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    Monetize your WordPress site with Shorte.st. The official plugin provides several tools to earn you money:

    • Links monetization (displays an interstitial ad page when visitors click through links on your website)
    • Exit and entry ads (displays an interstitial ad page when visitors exit and/or enter your website)
    • Pop under ads (displays a pop under ad in a new window below current window when visitors click anywhere on your website)


    Setting up the plugin is super simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to start serving ads on your website:

    1. Sign up for Shorte.st (https://shorte.st/register)
    2. Install the plugin on your WordPress website
    3. Enter the e-mail you used to sign up for Shorte.st in plugin configuration
    4. Save configuration

    …and that’s it! The plugin is up and running, earning you money from each ad impression.

    Fine-tune your plugin settings (you can turn each monetization module on/off and use advanced settings such as capping).

    Track your earnings in real-time by logging into the Shorte.st user panel.

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    Contributers: Vasyltech

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    Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) is all you need to manage access to your website frontend and backend for any user, role or visitors.

    Few Quick Facts

    • The only plugin that gives you absolute freedom to define the most granular access to any aspect of your website and most of the feature are free;
    • Bullet-proven plugin that is used on over 100,000 websites where all features are well-tested and documented. Very low amount of support tickets speaks for quality;
    • It is the only plugin that gives you the ability to manage access to your website content for any role, individual user and visitors or even define the default access to all posts, pages, custom post types, categories and custom hierarchical taxonomies;
    • AAM is developer oriented plugin. It has dozens of hooks and configurations. It is integrated with WordPress RESTful and XML-RPC APIs and has numerous abstract layers to simplify coding;
    • No ads or other promotional crap. The UI is clean and well crafted so you can focus only on what matters;
    • No need to be a “paid” customer to get help. Request support via email or start chat with Google Hangout;
    • Some features are limited or available only with premium extensions. AAM functionality is transparent and you will absolute know when you need to get a premium extension;

    Main Areas Of Focus

    • Access & Security Policy allows you to define who, when, how and under what conditions your website resources can be accessed;
    • Content access control on frontend, backend and API sides to posts, pages, custom post types, categories, custom hierarchical taxonomies and CPTs for any role, user and visitors;
    • Roles & capabilities management with ability to create new roles and capabilities, edit, clone or delete existing;
    • Access control to backend area including backend menu, toolbar, metaboxes & widgets;
    • Access control to RESTful & XML-RPC APIs;
    • Developer friendly API so it can be used by other developers to work with AAM core;
    • And all necessary features to setup smooth user flow during login, logout, access denied even, 404 etc.

    The Most Popular Features

    1. Manage access to backend menu

      Manage access to backend menu

    2. Manage access to metaboxes & widgets

      Manage access to metaboxes & widgets

    3. Manage capabilities for roles and users

      Manage capabilities for roles and users

    4. Manage access to posts, pages, media or custom post types

      Manage access to posts, pages, media or custom post types

    5. Posts and pages access options form

      Posts and pages access options form

    6. Define access to posts and categories while editing them

      Define access to posts and categories while editing them

    7. Manage access denied redirect rule

      Manage access denied redirect rule

    8. Manage user login redirect

      Manage user login redirect

    9. Manage 404 redirect

      Manage 404 redirect

    10. Create your own content teaser for limited content

      Create your own content teaser for limited content

    11. Improve your website security

      Improve your website security

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    Contributers: Timo Reith

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    AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA1) lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages.
    By using the template feature, you can present the products in different styles on different pages. All by using simple [asa] shortcodes.

    Usage guide

    For the complete range of functions, get ASA2.

    Find the latest news on the blog and check out the Step-by-step guide.


    • Make money with WordPress and Amazon’s affiliate program
    • Utilizes the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data
    • Ease of use with asa-Shortcode tags
    • Lets you design your own product templates
    • Supports all Amazon stores activated for the API / webservice: Australia (AU), Brazil (BR), Canada (CA), China (CN), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), France (FR), India (IN), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Mexico (MX), United Kingdom (UK), USA (US)
    • Use your Amazon Associate ID for making money
    • Features collections. You can define and mangage sets of products as a collection an show them on a page with only one BBCode tag or just the latest added product in your sidebar
    • Backend translation: supported so far are English, German, Spanish and Serbian. Contact me to help translate.
    • Supports product preview layers (for US, UK and DE so far)
    • New with version 0.9.5: Caching Speeds up your blog when adding many products to your posts!
    • New with version 0.9.6: Parsing [asa] tags in user comments
    • Since version 0.9.6 compatible with Amazons Product Advertising API changes by August 15, 2009 which require all requests to be authenticated using request signatures
    • Version 0.9.7 supports customer reviews again!
    • Version 0.9.11 brings AJAX mode (optional) for faster page load
    • Error handling options
    • Test section
    • Support WP capabilities to manage the permissions to subpages
    • Version 1.3 intoduces ASIN prefetching which significantly increases the speed of the side-loading process.

    Features of the Pro Version:

    ASA2 Pro is backwards compatible and comes with a Migration Wizard.


    Thanks for translations

    Serbian: Ogi Djuraskovic (http://firstsiteguide.com/)
    Spanish: Andrew Kurtis (http://www.webhostinghub.com/)
    Russian: Ivanka
    French: Marie-Aude (http://www.lumieredelune.com/)

    Help me translate ASA in your language. Get in contact


    Go to the new option page AmazonSimpleAdmin. On the Setup panel you can set your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

    Here you can find a detailed documentation:



    If you find any bugs please send me a mail ([email protected]_wp-amazon-plugin.com, remove the NOSPAM_) or use the comments on the plugin’s homepage. Please also contact me for feature requests and ideas how to improve this plugin. Any other reactions are welcome too of course.

    1. Easy to use [asa] shortcode, in this example with template flat_box_vertical

      Easy to use [asa] shortcode, in this example with template flat_box_vertical

    2. Easy to use [asa] shortcode, in this example with template flat_box_horizontal

      Easy to use [asa] shortcode, in this example with template flat_box_horizontal

    3. Sidebar Widget

      Sidebar Widget

    4. The Sidebar Widget is very easy to setup

      The Sidebar Widget is very easy to setup

    5. Setup screen. Here you can setup your connection with the Amazon Product Advertising API

      Setup screen. Here you can setup your connection with the Amazon Product Advertising API

    6. ASA comes with many options

      ASA comes with many options

    7. With ASA you can manage Amazon products in collections ...

      With ASA you can manage Amazon products in collections ...

    8. ... and display the whole collection with just one shortcode [asa_collection]

      ... and display the whole collection with just one shortcode [asa_collection]

    9. You can view the API error messages in the log section (if activated in the options)

      You can view the API error messages in the log section (if activated in the options)

    10. Get error reports via email

      Get error reports via email

    11. Go Pro with ASA2 (https://getasa2.com/)

      Go Pro with ASA2 (https://getasa2.com/)

    12. Delegable capabilities

      Delegable capabilities

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    Click here: ThirstyAffiliates
    Check out the PRO Version!


    ThirstyAffiliates gives bloggers the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing.

    We’ve made managing your affiliate links as simple as it should be:

    1. Install & activate the ThirstyAffiliates plugin
    2. Goto Affiliate Links->Add New
    3. Enter the destination URL (your affiliate link) and a title
    4. The plugin creates a new shortlink/link redirect to your long ugly affiliate link by making a pretty link with your own website URL
    5. You can then use the new “TA” button your editor to add your affiliate link to your content easily

    eg. http://example.com/recommends/some-product

    Some features at a glance:


    No complex setups. It’s just another post type in your admin and another button on your Visual editor.

    When you are writing blog posts, you can highlight a word and click the “TA” button. This works just like the built in link tool, you can search for the affiliate link you created earlier by name.

    You can even use the Quick Add button to add affiliate links to ThirstyAffiliates on the fly while you are writing.


    You can group your affiliate links into hierarchical categories. eg. placing all Amazon links within an “Amazon” category, or all software links in a “Software” category.

    Managing your links in ThirstyAffiliates means there is only one place to change the destination URL if required rather than having to go back and replace the link in potentially hundreds of articles.


    You can choose from 301 (default), 302 or 307 redirects, all of which are safe link redirects.

    Link redirects protect your affiliate links from being scraped and replaced by malware in your visitor’s browser.

    There is also a smart uncloaking feature so if the affiliate program you are using (such as Amazon Associates) does not like your links behind a redirect, you can still use ThirstyAffiliates. Your links can be conditionally uncloaked on the front end.


    Uses proper custom post types to avoid link clashes that can occur with other solutions.

    Keeps it’s database footprint small to ensure you don’t over bloat your database with useless information.


    You can even add images and banners to your affiliate links and recall them for easy insertion when writing your content.

    Simply click the new “TA” affiliate link button on your editor, click the cog to open the Advanced Link Picker and search & choose the image you want to insert and it will be inserted pre-wrapped in your affiliate link.


    Adds click tracking to your links to track every click.

    Comes with built-in reports so you can explore, over-time, how much your affiliate links have been clicked and what is popular on your site.

