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    Integrates Google Analytics – eCommerce tracking and automates end-to-end Google Shopping with dynamic remarketing tags.

    Product Description


    The new and enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce is there to help you – Know And Measure What Matters To Your Business.

    As a Premium Google Ads Partner, we are delighted to bring a new and enhanced Google Analytics Integration Plugin that does all the eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. We have 40000+ active eCommerce businesses across 150 countries using, benefitting, growing from this plugin.

    By opening an e-commerce store, your job is half done. To run it efficiently, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions, you have to do one more thing. Know Your Shoppers Well!

    And how will you do that? Well, Start with Understanding, Measuring, and Tracking their entire user journey with the help of Google Analytics Tracking for Woocommerce.

    • Know users likes & preferences
    • Offer them better experiences
    • Simplify their shopping process
    • Remove all the roadblocks that slow down or come in the way of conversion

    The enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce will show you all the stats that matter. The plugin is apt in helping global eCommerce businesses scale faster by integrating eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics for both the Universal Analytics (Google Analytics v3) and the Google Analytics 4 properties.


    Check the recent release of the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce, loaded with new features!

    • Dynamic Remarketing tags for eCommerce events and Google Shopping solution features include management of Google Merchant Center account.
    • Seamless product sync from your WooCommerce stores.
    • Link Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account, Smart Shopping Campaign management, and Shopping Campaign report.


    eCommerce businesses can –
    * Start making data-driven decisions.
    * Re-targeting the shoppers based on their past site behavior.
    * Become eligible for free listing across Google to reach millions of interested shoppers across Google.
    * Run your google shopping campaigns smoothly.

    Achieve all this by connecting Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center accounts. Want to know what is the best part?

    • NO CODING REQUIRED or NO NEED TO HIRE A DEVELOPER for the setup. You can configure the plugin instantly in under 5 minutes and with a few clicks from your WordPress backend.

    Here is how you can configure the plugin without any hassle and start scaling your eCommerce business faster.

    Create a new Google Ads account using the plugin and get a Google ads coupon upto USD 150 (amount differs based on the country you are in) on the spends you make in the first 31 days. See terms and condition.


    Enhanced eCommerce Google analytics plugin tracks the entire user journey on your eCommerce store from the home page to product views and from cart page to checkout page to thank you page.

    • For any eCommerce business, the most important thing is to know the accurate conversion %. Know the accurate conversion % for your eCommerce store and you have visibility on the entire eCommerce funnel to better channel marketing and UX/UI efforts to reach an optimum conversion %. See Sample Report.

    • Using this plugin, you can track your merchandising efforts by monitoring how certain products are performing on the home page or the product listing page and make better and well-informed merchandising decisions. See Sample Report.

    • You can track which products have a better view-to-cart ratio or a better view-to-conversion ratio, and based on this data, make better and well-informed pricing or product decisions. See Sample Report.

    • Track users who are abandoning the cart, which products are abandoned more in the cart, etc., and reach out to the users or update your product listing. See Sample Report.

    • You can track the performance of your checkout form and accordingly work on the UI/UX to increase the conversion rate for your eCommerce business. See Sample Report.

    • The best part is, you can track every impression and click of the product from which page they are added to the cart, how users interact with your checkout page before making the final purchase by our new and enhanced eCommerce Google analytics plugin.


    • Audience reports help know your customers in a whole new way. It gives you much-needed detailed insights like – from which countries your users are coming from, their age, gender, interests, devices, and much more. Considering this, you can easily set up your content and design to match your audience preferences. See Sample Report.

    • Behaviour reports help you get to know how users are interacting with your website, how much time they are spending, how much they browse before making a final purchase, and a whole lot more. See Sample Report.

    • Acquisition reports tell you which sources are attributing the traffic to your website, their performance when it comes to conversion, and much more. You can channel your efforts in better marketing ROI. See Sample Report.


    • Get your WooCommerce products in front of the millions of shoppers across Google.

    • Opt your product data into programmes, like surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, local inventory ads, and Shopping Actions, and highlight your products to shoppers across Google.

    • Reach out to customers leaving your WooCommerce store by running Smart Google shopping campaigns based on their past site behavior. Learn more about Google Shopping


    • Step 1: Create or connect Google Merchant Center account using the plugin

    • Step 2: Sync your WooCommerce products seamlessly from your wordpress backend to Merchant Center account from plugin’s interface

    • Step 3: Link your Google Ads account with Merchant Center account for dynamic remarketing and smart shopping campaigns

    Features of Plugin

    1. Quick & Easy 5 minutes installation from the WordPress interface
    2. Enables 4 Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics (Google Analytics v3)
      • Shopping Behaviour Report
      • Checkout Behaviour Report
      • Product Performance Report
      • Sales Performance Report
      • Enables Audience, Acquisition & Behaviour reports in Google Analytics in Universal Analytics
      • Supports Guest checkout functionality
      • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on category page
      • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on product page
      • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on featured Product Section on Homepage
      • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on Recent Product Section on Homepage
      • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks events on Related Product Section on Product page
      • Captures checkout behaviour of users in Google Analytics under Conversion > Ecommerce > Checkout behaviour report
    3. Data collection in Google Analytics 4 property in order to get ready for next generation analytics
      • eCommerce events tracking like product impressions, product clicks, product detail page view, add to cart, remove from cart, checkout steps tracking and purchase on home page, category page, product listing page, product detail page, cart page, checkout page, and order confirmation page
    4. User can select and opt for eCommerce tracking in both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties
    5. Google Ads account linking with Google Analytics property in order to have better insights on your ad spends in Google analytics reports
    6. Capture transaction/conversion information in Google analytics under Conversion > Ecommerce > Sales performance report
    7. Set your local currency
    8. Google Analytics Opt Out
    9. IP Anonymization
    10. Dynamic remarketing tags integration and automation for eCommerce events like view_item_list, view_item, add_to_cart and purchase
    11. Remarketing tags automation for all pages
    12. Create and manage Google Merchant Center Account and auto linking of Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account for smart shopping and shopping campaigns
    13. Automatic site verification and domain claim for Google Merchant Center account
    14. Seamless product sync from wordpress backend to Google Merchant Center account in order to opt for Surfaces across Google and Google Shopping.
    15. Automatic price and inventory update for your WooCommerce products to Merchant Center account
    16. Smart Shopping Campaign creation and management from WordPress backend
    17. Shopping campaign performance dashboard
    18. Product Sync dashboard

    Fast track and scale your eCommerce business to new heights by unlocking more advanced tracking and enabling complete google shopping solutions for your WooCommerce store. Give a try to our pro version.

    Features of our pro version:

    • All the features included in Enhanced ecommerce Google analytics plugin
    • Additional 5 enhanced ecommerce reports in Google Analytics: Overview, product list performance report, order coupon report, Internal promotion report, product coupon report, Affiliate code report
    • Complete eCommerce tracking for google analytics 4 tracking
    • You can track both google analytics 4 and universal analytics properties for your WooCommerce store
    • Google ads conversion tracking
    • 20 custom dimensions and metrics tracking in your google analytics properties
    • User id and client id tracking for cross device user tracking
    • Product refund tracking
    • Form field tracking
    • Content grouping
    • 404 tracking
    • Opt in/ consent compatibility with WP GDPR compliance, borlabs cookies etc.
    • Complete google shopping solution
    • Sync your WooCommerce products seamlessly in your merchant center account from your wp admin
    • Schedule automatic product feed updates
    • Google merchant center account management and creation from the wp admin
    • Link your google ads and google merchant center account
    • Create and manage smart shopping campaigns from the wp admin
    • Smart shopping campaign reports
    • Compatibility with other widely used plugins
    • Child theme compatibility
    • Premium support
    • Free GA audit
    • Consultation with Google Shopping expert to set up and enhance campaigns
    • CRO consulatation (Boost your eCommerce conversation with proven hypothesis) (Paid)
    • Customization as per your requirements(Paid)

    Reach out to us with your query here for a faster solution.

    1. This is the main settings page of the plugin from where you can sign in to connect your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account.

      This is the main settings page of the plugin from where you can sign in to connect your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account.

    2. You can select the type of Google Analytics account you want to tag your website with. You can choose Universal analytics property, Google Analytics 4 property or both and eCommerce tracking in your website will be enabled.

      You can select the type of Google Analytics account you want to tag your website with. You can choose Universal analytics property, Google Analytics 4 property or both and eCommerce tracking in your website will be enabled.

    3. Select existing Google Ads or create a new Google Ads account from here. Once you select Google Ads account from here, your website will start collecting dynamic remarketing tags for all the important eCommerce events in your Google Ads account. Also, your Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center accounts will be linked with selected Google Ads accounts so that you have better insights in your Google Analytics and you can start running Smart shopping campaigns.

      Select existing Google Ads or create a new Google Ads account from here. Once you select Google Ads account from here, your website will start collecting dynamic remarketing tags for all the important eCommerce events in your Google Ads account. Also, your Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center accounts will be linked with selected Google Ads accounts so that you have better insights in your Google Analytics and you can start running Smart shopping campaigns.

    4. Select existing Google Merchant Center or create a new Google Merchant Center account to verify the site and to claim the domain for your Merchant center account approval and Opt your product data into programmes, like surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, local inventory ads and Shopping Actions, to highlight your products to shoppers across Google.

      Select existing Google Merchant Center or create a new Google Merchant Center account to verify the site and to claim the domain for your Merchant center account approval and Opt your product data into programmes, like surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, local inventory ads and Shopping Actions, to highlight your products to shoppers across Google.

    5. Product sync dashboard when no products are synced to your Google Merchant center account.

      Product sync dashboard when no products are synced to your Google Merchant center account.

    6. Map your WooCommerce product categories with Google Merchant center categories

      Map your WooCommerce product categories with Google Merchant center categories

    7. Map your WooCommerce product attributes with Google Merchant center product attributes to sync/add/update products in your Merchant Center account from Wordpress backend.

      Map your WooCommerce product attributes with Google Merchant center product attributes to sync/add/update products in your Merchant Center account from Wordpress backend.

    8. Product sync dashboard when the products are synced in your merchant center account.

      Product sync dashboard when the products are synced in your merchant center account.

    9. Create a smart shopping campaign by filling two details once you connect your Google Ads and Google Merchant center accounts A Campaign name B Daily budget.

      Create a smart shopping campaign by filling two details once you connect your Google Ads and Google Merchant center accounts A Campaign name B Daily budget.

    10. Google Analytics 4 dashboard 1 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Google Analytics 4 dashboard 1 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    11. Google Analytics 4 dashboard 2 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Google Analytics 4 dashboard 2 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    12. Google Analytics 4--> Monetization 1 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Overview. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Google Analytics 4--> Monetization 1 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Overview. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    13. Google Analytics 4--> Monetization 2 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Overview. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Google Analytics 4--> Monetization 2 Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Overview. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    14. Google Analytics 4 Monetization --> Ecommerce purchases Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Ecommerce purchases. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Google Analytics 4 Monetization --> Ecommerce purchases Once you connect Google Analytics 4 property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics 4 under Monetization --> Ecommerce purchases. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    15. Universal Analytics dashboard 1 Once you connect Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

      Universal Analytics dashboard 1 Once you connect Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) property from the plugin, your WooCommerce store's data will look like this in your Google Analytics dashboard. The plugin captures all the data points related to eCommerce events.

    16. Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Overview Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot.

      Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Overview Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot.

    17. Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Shopping Behavior Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot.

      Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Shopping Behavior Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot.

    18. Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Sales Performance Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you data related to purchase events that are triggered on your WooCommerce shop.

      Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Sales Performance Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you data related to purchase events that are triggered on your WooCommerce shop.

    19. Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Product Performance Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you data related to products that are triggered on your WooCommerce shop.

      Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Product Performance Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you data related to products that are triggered on your WooCommerce shop.

    20. Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Checkout Behavior Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you how users are navigating to your checkout.

      Universal Analytics-->Conversion-->Ecommerce-->Checkout Behavior Your Google Analytics account will start reflecting data as shown in the screenshot. This report shows you how users are navigating to your checkout.

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    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Details Features | Youtube Video Tutorials | Demo | User Guide

    Looking for a WordPress table plugin for your website? Then you’re in the right place.

    Meet Ninja Tables, the best WP table plugin that comes with all the solutions to the problems you face while creating tables on your posts/pages.

    Perhaps, you already know how tough it is to customize your table design. Let alone importing or exporting WP Datatables or making it responsive!

    Ninja Tables will give you the best experience of making WordPress tables in every possible way you can ever think of! Whatever way you want to design your WordPress table, you can do it without writing a single line of code!

    And the best part? The tables won’t slow down your website even if you have thousands of data rows on your online table! You can create and manage tables from the admin panel quickly, effectively, and easily.

    If you want to check out if this plugin fulfills your requirements of a WordPress table plugin, check out the demo page.

    You can also watch the usage demo on YouTube.

    Ninja Tables Features

    Worried about table styling? Brace yourself!

    Ninja Tables give you the freedom to choose styles from 100+ tables styles. We also have the 3 most popular CSS libraries with unlimited color schema! The most featured styles are as follows:

    • Single Line Cells
    • Fixed Layout
    • Hover rows
    • Bordered table
    • Table Inverse
    • Striped rows
    • Compact Table
    • RTL Support
    • Data Tables
    • Footable Tables
    • Stackable Table
    • Bootstrap 3 Table Styles
    • Bootstrap 4 Table Styles
    • Semantic UI Table Styles

    The Premium version of Ninja Tables comes with the following advanced features:
    – Unlimited Table Colors and Customization
    Live Connect with Google Sheets
    WooCommerce Product Table
    WP Posts / Any Custom Post Type Integration
    Rich Media Integration with WP Table
    Conditional Column Formatting
    – FrontEnd Table Editing
    – FrontEnd Table export – CSV, Print, PDF
    – Show data from your own custom SQL table and SQL query


    If you have tried the demo, you can clearly see how fast and dynamic tables created on Ninja Tables Plugin can be. It is an easy and user-friendly WordPress table plugin that comes with the most advanced frontend table styles including, Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI, etc.

    Ninja Tables is perfect for your product list view. You can make order forms, wholesale WooCommerce products, and product catalogs. Besides, if you want to add pagination, sorting, or filtering to your tables, our table maker can do that for you.

    Our table maker is also SEO-friendly, and the search engines can pick all the contents of the table. So if you want to use the table maker for creating a table of contents, list, or other table contents that impact search engines, you can do so with ease.

    A Blazingly Fast WP Table Plugin!

    Developer or not, we care about all our users. We know about several free and paid WordPress table plugins that receive complaints over their table’s speed and responsiveness. But with Ninja Tables, you will never face any issue with loading or rendering data both on the frontend and backend! The plugin’s backend is built on VueJs and VueRouter as SPA!

    That is why our users get a smooth experience of creating tables, configuring settings, adding entries, importing from CSVs, rearranging columns, etc. within a blink of an eye!

    The frontend of the table maker is even faster! It uses minimal JS and CSS to load the table, and you can also use AJAX tables to handle thousands of data without affecting the page load!

    Another important part is, the CSS and JS files will be loaded only on the page where you add table shortcode. Overall, our technology makes this plugin one of the most responsive WordPress table makers you can grab for free!

    Amazing Editing Environment

    We have introduced the finest feature you can ever get for making a table. Ninja Tables plugin comes with a design studio for customizing and styling your WordPress tables.

    With our Table Design Studio, you can set colors to the table components or customize anything without even writing a single CSS line. And real time visual changes will also help you make or edit WP tables like a pro!

    Is it possible to create automatic responsive tables? Yes, you can visually see how your tables will look like on various devices!

    Here is a quick view of how you can customize your tables with the Design Studio.

    Create Responsive WordPress Tables

    While it’s hard to find a responsive WordPress table plugin for free, we can assure you that Ninja Tables really are responsive!

    Yes, we did that critical task of making all the tables automatically responsive for mobile devices by placing in-row expandable areas! You can control which columns you want to show on a specific kind of device from our design studio. The fantastic part is that the search, pagination, sorting, and other features of your WordPress tables will also work on mobile devices!

    Don’t believe us? Check out the demo:

    In version 3.1.0, we’ve also introduced Stackable Table UI, where you can show each row as a list view for mobile and table. Please check screenshot-2.

    Configure Your Tables Easily

    Designing table columns and configuring responsive breakpoints is faster than ever with our user-friendly column builder. It lets you rearrange the columns easily, and you can specify the data type for each column like a single-line text, text area, or HTML area where you will get a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

    Exporting and Importing Tables Data

    We know how hard it is to type in all the table data if you lose them. Unless your WordPress table maker plugin comes with the export-import feature, you’ll probably have to fill out thousands (or millions!) of table cells manually to complete your table!

    Ninja Tables have a surprising feature to help you export and import your tables. You can export the table data into a CSV file or use the JSON format to import later. If you are using a TablePress Plugin / Ultimate Table Plugin / Supsystic Plugin, you can also import the table data to Ninja Tables in just one single click!

    Import From TablePress Plugin

    If you already have tables built with TablePress Plugin, you can quickly transfer the tables with one click per table. We have made the process very easy to enjoy the modern table experience and build your tables in no time.

    Import From Ultimate Tables Plugin

    We also have provisions for moving your tables to Ninja Tables from the Ultimate Tables plugin.
    Now You can transfer tables to Ninja Tables by going to Ninja Tables-> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Ultimate Tables.”
    You will see a list of all the tables that you created. You can transfer any table to Ninja Tables with a single click.

    Import From Data Tables Generator By Supsystic Plugin

    Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is another popular WordPress table plugin.
    If you were using the Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin before and want to move the tables to Ninja Tables, go to Ninja Tables -> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.”

    You’ll see a list of all the Supsystic Tables. You can transfer any table to Ninja Tables with a single click.

    What’s New on 4.1.0?

    Over the past two years of development, we released several updates for Ninja Tables. These include improvements to the existing features and some wonderful additions to help you design tables more effectively.

    Ninja Charts integration

    Ninja Charts is a data visualizer plugin that can help you visualize statistics and data through beautiful charts. We have integrated Ninja Tables with Ninja Charts so that you can use your table data to create and display astonishing charts on your website.

    Check the video below to learn more about Ninja Charts:

    Search Functionality using special characters

    We have improved the search bar of Ninja Tables to help you specify your searches using special characters. The search results will be more accurate and specific using special characters!

    WP Fluent Forms Integration

    We have received a lot of messages for integrating Fluent Forms, with our WordPress table plugin, Ninja Tables. And that’s why we combined Ninja Tables with Fluent Forms so that you can add Fluent Forms entries to your tables effortlessly!

    You can watch the following video to know more about this latest feature:

    Build Any Type of Table

    You can build any type of table using Ninja Tables. Our users are already making various types of tables using this responsive table plugin. Such as:

    • Data Table
    • Pricing Table
    • Amazon Affiliate Product Table
    • Product Comparion Table
    • Responsive Product Specification Table
    • Member List Table
    • Any type of Sortable and Searchable Data Table
    • Customer List Table
    • League Points Table
    • Sports Team Member Table with Image
    • Any Type of Data that need to be shown as tabular format

    Blazing Fast Frontend Table Rendering

    We have optimized this plugin for about 2 years and improved the features significantly. But we did not compromise with page speed. Ninja Tables will only load the scripts and styles on the page where you insert the shortcode. That means your site will not be slow.

    Our ajax technique loads thousands of rows without slowing down any WordPress site. The front-end javascript file is less than 4KB (Incredible, right?)

    Further improvements to this plugin are underway, so you may contribute by giving us suggestions anytime. Our engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Awesome Support

    You can get dedicated support from our excellent happiness managers and developers for this beautiful WordPress table plugin for free! All you need to do is create a support ticket from here: https://wpmanageninja.com/support-tickets/.

    Your problems will be solved within a few hours (maximum), and you can also request features by creating support tickets.

    Create Dynamic WooCommerce Product Tables [Pro Feature]

    With Ninja Tables, you won’t have to worry about creating WooCommerce product tables anymore. The table’s Pro integration will let you build dynamic WooCommerce product tables in just a few clicks. This allows your users to buy multiple products from a single page with built-in cart info and checkout buttons.
    Purchase Ninja Tables Pro to present each WooCommerce product table in a professional manner.

    Let Us Know What You Think

    We have a dedicated support team, and we love to hear from our users. We try to integrate features that our users want. Please let us know your feedback, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Documentation with Video

    What our users saying about the Best WordPress Table Plugin

    Great plugin and fast helpful support

    Documentation is good as a great start and the supplemental support so far has been fast and very helpful. Would happily recommend! – By @toll02

    Feature Packed, Customizable and Easy To Use

    I opted for this plugin over TablePress and am really glad I did. Its functionality and usability are beyond anything else I have seen.
    On top of this, the support is AMAZING. Fast and professional.
    -By AusSimon (@aussimon)

    Compared to TablePress, which is incredibly hard to use to build tables with many columns with different data types, this is a lifesaver. Best table plugin for WordPress so far. – By Bob (@shallway)

    Amazing time saver!

    This is my Go-To app, after years of fat-fingering updates into a spreadsheet, And then working to upload the information. Ninja Tables is time/lifesaver. Very easy to use. I send my client(s) a spreadsheet, they update their rates and I import/upload these to the site. That’s it. I highly recommend! – By RTyrell (@rtyrell)

    Great Plugin, Even Better Support

    This plugin is easily one of my most used plugins for my website. It is very easy to use and is packed with features. The developers are super quick to respond if you happen to run into any issues. Definitely recommended! – By @dnobhlrjr

    The New Supreme Ruler of Table Plugins

    It looks good, It loads fast, It allows for ‘views’ without bogging down the server, It allows for a great deal of customization. – By @bronzeego

    Ninja Tables is still one of the most performant plugins I use.

    Ninja Tables is still one of the most performant plugins I use.
    Many thanks to the support of Ninja Tables.
    – By @alcapone65

    Best and most flexible WP Tables Plugin

    We tried a lot of plugins, but “Ninja Tables” was the only one that fits all our needs. It’s no rocket science to create the first table and fill it up with data.

    Additionally, it is so flexible that you are able to move and change the table without having to re-create the whole thing. PS: We’re using the Pro version now, and it’s absolutely worth the price – it’s nearly a steal for what you get.
    5 5-Stars! Great work!
    – By @parkscheibe

    From the above section, you can see what our users are saying about our WordPress table plugin. Give this plugin a try and explore the powerful features and table styles.

    Let us know what you loved and what else you need from this plugin.

    Try Best Contact Form Builder Plugin Tool

    If you need a contact form builder tool, we have a special plugin for you.

