting.

    • You can enable the notifications on various events, such as, when –

      • user success login
      • user fails login
      • an IP address is block
      • an IP address is unblock
      • an IP range is block
      • an IP range is unblock
    • You can configure error messages which would be viewed to the user on the particular event.

    It is an advance protection with the help of which you can increase intensity of captcha logic’s. It will make it tricky for spam bots and automated software’s.

    There are lot of features also available in Premium Editions, you can check before downloading & purchasing. Click here for Captcha Bank Premium Editions.

    Captcha Bank uses our own Tech Banker API based on Maxmind Database to fetch location and other details based on IP Address for its feature Login Logs. For this reason, we are sending back IP Address whenever a user tries to login to your site back to our server to fetch the details.

    Captcha Bank redirects you to a Welcome on Activation of the Plugin and asks you to either Skip or Opt-In for Non Sensitive Information about your Website.

    Captcha Bank Standard Edition Features

    • Multi-Lingual
    • Google reCaptcha
    • Text Captcha
    • Case Sensitive Captcha
    • Arithmetic Logical Captcha
    • Auto IP Block
    • Maximum Login Attempts
    • Blacklist IP Addresses
    • Blacklist IP Ranges
    • Whitelist IP Addresses
    • Whitelist IP Ranges
    • Other Settings
    • Support Standard WordPress Forms
    • Drop Tables from Database when uninstalled
    • Automatic Plugin Updates
    • 24/7 Technical Support

    Captcha Bank Premium Edition Features

    • Multi-Lingual
    • reCaptcha Languages
    • Relational Logical Captcha
    • Arrange Order Logical Captcha
    • Whitelist Multiple IP Addresses
    • Email Templates
    • Notifications Setup
    • Error Message Setting
    • Maximum Login Attempts
    • Roles & Capabilities
    • Other Settings
    • Filter IP Ranges
    • Filter IP Addresses
    • Block/Unblock Countries
    • Retrieve Blacklist IP Data with Filters
    • Retrieve Whitelist IP Data with Filters
    • Compatible with Woocommerce
    • Compatible with Contact Form 7
    • Compatible with BuddyPress
    • Compatible with bbPress
    • Compatible with Jetpack Contact Form
    • Compatible with wpForo
    • Drop Tables from Database when uninstalled
    • Hide Captcha from Registered Users
    • Automatic Plugin Updates
    • Multisite Compatibility

    Detailed Features in Captcha Bank Standard Edition

    Easy To Install

    Captcha Bank is easy to install and set up for humans but not for bots.

    Automatic Plugin Updates

    You can receive plugin updates automatically by configuring the settings.

    Auto IP Block

    You can block the IP Addresses of users who exceeds the maximum login attempts in a day by enabling auto IP block option.

    Logical Captcha

    You can choose different Arithematic Operations such as Addition(+), Substraction(-), Mutiplication(*) and Division(/) for the captcha.

    Text Captcha

    You can also customize your captcha to make it looks attractive.

    Google recaptcha

    Captcha Bank allows you to set Google reCaptcha on your website and it supports Google reCaptcha V2 and Invisible Google reCaptcha.

    Display Settings

    You can also configure the settings to display Captcha in standard WordPress Forms such as Login Form, Registration Form, Admin Comment Form, Reset Password Form.

    Remove Tables At Uninstall

    You can configure the settings to drop Tables from database when uninstalled.

    Maximum Login Attempts

    You can also set the maximum Login Attempts for your Website.

    Blacklist IP Addresses

    You can Block the IP Addresses of unauthorized users and can also view the details of Blocked IP Addresses such as IP Address, Blocked Date/Time, Released Date/Time, Location.

    Blacklist IP Range

    You can Block the IP Ranges of unauthorized users and can also view the details of Blocked IP Ranges such as IP Ranges, Blocked Date/Time, Released Date/Time, Location.

    Whitelist IP Addresses

    You can Whitelist the IP Addresses of authorized users and can also view the details of Whitelisted IP Addresses such as IP Address, Date/Time.

    Whitelist IP Range

    You can Whitelist the IP Range of authorized users and can also view the details of Whitelisted IP Range such as IP Address, Date/Time.

    Tested with PHP Versions

    Tested and supported on all current PHP Versions (5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6).

    Detailed Features in Captcha Bank Premium Editions

    Text Captcha

    You can select and create Captcha with either only alphabets, digits or both and can also customize your Captcha. You can customize your captcha with different patterns, Signature Text, Border Style.

    Logical Captcha

    You can choose Mathematical Operations for Captcha such as Arithmetic, Relational and Arrange Order.

    Google recaptcha

    Captcha Bank allows you to set Google reCaptcha V2 and Invisible Google reCaptcha on your site. And it supports almost every language.

    Display Settings

    You can also configure the settings to display Captcha on Woocommerce Forms, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, bbPress, Jetpack Contact Form, and wpForo.

    Notifications Setup

    You can configure the settings to get email notifications when user logged in, whether successful or failure, or while blocking/unblocking IP Addresses or Ranges.

    Automatic Plugin Updates

    You can also configure the settings to receive the plugin updates automatically.

    Remove Tables At Uninstall

    You can configure the settings to drop Tables from database when uninstalled.

    Roles and Capabilities

    You can control the capabilities of Captcha Bank among different roles of WordPress users easily.

    Message Settings

    You can set different Messages for different events for your website.