    Features at a glance

    • Inbuilt affiliate link shorter/link cloaker (creates pretty links like: http://example.com/recommends/your-affiliate-link)
    • Commission protecting affiliate link redirection options (301, 302 & 307)
    • Click stats tracking & reports
    • Hierarchical link categorization to easily segment links
    • Affiliate link picker tool which works just like the WordPress link tool
    • Advanced link picker tool (hit the cog icon after clicking the “TA” button on your editor) for more advanced options
    • Insert standard links, shortcodes or even images! (with full instant search capabilities)
    • Makes it easy to insert affiliate links in posts, pages and even comments. ThirstyAffiliates is there everywhere there is a standard WordPress editor
    • Handy quick add tool lets you easily create new affiliate links without even leaving the post edit screen
    • Customizable link URL prefixes – change “recommends” to something else, loads of pre-done link prefixes to choose from or use your own custom prefix!
    • Choose to show category slugs in link URLs
    • No Follow option (global or per link)
    • Open in new tab (global or per link)
    • Full importing and exporting support via standard WordPress tools
    • Full backup compatibility via standard WordPress backup solutions
    • Uses WordPress approved storage techniques – doesn’t bloat your database
    • Add your graphics, banners and other images to affiliate links for easy insertion
    • In-built proactive link fixer which detects outdated affiliate links in your content and fixes them automatically
    • Completely modularized so you can turn on only the parts of ThirstyAffiliates that you need

    PRO Features

    We have a PRO add-on for ThirstyAffiliates that bolts on extra functionality that might be interesting to advanced affiliate marketers and bloggers looking to automate parts of their affiliate marketing.

    Some of our popular PRO features include:

    • Automatic Keyword Linking – boost your affiliate income by automatically linking affiliate links to keywords throughout your site, great for monetising your back catalog of content!
    • Advanced Statistics Reports – amazing advanced reports such as performance by category, performance over 24/hr periods (to identify peak click times), Geolocation reports (where people click from) and more!
    • Geolocations – geo target your visitors based on their country of origin and redirect them to geographically appropriate affiliate URLs
    • Google Click Events – pushes a click event to your Google Analytics on click
    • CSV Import/Export – import and export affiliate links via CSV. Great for managing links across multiple sites
    • Amazon API Importing – Search and import affiliate links from Amazon’s Product Advertising API
    • High speed HTAccess redirect – Loads affiliate link redirects into your htaccess file for faster redirecting, meaning WordPress & even PHP isn’t loaded
    • Link Event Notification Emails – get notified about significant events with your affiliate links like when they reach a certain amount of clicks total or a certain amount of clicks in a period of time
    • Automatic Link Health Checker – automatically explores your affiliate links for 404’s or broken links and will notify you when it detects problems

    Check out all the ThirstyAffiliates PRO features here

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    Infolinks, the 3rd largest online ad network in the world, drives revenue for over 150,000 publishers in more than 128 countries worldwide. Infolinks enables WordPress publishers to easily improve revenue from their sites or blogs. Install the Infolinks plugin in 4 easy steps:

    • Sign up for Infolinks
    • Download and install the plugin
    • Activate the plugin under Settings, and then select Infolinks Settings
    • Insert your PID and WSID

    How do I sign up as an Infolinks Publisher?

    Signing up to Infolinks is plain and simple, and takes less than a minute. All you have to do it to fill a short form, integrate the code you will receive into your site – and that’s it! The Infolinks ads will appear immediately on your site.

    Follow these quick and easy steps to Join Infolinks now:

    1. Complete Infolinks brief sign-up form.
    2. Our team will review your application within 48 hours.
    3. Upon approval you will be able to integrate the Infolinks script into your web pages.
    4. Start earning revenue from day one!
    5. Once you’ve been approved you can login to your Publisher Center, track your earnings, get full performance reports, customize your ads and much more.

    What is Infolinks?

    Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Infolinks, established in 2007, provides advertising solutions to over 150,000 website owners and bloggers in more than 128 countries. Infolinks is helping them monetize their sites with style and ease, and to create additional and beneficial revenue stream. Infolinks’ intent driven native ads are customizable and tailor made with each and every site, making them able to yield 30x more engagement than regular display ads. Infolinks offers five unique advertising options, allowing each publisher to customize its site with the winning combination that works for him.

    • InFrame: Provides a display banner ad solution for the unused real estate on wide screens
    • InFold: Takes advantage of the power of search and display and present itself as a prominent slider above the fold
    • InTag: A highly customizable ad unit which displays the most valuable keywords related to the page’s content
    • InText: Scans a page’s content in real-time to deliver the most relevant text ads
    • InScreen: Functions as an “ad intermission” between page views, and serves highly viewable ads

    Powerful Technology

    All of our products are powered by In3, Infolinks’ exclusive and innovative technology. The In3 algorithm scans your site content and serves the most relevant ads by matching your sites content with your visitors’ intent in real-time. That is how Infolinks is able to reach some of the highest CTRs in the entire industry. Altogether, our smart system scans more than 2 trillion words and has 2.5 billion ad views each month, improving the algorithm with each and every ad impression we serve.

    It’s that easy! Infolinks welcomes all WordPress publishers, big and small, to become an Infolinker and experience the next generation of online advertising. There are no sign-up fees, hidden commitments, or qualification minimums.

    1. InFrame


    2. InFold


    3. InText


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    With CMS Commander you can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single powerful dashboard. We help you control, monitor and backup all your websites – no matter if you have one or hundreds.

    But CMS Commander is more than just another WordPress management solution. We do also provide you with essential marketing tools to optimize your content and better monetize your sites. With CMS Commander you will save time and earn more.

    The full list of things you can do with CMS Commander is long. Have a look at our features page on cmscommander.com to get a full overview of how we can help you manage WordPress.

    The following are some of our 3,000+ users favorite features:


    • All your WordPress sites in one powerful dashboard.
    • Update plugins, themes and WordPress itself on all blogs.
    • Do everything in bulk! Install plugins on multiple sites, manage users, bulk edit content and more.


    • Google Analytics integration: View aggregated traffic stats of your whole site network.
    • Uptime monitoring built in.
    • Backlink and pagespeed tracking


    • Over 20 APIs provide affiliate ads, images, videos and other useful free content you can use.
    • Monetize your sites better by posting relevant ads and affiliate products.
    • Improve your articles with free creative commons images and other high quality content


    • Create full backups of your sites and restore then with a single click
    • Schedule automatic backup tasks and save your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3
    • Copy an entire website with our powerful “Clone” tools.

    Sounds good? Sign up for your free account now to get started with CMS Commander!

    A free trial account allows you to test all of our features for 14 days. See here for more details about our premium plans.

    The CMS Commander WordPress plugin handles the secure communication between your individual websites and your WordPress management dashboard at cmscommander.com and needs to be installed on each site you want to manage remotely with us.

    Credits: Vladimir Prelovac for his worker plugin on which the CMS Commander plugin is based.


    This file is part of the CMS Commander Plugin.

    The CMS Commander Plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

    The CMS Commander Plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with CMS Commander. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

    1. The CMS Commander dashboard - here you see all your websites, Analytics stats, uptime, available updates, new comments, post drafts and more.

      The CMS Commander dashboard - here you see all your websites, Analytics stats, uptime, available updates, new comments, post drafts and more.

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    AdSwallow is an advertising network, specializing in JS monetizations.
    AdSwallow enables WordPress Publishers to easily install the AdSwallow unique advertising plugin to improve revenues for WordPress websites and blogs. AdSwallow automatically pays you for each person buying relevant brands and products you advertize with the help of this Plugin.
    This won\’t you take too much time, only a few steps, to start earning revenue.

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    Contributers: Arnan de Gans

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    With AdRotate you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing everything from the easy to use dashboard. No fussing with your themes code if you don’t want to.

    Easily create your own adverts with basic HTML and/or Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as Media.net, Blind Ferret, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many more similar ad servers and affiliate programs.

    With AdRotate you manage your promotional campaigns and banners with ease, all from your dashboard.

    With AdRotate it’s easy to check up on how many impressions your adverts have. Monitor advert groups and see which are the most effective. Make the most of advertising with the many features AdRotate has to offer.

    AdRotate looks and feels similar to the WordPress dashboard you already know, this means you’re already familiar with AdRotate before you even start using the plugin. Familiarize yourself with the many useful features and you’ll be up and running minutes.

    Want even more features? Get AdRotate Professional! AdRotate Pro has more features and gives you access to AdRotate Geo and Premium Support!
    AdRotate Pro features include; Geo targeting for every country, Fine grained control with schedules, Adblock Disguise, Mobile adverts, Media/asset management and much more!
    Check out the many extras on the AdRotate Pro website!

    Getting started
    You’ll be running your advertising campaigns in minutes.
    If you need a hand installing AdRotate or you want someone to handle the initial setup. Take a look at these services.

    Getting started with AdRotate is not complex, but a little help or advise is never bad.

    Support and Bug Reports
    All manuals, guides and support questions can be found and asked on the Support page.
    Please post bug reports for AdRotate Pro on the support forum for bug reports.
    I also have a Facebook Group where you can ask your question.

    I don’t always check the wordpress.org forums. For faster support use the AJdG Solutions Forum instead!