    WP Fluent Forms – Best Contact Form Plugin with Advanced Form Builder Features

    With this form plugin, you can create beautiful contact forms in seconds and collect leads, data, and many more!

    Contribute to Ninja Tables – Best WP DataTables Plugin

    The full source code is available on Github. Feel free to report a bug report.

    1. Table Preview with Features

      Table Preview with Features

    2. Stackable Table Demo

      Stackable Table Demo

    3. Backend - Table Column Configuration

      Backend - Table Column Configuration

    4. Table Design Studio - Use any color in your mind

      Table Design Studio - Use any color in your mind

    5. Backend - Import / Export Table Data

      Backend - Import / Export Table Data

    6. Import or Export Table from CSV,JSON or from TablePress

      Import or Export Table from CSV,JSON or from TablePress

    7. Default Table View in Frontend

      Default Table View in Frontend

    8. Teal Color Table View in Frontend

      Teal Color Table View in Frontend

    9. Black Color Table View in Frontend

      Black Color Table View in Frontend

    10. Import TablePress Tables in NinjaTables

      Import TablePress Tables in NinjaTables

    Tags: wordpress-tables table-builder table-plugin wpdatatables table-grid
    4.6 (248)
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    Contributers: Ladela

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Bookly is a free scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows accepting online bookings on your website and automating your reservation system. Manage your booking calendar, services, client base, save time and money – all in one place. Join more than 50,000 businesses all around the world that have already automated their online booking system!

    Bookly is designed to grow your online sales and make easy appointments. This is a one-stop shop for any businesses from hair salons or photography to wealth management and transportation. You can start easily with the free version of Bookly and once your business scales you can operate ultimate scheduling software with the paid version available with the Bookly Pro add-on, and various add-ons.

    PLEASE NOTE that online payments, unlimited number of staff members and services, and ability to install add-ons are NOT AVAILABLE in the free version. If you would like to find out more about features available with the Bookly PRO add-on, please check our demo.

    Bookly Homepage | Pro Features (Bookly Pro add-on required) |
    Add-ons (Bookly Pro add-on required) | Bookly Help Center | Demo

    1. Benefits for the customers

    Online Scheduling with Bookly couldn’t be any easier for your customers. The booking form is perfectly responsive on any device, and all that customers need to do is pick their desired service and time, provide you with a few personal details, and voilà – it’s done! Your customers will receive an email or SMS notification before the appointment, and it will be automatically added to your Appointment Booking Calendar.

    1.1 When you install Bookly on your website, your customers will be able to:

    – quickly schedule and book appointment without having to directly contact you or your employee;
    – make a booking on any device, since Bookly design is fully responsive;
    select the category, the service, and employee to perform the service;
    define the dates and time that work best for them and the booking system will offer only available time slots;
    – fill in the minimum amount of contact details;
    – get an email and SMS notification confirming their online reservations;
    get SMS reminder about an upcoming appointment.

    1.2 Bookly Key Benefits

    • Saves time – no action necessary after booking is confirmed
    • Friendly booking interface – easy navigation
    • Minimal data input required
    • Responsive booking form – works on any device
    • Never forget a booked appointment with SMS and email notifications

    2. Benefits for the business owner

    No coding experience required to set up Bookly. We did our best to make it as easy and quick as possible to install and start using Bookly free scheduling software on your WordPress website. And with our Bookly Pro add-on and other add-ons, you will bring online scheduling experience for you and your customers to the next level.

    You will be able to navigate the Booking Admin Panel like a pro, approve and adjust your appointments, and automate your online scheduling to concentrate on the most important part of your business – serving your customers and grow sales.

    You can change the layout and modify the appearance of the booking form to match your business, website, and branding, manage your services and the customers’ list and send email and SMS notifications – all in one place.

    You can use a wide range of Bookly features to configure your Appointment Scheduler and manage your bookings effectively:

    – easily and effectively manage your Customer list and Appointment Calendar online from the Admin panel;
    – add an unlimited number of clients to your searchable and sortable Customer list;
    – add new customer directly from the calendar;
    – setup and customize SMS settings right from Bookly backend;
    notify customers and a service provider about approved, pending and canceled appointments via SMS and Email notifications;
    – view calendar in monthly/weekly/daily format;
    – filter, search and sort booking list;
    – automatically approve or cancel appointments.

    Configure the booking form to suit your needs:

    customize every step of your booking form, including editable headings, texts, and buttons;
    – translate all user interface and notifications into 40+ languages via WPML plugin;
    add as many booking forms on your website as you want;
    – show or hide specific fields if you don’t want them to be visible to your customers;
    – use pre-defined default values for Category, Service and Employee fields in your booking form;
    choose the way your customers will see your booking form on the front-end (e.g., show or hide the calendar, show each day in one column, display blocked time slots);
    – display available time slots in the client’s time zone;
    set duration for each service separately;
    – choose an individual color for each service in order to color code appointments internally in your Appointment Booking Calendar;
    organize services into categories (you can add up to five services with the free version of Bookly);

    2.1 Key Features

    • Fast online booking with intuitively manageable forms
    • The fully customizable appearance of the booking form with no coding involved
    • Unlimited number of booking forms on your site
    • Comprehensive admin area with an intuitive interface
    • Monthly/weekly/daily calendar view for the service provider
    • Manageable list of your customers
    • Filterable, sortable and searchable booking list of your customers
    • Variable duration for each service (5 min – 7 days)
    • Services grouped into categories
    • Customizable SMS and email notifications settings right from the Bookly backend
    • WPML integration for multi-language support

    3. Who can benefit from using Bookly:

    Bookly for WordPress is designed to be used by local businesses or individual providers who offer different services to customers. Since the booking form can be fully customized and personalized, it is successfully used in many business segments such as Healthcare, Beauty, Education, Medicine, Consulting etc., as well as by individual professionals.

    Also, Bookly is an excellent solution for web studios and developers, who are looking for ways to improve the appointment process for their customers.

    Online scheduling for:

    • Salon & Beauty (hair salons, nail salons, cosmetology centers, tanning studios, barbershops)
    • Health and wellness (wellness, spa & massage, aromatherapy, baths)
    • Medicine (clinics, doctors, dentists, medical centers)
    • Education (education centers, tutors, language schools, private lessons)
    • Fitness & Gyms (yoga classes, personal trainers, health clubs, fitness centers, dance instructors)
    • Professional services (coaches, consultants, lawyers, photographers, consulting psychologist, cleaning services)
    • or any other services which can be scheduled and reserved online using the booking system.

    4. Bookly Pro add-on features:

    Bookly Pro add-on allows you to use more features and settings, install other add-ons for Bookly, includes six months of customer support, and provides you with advanced capabilities for automating your online scheduling system. Some of them include:

    • Unlimited number of staff members with an individual working schedule and ability to manage their profiles and online booking calendar
    • Unlimited number of services with additional settings (padding time, visibility, limitations, etc.)
    • Ability to receive secure and flexible online payments on your website
    • Additional templates for Email notifications (e.g., reminders about upcoming appointments, follow-up messages, birthday greetings, next day agenda, etc.)
    • Advanced features for customizing your online booking form (show address fields, birthday fields, Facebook login, timezone switcher)
    • Google Calendar integration
    • WooCommerce compatibility
    • Importable and exportable customer list which includes info about appointments and payments
    • Built-in analytics so you will be able to see a comprehensive report about the number of bookings, customers and payments received
    • Ability to purchase and use dozens of paid add-ons for deeper customization of your booking system (various payment gateways, group bookings, custom fields, service extra items, recurring appointments, deposits, coupons, personal staff cabinet and user account for your clients, automatic invoicing, waiting list, and much more!)



    • Add at least one service (Bookly menu > Services).
    • Add a staff member linked to your service (Bookly menu > Staff members).
    • Customize the appearance of your online booking form (Bookly menu > Appearance).
    • Publish the booking form on your website (WordPress sidebar menu > Pages/Posts).
    1. Mobile-friendly booking form

      Mobile-friendly booking form

    2. Booking process for customer

      Booking process for customer

    3. Booking process for customer

      Booking process for customer

    4. Booking process for customer

      Booking process for customer

    5. Color-coding services in Bookly Calendar

      Color-coding services in Bookly Calendar

    6. Appointment List

      Appointment List

    7. Edit appointment window

      Edit appointment window

    8. Unlimited Customer List

      Unlimited Customer List

    9. Services grouped into categories

      Services grouped into categories

    10. Individual settings for each service

      Individual settings for each service

    11. Staff member settings

      Staff member settings

    12. Staff member settings

      Staff member settings

    13. Staff member schedule

      Staff member schedule

    14. Staff member days off and vacation

      Staff member days off and vacation

    15. Frontend form customization: editable texts for all elements of the form

      Frontend form customization: editable texts for all elements of the form

    16. Frontend form customization: appearance of the time step

      Frontend form customization: appearance of the time step

    17. Templates for Email Notifications to customers

      Templates for Email Notifications to customers

    18. Email Notification to customer about pending appointment

      Email Notification to customer about pending appointment

    19. Bookly General settings

      Bookly General settings

    20. Bookly General settings: edit the record template displayed in the Calendar

      Bookly General settings: edit the record template displayed in the Calendar

    Tags: appointment-booking booking-calendar reservation-calendar booking booking-system
    4.1 (255)
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    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Caldera Forms will be sunset/retired on 31 Dec 2021.
    Security, WordPress compatibility, and maintenance updates will continue until that time.
    To find out what this means for you and your forms, please read the full initial update on the CalderaForms.com blog, and stay tuned there for future updates.

    Caldera Form is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor. Caldera Forms has many free user-friendly add-ons for both beginners and web developers. Learn more about Caldera Forms at CalderaForms.com.

    Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, notification emails, and database entry tracking are enabled by default.

    Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin by Caldera Labs.

    5 Stars! “Exceptionally well thought out and executed.”

    -Pippin Williamson: Developer of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP.

    Top Features

    • Intuitive user interface !
    • Easy to use – drag and drop !
    • Tons of great field types – calculation, dropdown select, radio, file upload
    • Conditional logic for form fields, processors and auto-responder recipients!
    • Front-end post submissions and post editing with the free Caldera Custom Fields add-on
    • NO LIMITATIONS on the number of forms or fields or submissions!
    • Unlimited auto-responders!
    • Anti-spam by default to stop those bots!
    • Export entries to CSV!
    • Responsive and accessible by default!
    • A ton of add-ons to take your forms farther!
    • Free CDN to improve site speed

    Responsive By Design

    Caldera Forms is a different kind of WordPress form builder. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it’s never been easier and less stressful to create forms for your WordPress site that look awesome on any device. The visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and visitors.

    Whether you are creating a simple contact form or a complex system, you’ll love the drag and drop editor. Your site’s visitors will love the totally responsive, live-updating forms.

    “Caldera Forms does a thing well, let’s you build forms on your website quickly… I ship it with just about every site these days.”

    • Alex Vasquez: Owner of the DigiSavvy agency.

    Get Started Quickly With Form Templates

    Caldera Forms ships with form templates that help you create beautiful, responsive forms quickly. With our powerful grid-base form builder, you can add new fields or modify the layout quickly.

    Quickly configure the email notification, to let you know when a form has been submitted. Add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms to send emails to your lead.

    “I’ve converted many sites from Gravity Forms because Caldera Forms is easier, more powerful, and the forms looks great on any device by default”

    • Matt Cromwell: Head of support for WordImpress

    Anti-Spam By Default

    Spam is annoying. No form builder is complete without a robust anti-spam system.

    Anti-spam is not an add-on with Caldera Forms, your forms will repel spam using a highly-effective honey pot. Anti-spam does not require configuration or adding a Captcha that will hurt your conversions.

    “A drag-and-drop builder that is both easy and fun to use, we reckon Caldera Forms is possibly one of the best, most advanced free form builders available, and we highly recommend it.”

    • Lisa-Robyn Keown – Aspen Grove Studios

    All The Fields You Need

    Caldera Forms has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you. You can set field defaults using the power of Caldera Forms magic tags. Impress your site’s visitors when you take advantage of field sync!

    Caldera Forms field types include:

    • Text
    • Credit Card Number
    • Credit Card Expiration
    • Credit Card Secret Code
    • Auto-complete
    • URL
    • Calculation
    • Range Slider
    • Star Rating
    • Summary
    • WYSIWYG – rich text editor
    • Phone
    • Text
    • File Upload
    • HTML
    • Hidden
    • Button
    • Email
    • Paragraph
    • Toggle Switch
    • Dropdown Select
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
    • Date Picker
    • Color Picker

    All of these field types are included in the free version! We don’t call basic field types like URL or hidden fancy and charge extra. We even throw in the fancy field types like calculation and and phone fields!

    “WordPress should have more plugins like this. Adding new forms, editing their settings and stuff is fun.”

    • Ahmad Awais: Full Stack WordPress Developer

    Awesome Conditional Logic

    Caldera Forms provides a visual editor for conditional logic. Show only the fields you need to make your forms easy, and maximize conversions.

    When creating a form, you want to make sure to only show and only require the necessary information. Forms with fields that are not always needed can be confusing. Conditional groups, applied to fields allow your forms to adapt to user input, as it is entered.

    “I love Caldera. I’d marry it if possible.”

    • Lee Jackson: WordPress Developer and host of the WP Innovator Podcast

    Use Caldera Forms As Super-Powered Search Tool

    Caldera Forms is more than just an awesome form builder. You can use Caldera Forms to create totally custom search forms. Search posts, users, categories, tags, custom post types, custom fields — including those added with Advanced Custom Fields.

    • Easy Pods – Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search in any post type, taxonomy, or even users or a custom database table. Requires Pods works with any custom post type.
    • Easy Queries Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search across multiple post types, works great with Advanced Custom Fields.

    “Great plugin that I will be using for years to come”

    • Devin Walker: Developer of Give, WooCommerce QuickCheckout and Maps Builder Pro.

    Track, Edit and View Your Form Submissions

    Caldera Forms tracks all of your form submission data in the WordPress database. The entry viewer is fast, dynamic and responsive. You can choose to create sub-menu pages for viewing form submissions and chose which users roles are allowed to view those pages.

    Entry editing is a core feature of Caldera Forms. When editing entries, click the “Edit Entry” button to edit your saved data. Display your form entries with the Front-End Entry Viewer!

    “While Gravity Forms may be the more established form solution plugin for WordPress, there is another contender out there that is a real gem. And that gem is Caldera Forms.”

    • John Teague: Owner of Theme Surgeons


    All Caldera Forms Add-ons

    Grow Your Email List
    * MailChimp – Seamlessly integrate MailChimp optins into your forms.
    * Aweber – Aweber marketting automation meets Caldera Forms.
    * ConvertKit – Convert leads to customers the ConvertKit way.

    Accept Payments
    * Stripe – Accept credit card payments via Stripe.
    * PayPal Express – Accept payments via Paypal Express.
    * Dwolla – Accept payments with low fees using Dwolla.
    * Authorize.net Accept all major credit cards by integrating Caldera Forms with Authorize.net.
    * BrainTree Accept credit card payments in your form through BrainTree.

    Increase And Measure Conversions
    * Google Analytics – Track custom events and eCommerce conversions.
    * Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
    * A/B Testing – A/B testing for your forms. Powered by Ingot

    Front-End Post and User Profile Editing
    * Users – Register or login users from your form.
    * Caldera Custom Fields – Save form submissions as post and post meta.

    Cool Tools!
    * Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
    * Geolocation – Make a text field a geolocation auto-complete field and recorded geocoded data.
    * Mark Viewed – Let users track what content they have viewed using a Caldera Forms.
    * Mail Templates – Add your logo, and your brand’s color scheme to your emails sent from Caldera Forms.
    * Nexmo Get SMS notifications of form submissions.
    * Translations – Multi-lingual WordPress forms. Translate all form fields. One form, all the languages!
    * Verify Email for Caldera Forms – Send an email with a validate link to verify the email address before completing the form submission.
    * Form as Metabox – Custom Fields – Use a Caldera Form as a metabox in the post editor to save custom field values.
    * Slack Integration for Caldera Forms – Get notifications in Slack whenever a Caldera Form is submitted.
    * Run Action – Trigger a WordPress action with your form submission.
    * Conditional Fail – Set conditions to cause that if met will allow or prevent form submission.
    * Postmatic – Subscribe users to your posts and comments using Postmatic.

    Third-party add-ons and integrations:
    * Caldera Forms Google Sheets Create spreadsheats in Google Drive with form submissions.
    * Testify – Testimonials plugin with front-end submissions powered by Caldera Forms.
    * AffiliateWP – Register affiliate referral commissions when a Caldera Form is submitted.
    * PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon – Style Caldera Forms in the Beaver Builder layout
    * FileTrip Upload fields to Dropbox or Google Drive from Caldera Forms.
    * WP HTML Email Design fancy, responsive emails for Caldera Forms email notifications.
    * CleanTalk Anti-Spam – Additional anti-spam protection for your forms.
    * UpiCrm – Use Caldera Forms to add content to the UpiCRM database.

    1. <strong>Mobile Friendly</strong> - Looks Great On Any Device!

      Mobile Friendly - Looks Great On Any Device!

    2. <strong>Easy, Powerful Grid-based Form Builder</strong> - Drag and drop editor!

      Easy, Powerful Grid-based Form Builder - Drag and drop editor!

    3. <strong>All The Field Types You Need</strong> - Tons of fields! The fancy fields are included!

      All The Field Types You Need - Tons of fields! The fancy fields are included!

    4. <strong>Powerful Conditional Logic</strong> - Hide, show and disable fields based on user input! Don't pay for conditional logic!

      Powerful Conditional Logic - Hide, show and disable fields based on user input! Don't pay for conditional logic!

    5. <strong>Go Further With Form Processors</strong> - Auto-responders, conditional recipients, redirects are included! Go further with our add-ons!

      Go Further With Form Processors - Auto-responders, conditional recipients, redirects are included! Go further with our add-ons!

    Tags: forms form-manager form-creator form contact-form
    4.2 (420)
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    Contributers: Collect.chat

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Connect with your website visitors for free using a chatbot widget. This chatbot WordPress plugin from Collect.chat is the easiest way to add a chat widget to your site. Watch your conversions skyrocket with customer communication in real-time and zero effort on your side.


    1. Chat with visitors 24/7, even while you sleep
    2. Convert them into paying customers
    3. Generate & qualify your leads on autopilot
    4. Engage your visitors and collect critical feedback
    5. Grow your email list and subscriber base
    6. Guide and educate your customers with interactive FAQ
    7. Allow contacts to set appointments
    8. Notify the sales team about hot leads
    9. Interact with each and every website visitor
    10. Automate your customer support 100%

    Actively being used on 15,000+ websites including Airbnb, Techstars, Saudi and UK governments, Bank of Bhutan.

    Our bot widgets are being used on all web platforms like WordPress including Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Woocomerce. It’s also compatible with page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver, WP Bakery, Gutenberg Blocks, Visual Composer, Themify etc. It’s useful as a contact bot, a feedback bot, a survey bot, an FAQ bot and more. You are in total control of the conversational bot.


    • Lead Generation via chat inside websites. There is no better way to interact with visitors and grab their contact information, than an interactive chatbot. The human-friendly bot is capable of changing the conversation flow depending on user interaction. It gets you the data to drive email campaigns and marketing programs.
    • Appointment booking using the chatbot. Don’t go back and forth emails between a customer to find the right time to book a call. Do it on the spot. Our appointment booking shows the times that you are available in their timezone. All they have to do is pick a time and you will get the event saved on Google Calendar.
    • Automating data collection with chatbot integrations. With too many information coming in, it’s vital to organise and work on each inquiry, one at a time. This where the integrations play a part. On top of getting email notifications, you can send the data to Google Sheets, or a CRM of your choice like Hubspot or even create a support ticket in, let’s say FreshDesk.
    • Substitute a dedicated livechat team and save money. Having a livechat team available 24×7 would be awesome. But many small businesses can’t do that. This is why we recommend using a chatbot on the website. The first touch point is from the chatbot and then based on the lead qualification system, you can decide whether or not guide the user to a live chat system or not. This approach has saved a lot of time and $$$ for our end customers.
    • Survey and Feedback collection. There is no nice way to do a survey or ask for feedback. It’s one of the hardest tasks to get people to fill them in. However, our customers have had more success with our interactive chatbots. The completion rate on our chatbot tool is higher than most of our competitors.

    We provide full customer support to help you achieve your goals. Here’s what our customer’s had to say:

    Real Testimonials

    “Collect.chat has been super useful for us and we have certainly seen a growth in our subscriptions per month. With the contribution of this widget, we have even seen an average 30% increase in the total monthly subscriptions.”
    — Evi Katsoulieri, GrowthRocks

    “The templates are amazing. Very easy to setup and very powerful. Its a great services that its the equivalent of having a 24/7 employee that does a great onboarding experience for your prospects.”
    — Victor Bustillos, Webjoy

    “My workflow is simplified by replacing Drift, Intercom, Typeform into one tool — Collect.chat!”
    — Saran Kumar, Yatramantra


    As long as you have a website and rely upon it get traffic and business, then you could benefit from a chatbot. Our bots are highly customizable. You design the conversation and you are in total control. If you are in B2B or B2C, you will have a need to tap into website traffic. Following are the major industries where we have created chatbot templates for our users:

    • Chatbots for Freelancers
    • Chatbots for Restaurants
    • Chatbots for GYM
    • Chatbots for Real Estate
    • Chatbots for Mortgage
    • Chatbots for School
    • Chatbots for Insurance
    • Chatbots for Ecommerce
    • Chatbots for Abroad Studies
    • Chatbots for Travel
    • Chatbots for Tourism
    • Chatbots for Art Gallery
    • Chatbots for Exhibition and Museum
    • Chatbots for Recording Studio
    • Chatbots for Delivery Service
    • Chatbots for Small Businesses
    • Chatbots for Agencies
    • Chatbots for Influencers
    • Chatbots for Consultants
    • Chatbots for Personal Trainers
    • Chatbots for Personal Coaches
    • Chatbots for MLM sales
    • Chatbots for Brick-and-mortar shops
    • Chatbots for Drone Marketing
    • Chatbots for Digital Agencies
    • Chatbots for Digital Marketers
    • Chatbots for Service Company
    • Chatbots for Co-working
    • Chatbots for Designers
    • Chatbots for Entrepreneurs
    • Chatbots for Education
    • Chatbots for Online Courses
    • Chatbots for Legal Services
    • Chatbots for FAQ website
    • Chatbots for Hiring and Recruitment Services
    • Chatbots for Interview
    • Chatbots for NGO and Non-profits
    • Chatbots for Wedding Planner
    • Chatbots for Event Organising
    • Chatbots for Hospitals
    • Chatbots for Clinics
    • Chatbots for Doctors
    • Chatbots for Spare Parts
    • Chatbots for Automobile
    • Chatbots for Bakery
    • Chatbots for Pastry
    • Chatbots for Packaging Service
    • Chatbots for Logistics
    • Chatbots for Career Guidance
    • Chatbots for Yoga Class
    • Chatbots for Mobile app
    • Chatbots for SEO Service
    • Chatbots for Videographers
    • Chatbots for Photographers
    • Chatbots for Nurseries and Garden
    • Chatbots for Hair Salon


    • Drag and drop chatbot builder
    • No coding involved
    • 50+ chatbot templates to help you jumpstart
    • 16 message types to help you make the conversation
    • Design the bot to match your website
    • Copy-paste to make the bot live (It's just plug 'n play)
    • Add Youtube videos or images to the chat
    • Get instant email notifications
    • Collect data in Google Sheets
    • Send data to any tool using Zapier
    • Schedule appointments with the customer in chat
    • Integrate with Google Calendar
    • Send user from chatbot to Whatsapp
    • Also, redirect the user to Facebook Messenger
    • Add live chat support using tawk.to link
    • Use a shortcode to embed chatbot in WP posts or pages
    • Share your chatbot using a unique link
    • Multiple triggers (time trigger, exit trigger, scroll trigger)
    • Show bot based on – country, device, date & time, URL and more
    • Block spammy visitors
    • SMS verification when collecting phone number
    • Send email notifications to multiple members of your team
    • Track your bot in Google Analytics and FB analytics
    • Get live metrics and insights about customer interactions
    • chat is a GDPR compliant chatbot
    • One account. Unlimited bots!
    • Developer options are available to customise the chatbot further.