    Whitelist Multiple IP Addresses

    You can Whitelist the IP Addresses of authorized users and can also view the details of Whitelisted IP Addresses such as IP Address, Date/Time.

    View Blacklist IP Addresses and Ranges between selected dates

    You can view the details of Blocked IP Addresses or IP Ranges between selected dates.

    View Whitelisted IP Addresses and Ranges between selected dates

    You can view the details of Whitelisted IP Addresses, IP Ranges or Multiple IP Addresses between selected dates.

    Maximum Login Attempts

    You can set the maximum Login Attempts for your Website.

    Auto IP Block

    You can enable Auto IP Block to block the IP of the users who exceeds the maximum Login Attempts for the fixed time.

    Manage Blacklisted IP Addresses/Range

    You can Block the IP Addresses/Range of unauthorized users and can also view the details of Blocked IP Addresses/Range such as IP Address/Range, Blocked Date/Time, Released Date/Time, Location.
    It allows you to Unblock Blocked IP Addresses/Range.

    Manage Whitelisted IP Addresses/Ranges

    You can Whitelist the IP Addresses/Ranges of authorized users and can also view the details of IP Addresses/Ranges such as IP Addresses/Ranges, Date/Time.

    Block/Unblock Countries

    You can Block the specific Countries so that unauthorized users would not able to access.

    Alert Setup Settings

    You can configure the settings to send emails whenever a user Fails Login, Success Login, Block/Unblock IP Addresses, Block/Unblock IP Ranges.

    Compatible with other plugins

    You can easily configure with other plugins such as Contact Form 7, Woocommerce and Buddypress on which you can use captcha security.

    Translate this Plugin

    If you can help us with translation to some other language please contact us at [email protected]

    We’re really appreciate it!

    Technical Support

    Dear users, our plugins are available for free download. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the functionality of our plugins, please feel free to contact us.

    If you think, that you found a bug in our plugin or have any question contact us at [email protected]

    Please use the support forum on WordPress.org only for this free Standard version of the plugin.

    For the Premium Edition there is a separate support package available. Please do not use the WordPress.org support forum for questions about the Premium Edition.

    Contact Us

    1. Captcha Type - Google reCaptcha

      Captcha Type - Google reCaptcha

    2. Google reCaptcha Setting

      Google reCaptcha Setting

    3. Captcha Type - Text Captcha

      Captcha Type - Text Captcha

    4. Text Captcha Setting - Configuration

      Text Captcha Setting - Configuration

    5. Text Captcha Setting - Layout Design

      Text Captcha Setting - Layout Design

    6. Text Captcha Setting - Signature

      Text Captcha Setting - Signature

    7. Captcha Type - Logical Captcha

      Captcha Type - Logical Captcha

    8. Captcha Setting - Arithmetic

      Captcha Setting - Arithmetic

    9. Captcha Setting - Relational

      Captcha Setting - Relational

    10. Captcha Setting - Arrange Order

      Captcha Setting - Arrange Order

    11. Display Settings

      Display Settings

    12. Captcha Live Preview

      Captcha Live Preview

    13. Message Settings

      Message Settings

    14. Email Templates

      Email Templates

    15. Notifications Setup

      Notifications Setup

    16. Blacklist IP Address/Range

      Blacklist IP Address/Range

    17. Whitlist IP Address/Range

      Whitlist IP Address/Range

    18. Block / Unblock Countries

      Block / Unblock Countries

    19. Blockage Settings

      Blockage Settings

    20. Other Settings

      Other Settings

    21. Roles & Capabilities

      Roles & Capabilities

    22. System Information

      System Information

    23. Google reCaptcha on Login Form

      Google reCaptcha on Login Form

    24. Logical Captcha on Login Form

      Logical Captcha on Login Form

    25. Text Captcha on Login Form

      Text Captcha on Login Form

    26. Google reCaptcha on Registration Form

      Google reCaptcha on Registration Form

    27. Logical Captcha on Registration Form

      Logical Captcha on Registration Form

    28. Text Captcha on Registration Form

      Text Captcha on Registration Form

    29. Google reCaptcha on Reset Password Form

      Google reCaptcha on Reset Password Form

    30. Logical Captcha on Reset Password Form

      Logical Captcha on Reset Password Form

    31. Text Captcha on Reset Password Form

      Text Captcha on Reset Password Form

    32. Google reCaptcha on Comment Form

      Google reCaptcha on Comment Form

    33. Logical Captcha on Comment Form

      Logical Captcha on Comment Form

    34. Text Captcha on Comment Form

      Text Captcha on Comment Form

    35. Google reCaptcha on Admin Comment Form

      Google reCaptcha on Admin Comment Form

    36. Logical Captcha on Admin Comment Form

      Logical Captcha on Admin Comment Form

    37. Text Captcha on Admin Comment Form

      Text Captcha on Admin Comment Form

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    For any website or business owner, having Google Analytics and similar services are a vital tool to track your website’s data. Unfortunately there are spam bots from many shady organizations that bounce off your website and give you false records in your analytics. Analytics Spam Blocker prevents those spam bots from ever reaching your website leaving your analytics untouched. Subscribe to our free API for regular updates of the blocklist. Stop those sites from affecting your website analytics today!

    Help make Analytics Spam Blocker better! Easily report referral spam domains via the reporting tool in Analytics Spam Blocker, you can access the dashboard page in the Tools menu of the WordPress dashboard.

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      Reporting tool

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