    Some of AdRotates Features

    • Works with ad servers such as; Media.net, Blind Ferret, Google AdSense, DFP and most other referrer/ad servers
    • Easy management of adverts and groups of adverts
    • Automatic rotation of adverts with Dynamic Groups
    • Have your advertisers add/edit/manage their own adverts
    • Geo Targeting for adverts in every country
    • Mobile adverts (differentiate tablets from phones or desktops)
    • Disguise adverts from ad blockers so they’re less likely to be blocked
    • Get email notifications when your adverts need you
    • Any size advertisement, including 125×125, 468×60, 729×90, 160×600 and every common format you can imagine
    • Easy to read stats so you can follow how each advert is performing
    • Automatically delete short running adverts and stats after they expire
    • Compatible with responsive adverts
    • Daily, monthly and yearly stats
    • Couple adverts to users for personalized stats
    • Track how many times a banner is clicked and show it’s Cick-Through-Ratio (CTR)
    • Put random, or selected, banners in pages or posts
    • Preview banners when creating or editing them
    • Advanced time schedules and restrictions you control
    • AdRotate Geo, AJdG Solutions’ exclusive Geo Targeting service
    • Export statistics to CSV
    • Multiple groups per banner location
    • Unlimited widgets
    • Show multiple adverts at once in a grid, column or row
    • Automagically disable ads after they expire
    • Dashboard notifications when ads are about to expire or need attention
    • Use shortcodes, widgets or PHP to put ads on your site
    • Compatible with pretty much every plugin such as Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, SEO Framework, Borlabs Cache, bbPress, Contact form 7, All in one SEO Pack, Jetpack from Automattic, WooCommerce, and loads more…

    AdRotate and AdRotate Pro share many features. But some features are available in AdRotate Professional only. Learn more about AdRotate Professional on my website.

    AdRotate Switch

    To make switching from other plugins more easy and straightforward I’ve created AdRotate Switch. Migrate compatible adverts, groups/locations and settings over in just a few clicks.

    Compatible plugins include: Ad Injection, Ad King Pro, Advanced Advertising Manager, Advertising Manager, WP Bannerize, BannerMan, Max Banner Ads Pro, Simple Ads Manager, Useful Banner Manager, WP Pro Ad System, wp125, WP-Ad-Manager / Ad Minister, WP Advertize It

    Check out AdRotate Switch for more information and an up-to-date list of supported plugins!
    There is also a product page on my website for AdRotate Switch.

    1. Creating / Editing adverts

      Creating / Editing adverts

    2. Managing adverts

      Managing adverts

    3. Scheduling adverts

      Scheduling adverts

    4. Managing groups of adverts

      Managing groups of adverts

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    You’ve got the culinary expertise and a recipe library full of deliciousness. Now partner with Chicory to make your content work harder for you! Chicory takes your content and transforms it into an actionable, sales-driving tool that helps your readers make more of your recipes.

    We’ve partnered with thousands of food publishers to integrate Chicory technology into millions of recipes, reaching more than 80 million consumers a month. Members of our network range from major publications like Food and Wine to niche cooking blogs.

    Engage Your Readers with Recipe Activation

    By installing just one line of JavaScript, Chicory makes your entire online recipe catalogue shoppable. When consumers click our “Get Ingredients” button, an online shopping list instantaneously populates with corresponding products from a suite of online grocers. With a few clicks, Chicory users can get all of the ingredients they need to cook a recipe, delivered.

    Monetize with Chicory Premium

    Chicory Premium in-recipe ad units provide in-stream ingredient and recipe sponsorship at scale. And these campaigns earn our publishers money.

    Say you’re writing a post about Spinach Artichoke Dip, which calls for yogurt. If a dairy company runs a campaign targeting yogurt buyers, then an ad unit will dynamically appear within your recipe card, where it calls for “yogurt!” You’ll earn for every impression.


    Getting started with Chicory is as easy as:
    1. Filling out our Chicory Recipe Partner form.
    2. Installing and activating our WordPress plugin.

    After signing up to become an official Chicory Recipe Partner, you’ll receive access to a Chicory publisher dashboard. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to see Chicory impressions, earnings, your eCPM and control your ad preferences. You’ll also be able to give us the email address that you use on your PayPal account so we can send you your earnings!

    Visit us at chicory.co to learn more.

    Recipe Markup

    For our technology to function properly, we require that your recipe content be marked up and formatted according to schema.org’s guidelines.

    Recipe formatting uses rich HTML markup in order to structure your content in a way that search engines can better designate as “recipe content.” Using tags like or mean that your content can be tagged as a recipe by search engines. Then, your recipes will be displayed in more engaging ways in a variety of contexts, which has been proven to increase conversions to your site. Examples include Google rich snippets and Rich Pins on Pinterest. Plus, this best practice is standard for site health, similar to adding alt tags to your images or “no-follows” to sponsored links.

    With this markup, Chicory can also better parse your recipes and match items to products in-store. By tagging something as an with a proper , we can make the most efficient and accurate matches possible.

    Since your site is hosted by WordPress, you can download recipe plugins, such as WordPress Recipe Maker. These plugins will handle all of the markup and formatting when you use their platform to create your recipe content.

    If you would rather not install a plugin on your site, you can use a tool like RecipeSEO to write your recipe content or you can reference Schema.org Recipe to mark up recipes on your own in your HTML editor. Schema.org gives guidelines on how to implement this structure to your site.


    Our team is always available to answer all of your Chicory-related questions. Email [email protected] for support.

    1. <p>Chicory "Get Ingredients" Button.</p>

      Chicory "Get Ingredients" Button.

    2. <p>Chicory Premium, pairings unit.</p>

      Chicory Premium, pairings unit.

    3. <p>Chicory Premium, in-line unit.</p>

      Chicory Premium, in-line unit.

    4. <p>Chicory Premium, pairings unit mobile.</p>

      Chicory Premium, pairings unit mobile.

    5. <p>Chicory Premium, in-line unit mobile.</p>

      Chicory Premium, in-line unit mobile.

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    Monetize your WordPress website and turn your traffic into revenue with CPAlead banner ads, pop under ads, interstitial ads, native ads, content lockers, and pushup ads with this FREE WordPress Ad Plugin.

    Each ad displayed within these tools will pay you per click or per action. This means when visitors click on an ad within your WordPress page you will earn money.

    To see a demonstration of this Ad Plugin, please watch this video:

    Since 2006, CPAlead.com has paid out over $100,000,000 to website and WordPress content creators like you. We were also recognized twice by the INC 500 as one of America’s fastest growing companies and again recently by mThink magazine.
    Need proof?

    Please give us a try and EXPERIENCE the results. Install this ad plugin and see why so many choose CPAlead as the best alternative to pay per click (PPC) networks such as Google Adsense.

    1. Select from over 15 different banner sizes! Get paid when your visitor clicks an ad!

      Select from over 15 different banner sizes! Get paid when your visitor clicks an ad!

    2. Require your visitor to complete an ad before accessing your locked Wordpress page or post!

      Require your visitor to complete an ad before accessing your locked Wordpress page or post!

    3. Ask your visitor to interact with an ad using our PushUp ads. If they click OK, you earn!

      Ask your visitor to interact with an ad using our PushUp ads. If they click OK, you earn!

    4. Advanced Wordpress Admins can customize our tools with complete HTML and CSS control!

      Advanced Wordpress Admins can customize our tools with complete HTML and CSS control!

    5. Our most popular ad tool, the Pop Under, allows you to decide how the full page ad will pop upon link click!

      Our most popular ad tool, the Pop Under, allows you to decide how the full page ad will pop upon link click!

    Tags: ad-plugin push-up-ads content-locker pop-under-ads banner-ads
    5.0 (1)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: MageNet

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Website Monetization Plugin by MageNet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell contextual ads from your pages automatically and receive payments with PayPal.

    To get started sign up for a MageNet Key.

    Hassle free
    We deal with the advertisers and offer relevant contextual ads to place. It’s free and easy to use.

    Regular payouts
    Withdraw your earnings with ease. Transfers are made via PayPal and WebMoney.

    Full control
    We crawl all the pages of your site and list them for sales. You can set up the pages available or forbidden for advertising and set up the desired prices for your ads.

    Safe and secure
    All your personal data is safe. Your websites will only be available to our trusted advertisers.

    Detailed information on all your current ads and listed pages of your sites.

    You will have access to awesome affiliate program available to our publishers.

    1. Plugin settings

      Plugin settings

    2. Widget settings

      Widget settings

    3. "Your sites" menu

      "Your sites" menu

    4. "Pages options" menu

      "Pages options" menu

    Tags: website-monetization contextual-advertising advertising contextual-ads earn-money-online
    1.3 (4)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Ilia Fishbein

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Secure & Monetize your site with Solve Media’s free CAPTCHA replacement.

    CAPTCHA is a simple and popular method of securing forms from abuse. Solve Media has created a patent-pending technology that turns CAPTCHA into branded TYPE-INs™, allowing you to earn money while you secure your site. Every time a visitor to your site solves a CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ad, we share the revenue with you. Solve Media CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are easy to read and easy to complete. Our systems constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, insuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided. For visually impaired users, the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget offers an audio CAPTCHA puzzle.

    Use the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget on a registration form, comments form, or any Contact-Form-7 v2.0 or newer. The Solve Media CAPTCHA widget is compatible with other anti-spam solutions like Akismet. The Solve Media CAPTCHA widget works with nearly 100% of all browsers including mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows PHone 7 devices, regardlress of Flash or Javascript capabilities.