    Understanding the pain points of your customers is the first step towards building a great rapport with them. Once you have that, making a sale is easier.

    Engage your Customers

    The key to the success of your Website is to keep your visitors engaged. The more time they spent on your website, the more likely they will become paying customers.

    Take UX to the next Level

    Having an awesome User experience helps to establish an early emotional connection with your visitor. Our conversational form adds a certain delight for the visitor that achieves reliability.

    Boost Conversions

    When you get the contact information of every single visitor on your website, you have an opportunity to convert each and every one of them.

    Don’t let your business sleep

    The fully automated chat bot will collect leads even when all of your sales reps are asleep or on vacation. Don’t let your business sleep ever.

    Insure your Paid Traffic

    Capturing email addresses is essential when you pay for the traffic to your website. Collect.chat acts as the insurance policy for your paid traffic.

    Powerful Data Metrics

    Collect.chat visually displays your data. Through our in-depth analysis, you will understand the requirements of your customers and thus improve your service.

    Copy-Paste to Install

    To install Collect.chat’s wp chatbot on your website, all you have to do is copy and paste the snippet code. It is a one-time process.

    Make a Chatbot in Minutes

    Nobody has ever made chatbot making as easy as Collect.chat. Using our simple drag-and-drop approach you can design and script a chatbot in minutes.

    You can translate the chatbot into any language (over 180 of them). So you can make:

    • English chatbot
    • Spanish chatbot
    • Portuguese chatbot
    • Arabic chatbot
    • Chinese chatbot
    • Danish chatbot
    • Dutch chatbot
    • French chatbot
    • German chatbot
    • Hebrew chatbot
    • Hindi chatbot
    • Italian chatbot
    • Japanese chatbot
    • Korean chatbot
    • Persian chatbot
    • Polish chatbot
    • Romanian chatbot
    • Russian chatbot
    • Swedish chatbot
    • RTL languages are supported!


    There are plenty of chatbot solutions in the WordPress plugins marketplace like ArtiBot, WP Chatbot, Botsify, Cliengo, Tidio, Clientify, Acobot, Instabot, Chatbot Botnation, Chatfuel, Bot Libre and GoBot and more. Many of them do not have the advanced features like Zapier integration, Appointment booking, Google sheet integrations, etc. We rank #1 when it comes to the ease of making a chatbot. You have ready-made templates and also customer support is at our heart. Our success lies in your success. That’s what we believe in. We offer the user experience to your customers through our chatbot.


    You can send the data to any third-party app of your choice. We support webhooks and Zapier connections, so we are a 100% integration-friendly product. Once a connection is made, the bot will push the data to the app without any delay. Our native integrations include:

    • Zapier integration
    • Google Sheets – to get all your data in one place
    • Google Calendar – for managing your appointments
    • MailChimp – to grow your email list
    • Webhooks – to send data your server or custom app

    With the power of Zapier (or even Integromat), you can also integrate with the following tools:

    • Get SMS notifications for chatbot response through Zapier
    • Husbpot – for building customer relationships
    • Salesforce – enterprise grade customer management
    • Constant Contact – for email marketing
    • AWeber – email marketing for small businesses
    • ActiveCampaign – for Marketing automation
    • AgileCRM – CRM for small businesses
    • Autopilot – for visual marketing automation
    • Capsule – for improving customer relations
    • Freshsales – for full-fledged sales operation
    • ConvertKit – for growing blog through email automation
    • Copper – for G-suite users to track customer cycle
    • Customerly – for active customer support management
    • Drift – for email marketing and live chat
    • Drip – for drip email campaigns
    • Groundhogg – for wordpress marketing automation
    • Infusionsoft – a sales platform for small businesses
    • Intercom – for livechat and customer support
    • Kartra – for launching your online business
    • MailerLite – for email campaign and automation
    • Mailjet – for email deliver service
    • Maropost – for customer engagement
    • Mautic – for free open source marketing
    • NationBuilder – for political campaigns
    • Ontraport – for optimizing customer support
    • Platform.ly – for scaling and automating online business
    • Salesflare – for small businesses selling B2B
    • SendinBlue – for an all-in-one digital marketing experience
    • Shopify – for ecommerce store setup and sales
    • Sendlane – for ecommerce marketing automation
    • Tubular – to get video analytics and monetize your business
    • UserEngage – for advanced sales and marketing automation
    • Zoho – for boosting your online productivity
    • Zero BS WordPress CRM – for the ultimate entrepreneur CRM
    • WP ERP – for a complete WordPress business management
    • UpiCRM – for leads management and a contacts database
    • Help Scout – for help desk and ticket handling
    • Zendesk – for customer support and ticketing

    The chatbot tool can also be useful with products and people in the following area:

    Email, Newsletters, Contacts, Call Tracking, Calendar,Bookmarks, Accounting, Ads and Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Analytics, App Builder, Appointment setting, Customer Appreciation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Support, Dashboards, Databases, Developer Tools, Devices, Documents, Drip Emails, Ecommerce, Education, Team Collaboration, Time Tracking, To-do Lists, Transactional Email, Real Estate, Reports, Reminders, Scheduling, Server Monitoring, Signatures, Notifications, Payment Processing, Phone & SMS, Printing, Product Management, Event Management, FAQ, Facebook, Fax, Files, Fitness & Entertainment, Forms, Fundraising, Gaming, Google, Human Resources (HR), Management Tools, Marketing Automation, Microsoft, Net Promoter Score, News, Notes, Project Management, Proposals & Invoices, Social Media, Social Media Management, Spreadsheets, Surveys, Team Chat, Video Calls, Video, Audio, & Images, Webinar


    You can see a demo chatbot on our website here – Collect.chat. Just click on the Try Demo chat button.


    If you have any questions about making the chatbot, please send an email to [email protected] We have extensively documented the steps in our helpcentre – help.collect.chat


    We update our product regularly. For latest updates from Collect.chat, please visit – https://updates.collect.chat/

    1. How Collect.chat widget looks on your website.

      How Collect.chat widget looks on your website.

    2. Collect.chat drag & drop chatbot builder.

      Collect.chat drag & drop chatbot builder.

    3. WordPress settings page.

      WordPress settings page.

    Tags: chat-widget chatbot bot lead-generation chat-bot
    4.3 (26)
  • Authors: masaakitanaka

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Booking Package is the easiest way to rent a room, booking a service, booking an event, or receive any kind of online booking at WordPress.

    Appointment booking system of Booking Package management tool handles directly in the WordPress page. Also, by changing from paper register to digital appointment management on the server, you can easily check the availability of booking.


    Booking calendar system for hairdressers, clinics, etc
    1. Booking Demo for english version
    2. Booking Demo for japanese version (日本語版の予約システムのデモ)
    3. Booking Demo for japanese version (日本語版のエステ・エアサロン向け予約システムのデモ)
    4. Booking Demo for chinese version (中文版预订系统演示)
    5. Booking Demo for danish version (Dansk version booking kalender)

    Booking calendar system for hotels
    1. Booking Demo for english version
    2. Booking Demo for japanese version (日本語版のホテル用予約システムのデモ)
    3. Booking Demo for spanish version (Demostración del calendario de reservas para español)

    Easy and intuitive screen – Respond to booking types of various industries

    The Booking Package can be set up surprisingly easily from introduction of the system to publication of appointment time table.
    Because it is a simple and intuitive screen operation, even a beginner is not worried.
    There are abundant functions corresponding to appointment in each industry such as school booking, classroom booking, massage booking, event booking, seminar booking, facility booking, conference room booking, studio booking, hospital booking, dental booking, briefing booking.

    Responsive booking interface

    Front end interface is responsive and can be viewed, by your clients, on all browsers and devices.

    Seamless integration with your website

    There is no iframe or new window for the booking process. Customers will always stay on your website.

    Booking hours/minutes

    Booking Package can fully manage the appointment time.
    Time definitions can be set at one minute intervals to create flexible appointments.

    Online payments

    Easily accept online bookings and credit card payments for your bookings. You can use PayPal and Stripe to process your payments.

    1. “Apple Pay” can be used with “Mac OS” and “iOS”.
    2. “Pay with Google” is available on “Android OS” and Chrome browser of personal computer. (Except iOS)
    3. Credit card transaction
    4. You can introduce subscription by using the function of user account. (Coming soon)

    1. PayPal’s payment procedure can be used with all web browsers.

    The user account function for visitors

    1. By registering user accounts, visitors can omit input of personal information for reservation procedures.
    2. Administrators can manage user accounts in the dashboard.
    3. In addition to users of Booking Package, users with “Subscriber” authority can also make bookings.

    Features of the Free version:

    1. Create a booking schedule for each day and day of the week.
    2. Create an unlimited booking calendar.
    3. Receive and manage bookings.
    4. Edit personal information of visitor’s booking.
    5. By using the service function, visitors select their favorite service during the reservation procedure.
    6. The service function make infinitely register the service name, duration time, cost.
    7. Generate a shortcode to insert the booking calendar and booking form into a page or post.
    8. An automatic e-mail will be sent to visitors and you at the same time when completing, changing and canceling booking procedures.
    9. No advertisement display.
    10. If you want to make a new appointment by telephone or customer’s direct visit, you can do it with the booking calendar of the dashboard.
    11. The number of booking accepted is unlimited.
    12. In the appointment booking system for customers, you can freely change the background color of the calendar and the input form.
    13. Responding to appointment booking reception for accommodation such as hotels.
    14. Manage booking calendar for each type of room for hotel.
    15. Confirm customer information quickly from dashboard (The booking date, the name and status of the visitor are displayed in the widget).
    16. Download visitor’s booking information in CSV format
    17. Function to notify developers of Javascript syntax errors in Booking package
    18. Visitors can make bookings in the widget.
    19. The user account function for visitors is not available in our plugin.
    20. Setting of regular holiday.
    21. You can specify the deadline for each appointment schedule. For example, if you set the deadline 30 minutes before the 15:00 schedule, the booking will end at 14:30.
    22. You can freely add and edit each input field that the visitor inputs when making a booking procedure.
    23. You can use a function for display the remaining capacity as a phrase or symbol in the booking day.
    24. Our plugin corresponds to the network of WordPress sites.
    25. You can decide the all dates or the from current to the future then delete the published booking schedule.
    26. You can show your favorite page with the booking completed.
    27. You can add Google Analytics goals on the booking completion page.
    28. You can decide hotel charges for each day of the week at booking calendar for hotel.
    29. You can decide the minimum and maximum number of nights at booking calendar for hotel.

    Extra features of the Premium version:

    1. Change of booking time of visitor and contents of service.
    2. Online payment by Stripe. (You can use “Apple Pay” and “Pay with Google”)
    3. Online payment by PayPal.
    4. Fixed year and month of booking calendar for visitors. When this function is enabled, it will not be possible to move to a calendar other than the specified month.
    5. Show remaining capacity per booking time
    6. The user account function for visitors is available in our plugin.
    7. You can decide an arbitrary period then delete the published booking schedule.
    8. You can add options into the service. By adding options you can provide flexible services for visitors.
    9. Cancel their booking by visitor or user operation.
    10. The service can specify the time that it can provide. For example, it is possible to make effective services only on Monday and Friday from 09:00 to 12:00.
    11. Select multiple services with the one booking.
    12. Multiple booking calendars can share the schedules of one booking calendar.

    About the side menu of Booking Package in your Dashboard.

    The main contents of each menu in Booking Package are as follows.

    What can I do with “Report & Booking”?

    • You can check and edit the customer’s booking.
    • You can change the status of the customer’s booking.
    • You can make a booking for a customer.
    • Download CSV file

    What can I do with “Users”?

    • You can check the user’s booking history and change the status.
    • You can change the user’s email address and password.
    • Add and remove users.

    What can I do with “Calendar Setting”?

    • Create a new booking calendar.
    • Add, edit, and delete appointment times for created booking calendars.
    • Add and edit items for personal information entry of the created booking calendar.
    • Add and edit services to the created booking calendar.
    • Management of taxes and surcharges to the created booking calendar.
    • Set up the rule of the created booking calendar.

    What can I do with “General Setting”?

    • Set up the common rule for all booking calendars.
    • Set up the PayPal and Stripe.
    • You can set up regular holidays and holidays.
    • CSS extensions on booking calendar of front-end.
    • You can renew and cancel your subscription.

    Supported language

    • English
    • Danish
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Japanese (日本語)
    • Chinese (简化的字符预订系统)
    • Taiwan (繁體中文預訂系統)

    Supported currency

    • USD
    • EUR
    • GBP
    • AUD – Australian Dollar
    • BRL – Real brasileiro
    • CAD – Canadian Dollar
    • CHF – Swiss franc
    • COP – Colombian Peso
    • CZK – Koruna česká
    • DKK – Dansk krone
    • HUF – Magyar forint
    • HRK – Croatian Kuna
    • PHP – Philippine Peso
    • UAH – Ukraine Hryvnia
    • RUB – Российский рубль
    • THB – Thai Baht
    • JPY – 日本円
    • TWD – 台湾元
    • CNY – 人民币
    • KRW – 한국 원
    • AED – United Arab Emirates
    1. Booking status calendar

      Booking status calendar

    2. Customer's booking list

      Customer's booking list

    3. Detailed information on booking of customers

      Detailed information on booking of customers

    4. booking page in the dashboard

      booking page in the dashboard

    5. The page for entering booking details in the dashboard

      The page for entering booking details in the dashboard

    6. The calendar for setting a booking schedule.

      The calendar for setting a booking schedule.

    7. The page for registering a booking schedule.

      The page for registering a booking schedule.

    8. The page for editing a booking schedule already published.

      The page for editing a booking schedule already published.

    9. Booking calendar that the visitor sees first.

      Booking calendar that the visitor sees first.

    10. The page where the visitor selects the service.

      The page where the visitor selects the service.

    11. The page that the visitor chooses the time to make a booking.

      The page that the visitor chooses the time to make a booking.

    12. A page for entering details of the visitor's personal information.

      A page for entering details of the visitor's personal information.

    13. List of user accounts.

      List of user accounts.

    14. Edit user account.

      Edit user account.

    15. Login on front page.

      Login on front page.

    16. User account registration on front page.

      User account registration on front page.

    Tags: booking-plugin appointment-booking appointment-booking-system booking booking-system
    4.3 (11)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: chrisvrichardson

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    MapPress is the easiest way to add beautiful interactive Google and Leaflet maps to WordPress.

    Create unlimited maps and map markers using Gutenberg blocks or the classic editor. The popup map editor makes creating and editing maps easy!

    Upgrade to MapPress Pro for even more features, including custom markers, searchable mashups, clustering, and much more. See it in action on the MapPress Home Page or test it yourself with a Free Demo Site!

    Home Page
    What’s New


    1. Deactivate your old MapPress version
    2. Delete your old MapPress version (don’t worry, the maps are saved in the database)
    3. Follow the installation instructions to install the new version
    1. MapPress settings page

      MapPress settings page

    2. Map Library in Gutenberg

      Map Library in Gutenberg

    3. Creating a map

      Creating a map

    4. Creating a mashup

      Creating a mashup

    5. The only full-featured google map plugin and leaflet map plugin that is compatible with the Gutenberg editor

      The only full-featured google map plugin and leaflet map plugin that is compatible with the Gutenberg editor

    Tags: google-maps map google-map map-markers maps
    4.6 (135)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Responsive Frontend Login and Registration plugin. A plugin for displaying login, register, editor and restore password forms through shortcodes.

    • [clean-login]
    • [clean-login-edit]
    • [clean-login-register]
    • [clean-login-restore]


    • Add your login form in the frontend easily (page or post)
    • And also the registration and the lost password form
    • If user is logged in, the user will see a custom profile and will be able to edit his/her data in another front-end form
    • One shortcode per form, you only need to create a page or post and apply this shortcode to create each form you want


    • Every form created is responsive
    • CSS adapted to each theme

    Spam protection

    • Register form protected with CAPTCHA and Google reCaptcha (as an option)
    • Forms are also protected by Honeypot antispam protection


    More features

    • Auto status checker
    • Hide admin bar for non-admin users as an option
    • Disable dashboard access as an option
    • Standby user role for new user registration. With no capabilities, to allow admin approval of users optionally
    • Auto linked forms, if you place a shortcode in a page/post the link between them will be automatically generated
    • And yes, this is WordPress 4.6 ready! Also compatible with WooCommerce.

    Usage and Settings

    Please, refer to Installation section

    1. Login form

      Login form

    2. Preview user

      Preview user

    3. Editor form

      Editor form

    4. Lost password form

      Lost password form

    5. Register form with CAPTCHA and Google reCaptcha

      Register form with CAPTCHA and Google reCaptcha

    6. Setting access from the dashboard

      Setting access from the dashboard

    7. Setting page from the dashboard

      Setting page from the dashboard

    8. Settings menu

      Settings menu

    9. Plugin status

      Plugin status

    10. Options section

      Options section

    11. Settings updated

      Settings updated

    12. WPML. Certificate of Compatibility

      WPML. Certificate of Compatibility

    Tags: lost-password login editor form registration
    4.7 (135)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: WillBontrager

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Need professional support?

    Get starting FREE support
    Get starting PREMIUM support

    • Stop re-using the same content over and over again!
    • Stop inserting PHP code to function.php!
    • Stop adding google analytics, yandex metrics and external code to header and footer php files!
    • Stop wasting time on changing 100 pages with repeated content!

    Woody ad snippets will make your life so much easier. The plugin helps to create and store code snippets or duplicated text in a special library at the admin bar of your website. Use the shortcode to add a snippet anywhere on your website. Or do it automatically, for example: head, footer and post injections. You can show or hide code snippets using conditional logic.

    Why do you need this plugin?

    • Insert Headers and Footers
    • Insert Google AdSense Ads, Amazon Native Shopping Contextual Ads, Yandex Direct Ads, Media.net on your website.
    • Insert Google Analytic Tracking code, Yandex Metrika Tracking Code, Yandex Counter to Header, Footer.
    • Insert PHP Code Snippets and execute on your website. Register PHP functions, classes, global variables everywhere.
    • Insert Social media widgets, add any external resources widgets.
    • Insert Facebook Pixels, Facebook Scripts, Facebook og:image Tag, Google Conversion Pixels, Vk Pixels.
    • Show or hide code snippets based on conditional logic.
    • You can save templates of posts or page builders, quotes, and galleries to re-use them on your website.
    • Roll back changes with Code Revisions (Premium)
    • Cloud storage for snippets (Premium)
    • Synchronize snippets between your sites using the cloud (Coming soon)
    • Ready-made snippets in our cloud that will help you solve some of your cases (Premium)

    Need premium features?

    Get Premium version

    How It Works?

    Example #1

    You create a new javascript snippet and add a code you’d like to place on a website. Html snippet editor provides you with tooltips and highlights errors in syntax. Now you need to define where to put a code. For example, you can place the code in header, footer of all pages. This works great for Google Analytics. Create an additional condition: do not show this code to the administrator. It will prevent from tracking user role.

    Example #2

    You create a text snippet and add a repeated text or a template. You can add a shortcode for the contact form, in case it’s universal for all website pages. Now you can add conditions to show this content to registered users only. Save the text snippet and go to editing pages. If you use the Gutenberg editor, you need to select a special unit. For the classic editor, click the icon of our plugin and add a shortcode of your new snippet.
    As you can see, working with snippets is super easy!

    All Plugin Features:

    • Header footer code manager
    • User-friendly code editor with syntax highlighter.
    • Create rich text ads using a classic WordPress editor TinyMCE.
    • Use shortcodes to place a snippet anywhere on a website.
    • Use a special unit to add a snippet in Gutenberg Editor.
    • You can send content and additional attributes to a snippet using a shortcode or a special unit (Gutenberg Editor).
    • Place post snippets automatically on all pages.
    • Run PHP code everywhere or for a certain shortcode.
    • Use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code to create code snippets.
    • The Unlimited number of code snippets.
    • Use shortcodes of other plugins.
    • Show or hide code snippets based on conditional logic.
    • Export/Import of code snippets.

    Where Can You Place a Snippet Automatically?

    All website:

    Insert Headers and Footers on all pages:

    • Insert Header — code snippet is added to the source code in header before the </head> tag.
    • Insert Footer — code snippet is added to the source code in footer before the </body> tag.

    Insert to Posts, pages, custom posts:

    • Insert ads Before Post — post snippets is added to the source code before the </head> tag.
    • Insert ads Before Content — page snippets is added before the post/page content.
    • Insert ads Before Paragraph — post snippets is added before a certain paragraph. A paragraph number is listed in the Location number field.
    • Insert ads After Paragraph — post snippets is added after a certain paragraph. A paragraph number is listed in the Location number field.
    • Insert ads After Content — page snippets is added after the post/page content.
    • Insert ads After Post — post snippets is added after the post/page.