    Visit the Solve Media homepage for more information about our CAPTCHA solution.

    1. Solve Media plugin configuration page

      Solve Media plugin configuration page

    2. Adding the Solve Media puzzle to a Contact-Form-7 form

      Adding the Solve Media puzzle to a Contact-Form-7 form

    3. Solve Media puzzle on registration

      Solve Media puzzle on registration

    4. Solve Media puzzle on comments

      Solve Media puzzle on comments

    5. Solve Media puzzle on a Contact-Form-7 contact form

      Solve Media puzzle on a Contact-Form-7 contact form

    Tags: captcha registration advertising contact-form-7 akismet
    4.9 (7)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: affilinet teraone

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Integrate affilinet’s data driven advertising technology and automated ad display services seamlessly into your WordPress platform and serve the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Dont’t worry about ad codes. This plugin will handle all technical details for you.

    This plugin comes with a statistic page where you can see your daily earnings. You will just have to enter your affilinet Webservice Password.

    The benefits at a glance:

    • Easy integration of intelligent display ad units into your site
    • Quick and simple sign up to the affilinet platform
    • Targeted adverts mean more relevancy for your readers and ultimately more earnings from your website

    We’ve made it really easy to get started. If you need integration support, please watch our tutorial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtZHeD1CK-E

    If you have any questions or need support please contact us at [email protected]

    Tags: banner affilinet performance-marketing affiliate advertising
    4.3 (8)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: codeswan HappyGezim

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Easy to use recipe plugin that adds microdata and schema.org JSON LD to your recipes so Google can find and understand them. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatible.

    1. Easy to use
    2. Higher ranking
    3. Professional look

    Still got questions? Go to our website for support or email us.

    Zip Recipes is on GitHub as well!

    Love Zip Recipes?

    If you enjoy this plugin and you want your site to have the best recipe features, consider purchasing the premium version.

    Premium features

    • Automatic Nutrition generation
    • Automatic serving adjustment for your users
    • Choose form several themes
    • Reviews and ratings, schema.org integrated
    • Recipe search, Recipe index and Recipe Gallery
    • Save Recipes on social media, like Big Oven and Yummly

    Check out other plugins developed by Really Simple Plugins as well: Complianz and Really Simple SSL.

    Easy to use

    Zip Recipes is the fastest way to create recipes. The best way to build a following is to keep your readers coming back for new recipes for them to try. To speed up your workflow and save you time creating recipes, we provide:

    • Easy Copy & Pasting: You can copy & paste the recipes you already have from Microsoft Word or other programs.
    • Flexible Editor: Our flexible editor works how you work by allowing you to add recipes to posts, pages or custom post types.
    • Featured Image Support: You only have to set one image for your post or page if you use featured images. If you don’t provide a recipe image, Zip Recipes will add the featured image to Google’s rich snippet.
    • No coding required: We made Zip Recipes easy to use so you don’t need computer knowledge to start publishing your recipes. Even a complete novice can do it!
    • **Extensive support through knowledge base articles and responsive supportdesk

    Rank higher in Google

    • Schema.org and JSON LD: your recipes will include all the necessary microdata so Google understands them, and will show rich snippets
    • Mobile friendly: your recipes will look good on any device.
    • AMP compatible: out of the box compatible with Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages. Zip Recipes will make your recipes load instantly from Google results.

    Professional look

    Some readers need a lot of information before even trying to re-create your recipe. That’s why .
    Nutrition information: Zip Recipes includes nutrition information, cook and prep time, notes and more
    Rich Snippets: When users search for recipes, Google will show them the rich snippets with image, rating, nutrition info, cook and preptime, etc.
    Slick print layout: When clicking the print button, your users will get a beautiful formatted print view.

    Here is how we help you compete with professional recipe websites that have thousands of dollars in marketing budget:

    • With instruction images, you help your readers easily follow along and re-create your recipe like you’re there holding their hand
    • Add a schema.org compatible video to your recipe
    • Highlight or draw attention to specific ingredients or steps by formatting the recipe text
    • Make your recipe accessible to your readers on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer or on paper (print-friendly format)
    • Modify your recipe card by changing borders, image size, ingredient & instruction list format, and labels
    • Allowing your readers to clearly separate different components of your recipe through multi-part recipes (for example, cake and icing)
    • Use any WordPress free or paid website themes

    Your Recipes are Yours Only

    Since you create your recipes, you should be the one to benefit from them. That’s why we don’t publish your recipes on our website. We help you build a following and don’t compete with you.

    To further help bring more readers to your blog, the images you add to your recipe will automatically contain information for better SEO (Search engine optimization) through the use of ALT image attributes.

    More Readers from Pinterest

    Pinterest can also be a huge source of readers for your blog as well. With our JSON-LD recipe markup, your recipes will appear on Pinterest as Rich Recipe Pins. People looking for your type of recipes will discover them and click over to your website giving you an excellent opportunity to build a fan base.

    Integrates with ad networks

    Zip Recipes also works with major ad platforms like Google Adsense, Adthrive and Mediavine. This is another alternative to help you monetize your blog.

    Affiliate Marketing

    You get paid through affiliate marketing when you link an ingredient or tool to an online retailer like Amazon. Each time your readers click on the link and buy from the retailer, you get paid a commission fee. With Zip Recipes this is easy to do. See here how

    Recipe Membership Website

    With the help of plugins like Memberful or WishList Member, you can create a recipe membership website and use Zip Recipes to publish recipes for paying members only.

    This is an excellent way to start earning an income once you establish a following.

    Or build a community of Recipe lovers with Ultimate Member, which is a beautiful tool to build communities and interact with them.

    1. Create recipes on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

      Create recipes on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

    2. Clean, elegant, recipe cards

      Clean, elegant, recipe cards

    3. Your visitors can read your recipes on paper, phones, and even Google Home

      Your visitors can read your recipes on paper, phones, and even Google Home

    4. Optimized to get your recipes higher on Google

      Optimized to get your recipes higher on Google

    5. Copy your recipes directly from Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, etc.

      Copy your recipes directly from Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, etc.

    Tags: food nutrition schema-org recipe rich-snippets
    4.9 (85)
  • Authors: NewClarity
    Contributers: Content.ad

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Content.ad is a content recommendation platform that helps site owners generate more time-on-site and monetize their content easily and unobtrusively. Content.ad serves billions of impressions across thousands of sites every month. The WordPress plugin is the quickest and easiest way to get Content.ad up and running on your site.

    Key Features

    Simple Setup – Our 3-step guided installation gets you creating your first widget in minutes.

    Flexible Styling – Our widget creation wizard makes customizing the look and feel of the widget simple and straightforward.

    Performance Driven – Our state-of-the-art algorithms learn what content is most popular with your users, lowering bounce rates and increasing overall site revenue. Also, since optimization takes place on Content.ad servers and the widget is loaded asynchronously, the plugin doesn’t slow down your site.

    Powerful Options – Free enterprise-level features let you control how the widget integrates into your site and what kind of content appears in it, all without leaving your WordPress admin.

    Rich Reporting – Use our robust reporting and graphing options to see exactly how well your widgets perform down to the hour.

    Personalized Support – Our US-based support staff is available to help you properly set up and optimize Content.ad to meet your needs.

    To learn more about Content.ad, visit our publisher FAQ or visit our website.

    1. <p><strong>Easy signup and integration without leaving your WordPress blog.</strong></p>

      Easy signup and integration without leaving your WordPress blog.

    2. <p><strong>Multiple styling and configuration options to fit any site.</strong></p>

      Multiple styling and configuration options to fit any site.

    3. <p><strong>Placement settings - Create multiple widgets and show them in different places throughout your site.</strong></p>

      Placement settings - Create multiple widgets and show them in different places throughout your site.

    4. <p><strong>Advanced analytics shows you how the widget is performing.</strong></p>

      Advanced analytics shows you how the widget is performing.

    Tags: revenue engagement ads related-content advertising
    3.5 (13)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Metin Saylan

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    A simple Adsense widget + shortcode to use on your site.

    Shortcode usage:

    [adsense userid="pub-xoxox" type="banner" align="none" slot="xxx" channel="xxx"]

    Or you can setup default options and just use:


    Documentation & Simple Tutorials

    Tags: multi-widget monetize widget adsense ads
    5.0 (1)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: mindlogixtechs

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WP Ad-Monetizer is a WordPress Plugin that gives option for Ad-banners or any Ad-sense codes in different Ad-group / Ad-block. Each Ad-block is defined to use on WordPress template using Widgets or custom coding in theme. An Ad-block have several option for showing Ads using ready shortcode to place on any widget/theme page. Ad-block’s options are

    1. You can show an Ad-block to All posts or only in selected posts.
    2. You can show an Ad-block to All pages or only in selected pages.
    3. You can show an Ad-block in single slide or multiple slides. A multiple slides Ad-block will show Ads in a carousal slider and slider settings also provided, like
    • No. of Ad per block to show on each Ad-block, default is 5
    • AutoPlay Slider, default is Yes
    • Slide Auto-play after seconds, default is 5 second
    • Stop Slider on Mouse Hover, default is Yes
    • Show Slider Pagination, default is Yes
    • Slide Transition Style, default is Slide

    Every Ad that will contain either Image Ad or some Ad-sense code will be assign to an Ad-block. When any Ad is shown on the front-end, its impressions/views are counts by WP Ad-Monetizer. When any visitor clicks on any image Ad, its clicks are also counts by WP Ad-Monetizer.