    Insert to Categories, archives, tags, taxonomy:

    • Insert AdSense Before Excerpt — snippet is added before the post/page preview.
    • Insert AdSense After Excerpt — snippet is added after the post/page preview.
    • Insert AdSense Between Posts — snippet is added between posts.
    • Insert AdSense Before post — snippet is added before a certain post. A post number is listed in the Location number field.
    • Insert AdSense After post — snippet is added after a certain post. A post number is listed in the Location number field.

    Insert to Woocommerce pages: (Premium)

    • Before the list of products — Snippet will be placed before the list of products.
    • After the list of products — Snippet will be placed after the list of products.
    • Before a single product — Snippet will be placed before a single product
    • After a single product — Snippet will be placed after a single product
    • Before a single product summary — Snippet will be placed before a single product summary
    • After a single product summary — Snippet will be placed after a single product summary
    • After a product title — Snippet will be placed after a product title
    • After a product price — Snippet will be placed after a product price
    • After a product excerpt — Snippet will be placed after a product excerpt

    • Insert AdSense After post — snippet is added after a certain post. A post number is listed in the Location number field.

    What Are Conditional Logic Options to Show a Snippet?

    – Role
    – Registration Date
    – Cookie Name
    – Current Page
    – Current Referrer
    – Post Type
    – Taxonomy page
    – Taxonomy of the page
    – Page
    Technology (Premium):
    – AddBlocker
    – Browser
    – Use cookie
    – Use JavaScript
    – Operation system
    – Device type
    Auditory (Premium):
    – User country (Use Webnet77 or MaxMind geo ip base)
    – Viewing depth
    – Attendance by time of day
    – Total number of visits

    Recommended our plugins


    We provide free support for this plugin. If you are pushed with a problem, just create a new ticket. We will definitely help you!

    1. Get starting free support
    2. Documentation

    We are very need for your help with translating Woody ad snippets plugin into your native language. We want to make it international and understandable for everyone. Please contact us via email inside the plugin, or create a topic on our support forum if you can help with the translations. In exchange for your help, we will give you better support and our premium plugins absolutely free!

    Setting options

    • Keep the HTML entities, don’t convert to its character – If you want to use an HTML entity in your code (for example > or “), but the editor keeps on changing them to its equivalent character (> and ” for the previous example), then you might want to enable this option.
    • Execute shortcodes in snippets – Execute shortcodes in the snippet code before executing the snippet.
    • Complete Uninstall – When the plugin is deleted from the Plugins menu, also delete all snippets and plugin settings.
    • Support old shortcodes [insert_php] – If you used our plugin from version 1.3.0, then you could use the old shortcodes [insert_php][/insert_php]; from version 2.2.0 we disabled this type of shortcodes by default, as their use is not safe. If you still want to execute your php code via [insert_php][/insert_php] shortcodes, you can enable this option.

    Code Editor

    • Code style – The optional feature. You can customize the code style in the snippet editor. The “Default” style is applied by default.
    • Indent With Tabs – The optional feature. Whether, when indenting, the first N*tabSize spaces should be replaced by N tabs. The default is false.
    • Tab Size – The optional feature. Pressing Tab in the code editor increases left indent to N spaces. N is a number pre-defined by you.
    • Indent Unit – The optional feature. The indent for code lines (units). Example: select a snippet, press Tab. The left indent in the selected code increases to N spaces. N is a number pre-defined by you.
    • Wrap Lines – The optional feature. If ON, the editor will wrap long lines. Otherwise, it will create a horizontal scroll.
    • Line Numbers – The optional feature. If ON, all lines in the editor will be numbered.
    • Auto Close Brackets – The optional feature. If ON, the editor will automatically close opened quotes or brackets. Sometimes, it speeds up coding.
    • Highlight Selection Matches – The optional feature. If ON, it searches for matches for the selected variable/function name. Highlight matches with green. Improves readability.


    IP geolocation database (Webnet77 or MaxMind) – Select IP geolocation database

    History, Developers, Credits

    If you are a long-term user, you may be confused about the new plugin update. You’ve been using an old plugin – Insert php 1.3.0, and now got an extended product – Woody ad snippets. Insert php was the first plugin version to work with PHP code. It was created by Will Bontrager Software, LLC. In 2018, the Webcraftic studio started to actively develop the plugin. We’ve created a roadmap and released several powerful updates that help you to use PHP code more comfortable and secure. Now plugin supports not only PHP but other snippet types as well. We’ve decided to rename the plugin as Woody ad snippets. This name is more suitable for new and powerful plugin features.

    More information about the Insert PHP plugin can be found here:

    1. Snippets list

      Snippets list

    2. Edit php snippet

      Edit php snippet

    3. Code revisions

      Code revisions

    4. Setting up automatic placement of snippets

      Setting up automatic placement of snippets

    5. Setting conditional logic to display a snippet

      Setting conditional logic to display a snippet

    6. Creating a Snippet for Gutenberg Editor

      Creating a Snippet for Gutenberg Editor

    7. Adding a snippet shortcode to a text widget

      Adding a snippet shortcode to a text widget

    8. Custom shortcode name

      Custom shortcode name

    Tags: header woocommerce code-snippets adsense shortcode
    4.5 (200)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Stephen Harris

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Event Organiser adds event management that integrates well with your WordPress site. By using WordPress’ in-built ‘custom post type’, this plug-in allows you to create events that have the same functionality as posts, while adding further features that allow you to manage your events. This includes the possibility of repeating your event according to complex schedules and assign your events to venues. This can all be done through an intuitive user interface, which allows you to view your events in the familiar WordPress list or in a calendar page in the admin area.

    User Docs
    | Function Reference
    | Forums
    | Demo
    | Booking Add-on

    Available Extensions

    A full list of available extensions can be found here.


    For the user

    • Create one-time events or recurring events.
    • Allows complex recurring patterns for events. You can create events that last an arbitrary time, and repeat over a specified period. Supports complex schedules such as On the third Tuesday of every fourth month or Every month on the 16th.
    • Ability to add or remove specific dates to an event
    • Event functions available which extend the post functions (e.g. the_title(),get_the_author(), the_author()) to output or return event data (the start date-time, the venue etc). For examples of their use see the documentation or the included template files.
    • Create and maintain venues for your events, with Google maps support and a fully-featured content editor.
    • Widgets:
      • Calendar widget – displays a calendar (identical to the standard WordPress Calendar)
      • Event List widget – displays a list of events, with options to specify the number of events, restrict by categories or venues etc.
      • Event Agenda widget
    • Year, month and day archive pages
    • Shortcodes:
      • (full)Calendar, includes optional category & venue filters.
      • (widget) Calendar
      • Event List (similar to Event List widget)
      • Event Agenda (similar to Event Agenda widget)
      • Venue map
      • Subscribe to event feeds
    • Relative date queries (for example, query events that finished in the last 24 hours, or events starting in the coming week).
    • Assign events to categories and tags, and view events by category or tag.
    • Colour-coded event categories.
    • Custom permissions allow to specifiy which roles have the ability to create, edit and delete events or manage venues.
    • Venue pages, to view events by venue.
    • Export/import events to and from ICAL files.
    • Delete individual occurrences of events.
    • Public events feed: allow visitors to subscribe to your events, or a particular venue / category.
    • Supports ‘pretty permalinks’ for event pages, event archives, event category and venue pages.
    • (Optionally) automatically delete expired events.

    For the developer

    • Adds an event custom post type that fits naturally into WordPress and allows for all the functionality of ‘posts’.
    • Respects the template hierarchy. Default templates can be over-ridden by including the appropriately named template files in your theme folder.
    • Plug-in actions and filters are provided to modify the behaviour of the plug-in (hook reference
    • Extensive function API & documentation
    • Javascript actions and filters to modify interaction with the calendars and maps
    • Provide custom templates for shortcodes, widgets and ICAL export
    • Custom metaboxes and meta data support for venues (see tutorial).
    • Minified javascript files are used, with the originals provided for ease of developing
    • Booking add-on available


    A big thank you to those who have provided translations for Event Organiser. If you wish to help out with translating the plug-in, you can do so here.

    • Arabic – Layla, Mohamed Nazir
    • Bulgarian – Parvan Voynov
    • Catalan – jordioniric, marc.antje
    • Chinese – sdsunqian
    • Czech – Jan Kupsa
    • Croatian – Branimir
    • Danish – Intox Studio, Malthe, Morten Lyng
    • Dutch – Ingrid Ekkers, Roel
    • English (Canada) – GhostToast
    • Estonian – Kristjan Roosipuu
    • Finnish – Kari Tolonen, Juhani Marttila
    • French – Remy Perona, Arnaud
    • German – Martin Grether & Henning Matthaei
    • Greek – Vasilis, Panagiotis
    • Hebrew (Israel) – heli
    • Hungarian – Csaba Erdei
    • Icelandic – HrHagedorn
    • Indonesian – Daniel Tampubolon
    • Italian – Emilio Frusciante, Pio Muto, Daniele Piccoli
    • Japanese – ogawa, tkj, takeshi terai, haya.
    • Latvian – Kristaps
    • Lithuaniun – Stephan Siegi
    • Macedonian – Aleksandar
    • Norwegian – Erlend Birkedal
    • Norweign (Bokmål) – DagC
    • Persian (Iran, Islamic Republic of) –
    • Polish – Bartosz Arendt
    • Portuguese (Brazil) – Rafael Wahasugui, rafaelkvidal
    • Portuguese (Portugal) – Emanuel Teixeira
    • Romanian – raduanastasedev
    • Russian – Sergei
    • Slovak – ViRPo
    • Slovenian – Matej
    • Spanish (Spain)- Joseba Sanchez, jagarre, jelena kovacevic, courtesy of WebHostingHub
    • Spanish (Peru) – Pedro Valverde
    • Swedish – Sofia BrÃ¥vander, Urban Norlander
    • Thai – Nibhon, Wuttichai Songprapai
    • Turkish – Gökhan DAMGACI
    • Ukranian – Максим Кобєлєв
    1. Event admin screen

      Event admin screen

    2. Venue admin screen

      Venue admin screen

    3. Event details metabox, showing the full reoccurrence options and venue selection

      Event details metabox, showing the full reoccurrence options and venue selection

    4. Venue editing screen, with Google Maps

      Venue editing screen, with Google Maps

    5. Calendar View screen

      Calendar View screen

    6. Calendar shortcode (using TwentyThirteen)

      Calendar shortcode (using TwentyThirteen)

    7. Calendar shortcode when viewed on a mobile device (using TwentyFourteen)

      Calendar shortcode when viewed on a mobile device (using TwentyFourteen)

    8. Events list (using TwentySixteen)

      Events list (using TwentySixteen)

    Tags: events-calendar event-categories events event event-organizer
    4.7 (135)
  • Authors: makewebbetter

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Analytics for WooCommerce is a useful plugin that allows you to use the power of analytics for your WooCommerce store. It utilizes the enhanced eCommerce feature of Google Analytics and tracks user’s activities right from product view to order received page.

    Main features

    • Connect your WooCommerce Store to Google Analytics platform.

    • Embed Enhanced E-commerce tracking scripts to your WooCommerce website.

    • Supports Shopping Behavior Analysis Report and get insights about the shopping pattern of your customers.

    • Read Checkout Behavior Analysis Report to know about the checkout flow of your customers.

    • Visualize Product Performance Report to analyze the performance data of individual products in a better way.

    • Supports Sales Performance Report for your order transactions and refunds.

    • Shows Product list performance Report where you will get the performance data of various product list-

      • Shop Page
      • Related Products
      • Cross Sell Products
      • Upsell Products
      • Featured Products
    • Tracks product impressions, product views, add to cart on product lists.

    • Supports real-time activity tracking of your in-store customers.

    • Support tracking of refund data from the admin panel.

    • Supports Tracking disable options according to user roles.

    • Support IP Anonymization feature.

    • Simple and quick plugin installation from the WordPress Admin dashboard.

    • Display your Google Data Studio Reports on your WordPress dashboard with our Reporting Template

    Minimum Requirements

    • WordPress 4.0 or greater
    • WooCommerce 3.0.0 or greater
    • PHP version 5.6 or greater
    • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

    Want Help!

    • Need Help in Setup and starting with Analytics for WooCommerce you can visit here

    • For Plugin Documentation you can visit here

    • For More Plugins By MakeWebBetter visit here


    If you need support or have any question then kindly use our online chat window here or send us an email at [email protected]

    Follow Us

    1. General Setting

      General Setting

    2. Get Google Tracking ID

      Get Google Tracking ID

    3. Get Google Tracking Code

      Get Google Tracking Code

    4. Enable Enhanced E-commerce Tracking

      Enable Enhanced E-commerce Tracking

    5. Setup Checkout Funnel Steps

      Setup Checkout Funnel Steps

    6. Shopping Behaviour

      Shopping Behaviour

    7. Product List

      Product List

    8. Sale Performance

      Sale Performance

    9. Product Performace

      Product Performace

    10. Checkout Performance

      Checkout Performance

    11. Report Setting

      Report Setting

    12. Report with full Information

      Report with full Information

    Tags: e-commerce google-analytics woocommerce google-analytics-plugin enhanced-e-commerce
    0.0 (0)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: webcraftic

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Thousands of users already optimized their WordPress sites with Clearfy plugin. It’s multipurpose and free tool with tons of settings. Combine it with other plugins and you’ll get better optimized and secure WordPress website.

    Optimize SEO and SPEED of your website in 5 minutes

    1. Clear website code from trash;
    2. Eliminate the WordPress vulnerabilities;
    3. Speed up search engine indexing;
    4. Fix another plugin’s bugs;
    5. Make your WordPress easier, more convenient and faster.

    You’ll get 50+ useful functions for your WordPress website optimization, mixed and packed into the only one Clearfy plugin. In addition, we have quality video lessons and tutorials that will help you to understand plugin settings. But don’t hurry to download Clearfy until you know its history and strengths.

    WordPress optimization plugin Clearfy — the beginning

    We create plugins, themes and customer’s projects more than 8 years. Every time, we faced the same problem — each project is unique and do not need all WordPress functions which continued to consume hosting resources, make SEO problems and interfered with daily work. To fix this we used our prepared code snippets and wasted many time for theirs testing and revisions. Therefore, we decided to create universal plugin to speed up our work. Using all of our skills, we collected them into one WordPress plugin called Clearfy. Initially we used optimization plugin for customer’s projects and ours but later we understood that problem is global so we shared plugin for you absolutely free.

    Maybe you know the situations when you need to remove extra code, widget or delete duplicate pages on your website. Sometimes you inserted code snippets, which you have found in web by yourself or spent big money with freelancers. Now you have excellent opportunity to optimize WordPress with Clarify plugin and not waste your time at specialists or use doubtful solutions.

    How Clearfy will improve WordPress SEO

    Based on users’ feedback, who optimized WordPress with Clearfy plugin, there is good performance growth at the Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow services.

    In addition, we observed important features:

    • the page indexing of websites, blogs and online stores has improved;
    • the pages became better ranking by search engines after duplicates deletion;
    • websites became cleaner for search engines that was improved SEO and traffic.

    Do you want the same or better? Download Clearfy for free and see for yourself! Configuring the plugin takes only 5-10 minutes. Just think how long it would be take you to find and configure all optimization scripts, plugins, if you had not the all in one solution Clearfy.

    More than 50 Clearfy plugin features for WordPress optimization

    Premium features

    • ** Page Cache
    • ** Browser Caching
    • ** Mobile Cache
    • ** Widget Cache
    • ** Minify Javascript – Minifying JavaScript files can reduce payload sizes and script parse time
    • ** Defer Javascript – Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript resources. Consider delivering critical JS inline and deferring all non-critical JS

    Code cleanup

    • Disable RSS Feeds — disables RSS if you using WordPress for website only, not for blog.
    • Disable Rest API — disables Rest API and removes Rest API links. Use this if you don’t need to manage WordPress with third party solutions.
    • Disable Emojis — emojis generates extra code and slow down the site, even if you did not put any smiley.
    • Remove jQuery Migrate — if you use several popular plugins that are regularly updates, then you can safely delete jQuery Migrate.
    • Disable Embeds — if you do not insert videos into the posts or pages, turn embeds off.
    • Remove dns-prefetch — may improve image loading in some cases.
    • Remove RSD link — if you create posts and pages inside WordPress then you do not need the Real Simple Discovery function.
    • Remove wlwmanifest Link — if you publish posts and pages via WordPress interface, 99% this function is not necessary for you.
    • Remove Shortlink — if you use permalinks, you do not need the shortlinks.
    • Remove Previous/Next Post Link in HEAD — delete previous and next post links if you do not use the blog.
    • Remove .recentcomments Styles — remove if you want to change the “Related posts” widget styles.
    • Minify Html — compresses the code, speeds up the website loading.
    • Critical CSS — Add CSS files or CSS code to the critical section so that it connects at the very beginning of the page.
    • WordPress Sanitization — removes invalid and malicious characters from the URLs and file names.

    WordPress SEO optimization

    • Automatically insert the alt attribute — sets the alt attribute for all images in posts and pages, if alt is absent.
    • Create the Correct robots.txt — helps to create the perfect Robots.txt to improve the indexing or close that would not be indexed.
    • Insert the Last Modified Header Automatically — it helps search engines to understand which posts and pages are modified last and index them first.
    • Return If-Modified-Since Header — improves indexing telling to search engines that pages and posts have changed.
    • Remove Post Title from Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs — cuts out the title from breadcrumbs at pages or posts.
    • Remove image:image tag from the Yoast SEO XML Sitemap — eliminates the site map errors at the Yandex Webmaster.
    • Disable Schema JSON-LD — forbids Google to generate advanced search snippet with website page links.
    • Disable SEO Yoast’s Structured Data — disables structured company data generated by Yoast SEO.
    • Remove Yoast SEO Comments from Head Section — removes data from the code, which tells that your website is optimized by Yoast SEO plugin.

    Remove WordPress page duplicates

    • Remove Date Archives — completely removes the date archives and sets the redirect to front-page.
    • Remove Author Archives — completely removes the author archives and sets the redirect to front-page. It is useful if the site’s author is single.
    • Remove Tags Archives — removes tag archives and redirects to front-page.
    • Remove Attachment’s Pages — by default, each media file has its own page. Clearfy removes them and redirects to the page or post into which this media file was inserted.
    • Remove Posts Pagination — page navigation is not needed with a single post. It is better to delete it and make some posts.
    • Remove ?replytocom — eliminates the posts comments duplicates.

    WordPress privacy settings

    • Remove Generator Meta Tag — version info remove.
    • Remove Style Files Version — complicates the process if someone wants to hack your site.
    • Remove Javascript Files Version — it is more difficult to determine the version of installed plugins and hack the site.
    • Remove Querystrings — helps with the caching of JS and CSS and increase the speed of website load.
    • Remove HTML Comments — hacker cannot determine versions of themes and plugins by comments in the code.

    WordPress defense

    • Hide Author’s Login — complicates the hacking process. It’s more difficult to find out your login for hacker.
    • Hide WordPress Login Error Messages — the attacker does not understand what he entered incorrectly, login or password.
    • Disable XML-RPC — disable pingbacks and trackbacks.
    • Disable X-Pingback Link — removes the link and the ability to spam with pingbacks.

    WordPress widgets

    • WP Widgets Disable — removes WordPress widgets, all or selectively (Links, Archives, Meta, Search, etc.)

    WordPress updates: core, plugins, themes

    • Automatic Plugins Updates — turn it on and you no longer need to think about plugins updates.
    • Disable Plugins Updates — disables plugins updates and updates notices. You can disable updates of all plugins or each individually.
    • Automatic Themes Updates — all of your themes will update automatically.
    • Disable Themes Updates — all of your themes will stop to update and notify about updates.
    • Disable Translation Updates — disables automatic translation updates for themes and plugins.
    • WordPress Automatic Updates — your WordPress will be update automatically.
    • Disable WordPress Updates — completely disables WordPress updates.
    • Disable Update Notifications — users without permissions to update themes, plugins and WordPress will not receive updates notifications.

    WordPress comments

    • Disable Comments — allows you to completely disable WordPress comments overall or for selected post types.
    • Remove Comments / Delete Comments — completely removes WordPress comments.
    • Close Comments — completely closes WordPress comments and removes the “Comments” section from the left menu.
    • Remove URL / Website Field from Comment Form — removes a comment author Website field.
    • Replace Outbound Links in Comments with Javascript — all external links in comments are reliably closes from search engines indexing.
    • Replace Outbound Links of Comment Authors with Javascript — search engines no longer index links to the comment author’s site.

    Admin notices, WordPress updates notifications

    • Disable Admin Notices — hides all or selected notifications of the WordPress admin.

    Heartbeat API optimization

    • Disable WordPress Heartbeat API — completely disables the Heartbeat API WordPress function.
    • Limit WordPress Heartbeat API — limit the frequency of Heartbeat API requests.

    WordPress admin bar optimization

    • Remove, Hide or Disable top Admin Bar — completely disables Admin Bar when browsing the website.
    • Remove WP Logo from Admin Bar — removes the WordPress logo, eliminates accidentally clicking on it.
    • Replace “Howdy” with “Welcome” — changes the text of the greetings WordPress for greater presentability and respectful treatment.

    WordPress posts optimization

    • Disable Revisions — completely disables posts/pages revisions.
    • Limit Revisions — limits the number of revisions per post/page.
    • Disable Autosave — disables autosaves when editing posts and pages.
    • Remove Smart Quotes — disables automatic insertion of “typographic quotes”.
    • Remove Auto Paragraph (Wpautop) — disables texts auto-formatting.

    WordPress scripts and styles manager (assets manager)

    • Disable Unused Styles of Plugins and Themes — you can selectively disable styles where they are not need and speed up the website.
    • Disable Unused Scripts of Plugins and Themes — disable scripts wholly or partly and optimize the loading of your website.

    New useful tools and opportunities for WordPress optimization

    WP Asset CleanUp Manager (Gonzales), Disable Comments and remove comments in database, Heartbeat Control, Disable updates and enable automatic plugins and themes updates

    One click to WordPress optimization

    As you can see, the Clearfy plugin has a tremendous set of functions for WordPress optimization. In addition, you can turn off any unnecessary function in one click.

    You can forget about opening functions.php, insertion kilometers of code and, in the end, getting critical errors on the website. Also, remember that WordPress is regularly updates and at one not the perfect moment, your site will break, because the manually inserted code has not been updated by anyone. Better, use the Clearfy plugin, which is updates and supports by WordPress professionals and, in addition, does not load your site.