    Tags: ad-monitor ad-locator banner-manager ad-slider banner-slider
    0.0 (0)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: adsnet

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Use this plugin if you do not want manually change your theme templates in order to insert Full Page Script and/or Website Entry Script.

    You will be able to configure following parameters:

    • set your Shink user ID
    • choose Shink domain
    • enable/disable Entry script

    Tags: money easylink ad shink shortlink
    5.0 (1)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: adsnet

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Use this plugin if you do not want manually change your theme templates in order to insert Full Page Script and/or Website Entry Script.

    You will be able to configure following parameters:

    • set your Fasli user ID
    • choose Fasli domain
    • enable/disable Entry script

    Tags: money easylink shortlink ad fasli
    0.0 (0)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: boybawang

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WP Jobs2Careers is a lightweight plugin that displays jobs from Jobs2Careers’ publisher solutions on your site (via their API).


    • Lightweight plugin with minimal configuration needed
    • Great for niche sites
    • Responsive


    • Jobs2Careers API Key is required. This can be obtained here
    • Jobs2Careers may serve a first-party tracking cookie to each user viewing the job site.
    • The WP Jobs2Careers plugin will connect to http://www.geoplugin.net for geolocation.
    1. Job results

      Job results

    2. Advanced search

      Advanced search

    3. Publisher and page settings

      Publisher and page settings

    4. Job search and display settings

      Job search and display settings

    Tags: jobs2careers job api j2c monetize
    4.5 (2)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: spinkx

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    SPINKX is a content marketing platform, built to help the entire WordPress community of 75M+ sites generating over 22B page views per month.

    Spinkx serves as a catalyst when installed on your website, helping solve two major problems of the blogging industry; grow Traffic for free & to monetize.

    1. Automates and enhances SEO and Backlink creation, to help you rank faster in google organic search & other search engines.

    2. Brings free additional traffic to your site via a unique ‘traffic exchange’ mechanism of the Spinkx network.

    3. Creates a monetization stream to help the community of bloggers and content creator via native ads, affiliate & sponsored content.

    4. Delivers high quality paid traffic to advertisers and marketeers (bot and fake click free)

    Spinkx uses AI to server the right content to the right user at the right time, delivering a CTR of upto 30% on the widget.

    Content marketeers can start getting their content discovered across Spinkx Network of websites in real time, create SEO Backlinks in real-time and start getting customers to read your stories.

    Advertiser can take advantage of Bot-free traffic, low cost and high ROI native ads. Powerful AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning) over Google Cloud Infrastructures, are being used in Spinkx ‘Distribution of Content’ algorithms, to help reach the right content to the right audience at the right time.

    Plugin Features

    1. Free Traffic Exchange / Ad exchange, to grow your audience in real time

    1.1. Use ‘Free Boost Post’ feature, to get High Quality Traffic to your website.

    Get Free Traffic to your website, by using ’Boost Post’. When you Boost your Post the Headlines, Image & Description start displaying on the Spinkx widget of other user websites who use Spinkx plugin as well, helping build a global network of dynamic link exchange. The better your post headlines the more clicks you get back.

    1.2. Automate SEO Backlinks

    When you boost your posts and they are visible on other sites Spinkx widget, you have automatically generated Backlinks. These work for enhancing your SEO, and the quality of the backlinks are such that they appear only on relevant category sites as your. You can choose the category of sites when you are Boosting Posts and the internal backlinks work too from your own sidebar (for which you don’t need to use Boost Post)

    1.3. Earn Free Boost Credit Points (Just like a game!)

    Earn Free Traffic credit points by allowing other bloggers to display their posts on your sidebar. Each display earns you points, which you can use to Boost your own posts in return. You would never need to spend money again to get more traffic & visibility. You could totally turn this feature off, but then you will exhaust your Boost Credit points and may have to buy points to get more global reach.

    1.4. Reduce Bounce Rate by upto 60% & increase user engagement by upto 30%

    The Spinkx widget when placed on your Sidebar or Below Post, automatically displays highest quality stories(trending posts) or highest CTR post on your sidebar. Doing so we encourage the user to not leave your website after reading just one story but engage or click on more stories on the sidebar. When engagement increase, the Bounce Rate reduces. We apply ”machine learning” to filter this data to display intelligently to your site visitor, without burning your servers CPU or memory.

    = 1.5 Now Social Share multiple links of the same post (with different image and headlines but same landing page) and get Free organic social traffic multiple times for the same post by creating ‘Variations’. Count clicks to your website for each social platform: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.


    1.6 ‘Auto Boost’ starts distributing your blog stories across the network as soon as you hot the Publish Button. Faster than SEO can kick in, start growing your traffic.

    1.7 Powerful Analytics Dash board, to help you derive meaningful analysis out of Data. All in real time.

    2. Ad Revenue & Monetization. Native ads. Affiliate ads

    2.1. Earn the highest CPM in the industry. Real Time.

    We share maximum of our revenue form sponsored content or affiliate campaigns. We run affiliate and native ad campaign for our clients, and when they are visible on your sidebar as “Sponsored Posts” you earn revenue. These campaigns may run on CPM or CPC and we share the revenue to you in real-time and you could totally transfer the money to your PayPal.

    2.2. Ad Agency. Make more money. Run Campaigns globally for your clients

    Run Campaign and earn more money! Become an ad agency! You can now run digital campaigns from the Spinkx dashboard for your clients and take advantage of the growing global ad network of Spinkx. So keep your cut and share the rest with other blog sites who help deliver the campaigns. Native ads are the highest performing ads in the industry.

    3. Content Marketing Features

    3.1. AB testing of your content Headlines & Featured Images

    Variation Headlines in your Content Playlist allows you to create more creative headlines for the same post. You can use Different Images for each Variation Headline created with a different description. They appear on your sites Sidebar – helping you understand over a period of time, which works better. The same variations are also visible on other sites when you have boosted the post. Our “Machine Learning Algorithm” automatically give more impressions to the higher CTR Variation Headlines to return back more clicks & traffic.

    3.2. Content Analytics

    Content analytics as seen from dashboard or from content playlist helps you easily identify which is your most read content, so you could write more of similar nature. you just get to know your users mindset better.

    3.3. Run Video & Gif’s on your Sidebar or Footer widget

    Set an animated GIF file as your featured image and it appears on the sidebar widget as animated. This definitely attracts more eyeballs to your content post.

    3.4. Youtube Video marketing and promotion on your site side bar now released with version 2.0

    3.5. Mobile Widget

    Newly made in version 2.0 for enhanced visibility of posts on Mobile Devices. You can set this feature on/off from Widget Settings Page of the Plugin.

    4. Design & UI Features

    4.1. Fluid Pinterest style, masonry layout on your sidebar or footer

    Make your site look good, with appealing content, displayed attractively. It’s fluid HTML5 layout works on mobile too (please make sure that you sidebar is visible on mobile mode). The images are automatically resized and the CSS of your theme remains the same. However, we have included a full design your widget the way you want tools within the plugin itself.

    Important notes about the sections above:

    • The Spinkx Sidebar is completely customisable as per your choice, in terms of design & categories of content allowed.
    • It is at your discretion & allowance completely to show a fellow bloggers post on your sidebar or switch off the feature entirely.
    • Similarly the feature to show native advertisements on your side bar can be off or on as per your choice
    • You can even block, specific URL’s, Words or Categories to display on your sidebar.
    • All ad campaigns are manually verified by our TEAM before they go live.
    • Each Spinkx Registered Website, is targeted with Country of Origin, Language, Gender, and age restricted content.
    • The Content Playlist is automatically populated with posts written within 6 months & that have featured image. To add more Variation headlines, you must have more images present in your post.

    ** NB- Spinkx Plugin is designed to track any BOT activity, Fake Clicks & Impression to advertisements or boosted posts. We ONLY track real users & thus the accuracy & performance of your Posts & advertising in our network. We Reserve the right to BAN any such BOT based activity or any provocative & obscene content from our network. You may do what ever you may like with what ever content in your own sites sidebar – no restriction or ban on them. And FREE to use for life. We do not deactivate this features if you don’t buy or pay for the plugin. However the expenses of running content analytics for your site still costs us money to run on our servers.**

    ** We are always delighted to provide free training to all who want to use this plugin. Kindly get in touch with us through our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/SpinkxWP/ or Website – www.spinkx.com

    Detailed usage of the plugin, training & Videos are available on https://www.Spinkx.com

    1. Who can use this plugin! Bloggers, Marketers, Advertisers and Ad-Agencies.

      Who can use this plugin! Bloggers, Marketers, Advertisers and Ad-Agencies.

    2. Front-end Display of the Widget

      Front-end Display of the Widget

    3. Content Playlist, Boost Post & Variation Headlines

      Content Playlist, Boost Post & Variation Headlines

    Tags: content-marketing ad-revenue traffic-exchange ad-exchange native-ads
    5.0 (3)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Shareaholic

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Shareaholic is the world’s leading suite of Audience Growth & Engagement tools. It allows you to add Award-Winning Social Share Buttons, Related Posts, Content Analytics, Ad Monetization, and more to your website.