    Of course, there are many similar solutions, but to replace Clearfy, you will need to install about 30 plugins, each of which performs only a small role in WordPress optimization.

    Thus, the Clearfy plugin, amazing with its functions, will be your indispensable assistant to improve:

    • security;
    • promotion and SEO;
    • speed of the website, blog and online store.

    Important notice! Clearfy does not replace defense, promotion and acceleration plugins, it’s only complements them.

    This plugin should be on every WordPress website. Feel free to install this must-have plugin, share it with friends and colleagues to make their sites better and simplify their life!

    Thanks the authors of plugins

    We used some useful functions from plugins WP Asset CleanUp (Gonzales), bicycles by falbar, wp disable, easy updates manager, Disabler, Admin Bar Disabler, Cerber Security & Antispam, Admin Tweaks, Autoptimize, Fast Velocity Minify, Minify HTML, Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization, WP Super Minify.

    Recommended separate add-ons

    If you think that you do not need all Clearfy features, you can pick up a mini plugin in the list below. Each of these plugins solves only one specific task. All of them are already part of the Clearfy plugin:


    • English (default), always included
    • Russian big thanks to Alexander Kovalev
    • French — big thanks to @kingteamdunet, @fchaussin users
    • Italian (70%)
    • Chinese — big thanks to @idoog and @robertsky_
    • German — big thanks to @moviemaster8
    • Dutch (Belgium) — big thanks to sensuelas
    • Portuguese (Brazil) – big thanks to @rdsfelipe

    We are very need for your help with translating the Clearfy plugin into your native language. We want to make it international and understandable for everyone. Please contact us via email inside the plugin, or create a topic on our support forum if you can help with the translations. In exchange for your help, we will give you better support and our premium plugins absolutely free!

    1. Control panel quick start

      Control panel quick start

    2. Image optimizer

      Image optimizer

    3. Plugin components

      Plugin components

    4. Update manager

      Update manager

    5. Assets manager

      Assets manager

    Tags: pagespeed performance cache optimize minify-css
    4.7 (314)
  • Authors:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WP App Studio helps you to easily build your own custom simple or commercial grade WordPress plugin. Use HTML, JavaScript and PHP code to enhance and extend the features included. The generated plugins are stand-alone. You don’t need to install any framework or plugin with it.

    Create your own WordPress plugin with advanced custom content types

    • Create powerful custom post types with custom commenting system
    • Create tabs and/or accordion metaboxes to better organize your custom post type fields
    • Access to more than 40 types of custom fields with more than 100 variations
    • Create simple or complex calculations using 270+ MS Excel functions for your custom calculated fields
    • Create conditional fields with different criteria to display or hide custom fields, custom taxonomies and relationships
    • Create single and multiple value custom taxonomies
    • Create and display one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships with custom fields
    • Create hierarchical relationships such as employee and manager
    • Display your custom content type with single,archive and list views
    • Create auto-complete views for your custom content type
    • Create beautiful charts (column, bar, line, area, pie and organization charts) for your custom content types
    • Create fully configurable advanced submit and search forms for your custom content types
    • Create advanced front-end and dashboard widgets for your custom post types and content types
    • Create fully customizable notifications that are sent when custom post types, custom fields, taxonomies, relationships and/or custom comment type records are added, deleted, or simply updated.
    • Create custom roles and capabilities or extend built-in WordPress user role capabilities
    • Create custom settings options for your plugins
    • Extend your custom content type with Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, Active Directory/LDAP, MailChimp, YouTube, Advanced Rating, Advanced Calendar and Incoming Email connections

    Author’s Words on the current version

    With Wp App Studio 5.3 version, we are moving more and more towards to our goal of creating a fully featured integrated development environment (IDE) for WordPress. We think the addition of a PHP field in app settings and ability to write PHP code in view layouts will help us achieve this goal. If you need to write PHP code in view layouts, just use [PHP]Code here[/PHP] format. Thanks to the CodeMirror integration, you also have an excellent code editor supporting PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

    Another major improvement is the introduction of EMD templating system which, we believe, will fix the issues related to the themes with unorthodox markup. If you use EMD templating system, you need to wrap your attributes, taxonomies and relationships in “emd_is_item_visible() function in a PHP code snippet. If WPAS detects this function’s usage, it auto creates customization tab in the settings. The new templating system allows users to enable, disable, or hide(from frontend only) attributes, taxonomies or relationships without modifying user’s theme template files and comes with EMD Widget area which can be used to display widgets in the generated plugin’s pages. WPAS ProDev owners can enable or disable this feature and switch back to theme based templating system.

    WPAS 5.3 also auto creates some tools for administrators to improve plugin performance and provides a CSS area (Tools tab of the generated plugin’s settings) where you can write plugin specific code.The CSS code written in this area must be only applicable to and works in plugin pages. Check out eMarket Design YouTube channel for videos and more.

    Ability to export and import entity configurations is another step forward to improve reusability of plugin data model. You can use this feature, if an entity is used in multiple apps. Instead recreating the same entity configuration and attributes, export entity metadata and import it to the new app, saving yourself some more time on development.

    We also did some improvements in page load times by displaying app tags in view layouts on demand, included code to improve menu structure in the admin area and more. We hope that this change will help developers get better results in lower end computers or hosting environments. There are other additions, improvements and fixes as well. Please refer to the What’s new tab under Getting Started page for the complete list.

    The next WPAS version will continue improving WP App Studio plugin, the platform generated code and integrating technologies which can help us make WordPress the preferred application development platform.

    Happy Coding 🙂

    The Plugins created using the WPAS 5.3


    Sell your WP App Studio WordPress plugin designs in SellDev Marketplace.

    How to become a SellDev author

    What separates WP App Studio from others

    • Creates production ready, commercial grade WordPress plugins
    • WPAS creates custom plugins that do not have any dependencies to any other plugins, frameworks, can work stand-alone or extend each other
    • WPAS allows custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in the plugin development
    • WPAS only loads the required libraries for a particular page. There is no mass linking. Every app view can be customized and optimized for performance.
    • WPAS supports both HTML elements and advanced components from well-known open source libraries and frameworks (jQuery UI, Bootstrap etc.)
    • There is a complete separation of PHP code and its design which makes WPAS plugins code agnostic
    • You can purchase plugin designs and create something new or modify them to make your own
    • All WPAS plugins are upgradable like any other WordPress plugin from Plugins page
    • WPAS is very cost-effective. Compare it to custom site or plugin development in terms of resources used and time to market
    • WPAS generated code is compliant with WordPress coding standards, well tested by thousands of users, and continuously improved

    Starter Workshops

    WPAS Terms

    WP App Studio uses following terminology to describe design concepts:

    Entity = Custom Post Type
    Attribute = Custom Field
    Taxonomy = Custom Taxonomy
    App = Plugin
    App Signature = Design of your plugin exported to a flat file having .wpas extension
    ProDev = Commercial tier for plugin development with full functionality.
    FreeDev = Free tier for plugin development with limited functionality.

    WP App Studio Knowledge Center
    WP App Studio Knowledge Center powered by Knowledge Center Enterprise Plugin
    WP App Studio designed and developed Premium plugins
    WP App Studio Based Premium WordPress Plugin Store
    WP App Studio designed and developed Free plugins
    WP App Studio Based Free WordPress Plugins
    WP App Studio Plugin Designs
    WPAS Designs
    Use WP App Studio plugin designs as a template
    *To customize the functionality of their corresponding plugins
    *To create your own plugin

    1. Create Powerful Professional WordPress Apps -- WP App Studio provides an all-in-one powerful platform to make it simple to create pro grade WordPress apps.

      Create Powerful Professional WordPress Apps -- WP App Studio provides an all-in-one powerful platform to make it simple to create pro grade WordPress apps.

    2. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/employee-spotlight-pro/">Employee Spotlight Pro Plugin</a> was created and has been maintained using its [plugin design] (https://emdplugins.com/designs/employee-spotlight-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/)

      Employee Spotlight Pro Plugin was created and has been maintained using its [plugin design] (https://emdplugins.com/designs/employee-spotlight-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/)

    3. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/employee-directory-professional/">Employee Directory Pro Plugin</a> was created and has been maintained using its <a href="https://emdplugins.com/designs/employee-directory-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/">plugin design</a>

      Employee Directory Pro Plugin was created and has been maintained using its plugin design

    4. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/software-issue-manager-enterprise/">Software Issue Manager Enterprise Edition</a> was created and has been maintained using its <a href="https://emdplugins.com/designs/software-issue-manager-enterprise-wordpress-plugin-design/">plugin design</a>

      Software Issue Manager Enterprise Edition was created and has been maintained using its plugin design

    5. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/wp-easy-contact-professional/">WP Easy Contact - Contact Management Plugin</a> was created and has been maintained using its <a href="https://emdplugins.com/designs/employee-directory-community-wordpress-plugin-design/">plugin design</a>

      WP Easy Contact - Contact Management Plugin was created and has been maintained using its plugin design

    6. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/wp-ticket-enterprise/">WP Ticket Enterprise - Support Request Management Plugin</a> was created and has been maintained using its <a href="https://emdplugins.com/designs/wp-ticket-enterprise-wordpress-plugin-design/">plugin design</a>

      WP Ticket Enterprise - Support Request Management Plugin was created and has been maintained using its plugin design

    7. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/youtube-showcase-professional/">YouTube Showcase - YouTube Video Management</a> was created and has been maintained using its <a href="https://emdplugins.com/designs/youtube-showcase-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/">plugin design</a>

      YouTube Showcase - YouTube Video Management was created and has been maintained using its plugin design

    8. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/wp-easy-events-professional/">WP Easy Events Pro</a> -- All in one solution for event management and ticketing system to organize successful events. <a href="https://wpappstudio.com/designs/wp-easy-events-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/">WP Easy Events Pro Plugin Design</a>

      WP Easy Events Pro -- All in one solution for event management and ticketing system to organize successful events. WP Easy Events Pro Plugin Design

    9. <a href="https://wpappstudio.com/components">WP App Studio Platform Components</a> for successful WordPress projects

      WP App Studio Platform Components for successful WordPress projects

    10. <a href="https://emdplugins.com/plugins/campus-directory-professional/">Campus Directory Pro</a> -- fully featured campus directory solution integrating people, publications, places and courses in a very intuitive interface. Designed and developed for higher education institutions. <a href="https://wpappstudio.com/designs/campus-directory-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/">Campus Directory plugindesign</a>

      Campus Directory Pro -- fully featured campus directory solution integrating people, publications, places and courses in a very intuitive interface. Designed and developed for higher education institutions. Campus Directory plugindesign

    11. <a href="https://wpappstudio.com/connections/">WP App Studio connections</a> can be used to speed up development of new apps offering common functionality

      WP App Studio connections can be used to speed up development of new apps offering common functionality

    Tags: custom-fields custom-post-types relationship custom-taxonomies custom-content
    3.6 (26)
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    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    You can add only one link to your Instagram bio.

    WP Link Bio helps you to convert your followers into visitors and customers. It creates a mobile-optimized landing page to show unlimited links, posts, and products so that you can drive all traffic from Instagram directly to your website.


    • Highlight your links with emojis, thumbnails, and animations!
    • Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager
    • Links to your Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc)


    To Your Brand

    • Never change your link bio again
    • Using your own domain increases the value of your brand and website
    • Drive 100% of Instagram’s traffic directly to your website

    To Your Business

    • Create a Shoppable Page, powered by WooCommerce (PRO)
    • Turn followers into customers
    • Track all sales generated by Instagram posts
    • Measure ROI from Instagram
    • Track all data in Google Analytics
    • Track clicks and sessions
    • Retarget visitors on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads

    WP Link Bio In Action (a.k.a real users)

    PRO version includes:

    • Priority Support
    • WooCommerce integration
    • Unlimited Links
    • Unlimited Posts
    • Unlimited Products
    • Links to Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc)
    • 10 types of animation, powered by Animate CSS
    • 3 Templates
      • Links
      • Posts
      • Shoppable Page (Sell your products on Instagram)


    • WooCommerce (PRO only)
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager

    [Try it for 14 days] (No credit card required!)

    1. Settings Page

      Settings Page

    2. All Links Page

      All Links Page

    3. Add/Edit Link Page

      Add/Edit Link Page

    4. WP Link Bio in action

      WP Link Bio in action

    Tags: linktree twitter instagram link-bio landing-page
    5.0 (2)
  • Authors: Travis

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Add popular brand icons to WordPress with ease. Use these high quality SVG icons anywhere on your WordPress site, set the color and size using attributes.

    Video Tutorial

    How to use

    Select an icon from the WordPress admin settings page, use the hashtag name in menus or use the shortcode for pages or php files.


    [simple_icon name="wordpress" color="black" size="20px"]


    • name
      The name of the social icon (search https://simpleicons.org/ to find an icon).

    • color (optional)
      The color of the icon (example: #ffffff or white).
      Default is pulled from the framework

    • size (optional)
      The size of the icon
      Default is 1.5rem

    • class (optional)
      Add a custom CSS class to the icon.

    How to style icons

    Use the following CSS code to change all icons color, size, etc.

    span[class*="simple-icon"] {
        width: 2em;
        height: 2em;
    span[class*="simple-icon"] svg {
        fill: #333;


    Visit https://simpleicons.org to view over 500+ available social media icons and popular brand icons. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] to display an icon or use #iconname# in your menu item title.

    Use GitHub for social media or other icon requests, corrections and contributions.

    Please post any issues under the support tab. If you use and like this plugin, please don’t forget to rate it! Additionally, if you would like to see more features for the plugin, please let me know.


    Icons include: (1956 total icons) 42 icon, dot-net icon, 1001Tracklists icon, 1Password icon, 3M icon, 4D icon, 500px icon, a-frame icon, ABB RobotStudio icon, Abbvie icon, Ableton Live icon, about-dot-me icon, Abstract icon, Academia icon, Accenture icon, Acclaim icon, Accusoft icon, Acer icon, ACM icon, ActiGraph icon, Activision icon, Adafruit icon, AdBlock icon, Adblock Plus icon, AddThis icon, AdGuard icon, Adobe icon, Adobe Acrobat Reader icon, Adobe After Effects icon, Adobe Audition icon, Adobe Creative Cloud icon, Adobe Dreamweaver icon, Adobe Fonts icon, Adobe Illustrator icon, Adobe InDesign icon, Adobe Lightroom icon, Adobe Lightroom Classic icon, Adobe PhoneGap icon, Adobe Photoshop icon, Adobe Premiere Pro icon, Adobe XD icon, AdonisJS icon, Aer Lingus icon, Aeroflot icon, Aeroméxico icon, Aerospike icon, Affinity icon, Affinity Designer icon, Affinity Photo icon, Affinity Publisher icon, AI Dungeon icon, AIOHTTP icon, Aiqfome icon, Air Canada icon, Air China icon, 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    4.8 (8)
  • Authors: Automattic

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    WooCommerce Admin is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your store. The plugin includes new and improved reports and a dashboard to monitor key metrics of your site.

    New Reports for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Admin has a host of new reports that are optimized for speed and have advanced filters that allow you to dive into data about your store:

    • Revenue Report
    • Orders Report
    • Products Report
    • Variations Report
    • Categories Report
    • Coupons Report
    • Taxes Report
    • Downloads Report
    • Stock Report
    • Customers Report

    Customizable Dashboard

    WooCommerce Admin also allows store owners to customize a new dashboard screen with “performance indicators” that correspond in importance to their store’s operation.

    Getting Started

    Minimum Requirements

    • WordPress 5.4
    • WooCommerce 4.8 or greater
    • PHP version 7.0 or greater. PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended
    • MySQL version 5.0 or greater. MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended

    Visit the WooCommerce server requirements documentation for a detailed list of server requirements.

    Automatic installation

    Automatic installation is the easiest option, as WordPress handles the file transfers and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To perform an automatic install:
    1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
    3. Enter “WooCommerce Admin” in the Search field, and view details about its point release, the rating and description.
    4. Select “Install Now” when you’re ready.

    Manual installation

    The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress Codex contains instructions at Manual Plugin Installation.

    Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

    Bugs should be reported in the WooCommerce Admin GitHub repository.

    This is awesome! Can I contribute?

    Yes, you can! Join our GitHub repository

    Release and roadmap notes are available on the WooCommerce Developers Blog


    • Add: Add unit tests around extended payment gateway controller #7133
    • Add: Add payment gateway suggestion unit tests #7142
    • Add: Feature toggle to disable Analytics UI #7168
    • Add: SlotFill to Abbreviated Notification panel #7091
    • Dev: Add woocommerce_admin_export_id filter for customizing the export file name #7178
    • Dev: Remove old payment gateway task components #7224
    • Fix: Currency display on Orders activity card on homescreen #7181
    • Fix: Fix obsolete key property in gateway defaults #7229
    • Fix: Fixing button state logic for remote payment gateways #7200
    • Fix: Include onboarding settings on the analytic pages #7109
    • Fix: Load Analytics API only when feature is turned on #7193
    • Fix: Localize string for description #7219
    • Fix: RemoteFreeExtension hide bundle when all of its plugins are not visible #7182
    • Add: Adding tests for PaymentGatewaySuggestions > List component #7201
    • Fix: Report export filtering bug. #7165
    • Fix: Use tab char for the CSV injection prevention. #7154
    • Fix: Use saved form values if available when switching tabs #7226
    • Fix: Skip schedule customer data deletion on site deletion #7214
    • Fix: The use of gridicons for Analytics section controls. #7237
    • Fix: WCPay not working in local payments task #7151
    • Fix: WordPress 5.8 compatibility UI fixes #7255
    • Fix: CurrencyFactory constructor to use proper function #7261
    • Fix: Currency display on Orders activity card on homescreen #7181
    • Fix: Report export filtering bug. #7165
    • Fix: Use tab char for the CSV injection prevention. #7154
    • Fix: Fix and refactor explat polling to use setTimeout #7274
    • Tweak: Remove performance indicators when Analytics Flag disabled #7234
    • Tweak: Revert Card component removal #7167
    • Tweak: Repurpose disable wc-admin filter to remove optional features #7232
    • Tweak: Removed unused feature flags #7233
    • Update: Notes to use a date range. #7222

    2.4.0 6/10/2021

    • Dev: Add Jetpack Backup admin note #6738
    • Add: Adding WCPay payment configuration defaults. #7097
    • Fix: Transformer casing is incorrect and creates an error on case-sensitive systems #7104
    • Dev: Reduce the specificity and complexity of the ReportError component #6846
    • Add: Create onboarding package to house refactored WCPay card and relevant components #7058
    • Fix: Preventing redundant notices when installing plugins via payments task list. #7026
    • Fix: Autocompleter for custom Search in CompareFilter #6911
    • Fix: Include onboarding settings on the analytic pages #7109
    • Dev: Converting component to TypeScript. #6981
    • Enhancement: Adding Slotfills for remote payments and SettingsForm component. #6932
    • Fix: Make Search accept synchronous autocompleter.options. #6884
    • Fix: Set autoload to false for all remote inbox notifications options. #7060
    • Add: Consume remote payment methods on frontend #6867
    • Add: Extend payment gateways REST endpoint #6919
    • Add: Add remote payment gateway recommendations initial docs #6962
    • Add: Add loading placeholders for payment gateways task #7123
    • Add: Note date range logic for GivingFeedback, and InsightFirstSale note. #6969
    • Add: Add transient notices feature #6809
    • Add: Add transformers in remote inbox notifications #6948
    • Add: Add Mercado Pago as default fallback payment gateway #7043
    • Add: Add in Razorpay as default fallback payment gateway #7096
    • Add: Get post install scripts from gateway and enqueue in client #6967
    • Add: Add eWAY as default fallback gateway #7108
    • Add: Free extension list powered by remote config #6952
    • Add: Add PayPal to fallback payment gateways #7001
    • Add: Add a data store for WC Payments REST APIs #6918
    • Add: Progressive setup checklist copy and call to action buttons. #6956
    • Add: Add Paystack as fallback gateway #7025
    • Add: Add Square as default fallback gateway #7107
    • Add: Add COD method to default payment gateway recommendations #7057
    • Add: Add BACS as default fallback payment gateway #7073
    • Add: A/B test of progressive checklist features. #7089
    • Add: Add payment gateway return URL and action #7095
    • Add: Add Mollie to the default payment gateways. #7092
    • Add: Show task and activity notifications in the Inbox panel #7017
    • Add: Adding WCPay payment configuration defaults. #7097
    • Add: Create onboarding package to house refactored WCPay card and relevant components #7058
    • Dev: Add Jetpack Backup admin note #6738
    • Dev: Reduce the specificity and complexity of the ReportError component #6846
    • Dev: Converting component to TypeScript. #6981
    • Dev: Update package-lock to fix versioning of local packages. #6843
    • Dev: Use rule processing for remote payment methods #6830
    • Dev: Update E2E jest config, so it correctly creates screenshots on failure. #6858
    • Dev: Fixed storybook build script #6875
    • Dev: Removed allowed keys list for adding woocommerce_meta data. #6889 🎉 @xristos3490
    • Dev: Delete all products when running product import tests, unskip previously skipped test. #6905
    • Dev: Add payment method selector to onboarding store #6921
    • Dev: Add disabled prop to SelectControl #6902
    • Dev: Add filter variation to tracks data in products analytics. #6913
    • Dev: Offload remote inbox notifications engine run using action-scheduler. #6995
    • Dev: Add source param support for notes query. #6979
    • Dev: Remove the use of Dashicons and replace with @wordpress/icons or gridicons. #7020
    • Dev: Refactor inbox panel components and moved to experimental package. #7006
    • Dev: Business features uncheck creative mail by default #7139
    • Dev: Remove support for IE11. #7112
    • Dev: Drop styling support for IE11. #7137
    • Dev: Remove react-docgen docs in favor of Storybook #7055
    • Enhancement: Add expand/collapse to extendable task list. #6910
    • Enhancement: Add task hierarchy support to extended task list. #6916
    • Enhancement: Add remind me later option to task list. #6923
    • Enhancement: Enable Remote Free Extensions List #7144
    • Enhancement: Adding Slotfills for remote payments and SettingsForm component. #6932
    • Fix: Rule Processing Transformer to handle dotNotation default value #7009
    • Fix: Remove Navigation’s uneeded SlotFill context #6832
    • Fix: Report filters expecting specific ordering. #6847
    • Fix: Render bug with report comparison mode selections. #6862
    • Fix: Throw exception if the data store cannot be loaded when trying to use notes. #6771
    • Fix: Autocompleter for custom Search in FilterPicker #6880
    • Fix: Get currency from CurrencyContext #6723
    • Fix: Correct the left position of transient notices when the new nav is used. #6914
    • Fix: Exclude WC Shipping for store that are only offering downloadable products #6917
    • Fix: SelectControl focus and de-focus bug #6906
    • Fix: Multiple preload tag output bug. #6998
    • Fix: Call existing filters for leaderboards in analytics. #6626
    • Fix: Set target to blank for the external links #6999
    • Fix style regression with the Chart header. #7002
    • Fix styling of the advanced filter operator selection. #7005
    • Fix: Deprecated warnings from select control @wordpress/data-controls. #7007
    • Fix: Bug with Orders Report coupon exclusion filter. #7021
    • Fix: Show Google Listing and Ads in installed marketing extensions section. #7029
    • Fix: Attribute filter bug with “any X” variations. #7046
    • Fix: Notices not dissapearing. #7077
    • Fix: Keyboard accessibility on the free features tab. #7149
    • Fix: Fix error handling when remote free extension API returns empty array. #7147
    • Fix: Transformer casing is incorrect and creates an error on case-sensitive systems #7104
    • Fix: Preventing redundant notices when installing plugins via payments task list. #7026
    • Fix: Autocompleter for custom Search in CompareFilter #6911
    • Fix: Add target to the button to open it in a new tab #7110
    • Fix: Make Search accept synchronous autocompleter.options. #6884
    • Fix: Set autoload to false for all remote inbox notifications options. #7060
    • Fix: Issue where summary stats were not showing in Analytics > Stock. #7161
    • Tweak: Only fetch remote payment gateway recommendations when opted in #6964
    • Tweak: Setup checklist copy revert. #7015
    • Update: Task list component with new Experimental Task list. #6849
    • Update: Optimize payment gateway resolution #7124
    • Update: Experimental task list import to the experimental package. #6950
    • Update: Redirect to WC Home after setting up a payment method #6891
    • Update: Hook up payments gateway data store #7038
    • Update: Update remote payment docs gateway methods #7079
    • Update: Remove original business step flow #7103
    • Update: WooCommerce Shipping copy on onboarding steps #7148

    2.3.1 5/24/2021

    • Tweak: Store profiler – Changed MailPoet’s title and description #6990
    • Update: Payment recommendation screen transition and add external link icon. #7022
    • Fix: A JS exception being thrown on the product tags page. #7053
    • Fix: Show Google Listing and Ads in installed marketing extensions section. #7029
    • Tweak: Adjust WC Pay supported countries #7048

    2.3.0 5/13/2021

    • Add: Add plugin installer to allow installation of plugins via URL #6805
    • Add: Optional children prop to SummaryNumber component #6748
    • Dev: Add data source filter to remote inbox notification system #6794
    • Dev: Introduce usage of ExPlat, an A/B testing tool. See https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/ for more #6669
    • Dev: Add support for nonces in note actions #6726
    • Dev: Add support for running php unit tests in PHP 8. #6678
    • Dev: Add event recording to start of gateway connections #6801
    • Feature: Add recommended payment methods in payment settings. #6760
    • Fix: Event tracking for merchant email notes #6616
    • Fix: Use the store timezone to make time data requests #6632
    • Fix: Update the checked input radio button margin style #6701
    • Fix: Convert date to timestamp before passing to set_date_prop to persist timezone #6795
    • Fix: Make pagination buttons height and width consistent #6725
    • Fix: Retain persisted queries when navigating to Homescreen #6614
    • Fix: Update folded header style #6724
    • Fix: Unreleated variations showing up in the Products reports #6647
    • Fix: Check active plugins before getting the PayPal onboarding status #6625
    • Fix: Remove no-reply from inbox notification emails #6644
    • Fix: Set up shipping costs task, redirect to shipping settings after completion. #6791
    • Fix: Onboarding logic on WooCommerce update to keep task list present. #6803
    • Fix: Pause inbox message “GivingFeedbackNotes” #6802
    • Fix: Missed DB version number updates causing unnecessary upgrades. #6818
    • Fix: Parsing bad JSON string data from user WooCommerce meta. #6819
    • Fix: Remove PayPal for India #6828
    • Performance: Avoid updating customer info synchronously from the front end. #6765
    • Tweak: Add settings_section event prop for CES #6762
    • Tweak: Refactor payments to allow management of methods #6786
    • Tweak: Add tracking data for the preview site button #6623
    • Tweak: Update WC Payments copy on the task list #6734
    • Tweak: Update payment gateway suggestions semantics to be more consistent #7130
    • Tweak: Add check to see if value for contains is array, show warning if not. #6645
    • Tweak: Sort the extension task list by completion status and allow toggling visibility. #6792
    • Tweak: Only fetch remote payment gateway recommendations when opted in #6964
    • Update: Replace marketing extension – Google Listings and Ads. #6939
    • Update: Update choose niche note cta URL #6733
    • Update: UI updates to Payment Task screen #6766
    • Update: Update payment gateway suggestions semantics to be more consistent #7130
    • Update: Adding setup required icon for non-configured payment methods #6811

    2.2.6 5/7/2021

    • Fix: Address an issue with OBW when installing only WooCommerce payments and Jetpack. #6957

    2.2.5 5/7/2021

    • Fix: Calling of get_script_asset_filename with extra parameter #6955

    2.2.4 5/7/2021

    • Dev: Fix a bug where trying to load an asset registry causes a crash. #6951

    2.2.3 5/6/2021

    • Dev: Do a git clean before the core release. #6945

    2.2.2 4/28/2021

    • Fix: Disable the continue btn on OBW when requested are being made #6838
    • Tweak: Revert WCPay international support for bundled package #6901
    • Tweak: Store profiler – Changed MailPoet’s title and description #6886
    • Tweak: Update PayU logo #6829

    2.2.0 3/30/2021

    • Fix: Check if features are currently being enabled #6688
    • Add: Next new novel navigation nudge note #6610
    • Fix: Fix the activity panel toggle not closing on click #6679
    • Tweak: Add default value for contains op #6622
    • Fix: Fix use of feature checks and remove deprecated method calls #6687
    • Dev: Close activity panel tabs by default and track #6566
    • Dev: Update undefined task name properties for help panel tracks #6565
    • Fix: Allow the manager role to query certain options #6577
    • Dev: Refactor profile wizard benefits step and add tests #6583
    • Fix: Delete customer data on network user deletion #6574
    • Fix: Fix Themes step visibility in IE 11 #6578
    • Fix: Fix hidden menu title on smaller screens #6562
    • Fix: Add gross sales column to CSV export #6567
    • Dev: Add filter to profile wizard steps #6564
    • Tweak: Adjust targeting store age for the Add First Product note #6554
    • Tweak: Improve WC Shipping & Tax logic #6547
    • Tweak: Update Insight inbox note content #6555
    • Dev: Add nav intro modal tests #6518
    • Dev: Use wc filter to get status tabs for tools category #6525
    • Tweak: Remove mobile activity panel toggle #6539
    • Dev: Add nav header component tests #6509
    • Add: Add legacy report items to new navigation #6507
    • Dev: Add initial tests for navigation Menu class #6492
    • Dev: Remove active item from navigation store #6486
    • Dev: Add navigation container tests #6464
    • Add: Add preview site button on the appearance task #6457
    • Fix: Add check for navigating being enabled. #6462
    • Dev: Add nav favorite button tests #6446
    • Dev: Add a changelog lint check to PRs. #6414
    • Dev: Add navigation favorites tests #6409
    • Fix: Move the shipping input and text 1px lower. #6408
    • Dev: support use of Array.flat in client and packages. #6411
    • Fix: Correct the Klarna slug #6440
    • Tweak: Refactor autoloader to remove global variable. #6412
    • Dev: Deprecate Onboarding::has_woocommerce_support. #6401
    • Fix: Broken link anchors to online documentation. #6455
    • Dev: Add Dependency Extraction Webpack Plugin #5762
    • Dev: Add client-side filter for Navigation rootBackUrl #6505
    • Add: Back button to go to home screen from tasks in the task list. #6397
    • Fix: Update payment card style on mobile #6413
    • Fix: Missing i18n in Welcome modal. #6456
    • Fix: Restore visual styles back to Analytics tabs. #5913
    • Add: Add a “rather not say” option to revenue in the profile wizard. #6475
    • Fix: Update contrast and hover / active colors for analytics dropdown buttons #6504
    • Dev: Remove items_purchased and account_type props from onboarding profile API. #6520
    • Dev: Added warning when WC-Admin is active but not being used #6453
    • Fix: Associated Order Number for refunds was hidden #6428
    • Add: Remove Mollie promo note on install #6510
    • Add: Remote Inbox Notifications rule to trigger when WooCommerce Admin is upgraded. #6040
    • Dev: Store profiler – Added MailPoet to Business Details step #6503
    • Dev: Store profiler – Added MailPoet to new Business Details step #6515
    • Dev: Add tilde (~) to represent client root directory for imports. #6517
    • Fix: Fix issue where Loader::is_admin_page() would error if WooCommerce admin is disabled. #6563
    • Add: Add Ireland to Square payment method #6559
    • Add: CES survey for search product, order, customer #6420
    • Add: CES survey for importing products #6419
    • Add: CES survey for adding product categories, tags, and attributes #6418
    • Add: Additional analytics tracking for the business details step. #6575
    • Add: Include tracking for mail poet installs in the selective bundle install #6603
    • Dev: Add script automation for gathering hooks and filters. #6454
    • Dev: Add TypeScript to CustomerFeedbackModal component. #6498
    • Fix: Correct a bug where the JP connection flow would not happen when installing JP in the OBW. #6521
    • Dev: Add TypeScript and page objects to the E2E test suite. #6582
    • Dev: Introduce Typescript to Navigation utils #6477
    • Add: Paystack payment provider to several african countries. #6579
    • Dev: Payments task: include Mercado Pago #6572
    • Dev: Ensure script asset.php files are included in builds #6635
    • Fix: Show management links when the task list is complete (even if its not hidden). #6657
    • Fix: Adding New Zealand and Ireland to selective bundle option, previously missed. #6649
    • Fix: Update the Mercado option used for enabling/disabling. #6677
    • Dev: Ensure production script asset names don’t include .min suffix #6681
    • Fix: Improve AddFirstProduct email note contents. #6617
    • Fix: Missing margin between cards and viewport in setup wizard #6620

    2.1.4 3/29/2021

    • Fix: Adding New Zealand and Ireland to selective bundle option, previously missed. #6649

    2.1.3 3/14/2021

    • Feature: Increase target audience for business feature step. #6508
    • Fix: Correct a bug where the JP connection flow would not happen when installing JP in the OBW. #6521
    • Fix: Add customer name column to CSV export #6556

    2.1.2 3/10/2021

    • Fix: Add guard to “Deactivate Plugin” note handlers to prevent fatal error. #6532
    • Fix: Crash of Analytics > Settings page when Gutenberg is installed. #6540

    2.1.1 3/4/2021

    • Fix: Restore missing Correct the Klarna slug #6440

    2.1.0 3/4/2021

    • Dev: Allow highlight tooltip to use body tag as parent. #6309
    • Dev: Remove Google fonts and material icons. #6343
    • Add: Remove CES actions for adding and editing a product and editing an order #6355
    • Dev: Add filter to allow enabling the WP toolbar within the new navigation. #6371
    • Dev: Add unit tests to Navigation’s Container component. #6344
    • Fix: Enqueue scripts called incorrectly in php unit tests #6358
    • Fix: Removed @woocommerce/components/card from OBW #6374
    • Fix: Email notes now are turned off by default #6324
    • Add: CES track settings tab on updating settings #6368
    • Fix: Top bar slightly overlaps wp-admin navigation on mobile #6292
    • Fix: Hide tooltip in welcome modal #6142
    • Fix: update single column home screen width to 680px #6297
    • Fix: Recommended Payment Banner missing in Safari #6375
    • Tweak: Order and styles updates to nav footer #6373
    • Enhancement: Move capability checks to client #6365
    • Tweak: Enqueue beta features scripts on enqueue_scripts action instead of filter #6358
    • Enhancement: Navigation: Add test to container component #6344
    • Fix: Empty nav menu #6366
    • Enhancement: override wpbody styles when nav present #6354
    • Fix: Check if tax was successfully added before displaying notice #6229
    • Fix: Update timing of InboxPanel state changes for the unread indicator #6246
    • Tweak: Set is_deleted from the database when instantiating a Note #6322
    • Tweak: New Settings: Turn off in dev mode #6348
    • Add: Favorites tooltip to the navigation #6312
    • Fix: Display” option fails to collapse upon invoking “Help” option #6233
    • Enhancement: Move favorited menu items to primary menu #6290
    • Dev: Use box sizing and padding to fix nav and admin menu styling #6335
    • Tweak: Update inline documentation for navigation Screen class #6173
    • Tweak: Remove categories without menu items #6329
    • Add: Core settings redirection to new settings pages #6091
    • Add: Settings feature and pages #6089
    • Add: Settings client pages #6092
    • Add: Favoriting extensions client UI #6287
    • Dev: Refactor head and body heights #6247
    • Fix: Removal of core settings pages #6328
    • Dev: Fix the react state update error on homescreen. #6320
    • Tweak: Navigation: Migrate methods to admin_menu hook #6319
    • Tweak: Move admin menu manipulation from admin_head to admin_menu #6310
    • Tweak: Updates to copy and punctuation to be more conversational and consistent. #6298
    • Dev: Change siteUrl to homeUrl on navigation site title #6240
    • Dev: Add navigation favorites data store #6275
    • Add: Add navigation intro modal. #6367
    • Fix: Fix double prefixing of full navigation URLs #6460
    • Fix: Reset Navigation submenu before making Flyout #6396
    • Dev: Add a changelog lint check to PRs. #6414
    • Fix: Move the shipping input and text 1px lower. #6408
    • Add: WC Admin Docker setup with WP-ENV

    2.0.3 03/10/2021

    • Fix: Crash of Analytics > Settings page when Gutenberg is installed. #6540

    2.0.2 25/05/2021

    • Fix: Correct the Klarna slug #6440

    2.0.0 02/05/2021

    • Tweak: Bump minimum supported version of PHP to 7.0. #6046
    • Fix: allow for more terms to be shown for product attributes in the Analytics orders report. #5868
    • Tweak: update the content and timing of the NeedSomeInspiration note. #6076
    • Fix: Add support for a floating-point number as a SummaryNumber’s delta. #5926
    • Add: new inbox message – Getting started in Ecommerce – watch this webinar. #6086
    • Add: Remote inbox notifications contains comparison and fix product rule. #6073
    • Update: store deprecation welcome modal support doc link #6094
    • Enhancement: Allowing users to create products by selecting a template. #5892
    • Dev: Add wait script for mysql to be ready for phpunit tests in docker. #6185
    • Update: Homescreen layout, moving Inbox panel for better interaction. #6122
    • Dev: Remove old debug code for connecting to Calypso / WordPress.com. #6097
    • Tweak: Adjust the Marketing note not to show until store is at least 5 days. #6083
    • Add: Task list payments – include Mollie as an option. #6257
    • Tweak: Refactored extended task list. #6081
    • Fix: Fixed the Add First Product email note checks. #6260
    • Fix: Onboarding – Fixed “Business Details” error. #6271
    • Enhancement: Use the new Paypal payments plugin for onboarding. #6261
    • Fix: Show management links when only main task list is hidden. #6291
    • Dev: Allow highlight tooltip to use body tag as parent. #6309
    • Add: Allow users to install the PayU plugin in the payments setup task. #6332
    • Fix: Persist the enabling of plugins in the payments setup task. #6332

    1.9.0 1/15/2021

    • Fix: Add Customer Type column to the Orders report table. #5820
    • Fix: Product exclusion filter on Orders Report.
    • Fix: Typo in Variation Stats DataStore context filter value.
    • Fix: support custom attributes in Attribute advanced report filter.
    • Fix: Don’t show Stock and Reviews Homescreen panels too early.
    • Tweak: Remove deprecated use of Jetpack in shipping label banner. #5929
    • Fix: Undefined $collate variable when database does not have collation capability. #5992
    • Tweak: Remove visit_count from track, and update task count logic. #5996
    • Fix: Moved certified owner label for review to title. ##5877
    • Fix: Move collapsible config to panels object, to allow for more control. #5855
    • Enhancement: Show Help panel tooltip when user visits unfinished task more then once. #5826
    • Tweak: Fix inconsistent REST API paramater name for customer type filtering.
    • Enhancement: Tasks extensibility in Home Screen. #5794
    • Enhancement: Add page parameter to override default wc-admin page in Navigation API. #5821
    • Fix: Invalidate product count if the last product was updated in the list. #5790
    • Fix: Updating (non wordpress user) customer with order data
    • Dev: Add documentation for filter woocommerce_admin_pages_list and wc_admin_register_page #5844
    • Dev: Revert work done in #4857 for automated shipping after OBW is completed #5971
    • Add: Welcome modal when coming from Calypso #6004
    • Enhancement: Add an a/b experiment for installing free business features #5786
    • Dev: Add onChangeCallback feature to the wc-admin component #5786
    • Dev: Add merchant email notifications #5922
    • Add: Email note to add first product. #6024
    • Add: Note for users coming from Calypso. #6030
    • Fix: Fixed error hiding core task list. #6050
    • Enhancement: Add an “unread” indicator to inbox messages. #6047
    • Tweak: update the content for the ChooseNiche note. #6048
    • Fix: Generate JSON translation chunks on plugin activation #6028
    • Dev: Update travis CI distribution. #6067
    • Add: Manage activity from home screen inbox message. #6072

    1.8.3 1/5/2021

    • Fix: Compile the debug module so it can be used in older browsers like IE11. #5987

    1.8.2 12/22/2020

    • Fix: Completed tasks tracking causing infinite loop #5941
    • Fix: Remove Navigation access #5940

    1.8.1 12/15/2020

    • Fix: Product exclusion filter on Orders Report.
    • Fix: Typo in Variation Stats DataStore context filter value. #5784

    1.8.0 12/7/2020

    • Enhancement: Add “filter by variations in reports” inbox note. #5208
    • Tweak: Fix inconsistent REST API parameter name for customer type filtering. #5823
    • Fix: Move collapsible config to panels object, to allow for more control. #5855
    • Enhancement: Tasks extensibility in Home Screen. #5794
    • Enhancement: Add page parameter to override default wc-admin page in Navigation API. #5821
    • Fix: Invalidate product count if the last product was updated in the list. #5790
    • Fix: Add Customer Type column to the Orders report table. #5820
    • Fix: Product exclusion filter on Orders Report. #5822
    • Enhancement: Introduce the customer effort score (CES) feature.
    • Enhancement: Rework task extensibility in the homescreen. #5794
    • Enhancement: Migrate the reviews panel to the homescreen. #5706
    • Tweak: Improve styles of the tax task. #5709
    • Tweak: Do not show store setup link on the homescreen. #5801
    • Tweak: Revert the #5001 work to order tasks by completion. #5721
    • Tweak: Revert the smart tax defaults work. #5720
    • Fix: Show the customer type column in Orders report table. #5820
    • Fix: make sure ‘Customers’ page updates after order update. #5776
    • Tweak: Do not show store setup activity panel on the homescreen. #5801
    • Fix: Fix fatal errors when child themes are installed in a subdirectory. #5783
    • Enhancement: Migrate reviews panel to home screen. #5706
    • Enhancement: Add Razorpay to payment task for stores in India – #5775
    • Fix: Allow actionable statuses in orders endpoint(s) filters. #5733
    • Enhancement: Migrate Stock Panel to Homescreen. #5729
    • Tweak: Don’t show the Orders panel on the homescreen with the Task List. #5552
    • Enhancement: Add enhanced placeholders for Marketing components. #5611
    • Tweak: Continue showing tasklist even if list is complete, only hide if set to hidden. #5673
    • Enhancement: Allow switching on/off the navigation feature in plugin and core builds. #5697
    • Fix: snackbar dismissal bug. #5696
    • Tweak: Remove check for Jetpack and WCS from Stripe onboarding task. #4933
    • Fix: Only import the Gridicons we need, to reduce package size. #5668
    • Fix: Stop order panels flickering on load. #5655
    • Fix: Load wc-tracks to avoid fatal errors. #5645 #5638
    • Fix: Preventing desktop-sized navigation placeholder from appearing on mobile during load. #5616

    1.7.0 11/11/2020

    • Enhancement: Variations report. #5167
    • Enhancement: Add ability to toggle homescreen layouts. #5429
    • Enhancement: Accordion component #5474
    • Enhancement: Badge component #5520
    • Fix: Added support for custom actionable statuses. #5550
    • Fix: wrong casing used on the PayPal brand name #5514 🎉 @rtpHarry
    • Fix: Import @wordpress/base-styles/default-custom-properties #5491
    • Fix: downloads report #5441
    • Fix: missing custom autocompleter attribute in Search component of Advanced Filter #5448
    • Fix: empty no posts state on Marketing page. #5411
    • Fix: visual issues in the Search component. #5199
    • Fix: Inconsistent line endings in readme.txt. #5281
    • Fix: popover menu to expand menu item width to 100% #5519
    • Fix: Wrong class name for querying Categories Report #5522 🎉 @zzap
    • Fix: Remove label printing mention for non us countries #5527
    • Fix: First product script navigation dependency #5584
    • Fix: Added support for custom actionable statuses #5550
    • Fix: Display the store management links last on the homescreen #5579
    • Fix: Ensure the “Set up additional payment providers” inbox notification is shown when relevant after completing the OBW. #5547
    • Tweak: Remove customer analytics data upon order deletion #5171
    • Tweak: Updating Stripe key field validation to support test keys #5201
    • Tweak: Wrap search control selected items in list #5231
    • Tweak: Update store setup link to redirect to setup wizard #5200
    • Tweak: Removing breadcrumbs from wc-admin header #5232
    • Tweak: Use consistent markdown headers in navigation readme #5417
    • Tweak: Remove Store Setup Alert #5499
    • Tweak: Customers: Update column heading for date registered #5542
    • Tweak: alter homescreen layout. #5465
    • Dev: Home Screen – migrate orders panel. #5455
    • Dev: Store Profiler – include Creative Mail as a free extension #5543
    • Dev: Add undefined check in intervals data util #5546
    • Dev: Fix wakeup visibility for PHP 8 compatibility #5211
    • Dev: Fix header height and positioning for wc nav #5173
    • Dev: Add remote inbox notification rule processors for country and state #5203
    • Dev: Rename admin notes classes and file names to fit conventions #514
    • Dev: remove checks of store registration that are no longer needed. #5170
    • Dev: Fix version update script for composer.json #5165
    • Dev: Remove getAdminLink from data package #5158
    • Dev: Bump @woocommerce/components dependencies. #5153
    • Dev: Add note status remote inbox notifications rule processor #5207
    • Dev: Make code chunk filenames more stable. #5229
    • Dev: Inbox Panel component moved #5252
    • Dev: Added animation to Inbox note deletion #5263
    • Dev: Update starter pack dependencies #5254
    • Dev: Ensure test zips have latest packages from npm and composer. #5313
    • Dev: Add remote inbox notifications rule allowing access to any option #5206
    • Dev: Add manage orders on the go admin note #5159
    • Dev: Add WooCommerceDependencyExtractionWebpackPlugin package #5198
    • Dev: Migrate devdocs examples to Storybook stories #5271
    • Dev: Remove Enzyme in favor of React Testing Library #5299
    • Dev: Add exclusion rule to PHPCS config for TODO comments #5388
    • Dev: Remove no longer used isPanelEmpty logic. #5423
    • Dev: Use new @wordpress/components Card on Marketing page. #5428
    • Dev: Add PSR-4 naming checks to PHP linting. #5512
    • Dev: Rearrange the store management links under categories add filter woocommerce_admin_homescreen_quicklinks. #5476
    • Dev: Restyle the setup task list header to display incomplete tasks #5520

    1.6.2 10/16/2020

    • Fix: Missing activity panels on ugraded sites #5400
    • Fix: Casting of onboarding profile data to array #5415
    • Fix: Gutenberg 9.1.1 compat for inbox on home screen not showing #5416
    • Fix: i18n of Performance Indicator strings #5405
    • Fix: Gutenberg 9.1.1 compat for empty data sets #5409

    1.6.1 10/13/2020

    • Fix: Hide setup checklist shortcut when setup checklist skipped #5360
    • Fix: use of undefined function on WC < 4.0.0.