    This plugin makes it easy for any website — big or small — to engage and grow their traffic, market their content, gain insight, and monetize their audience. And it all lives in one simple dashboard.

    This single plugin combines the functionality of many — social, content, and monetization plugins including: JetPack, Contextual Related Posts (CRP), Social Warfare, Tasty Pins, Social Pug, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), Zemanta, SexyBookmarks, Shariff, AddThis, AddToAny, and many others.

    We do all this in a lightweight & lightening fast package by using advanced code optimization techniques such a selective and lazy loading. The plugin loads just the functionality that you have selected and when necessary.

    Also, because all the tools are integrated, you’ll have a set of tools on your website that are designed to work perfectly together with no conflicts, headaches or slow downs.

    In fact, Shareaholic is recognized by WP Engine as an “Essential Speed Friendly Social Media & SEO Toolkit”. Kinsta upon testing determined that the plugin doesn’t add much load time overall to a WordPress site. A mere 14 milliseconds. That is less than 1/20th of a blink of an eye!

    One on one email support is available. Visit our Support Center or reach out to our team directly. Rest easy knowing real people are ready to help you. Everyone on our Customer Care team is an experienced Shareaholic user and you can even upgrade to pro for access to a dedicated account manager.

    To learn about the latest Product Updates, please visit our blog.

    Social Media Share Buttons

    Make it easy for your visitors to share social content with their friends with Shareaholic’s award-winning Social Media Share Buttons. This is the ultimate set of Social Tools for your website.

    Share Buttons demo

    • [Free] Official Share Counters and Share Buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and more
    • [Free] Automatic & official integration with Google Analytics
    • [Free] Full support for: Facebook share sharing, Twitter sharing, Pinterest sharing, Instagram sharing, Google Plus sharing, Reddit sharing, LinkedIn sharing, Gmail sharing, Delicious sharing, OneNote sharing, Evernote sharing, Stumbleupon sharing, Digg sharing, Tumblr sharing, Hootsuite sharing, Buffer sharing, Fancy sharing, Wanelo sharing, Yummly sharing, WeHeartIt sharing, Flipboard sharing, Printfriendly sharing, Amazon Wishlist sharing, Instapaper sharing, Pocket sharing, Odnoklassniki sharing, Houzz sharing, Hacker News sharing, Inbound.org sharing, Vk sharing, etc
    • [Free] Supports theme features such as HTML5 & XHTML, widgets, plugins, infinite scroll, post formats, and mobile optimization
    • [Free] Supported URL Shorteners: Bitly (including custom tracking), J.mp, TinyURL, Shr.lc
    • [Free] Vector share buttons & follow buttons (SVG icons)
    • Learn more about Share Buttons

    Share Count Recovery

    • [Pro] Never worry about losing your share counts when you change URLs, adjust your site taxonomy, or switch to HTTPS. Our proprietary technology ensures that no matter how your URLs change, your share counts stay the same.
    • Learn more about Share Count Recovery

    Privacy Features

    The German computer magazine c’t has developed “Shariff” (ʃɛɹɪf) that follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679). This plugin adapts the Shariff concept.

    The “original” share buttons from Facebook, Pinterest and others automatically transmit data of your visitors to the social network sites as soon as they visit your website. They do not need to click on a share button for this to happen and therefore have no choice. Shareaholic enables visitors to see how popular your page is and display share buttons without this needless leakage to the social networks (unless they decide to share, of course). This is done via server-side code that is part of this plugin to fetch share counts. Once fetched, share counts are cached to ensure maximum performance.

    To take advantage of this privacy feature, enable “Share Count Proxy” under Advanced Settings.

    Share Buttons for Images

    • [Free] Automatically add Pinterest’s “Pin It” button and other social share buttons directly onto the images on your site to increase outbound traffic to your social sites, and inbound traffic to your website.
    • [Free] Includes integrated share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more!

    Share Buttons for Images demo

    Floating Share Buttons

    • [Free] Increase social sharing by 2x or more by adding our Share Button plugin that hovers on the side of the page, rather than in the page content.

    Floating Share Buttons demo

    Related Posts

    • [Free] Increases pageviews, engagement, and time on site by highlighting related content & related posts that may not otherwise be discovered on your site. Shareaholic is not just yet another related content plugin. It’s simple installation & content dashboard allows you quickly customize what content is delivered and where on your site. You’ll be using well-engineered and optimized code that won’t slow or block your pages from loading.
    • [Free] Help your users rediscover your entire content by including related posts on all of your pages.
    • [Free] Choose between several themes to seamlessly match your site’s theme, design, and personality.
    • [Free] Automatically utilizes post keywords specified in the “All in One SEO Pack”, “WordPress SEO by Yoast”, “Add Meta Tags”, and other plugins.
    • [Free] Promote and advertise your content and products across our network using our Related Content Advertising Tools
    • [Free] Optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android mobile phones, and more.
    • Learn more about Related Posts

    Content Analytics

    • Shareaholic is proud to be an official Google Analytics Technology Partner.
    • [Free] Shareaholic provides you with important actionable metrics including insights into popular pages on your website, referral channels, and top refrerrers who are spreading your web pages on the internet on your behalf, bringing more traffic and new visitors to your site.
    • [Free] Shareaholic automatically and seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, including UTM tracking parameters, to provide Google Analytics social data in your Shareaholic dashboard and Shareaholic data in your Google Analytics dashboard.
    • [Free] See social and page analytics by content, author, and custom tags.
    • [Free] Discover how visitors find each story, product, author, and section, so you can build distribution strategies that work.
    • [Free] Measure author performance and focus on authors who get the best results.
    • [Free] Check whether your campaigns are targeting Verified Human audiences who are actually capable of purchasing your product or service
    • Learn more about Google Analytics integration

    Follow Buttons

    • [Free] Grow your social following and page views with our easily customizable social plugin and tools for adding social follow buttons directly to your page.
    • [Free] Supported services include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn ,Spotify ,Google+ ,Pinterest, Etsy, BuzzFeed, iTunes, Tumblr, Vimeo, eBay, 500px, about.me, Baidu, Behance, Better Business Bureau, Bloglovin, Disqus, Dribbble, Feedly, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Google Classroom, Houzz, LinkedIn Company, LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki, Polyvore, RSS, Skype, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, Tripadvisor, Vine, VK, Yelp, Zillow
    • Learn more about Follow Buttons

    Cookie Notice

    • Actively notify your visitors that your site uses cookies through a message bar at the top or bottom of your page
    • Target EU and EEA visitors specifically or show to everyone
    • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses for maximum geo accuracy

    Learn more about Cookie Consent Notice

    Monetize your Site

    • Affiliate Links: Automatically turn your site’s existing links into rewards. Clicks that turn into purchases from our ever-expanding universe of 35,000+ retailers, turn into commissions for you with zero additional effort.
    • Outstream Video: Monetize your content with highly viewable and in-demand video ads through Outstream video units that appear between paragraphs on your pages.
    • Promoted Native Content: Generate revenue with targeted content recommendations from our sponsored content marketplace. Each time your readers click through to sponsored articles, you make money.

    Additional features

    • 100% Customizable – Choose from several themes to match your site’s design or personalize your own to create a custom look.
    • Mobile Optimized – Responsive and retina display friendly. Shareaholic will work and look great on all mobile devices and tablets.
    • Built for Scale – It doesn’t matter if your website generates 1 or a 100 million views. Shareaholic scales to any size and will work just as well.
    • Monetize – Make money with minimal effort while retaining full control at all times.
    • Fast & Secure – We use industry best practices to make our code as fast and unobtrusive as possible, meaning – for example – that the performance impact is comparable to adding Google Analytics to your site. Because all of the processing and collection runs on our servers and not yours, it doesn’t cause any additional load on your hosting account. In addition, our JavaScript is hosted on Amazon’s CDN to make fetching it as blazing fast and reliable as possible. In fact, it’s one of the fastest proven analytics systems, hosted or not hosted, that you can use.
    • Integrations – We’re officially partnered with GoDaddy, WP Engine, Siteground, Cloudflare, Google & others to ensure that your site is safe, stable, and speedy.

    Recent Updates

    You’re in Great Company

    Shareaholic is used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites like yours and touches over 450 million people each month. Designed and built with all the love in the world in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Note: The analytics portion of Shareaholic may use trusted 3rd party services like Google Analytics and AppNexus to enhance its data.

    Support | Privacy | Terms | API | Content Analytics

    Special Thanks & Credits

    The plugin wouldn’t be half of what it is today if it weren’t for people like you who take the time to help it grow! Whether it be by submitting bug reports, translations, or maybe even a little development help.

    A special thanks to some of you who have helped us out a great deal:

    Complete credits on Shareaholic.com

    Shareaholic in Your Language

    Shareaholic is used all over the world. Our goal is to support Shareaholic in the native language of all our users and people who want to use our products.

    All text across all apps such as share buttons, cookie consent, content recommendations, etc is customizable to any language. The Shareaholic Plugin Admin UI itself is currently localized in the following languages:

    • English (en)
    • Spanish (es)
    • French (fr)
    • Italian (it)
    • Russian (ru)
    • German (de)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • Dutch (nl)
    • Polish (pl)
    • Portuguese (pt)
    • Contribute a translation! — we would appreciate your help in translating Shareaholic into even more languages! It doesn’t take much to get started. Instructions.