    1.6.0 10/9/2020

    • Dev: Reviews wp.data store #4941
    • Dev: Notes wp.data store #4943
    • Dev: Add woocommerce_analytics_update_order_stats_data filter #4934
    • Dev: Remove unused lib/date #4987
    • Dev: Exports wp.data store #4958
    • Dev: Remove _experimentalResolveSelect usage #4949
    • Dev: Items wp.data store #5009
    • Dev: Import wp.data store #4982
    • Dev: Remove fresh-data wc-api dependency #5075
    • Dev: Add initial e2e test suite #5028
    • Dev: Combine translation chunks when languages updated #5094
    • Dev: Add filters for columns in reports #5134
    • Dev: Don’t include “min” suffix in build JS files for core build #5130
    • Enhancement: Add free local shipping zone on profile complete #4857
    • Enhancement: Add woocommerce/tracks package #5107
    • Enhancement: Add filter to allow modification of report columns #4984
    • Enhancement: Add WooCommerce Mobile Banner #5037
    • Enhancement: Add Product Attribute advanced filter #5038
    • Enhancement: Add support for advanced filters with multiple instances #5050
    • Enhancement: Automated taxes smart default #5076
    • Enhancement: Add product attribute filter to Orders report #5068
    • Tweak: Remove payment task actions #4917
    • Tweak: Don’t import from React, use @wordpress/element #4978
    • Tweak: Use filtered headers array in onColumnsChange callback #4964
    • Tweak: Orders panel get selectors form wc-api #4997
    • Tweak: Group tasks by completion in setup checklist #5001
    • Tweak: Replace useFilters with WP withFilters #4962
    • Tweak: Refactor header component to function #5023
    • Tweak: Refactor task list status to onboarding data store #4998
    • Tweak: Add monthly pricing toggle in OBW #5015
    • Tweak: OBW style updates #5059
    • Tweak: Remove chevron icons from Fish Setup task list #5114
    • Tweak: Add option to not charge sales tax in setup checklist #5111
    • Tweak: Enable homescreen for all sites #5108
    • Tweak: Enable remote inbox in all envs #5160
    • Tweak: Add opt-out for remote inbox #5162
    • Fix: Table component onQueryChange default prop #4959
    • Fix: Dependency declarations in woocommerce/components #4972
    • Fix: Text domains in stock report #4980
    • Fix: Typo in reports store action creators #4992
    • Fix: Note data actions and consolidate query constants #4990
    • Fix: Advanced filters screen reader text #5032
    • Fix: Show full variation name in products report #5056
    • Fix: Card to connect to woocommerce.com #5129
    • Fix: Search all variation attribute values #5141
    • Fix: Force float before addition in taxes #5149

    1.5.0 2020-08-07

    • Dev: New notification: Don’t forget to test your checkout. #4805
    • Dev: Enable tax calculation before redirecting to standard tax rates page. #4878
    • Fix: Use clipRule and fillRule props. #4889, part of #4864
    • Dev: Added event recording to Orders, Stock, and Reviews panels. #4861
    • Dev: Added personalization to purchase extension task. #4849
    • Dev: Display modal with more info about the new homescreen. #4890
    • Dev: Task list – add a shortcut back to store setup. #4853
    • Dev: Update the colors of the illustrations in the welcome modal. #4945
    • Enhancement: Add eWAY to Payment Setup for AU/NZ Stores. #4947

    1.4.0 2020-07-22

    • Fix: Update returning customer total to include customers whose first order was within the report date range #4430
    • Fix: Fix an error in the Analytics/Orders table when there is an order deleted directly from the database #4630
    • Fix: Reselecting advanced filters in the customer list #4650
    • Fix: Reporting of deleted coupons #4671
    • Fix: Preventing refresh after answering a survey note #4711
    • Fix: Regular filters not working #4704
    • Fix: React warning in test that the key prop wasn’t assigned in List #4808
    • Fix: Center continue buttons in the onboarding profile wizard #4082
    • Fix: Homepage template used in setup checklist customization task #4807
    • Fix: Errant Jetpack activation prompt in Stats Overview home screen widget #4817
    • Fix: Unable to activate theme with uppercase name #4393 🎉 @ayubadiputra
    • Fix: Set active theme when OBW is shown via the task list #4834
    • Enhancement: Add option to dismiss tasks in Setup Checklist #4733
    • Enhancement: Show contextual help menu when working on store setup tasks. #4779
    • Enhancement: Add automatic PayPal account creation flow. #4804
    • Enhancement: Move the WooCommerce > Coupons dashboard menu item to Marketing > Coupons. #4786
    • Tweak: Add education and travel to the onboarding industry types #4694
    • Tweak: Refactor Jetpack connection flows #4655
    • Tweak: Refactor tax task to use promise chain #4683
    • Tweak: Add bundle install UI to Business Details step #4695
    • Tweak: Include Product Bundles and Product Add-ons as OBW product options #4705
    • Tweak: Toggle the “Physical products” checkbox on by default #4702
    • Tweak: Variation Names: Allow long names to be shown #4715
    • Tweak: Limit inbox status to unactioned notes #4765
    • Tweak: Only show usage tracking modal once in OBW. #4766
    • Tweak: Add WooCommerce Payments to Setup Checklist. #4793
    • Tweak: Update connection flow for Bundle UI #4717
    • Tweak: Style improvements for Marketing hub. #4794
    • Tweak: Added skip profiler functionality #4721
    • Tweak: Reordered home screen tasks #4754
    • Tweak: Create single source of truth for task list array #4825
    • Tweak: Rework the store details onboarding screen #4771
    • Tweak: Design of Product Types step in Onboarding #4707
    • Tweak: Add copy that WCS TOS will be accepted upon install #4799
    • Dev: Customize webpack jsonpFunction to avoid potential collision with other Webpack bundles #4644 🎉 @aaemnnosttv
    • Dev: Update @wordpress/base-styles and replace deprecated variables #4759

    1.3.2 2020-07-29

    • Fix: bug preventing saving user preferences on WP 5.3. #4869

    1.3.1 2020-07-20

    • Fix: PHP Fatal errors when columns are missing from the Notes table. #4831

    1.3.0 2020-07-08

    • Enhancement: Add Jetpack stats to performance indicatorts / homepage #4291
    • Enhancement: New “Store Management” quick links card on WooCommerce home screen. #4350
    • Enhancement: Inbox notifications layout updates #4218
    • Enhancement: New Home Screen #4303
    • Enhancement: Use WordPress Core colors for styling accents. #4558
    • Dev: Add jest-dom eslint plugin. #4327
    • Dev: Migrate onboarding data store to wp.data #4433
    • Dev: Remove use of IconButton in favor of Button #4415
    • Dev: Fix error handling for plugins on server error #4462
    • Dev: update @wordpress/components and @wordpress/base-styles #4427
    • Dev: Migrate user store to wp.data #4505
    • Dev: Add options data store to wp.data #4144
    • Dev: Runtime feature config override #4523
    • Dev: Check that the possibly_add_note function exists before calling it #4680
    • Dev: Remove unnecessary rest API init action. #4691
    • Dev: Don’t include sourcemaps or unminified JS for “core” builds. #4642
    • Fix: misaligned ‘required’ text on selects #4307
    • Fix: exception when opening dashboard after selecting extensions to purchase #4357
    • Fix: REST API collections schema #4377
    • Fix: Monetary Advanced Filters in Customers Report with correct currency object prop. #4356
    • Fix: In App purchase “back link” #4301
    • Fix: Search results selectable by clicking on item text or icon #4474
    • Fix: Filters’ static query parameters #4458
    • Fix: The WCPay method not appearing as recommended sometimes #4345
    • Fix: Removed URLSearchParams method #4501
    • Fix: REST API collections schema. #4484
    • Fix: null issue in wpNavMenuClassChange #4513 🎉 @gradosevic
    • Fix: RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542
    • Fix: Don’t show store location step in tax and shipping tasks if the address has already been provided #4507
    • Fix: Check for enabled methods before payment task completion #4530
    • Fix: Solved a problem with the method onChoose in the last onboarding step. #4583
    • Fix: Only mark purchase task as complete when products exist #4574
    • Fix: Remove unnecessary rest_api_init action that caused incompatibility issues with other plugins. #4691
    • Fix: Fix WCPay sometimes not appearing on the task list #4647
    • Tweak: make revenue report total sales column optional #4397
    • Tweak: Adjustments to WooCommerce Payments setup task #4373
    • Tweak: Handling of plugin installs in OBW #4411
    • Tweak: Update design of Setup Checklist #4434
    • Tweak: Add scrollable styling to left side of Table, and keep updated #4179
    • Tweak – Add custom autocompleter support to Search componen #4518
    • Tweak: reduce asset filename length. #4535
    • Tweak: Use single dash for country/state dropdown options #4553
    • Tweak: Use label tag for toggleable shipping zones #4554
    • Tweak: Tweak – Make it easier to add submenu items to the Marketing menu #4561
    • Tweak: Remove duplicate/redundant inbox note after first order received. #4659
    • Tweak: Fix the embed page CSS so the top content sits better #4622

    1.2.4 2020-06-11

    • Tweak: reduce asset filename length and remove tilde characters. #4535
    • Fix: RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542

    1.2.3 2020-05-22

    • Tweak: Updates to WooCommerce Payments in Setup Checklist #4293

    1.2.2 2020-05-18

    • Fix: Respect tracking opt-in before new page load. #4368
    • Enhancement: Add Jetpack connection to plugin benefits step #4374

    1.2.0 2020-05-18

    • Enhancement: Add onboarding payments note #4157
    • Enhancement: Marketing Inbox Note #4030
    • Performance: Use Route based code splitting to reduce bundle size #4094
    • Performance: trim down inbox note API request. #3977
    • Fix: Proper display of elements in wc-admin pages when in a RTL environment. #4051
    • Fix: Update UX when knowledge base articles fail to retrieve #4133
    • Fix: Updated messaging after last step in OBW. #4148
    • Fix: Reset profiler when visiting old OBW URL #4166.
    • Fix: Dashboard flash before OBW chunk loads #4259
    • Tweak: Enable the default homepage template to be filtered #4072 🎉 @stevegrunwell
    • Tweak: Create admin note if Jetpack or WooCommerce Services plugin doesn’t get installed due to an error during OBW #3888
    • Tweak: Update Email Marketing note. #4167
    • Tweak: Adjust “demo products” verbiage to “Sample Products” #4184 🎉 @jobthomas
    • Tweak: Don’t reschedule imports on failed imports #4263
    • Tweak: Remove obsolete inbox messages #4182
    • Dev: Make query selector for admin alerts more specific #4289 🎉 @pauloiankoski
    • Dev: Guard against null themes in OBW #4244
    • Dev: Update wcadmin db version after db callback #4323
    • Dev: Only migrate options on version change #4324
    • Dev: Use PAGE_ROOT constant to reduce redundant strings #4238 🎉 @codemascot
    • Dev: Decouple Plugins DataStore from onboarding feature #4048
    • Dev: Move API out of Onboarding #4093
    • Dev: Add Profiler Step View Tracks #4141
    • Dev: Add React Testing Library #4221
    • Dev: Add List and Link components to Storybook #4219
    • Dev: Cast Shipping Total to float #4042 🎉 @barryhughes
    • Dev: Dynamic Currency with Context API #4027
    • Dev: Remove Duplicate array entry #4049 🎉 @tivnet

    1.1.3 2020-05-18

    • Tweak: Onboarding: Add Jetpack flow back to onboarding profiler. #4382
    • Fix: Respect tracking opt-in before new page load. #4368

    1.1.2 N/A

    • Version bumped on Composer/Packagist but not released to WordPress.org.

    1.1.1 2020-05-05

    • Fix: Storefront should show at top of theme options in onboarding wizard. #4187
    • Tweak: Remove Stripe auto-connect from payment task. #4164
    • Tweak: Hide suggested extensions in Marketing Tab if opted out of “Marketplace Suggestions”

    1.1.0 2020-04-23

    • Tweak: Added link to “go shopping” button #3712
    • Fix: Make analytics tables use the site’s date format setting #3715
    • Fix: Alignment of select text #3723 🎉 @edmundcwm
    • Tweak: Add PayFast payment gateway option for sites in South Africa #3738
    • Tweak: Onboarding: Update screen order and remove Jetpack connection in profiler #3739
    • Tweak: Onboarding – business step: add more options in the competitors list and other fixes #3812
    • Tweak: Onboarding: Redesign plugin benefits screen #3764
    • Fix: inconsistent wording downloads report #3844 🎉 @jobthomas
    • Tweak: Onboarding: Use full width template for homepage in stores using Storefront #3846
    • Tweak: Remove ‘add first product’ note. #3876
    • Enhancement: Improve focus on task list #3796
    • Enhancement: Allow individual payment method setup in the onboarding task list #3782
    • Tweak: Onboarding: Add toggles to configured payments in task list #3801
    • Onboarding: Add offline payment methods #3832
    • Fix: Verify Stripe API keys in payment set up step. #3910
    • Fix: Connect to WooCommerce.com note disappears before connecting. #3909
    • Tweak: Onboarding – payments task: filter payment gateways if the user selects CBD #3745
    • Enahncement: Create flat rate or free shipping methods from the onboarding task list #3927
    • Fix: Add WooCommerce support if store is using default theme #3908
    • Fix: Make WooCommerce breadcrumbs use WooCommerce Branding if it is installed #3798
    • Fix undefined variable slug on theme activation error #3942 🎉 [email protected]
    • Tweak: Style and icon updates for Activity Panel #3965
    • Fix: handle cases where coupon dates are in an unexpected format. #3984
    • Enhancement: “Personalize your store” reminder: new inbox notification #3895
    • Fix: Onboarding: only validate other platform name for ‘other’ selling venues #4011
    • Performance: only query necessary data in Orders Panel. #3969
    • Tweak: Remove icon-button classes from Tag component #3993
    • Enhancement: WooCommerce Shipping order page banner prompt #3955
    • Performance: speed up indicators endpoint response. #3997
    • Enahncement: Add WC Pay to startup checklist
    • Enhancement: Marketing Tab
    • Enhancement: Add WooCommerce Payments Inbox note #4013
    • Fix: Added hook to delete woocommerce_onboarding_homepage_post_id #4015
    • Performance: only query requested stat totals in reports. #4009
    • Fix: Show admin notices on legacy admin screens. #4019
    • Tweak: Reduce the number of default widgets on the dashboard. #4035
    • Tweak: Onboarding: Remove plugins step from profiler #3974
    • Fix: wc-admin pages work in Internet Explorer 11. #4037
    • Dev: Handle orphaned order statuses in analytics settings. #4090
    • Tweak: Overwrite button overflow css from WordPress 5.4 defaults #4108
    • Dev: Fix usage of WP_Error in non-global namespaces. #4115
    • Tweak: business details step: increase max-height on competitors listbox #4111
    • Fix: OBW: Allow CBD only for US stores #4117

    1.0.3 2020-03-22

    • Fix: Stop calling protected has_satisfied_dependencies() on outdated plugin. #3938
    • Fix: Rename image assets in OBW business details step. #3931
    • Fix: Stop using WP Post store for Action Scheduler. #3936

    1.0.2 2020-03-18

    • Enhancement: Onboarding: business step: add Google Ads extension install #3725
    • Dev: Update prestart script so readme.txt stable tag is updated #3911
    • Tweak: create database tables on an earlier hook to avoid conflicts with core WooCommerce. #3896
    • Fix – Made the admin note loading more resilient to prevent failures when loading notes with invalid content_data. #3926

    1.0.1 2020-03-12

    • Fix: Add Report Extension Example: Add default props to ReportFilters
    • Fix: Product report sorting by SKU when some products don’t have SKUs
    • Dev: Add Changelog script
    • Fix: type warning on install timestamp in PHP 7.4
    • Fix: PHP error when WooCommerce core is Network Active on Multisites.
    • Fix: missing database table errors on WooCommerce upgrade.
    • Fix: undefined const WC_ADMIN_VERSION_NUMBER when WP < 5.3
    • Dev: Fix failing tests after WC core merge.
    • Dev: Bump WooCommerce tested up to tag

    1.0.0 2020-03-5

    • Fix: Customers Report: fix missing report param in search #3778
    • Fix: OBW Connect: Fix requesting state #3786
    • Fix: OBW: Fix retry plugin install button disappearing #3787
    • Fix: Update Country Labeling to Match Core #3790
    • Fix: Onboarding: Enable taxes when automatic taxes are setup #3795
    • Dev: Onboarding: Remove old development flags #3809
    • Fix: Padding on Jetpack notices when activity panel is present. $3418
    • Fix: Taxes Report search. #3815
    • Fix: Taxes Report search bug and adds initial documentation. #3816
    • Fix: Activity Panels: Remove W Panel #3827
    • Fix: Tracking on migrated options #3828

    0.26.1 2020-02-26

    • Fix: Remove free text Search option when no query exists #3755
    • Fix: StoreAlert: Fix typo in API description #3757 👏 @akirk
    • Fix: WP Coding Standards PR Regressions #3760
    • Fix: OBW: sideloading image test error #3762
    • Fix: coding standards violations #3763
    • Fix: Product titles include encoded entities #3765
    • Fix: Add deactivation hook to Package.php #3770
    • Fix: Add active version functions #3772

    0.26.0 2020-02-21

    • Fix: Warning in product data store when tax amount is non-numeric. #3656
    • Fix: Enable onboarding in production. #3680
    • Enhancement: Move Customers report to WooCommerce Menu #3632
    • Performance: Remove slow physical products query from non setup checklist pages #3722
    • Tweak: use cron instead of Action Scheduler for unsnoozing notes. #3662
    • Dev: Add tracks events when profiler steps are completed #3726
    • Dev: Ensure continue setup loads the onboarding profiler #3646
    • Fix: Added new control in /packages/components/src/select-control/list.js #3700
    • Fix: Alignment of select text #3723 👏 @edmundcwm
    • Performance: Make Stock Panel indicator more performant. #3729
    • Performance: Remove sideloaded images to save on build size #3731
    • Fix: Create Onboarding homepage without redirect #3727
    • Add: Deactivation note for feature plugin #3687
    • Dev: Travis tests on Github for release branch #3751

    0.25.1 2020-02-07

    • Dev: Enable onboarding #3651 (Onboarding)
    • Now decodeEntities method is used to correct the breadcrumb. #3653 (Activity Panel)
    • Fix: Fix styling of search control in report table header and filters. #3603 (Analytics, Components, Packages)

    0.25.0 2020-01-29

    • Fix: Onboarding: Mark profiler complete on WC update #3590 (On Merge to WC Core, Onboarding)
    • Dev: fix strict standards in Scheduler classes #3583
    • Task: Avoid redundant/unnecessary cleanup. #3580 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Fix: Fix styling of search control in report table header and filters. #3603 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Fix: report table search component. #3618 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Performance: Remove unnecessary use of lodash get #3598 (Onboarding)
    • Tweak: don’t modify page titles for existing WooCommerce pages. #3585 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Dev: Handle custom currency formats #3349 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Update broken note action hooks #3535 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Only Show Retry Button on Plugin install failure #3545
    • Dev: SelectControl: Add an option to show all options on refocus #3551 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: SQL error in category table sort. #3521 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add option to track appearance completion #3503 (Onboarding)
    • Enhancement: add customer privacy erasure support. #3511 (Analytics)
    • Fix: handle uninstallation when in feature plugin mode. #3546 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Fix: Exception on dashboard once Onboarding tasks are complete #3513
    • Tweak: Onboarding – Add Skip Step link on Themes Step. #3490 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: Add SelectControl debouncing and keyboard fixes #3507 (Components, Packages)
    • Tweak: Included RegExp for JS files in examples.config.js #3510 (Build, Extensibility) 👏 @yash-webkul
    • Bug: Onboarding: Don’t show skip link if no plugins exist to skip #3485 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: Make package-based load inert when plugin is active. #3555 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add purchase products task list item #3472 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: Properly style theme selection button in Site Profiler #3489
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add tracks to extension purchase task and modal #3493 (Onboarding)
    • Tweak: Change Refunds to Returns on the dashboard. #3514
    • Dev: Update translation scripts and instructions for creating .json files. #3433 (Build)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Add in tracks for failed plugin installation #3483 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add theme install and activation endpoints #3482 (Onboarding, REST API)
    • Fix: component styles for WordPress 5.3. #3357 (Build, Components, Design, Packages)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add another option to platforms. #3471 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: CompareFilter functionality regression. #3421 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Fix: don’t run database migrations on new installs. #3473
    • Fix: WC-Admin header on settings and status pages. #3389 (Activity Panel)
    • Enhancement: allow filtering of hidden WP notices. #3391 (Activity Panel, Extensibility)
    • Fix: show pending product reviews when comment moderation is disabled. #3459 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: AssetDataRegistry: update SQL example #3418
    • Tweak: Scroll to notices when displayed while the notice area is scrolled out of view. #3390 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: DataStores: normalize contexts to plural #3419
    • Enhancement: allow report cache layer to be turned off. #3434
    • Bug: Fix user data fields filter name. #3428 (Dashboard)
    • Fix: error when trying to download report data. #3429 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Update to latest PHPUnit 7 #3571 (Build)
    • Fix: invalidate Reports cache when changing Analytics settings. #3465 (Analytics, REST API, Settings)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Skip Shipping connect step if Jetpack is already connected #3486 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: Time zone offset calculation on customer last active date. #3388 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Default the Calypso environment to production #3347 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Update shipping task button text #3400 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Update check for TOS accepted in tax step #3245 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: remove the header when user doesn’t have required permissions #3386 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Add autocomplete props to address fields in onboarding and adjust country/state matching #3338 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Add purchase modal at the end of the profile wizard #3444 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Standardize hook and filter prefixes. #3339 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Fix: make report filter date props optional #3359 (Components, Extensibility, Packages)
    • Tweak: Add/disable plugin filter #3361
    • Dev: Onboarding – Add button to continue setup after importing products #3402 (Build, Onboarding)