    Social Platform Integrations

    • Social Follow Buttons: Facebook follow buttons, Twitter follow buttons, Instagram follow buttons, YouTube follow buttons, LinkedIn, Spotify, Google+, Pinterest follow buttons, Etsy, BuzzFeed, iTunes, Tumblr, Vimeo, eBay, 500px, about.me, Meetup, Patreon, Medium, Snapchat, Slack, Baidu, Behance, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Bloglovin, Disqus, Dribbble, Feedly, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Google Classroom, Houzz, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki (OK), Polyvore, RSS, Skype, SlideShare, Strava, SoundCloud, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, Tripadvisor, Vine, VK, Yelp, Zillow

    • Social Share Buttons: Facebook share buttons, LinkedIn share buttons, Pinterest share buttons, Reddit share buttons, Skype share buttons, SMS share button, StumbleUpon share buttons, Tumblr share buttons, Twitter share buttons, Telegram, Mix, WhatsApp share buttons, Amazon Kindle share buttons, Amazon share buttons, Amazon Wish List, AOL Mail, Arto, Baidu, Bit.ly, Blogger Post, Box, Buffer, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Diigolet, Email This, Evernote, Facebook Send, Fancy, Fark, Flipboard share buttons, GMail share buttons, Google Bookmarks, Google Classroom, Google Mail, Google+, HootSuite share buttons, Houzz share buttons, Inbound.org, Instapaper, Kik, Line share buttons, LinkedIn share buttons, Mail, Meneame, Microsoft OneNote, Mister-Wong, Mixi, MSDN, Odnoklassniki (OK), Outlook, Pinboard.in, Pinterest, Plurk, Pocket share buttons, Print share buttons, PrintFriendly share buttons, Read Later share buttons, Reddit share buttons, Sina Weibo, Skype share buttons, SMS, Soup.io, Stumpedia, Symphony, Techmeme, TinyURL, TypePad Post, Viadeo, Vkontakte (VK), Wanelo, We Heart It, WhatsApp,Windows Live Favorites, WordPress share buttons, Wykop, Xing, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Yammer, YC Hacker News, Yummly share buttons, Viber, Trello, Facebook Messenger

    1. The best plugin for all of your social sharing, related content, ad monetization, and Google Analytics needs. We have share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more within a single social dashboard. We also offer monetization tools for affiliate links, outstream video ads, native ads, and related posts.

      The best plugin for all of your social sharing, related content, ad monetization, and Google Analytics needs. We have share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more within a single social dashboard. We also offer monetization tools for affiliate links, outstream video ads, native ads, and related posts.

    2. Gets results fast with our secure, scalable and high-performance platform. We invest heavily in our infrastructure. Some of the biggest brands in the world use Shareaholic and you can too.

      Gets results fast with our secure, scalable and high-performance platform. We invest heavily in our infrastructure. Some of the biggest brands in the world use Shareaholic and you can too.

    3. Improve Site Engagement by Surfacing Related Content

      Improve Site Engagement by Surfacing Related Content

    4. Boost Your Viral Traffic & Audience with Social Share Buttons

      Boost Your Viral Traffic & Audience with Social Share Buttons

    5. Because most everyone in our demographic uses ad-blocker, Related Content is a great way to suggest other products they may like because it’s relevant to the post they are reading.

      Because most everyone in our demographic uses ad-blocker, Related Content is a great way to suggest other products they may like because it’s relevant to the post they are reading.

    6. I love that Related Content is already included in the Shareaholic WordPress plugin because it keeps my blog uncluttered and my page load time to a minimum.

      I love that Related Content is already included in the Shareaholic WordPress plugin because it keeps my blog uncluttered and my page load time to a minimum.

    7. Since installing Related Content, I’ve loved seeing more traffic on my older posts.

      Since installing Related Content, I’ve loved seeing more traffic on my older posts.

    8. Because I produce a ton of content every day, I rely on Related Content to pull posts for my readers that they wouldn’t find on their own.

      Because I produce a ton of content every day, I rely on Related Content to pull posts for my readers that they wouldn’t find on their own.

    Tags: buttons social-sharing google-analytics share-buttons related-posts
    4.2 (792)
  • Authors: shrikantkale

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    15,000 publishers trust iZooto when it comes to building an audience and keeping it engaged. iZooto helps publishers with audience marketing helping them increase their traffic and revenue.

    And as Jomar, CEO @ PhilNews says – After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. Now, after three months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month.

    Building and owning audience is #1 priority for publishers and that is exactly what we at iZooto focus on. We help publishers build, engage and retain their audience using web push notifications.
    If you have your WordPress account integrated with WooCommerce you can also use iZooto to engage with your subscribers and retarget them on the basis of their activities on your store.

    Web push notifications are alerts that can be delivered on mobile and desktop to even when your users are not on your site. To receive these notifications, your website visitors need to opt-in (subscribe) for these notifications. Web push notifications are highly visible as they are delivered directly on the device and hence have a high click through rate. CTRs on push notifications can vary from 3% to 25% depending upon the context they carry.

    iZooto helps you accomplish 3 key objectives:
    1. Build your marketing list: Convert your site visitors into an audience. With an opt-in rate of up to 7%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.
    2. Understand your audience: Segment your audience on the basis of their location, on-site behavior, device and more.
    3. Engage and monetizeSend targeted notifications to your audience and drive engagement. Publishers and bloggers can also monetize your audience by opting to send ads via push notification and store merchants can boost their revenue by up to 6%.


    iZooto supports push notifications on all leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge.
    However iOS on iPhone and iPad and Internet Explorer do not support Push Notifications.

    Powerful Features For Publishers

    1. One Click Activation – it takes just one click to integrate iZooto with WordPress
    2. Manage Notifications from WordPress – auto generate notifications as you type in your post in WordPress. Preview and edit the notifications and push them along the post
    3. Automated Push Notification – every time you publish content your notifications will be automatically pushed using iZooto’s Zapier integration.
    4. Notifications with Rich Media – use icons, images, emojis and call to action buttons with your notifications to make them appealing and action oriented
    5. Schedule Notifications – you can schedule your push notifications and put user engagement on autopilot
    6. Local Time Zone Notification Delivery – deliver push notifications according to their local time zone and get a better response rate
    7. Audience Segmentation – you can segment the audience on the basis of the content they consume, behavior and demography and target these segments with contextual notifications
    8. Geo Targeting – target users on the basis of their location and send them hyperlocal content
    9. Device Targeting – target and engage with users on both mobile and desktop
    10. Analysis – analyze your audience growth, campaign performance and also understand where your audience comes from and how do they access your website
    11. Manage Multiple Websites – a single iZooto account is sufficient to manage all of your websites, all you would have to do is integrate iZooto with these websites of yours
    12. Collaborate – bring your team on iZooto and assign them different roles

    Powerful Features For WooCommerce

    You can use all the features present for a publisher account along with one add-on feature designed only for E-commerce stores.
    With iZooto you can use the predesigned automated drip campaigns to engage, retarget and retain your store subscribers.

    Supported WooCommerce Version – 3.6.5

    Success Stories

    Over 15,000 publishers use iZooto to push out over 11B notifications every month. Leading brands including the likes of Yahoo, Condenast, Network 18, Newscorp use iZooto to engage their audience. iZooto now contributes up to 15% of total traffic for leading publishers. Here are some customer success stories about how fast growing publishers such as Philnews and Pricebaba are using iZooto to generate up to 15% of their total revenue.
    E-commerce stores like Jabong and KoleImports have seen upto 6% boost in their revenue with push notifications.

    Pricing Plans For Publishers

    Plans at iZooto are designed to match your existing business needs and give you functionalities to help you accelerate growth.
    1. Monetization Plan: The Monetization plan is for fast growing publishers who want to monetize their push notification audience using ads. The plan is absolutely free and also helps you add to your revenue by sending native ads to your subscribers, according to their interests.
    iZooto works with leading demand partners across the globe and sends up to 2 ads every day to these subscribers. We follow CPC model and advertising revenue is shared with the publisher.
    2. Engage Plan: If you do not want to send ads to your audience, the Engage Plan is for you. The plan is designed to help you grow your audience and keep them engaged with the content that you publish. The plan starts at $25 and to know more you can reach out at [email protected]
    3. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is for fast growing brands, that are ready to level up their push notification game. The plan will help you design and schedule your messages to best address your audience needs. To learn more about this plan drop us a mail at [email protected]

    Pricing Plans For WooCommerce

    You can learn about the pricing for E-commerce stores here.


    iZooto help document will help you get started right away. You can also refer to our YouTube channel and go through the product videos to understand how to use the various features.


    A dedicated support team that assists you across channels – live chat, email and on call support. Head to iZooto to start a conversation with our WordPress specialists.

    1. How to add new plugin on WordPress

      How to add new plugin on WordPress

    2. Activating iZooto plugin

      Activating iZooto plugin

    3. Activate iZooto

      Activate iZooto

    4. Add your iZooto ID if activations fails

      Add your iZooto ID if activations fails

    5. When the plugin is activated

      When the plugin is activated

    6. Auto generate and preview notification in WordPress

      Auto generate and preview notification in WordPress

    7. How your notifications would look

      How your notifications would look

    Tags: mobile-web-notifications user-engagement web-notifications chrome-push-notifications web-push-notifications
    5.0 (13)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: vashkatsi

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    В случае, если сайт bbq.money или коробочная версия сервиса “упадет” – то пользователям будут показываться
    дефолтные рекламные объявления, которые он указал в личном кабинете, при этом никакой таргетинг работать не будет.

    Когда неполадки на сервере прекратятся и
    он начнет работать в штатном режиме, то показ объявлений автоматически переключится обратно.

    Tags: monetize bbq
    0.0 (0)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Front-End Users Demo

    Front-End Only Users is a user management and membership plugin that allows for front-end user registration and login, and for admins to restrict access to portions of their websites to certain users. No need to give access to your WordPress dashboard (unless you want to). Set different user roles / user levels for specific content restriction.

    Includes Gutenberg blocks for the following features: register, login, logout, user search, user list, edit account, forgot password and confirm forgot password!

    Front End User Key Features

    • Customizable membership fields for front-end user registration
    • Pure CSS-styled front-end login form, user registration form and edit profile form
    • Front-end users supports all input types for fields, allowing you to create a custom user profile
    • Include different front end user levels / user roles and restrict access to content accordingly
    • Option to send sign-up emails and to require admin approval of frontend users
    • Front-end user input-based redirects

    Simply insert the user registration shortcode below on any page to create a user registration form, allowing visitors to sign up as users on the front end of your site. User level selection is also available on registration.


    Signing up as front end users can either require a one-time paid membership, recurring monthly or annual membership payments, or it can be free. The front end users are separate from the standard WordPress users, so they have no access to the back end of your site. And by setting up specific user levels, you can restrict access of different pages to specific users. Also, user management is simple and effective with the different frontend user levels / user roles available. Additionally, there are bulk user import and user export features, via spreadsheet, to make user management and getting started with front-end users even easier.

    Ideal for paid content, membership, dating sites and more!

    Front-End Only Users is completely customizable using CSS and is easily personalized. The available registration shortcode, login shortcode and other user shortcodes, can be used to insert registration forms, login forms, edit profile forms and many more forms on any page of your website. You can also make use of shortcodes for content restriction, to restrict access to frontend users who are logged in and even to specific user levels.


    Insert the login shortcode above on any page to display a login form, allowing front end users to log in to access restricted content.

    [restricted]Content to restrict goes here[/restricted]

    Any content placed between the restricted shortcodes above will only be shown to users who are logged in. Further options are available to restrict access to only those front end users who are a specific user level or who have a specific value for a custom user field.

    Create different user fields in the registration form for members to fill out and customize content based on their profiles. User shortcodes are available to display front-end user profiles or allow visitors to perform a user search. Customize forms with CSS to suit your user management needs using the Admin panel.

    Need to set up a paid subscription? Front-End Only Users includes paid membership features that can be broken down by user level, so that different pay user levels can have different restricted access on your site. The included custom user role features allow you to restrict access to different portions of your site to different frontend user groups. These access levels provide a user management experience that makes it easy to set up a paid membership site, monetize your content and segment your users!

    Type any shortcode name and help (ex:[login help) in any WordPress page to get a complete list of the shortcode’s attributes.

    Front End User Additional Features

    • Front end user notifications: Fully customizable set of user emails. Create as many unique email messages as you want and then assign the message of your choice to specific actions (e.g. email to user on sign-up, email to admin on user registration, approval email to the user, forgot password email, etc.)
    • Send front end user groups to different pages after login with our customizable user login shortcode
    • Personalize the experience of your site with the [user-data] shortcode
    • UTF-8 support
    • Front end user features: user registration form, login form, edit user profile form, account management, user listings or searches, user profiles and more!
    • Back end user management features: add new fields, add new users, create and assign user levels / user roles, email settings and options
    • Let users choose their level on registration (useful with paid memberships)
    • One-click installer to quickly set up the basic front end user pages and functionality
    • Available public functions for total control and conditional behavior (some programming experience suggested)

    If you have existing members that you’d like to import into the plugin or if you’d like to export your current users to perform bulk updates, no need to worry. Front-End Only Users has both user import and user export functionality. Perform a user export to spreadsheet to get all of your user data, which you can then use for analytics in other software or to perform bulk user updates. And, if you have a lot of users that you need to add into the system, you can easily perform a user import from a spreadsheet, to get all users into the plugin in one shot.

    Front-End User Premium Features

    The premium version of Front-End Only Users includes lots of additional useful user management features such as:

    • Front-End user emails: Email all of the users on your site, or email subsets of users on your site
    • PayPal & Stripe integration: Ability to charge users a one-time, annual, or monthly membership fee through PayPal or Stripe
    • Create discount codes for the payments
    • Ability to integrate WordPress users, so that WP users can create profiles, access restricted content, be given a specific frontend user level within this plugin, etc.
    • User Levels: Ability to create different user levels and to specify a default user level for users to be set to when they register (created on the “Levels” tab). Different user level groups can have access to different user content, allowing for easy and effective user management.
    • Different registration forms depending on user level, option to let users select their own level
    • Add a captcha to the registration form
    • Access to the one-click installer, which lets you create all of the pages necessary for a user membership site with one click
    • Front end user WooCommerce integration: Autofill WooCommerce fields for logged-in users
    • Front-end user MailChimp integration: Makes it so new front end users are automatically added to your MailChimp list/contacts
    • Email confirmation: Require users to confirm their email address before they can log in.
    • Ability to restrict pages: Gives you the option of restricting pages to groups of users in the sidebar of the page editor.
    • Admin Approval of Users: Require users to be approved by an administrator in the WordPress back-end before they can log in.
    • User Statistics: This feature allows you to gather information about frontend users and how they are using your site, as well as to see what pages each user has visited.
    • Front end user import via spreadsheet and user export to spreadsheet

    ** We are pleased to offer a free 7-day trial of the premium version of Front-End Only Users, which you can use to test out all the features before buying the premium version! **

    A complete list of the plugin shortcodes can found on our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-only-users/faq/

    For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress user management plugin homepage.

    Front End User Additional Languages

    Thanks to the generous contribution of many of those who use our front-end only users plugin, we’re able to include translation files for the following languages:

    • Brazilian Portugese (Thanks to Humberto W.)
    • Dutch
    • French (Thanks to Olivier B.)
    • German (Thanks to Mikkael G.)
    • Italian (<href=”http://lineapixel.it”>Thanks to Christian P.)
    • Russian
    • Spanish (Mexican, thanks to Jorge N.)
    • Swedish (Thanks to Martin H.)

    For help and support, please see:

    • Our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-only-users/faq/
    • Our installation guide, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-only-users/installation/
    • Our documentation, here: http://www.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/front-end-only-users/documentation-front-end-only-users/
    • Our tutorial videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEndQUuhlvSolfe-rIpI3eK_TmfeEDPeH
    • The Front-End Only Users support forum, here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/front-end-only-users
    1. Simple registration page with custom user fields

      Simple registration page with custom user fields

    2. Login page

      Login page

    3. Registration page with social login enabled

      Registration page with social login enabled

    4. Restricted page with content preview

      Restricted page with content preview

    5. Sample user listing page showing all users who specified their "Gender" as "Male" displayed

      Sample user listing page showing all users who specified their "Gender" as "Male" displayed

    6. User search page where visitors can search for users with a specific first name

      User search page where visitors can search for users with a specific first name

    7. Forgot password first page in two-step confirmation process

      Forgot password first page in two-step confirmation process

    8. Payment page as part of registration

      Payment page as part of registration

    9. The "Dashboard" admin screen showing recent user activity

      The "Dashboard" admin screen showing recent user activity

    10. The "Statistics" overview admin screen, showing most visited content and recent user activity

      The "Statistics" overview admin screen, showing most visited content and recent user activity

    11. The "Fields" admin screen, where you can create and edit fields

      The "Fields" admin screen, where you can create and edit fields

    12. The "Levels" admin screen, where you can create and edit user levels

      The "Levels" admin screen, where you can create and edit user levels

    13. The "Basic" section of the "Options" admin screen

      The "Basic" section of the "Options" admin screen

    14. The "Premium" section of the "Options" admin screen

      The "Premium" section of the "Options" admin screen

    15. The "Payment" section of the "Options" admin screen, showing the customizable options

      The "Payment" section of the "Options" admin screen, showing the customizable options

    16. The "Commerce" section of the "Options" admin screen

      The "Commerce" section of the "Options" admin screen

    17. The "Labelling" section of the "Options" admin screen

      The "Labelling" section of the "Options" admin screen

    18. The "Styling" section of the "Options" admin screen.

      The "Styling" section of the "Options" admin screen.

    19. The "Emails" admin screen, where you can modify the different emails that the plugin can send out

      The "Emails" admin screen, where you can modify the different emails that the plugin can send out

    20. The "Payments" admin screen, showing recent payments, amount paid, next payment date and discount code used

      The "Payments" admin screen, showing recent payments, amount paid, next payment date and discount code used

    Tags: front-end-user frontend-user front-end-users
    4.0 (52)