    0.24.0 2020-01-06

    • Bug: Add SelectControl debouncing and keyboard fixes #3507 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Properly style theme selection button in Site Profiler #3489
    • Dev: Update translation scripts and instructions for creating .json files. #3433 (Build)
    • Dev: Add initial documentation for the historical data import. #3506 (Documentation)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add purchase products task list item #3472 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add another option to platforms. #3471 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Add singular/plural distinction to onboarding plugins installation #3517 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add theme install and activation endpoints #3482 (Onboarding, REST API)
    • Tweak: Onboarding – Add Skip Step link on Themes Step. #3490 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Skip Shipping connect step if Jetpack is already connected #3486 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: CI: use PR repo instead of main repo when checking out branches. #3512 (Build)
    • Tweak: Included RegExp for JS files in examples.config.js #3510 (Build, Extensibility) 👏 @yash-webkul
    • Dev: Onboarding: Add tracks to extension purchase task and modal #3493 (Onboarding)
    • Tweak: Change Refunds to Returns on the dashboard. #3514
    • Fix: invalidate Reports cache when changing Analytics settings. #3465 (Analytics, REST API, Settings)
    • Dev: DataStores: normalize contexts to plural #3419
    • Dev: AssetDataRegistry: update SQL example #3418
    • Fix: show pending product reviews when comment moderation is disabled. #3459 (Activity Panel)
    • Enhancement: allow report cache layer to be turned off. #3434
    • Tweak: Scroll to notices when displayed while the notice area is scrolled out of view. #3390 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Add autocomplete props to address fields in onboarding and adjust country/state matching #3338 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Update instructions for documenting new components. #3443 (Components, Documentation)
    • Dev: Add purchase modal at the end of the profile wizard #3444 (Onboarding)
    • Fix: component styles for WordPress 5.3. #3357 (Build, Components, Design, Packages)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Don’t show skip link if no plugins exist to skip #3485 (Onboarding)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Add in tracks for failed plugin installation #3483 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Fix the “is this card useful” prompt display #3427 (Onboarding)
    • Tweak: Add/disable plugin filter #3361
    • Bug: Onboarding: Update shipping task button text #3400 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Default the Calypso environment to production #3347 (Onboarding)
    • Dev: Standardize hook and filter prefixes. #3339 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Fix: WC-Admin header on settings and status pages. #3389 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Fix revenue question translation with currency conversion #3358 (Onboarding, Packages)
    • Fix: make report filter date props optional #3359 (Components, Extensibility, Packages)
    • Dev: Onboarding – Add button to continue setup after importing products #3402 (Build, Onboarding)
    • Bug: Onboarding: Update check for TOS accepted in tax step #3245 (Onboarding)

    0.23.3 2019-12-26

    • Fix: don’t run database migrations on new installs. #3473

    0.23.2 2019-12-19

    • Enhancement: allow filtering of hidden WP notices. #3391 (Activity Panel, Extensibility)
    • Fix: error when trying to download report data. #3429 (Analytics)
    • Bug: Fix user data fields filter name. #3428 (Dashboard)
    • Fix: CompareFilter functionality regression. #3421 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Time zone offset calculation on customer last active date. #3388 (Analytics)
    • Fix: remove the header when user doesn’t have required permissions #3386 (Activity Panel)

    0.23.1 2019-12-08

    • Fix: undefined function error.

    0.23.0 2019-12-06

    • Dev: Add currency extension #3328 (Packages)
    • Fix: errant moment locale data loading. #3362 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Packages: Prep for release. #3325 (Build, Components, Packages)
    • Bug: Settings: Persist date range selection #3293
    • Dev: Remove Newspack dependency. #3302
    • Dev: DB Updates: invalidate cache after update #3299
    • Fix: beginning of next day calculation on daylight saving time on the days the time changes. #3333 (Analytics)
    • Tweak: Add a filter that allows disabling WooCommerce Admin. #3350 (On Merge to WC Core)
    • Fix: Retrieve week last year data by calendar date instead of week alignment. #3271 (Analytics, Packages)
    • Bug: Check if extended_info is set for order report items #3315 (REST API)
    • Tweak: remove global settings dependency from Navigation package. #3294 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Fix checkout of main branch in CI environment. #3296 (Build)
    • Fix: decouple Date package from global wcSettings object. #3278 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Make the order count between customer and table total consistent. #3290 (Analytics)
    • Fix: decouple Currency and Number packages from global wcSettings object. #3277 (Components, Packages)
    • Bug: Filter invalid statuses from saved statuses #3268
    • Dev: use a filter to set default locale #3273
    • Dev: Allow core inclusion via Package.php #3196 (Build)
    • Dev: Fix filter gap on analytics select controls #3259 (Components, Packages)
    • Bug: Correcting and clarifying analytics terms and calculations #3104 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Dev: rename data store get_* to add_* functions where function does not return values #3275
    • Tweak: Search component: remove dependency on settings global from countries autocompleter. #3262 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: PHPCS fixes for onboarding files #3269 (Documentation)
    • Dev: Add a tracks queue to delay event recording & log embed page views #3250
    • Dev: Make WooCommerce brand localizable #3247
    • Fix: Add single customer REST API end point. #3174 (REST API)
    • Dev: fix typos in JS docs #3248
    • Bug: Select control: fix misalignment and hide scroll bar #3215 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: capitalize WooCommerce Services #3249

    0.22.0 2019-11-13

    • Fix: Incorrect calculation of tax summary on Taxes screen. #3158 (Analytics)
    • Fix: Correct product and coupon count on edited orders. #3103 (Analytics)
    • Bug: Update filter picker to use key instead of id #3214 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Enhancement: prompt stores to add their first product(s). #3119 (Inbox)
    • Dev: Move Analytics REST endpoints to wc-analytics namespace. #3204 (Components, Packages)
    • Tweak: add usage tracking inbox notice. #3112 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
    • Task: Fix PHP linter errors. #3188
    • Enhancement: Add query filters to data stores.
    • Dev: Refactor data store classes. #2961 (REST API)
    • Dev: WooCommerce Admin has been marked as compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.0. #3201
    • Bug: Fix ellipsis menu style #3141 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Tweak: Field misalignment in product edit screen. #3145
    • Dev: update tested to version for WC and WP #3162
    • none needed. #3138 (Documentation)

    0.21.0 2019-10-30

    • Fix: report export format when generated server-side. #2987 (Analytics, Packages)
    • Tweak: automatically update DB version during plugin updates. #3113
    • Tweak: add visual feedback for Inbox Note Actions #3039 (Activity Panel, Build, Inbox)
    • Fix: Address discrepancies in Revenue totals between Analytics screens. #3095 (Analytics)
    • Tweak: track inbox note views. #3096 (Activity Panel, Build, Inbox)
    • Dev: Fix asset image URL and business extension images #3062
    • Dev: Fix broken plugin builds by adding missing feature flag check #3053 (Build)
    • Enhancement: add management link to Reviews panel. #3011 (Activity Panel)
    • Fix: Error in category comparison chart. #3027 (Analytics, REST API)
    • Dev: Add the ability to create custom plugin builds #3044 (Build)
    • Fix: create table error during import. #3022 (Analytics, Build)
    • Tweak: Moved WC-Admin specific actions from TableCard to ReportTable. #2900 (Build, Components, Packages)

    0.20.1 2019-09-24

    • Fix: use category lookup id instead of term taxonomy id (#3027)
    • Fix: Update order stats table status index length. (#3022)

    0.20.0 2019-09-24

    • Dev: Fix issue #2992 (order number in orders panel) #2994
    • Dev: Replace lodash isNaN() with native Number.isNaN() #2998 (Build, Packages)
    • Enhancement: add option to email a download link when exporting reports. #2899 (Analytics, REST API)
    • Dev: Ignore filename rules for PSR-4 classes. #2967 (Build)
    • Fix: Catch notices that are hooked earlier than priority 10. #2981
    • Dev: Category Lookup Table – Fix Category Segments #2253
    • Performance: add caching layer to analytics. #2970 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Replace lodash isFinite() with native Number.isFinite() #2977 (Build, Components, Packages)
    • Bug: Fix conflict with Blocks 2.4 #2846
    • Dev: Add filter to notes datastore where clauses. #2819
    • Dev: Copy component READMEs to docs folder before GH page deploy. #2952 (Build)
    • Dev: Add GitHub pages deploy step to Travis config. #2940 (Build, Documentation)
    • Dev: Fix plugin installation when working from a push instead of a pull request. #2950 (Build)
    • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI (try #2) #2944 (Build)
    • Dev: Only build pushes to main branch. #2941 (Build)
    • Performance: reduce JS bundle size. #2933 (Build)
    • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI #2942 (Build)
    • Dev: refresh component documentation #2872 (Build, Components, Documentation, Packages)
    • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of DataStore class #2920 👏 @codemascot
    • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of TimeInterval class #2920 👏 @codemascot

    0.19.0 2019-09-24

    • Dev: Use upstream webpack-rtl-plugin #2870 (Build)
    • Dev: Fix variable name typo #2922
    • Fix: persist date_last_active for customer reports #2881 (Analytics) 👏 @cojennin
    • Tweak: consistent naming for report columns. #2845 (Design)
    • Tweak: schedule customer lookup table updates instead of running during checkout. #2832
    • Tweak: have Import note action scroll to import section of settings screen. #2799 (Activity Panel, Components, Inbox, Packages)
    • Bug: Fix chart type buttons misalignment #2871 (Components, Packages)
    • Updated to color-studio v2 and refreshed the color scheme #2837 (Build, Components, Packages)
    • Tweak: change report charts filter name. #2843 (Components, Documentation, Packages)
    • Dev: Update no data message in table #2854 (Components, Packages)

    0.18.0 2019-08-28

    • Fix: Product in dropdown clickable in FF/Safari #2839 (Components, Packages) 👏 @cojennin
    • Fix: gross order total calculation. #2817 (Analytics)
    • Fix: Date calculation on notes being double adjusted to UTC. #2818 (Inbox)
    • Bug: Orders report now shows coupons in Coupon(s) column #2812 (Analytics) 👏 @cojennin
    • Fix: Bug navigating from DevDoc component pages to WP dashboard pages. #2827 (Documentation)
    • Enhancement: add Facebook extension inbox note. #2798 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
    • Enhancement: handle simple to variable product changes in reports. #2814 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Release Scripts: Update to reflect refactor #2796 (Build)
    • Fix: Import all used Gutenberg component styles. #2679
    • Fix: report column visibility preference bug. #2806 (Analytics, Components, Packages, Settings)
    • Dev: Components: prepare changelogs for release #2802 (Build, Components, Packages)
    • Fix: remove date picker from Customers Report. #2805 (Analytics)
    • Tweak: add empty dataset treatment for report tables. #2801 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Search List Control: fix long count values cut-off in IE11 #2783 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Update List actionable items to be wrapped with Link #2779 (Components, Packages)

    0.17.0 2019-08-15

    • Fix: chart data fetch/render over long time periods #2785 (Analytics)
    • Task: update the class filename exclusion to /src/ for PSR-4 #2794
    • Tweak: Increase zIndex on popover elements. #2777
    • Fix: chart display when comparing categories. #2710 (Analytics)
    • Fix: Allow WooCommerce Admin to be deleted through the plugin screen when WooCommerce is not active. #2762
    • Fix: Charts being partially rendered on long time periods. #2776 (Analytics)
    • Task: update WC tested to version to 3.7.0 #2782
    • Fix: Customer last active date showing Invalid date. #2764 (Analytics)
    • Task: Update report endpoints to be PSR-4 autoloaded #2755 (Build)
    • Bug: Fix daily cron event (PSR-4) #2754 (Build)
    • Fix: issue where product category update button was not always clickable #2753
    • Fix: Add version parameter to _doing_it_wrong on current_screen. #2733
    • Task: Update feature classes to be PSR-4 autoloaded. #2736 (Build)
    • Fix: Short circuit admin title filter when applied by third parties too early. #2744
    • Fix: chart display when comparing categories. #2708 (Analytics)
    • Bug: Only apply current submenu CSS reset on non-embed pages. #2687
    • Dev: Add wc_admin_get_feature_config filter to feature config array. #2689

    0.16.0 2019-07-24

    • Tweak: Change verbiage of feedback notification. #2677
    • Dev: Update unit tests to work with PHPUnit 7+. #2678
    • Fix: Bug that was preventing confirmation dialog from showing after saving settings. #2660
    • Fix: completed orders lingering in activity panel. #2659 (Activity Panel, REST API)
    • Dev: Webpack: Use wp.url instead of bundling package #2663 (Build)
    • Fix: Location of unread indicators in activity panel. #2662
    • Bug: Fix missing nav on connected admin pages. #2676
    • Task: Add priority 2 Tracks events #2633 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Replace ‘stringifyQuery’ with ‘addQueryArgs’ #2655 (Build, Components, Packages)
    • Task: Add priority 3 Tracks events #2638 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Z-index issue in empty message on chart #2646 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Tests setup: bring in Woo Core dependencies #2640 (Build)
    • Fix: Disable placeholder animation when prefers-reduced-motion is set #2645 (Accessibility)
    • Task: Add instructions for translating to contributing docs. #2618 (Documentation)
    • Dev: show example extension list as list in readme #2619 (Documentation)
    • Fix: react-spring breaking IE11 #2698 (Build)

    0.15.0 2019-07-11

    • Fix: Compare checkboxes in report tables #2571
    • Dev: Introduce a new Products by Tag(s) block #554
    • Dev: Tracks: Fix Link onclick #2594 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Use correct links in DevDocs. #2602 (Documentation)
    • Fix: Prevent error when no actionable order statuses are set #2577
    • Fix: exclude old WC auto-draft orders from import #2612 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Fix: propType validation warnings on embedded pages #2607
    • Fix: Only calculate one order row when the order has multiple coupons. #2484 (Analytics)
    • Fix: Cast is_snoozable as int prior to database save #2573
    • Performance: check for scheduled snooze action once per hour instead of every admin request. #2593
    • Fix: Update layout of Settings Page and notify users when settings are not saved. #2544
    • Dev: Update color-studio to 1.0.5 #2575 (Build, Packages)
    • Task: Add tracks event to Store Alert and Inbox Notification action clicks #2559
    • Fix: Change size of Header to 56px – fixes bug in product edit page toolbar being hidden.
    • Dev: Add countLabel prop to SearchListItem #2569 (Components, Packages)
    • Task: Send tracks event for snoozing store alerts. #2560
    • Fix: Stock notifs: fix low_stock_amount for variations #2546
    • Enhancement: Add Report CSV Export Endpoint #2526 (Analytics, REST API)
    • Tweak: remove placeholder link. #2561
    • Fix: WordPress Notifications Activity Panel falsely saying there are notices to be seen. #2552
    • Dev: Route handling: Remove hash in favor of path parameter #2444 (Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Customizable dashboard: handle turned off feature flag #2548
    • Dev: Dashboard: Add Tracks events #2550 (Dashboard)
    • Task: Tracks: Add chart and table events #2557
    • Fix: Fixes issue with alerts on mobile #2537
    • Bug: Fix batch queue range bug. #2521
    • Dev: Advanced Filters: Add Tracks events #2525 (Components, Packages)
    • Tweak: Open external note action links in a new tab #2462 (Activity Panel, Inbox)
    • Tweak: fix some report endpoint default params. #2496 (REST API)
    • Enhancement: Remove updated stock products from Activity Panel #2442 (Activity Panel)
    • Fix: Track name for activity panel open event #2532
    • Enhancement: Add Reports CSV Exporter Class #2502 (Analytics)
    • Fix: margins on non-update notices. #2487 👏 @benignant
    • Enhancement: add state/region to Customers Report. #2463 (Analytics) 👏 @KZeni

    0.14.0 2019-06-24

    • Dev: Action Scheduler: fix potential endless sync #2425
    • Dev: Fix Activity Panel being overlapped by editor toolbar #2446 (Activity Panel)
    • Bug: add match=any support for advanced orders table filter #2228
    • Dev: update tested to version in plugin repo readme.txt #2443
    • Fix: PHP errors on missing refund orders during import. #2464 (Analytics)
    • Dev: Allow keyboard interaction in Stock Activity Panel form #2447 (Accessibility, Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Activity Panels: Add track event when panels are opened. #2498 (Build)
    • Dev: Add wp-api-fetch script to dependencies #2460
    • Dev: Remove the “wpClosedMenu” page setting #2441 (Build)
    • Enhancement: Report Tables: Add example extension #2440 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
    • Fix: fix type in readme changelog for 0.13.0 #2457 (Documentation)
    • Tweak: Add test to catch missing version updates. #2424 (Build)
    • Dev: Fix revenue and orders charts using the wrong endpoint in the Dashboard #2417 (Dashboard)
    • Fix: handle internal rest_do_request() error conditions. #2423 (Dashboard)
    • Dev: Fix conflicts with WordPress.com toolbar #2431 (Activity Panel)
    • Task: Remove test menu from Orders panel #2438 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Table queries: remove befor/after from no interval endpoints #2422
    • Tweak: Reduce style dependencies on WP core, avoid errantly including WP core’s Google Fonts. #2432 (Components)
    • Dev: Update Dashboard Charts naming and order #2429 (Dashboard)
    • Bug: Fix search bar in Orders page not being tapable on mobile #2384

    0.13.2 2019-06-13

    • Fix: Bump plugin version for database update.

    0.13.1 2019-06-12

    • Fix: Exit deactivate early if WooCommerce not active. #2410

    0.13.0 2019-06-12

    • Fix: Notes: update sales record link #2397
    • Enhancement: Settings: Add default date settings #2292 (Components, Dashboard, Packages)
    • Dev: Add tracks to import jobs #2193
    • Dev: Notes: Add filters to disable milestone and sales record notes. #2227
    • Enhancement: Trigger an action server side when admin note actions are clicked #2325
    • Dev: Fix Activity Panel layout on mobile #2405 (Activity Panel)
    • Dev: Add uninstall file to release ZIP #2402 (Build)
    • Bug: Fix wrong average numbers in chart legends #2352 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
    • Dev: Add date_created_gmt property to orders endpoint #2086 (Activity Panel)
    • Enhancement: Add progress bars to Historical Data Import screen #2312
    • Bug: Fix some data not to being imported when ‘skip_existing’ option is enabled #2385
    • Fix: Double space at 191 row #2369 👏 @shoheitanaka
    • Enhancement: Only show unactioned notes in the Inbox panel. #2327 (Inbox)
    • Bug: Don’t create Notices tab in Activity Panel if notices HTML element was removed by a plugin #2378
    • Tweak: Allow paragraph tags in admin notes. #2344 (Inbox)
    • Tweak: Allow note action URLs to be empty. #2324 (Inbox)
    • Bug: Prevent inactive tabs from making requests #2377
    • Task: Remove second beta warning from readme #2362
    • Fix: Misspelling at update config.js #2368 👏 @shoheitanaka
    • Dev: Transpile newspack-components package #2348 (Build)
    • Dev: Low stock handling inconsistencies with WooCommerce 3.6+ #2191
    • Dev: Remove d3-array dependency #2286 (Build)
    • Dev: Dashboard Extentions: Add a section #2280 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
    • Fix: Move StoreAlerts below screen meta links on embed pages. #2291
    • Fix: Extensions: fix registering a page #2301 (Extensibility)
    • Dev: Fix box-shadow-8dp error. #2290 (Components, Packages)
    • Fix: Dashboard Extension Example: Make namespace unique #2302 (Extensibility)
    • Dev: Persisted Queries: Avoid adding to non time related screens #2225 (Build)
    • Dev: Remove customizable dashboard heading #2321 (Dashboard)
    • Bug: Add missing space in Orders Activity Panel card #2306 (Activity Panel)
    • Task: Remove beta warning from readme. #2340
    • Dev: Dashboard: Extend charts data #2258 (Dashboard, Extensibility)
    • Bug: Handle WC_Admin_Notices. #2245 (Activity Panel, On Merge to WC Core)
    • Bug: Exclude auto-draft and trashed orders from imports. #2265
    • Fix: wc-api: Remove reference to import update functions #2277 (Dashboard)
    • Enhancement: Add support for “primary” admin notice actions. #2269
    • Enhancement: Allow links in admin notice content. #2272
    • Fix: Remove errant import update operation from wp-api spec. #2271
    • Dev: Hook up import/totals endpoint to Historical Data Import screen #2208
    • Fix: Refactor main file into singleton class structure #2226

    0.12.0 2019-05-14

    • Fix: dashboard issues #2194
    • Fix: Dashboard: re-arrange section dropdown order #2216
    • Fix: Refactor page handler API #2209
    • Fix: EllipsisMenu misalignment in wide containers #2207
    • Dev: Handle “all guests” when getting customers from orders. #2038
    • Dev: Order milestones: prevent order count queries from being issues on every request. #2224
    • Dev: Replace Rebuild reports settings with Import Historical Data #2198
    • Dev: add a defaultValue parameter to the ReportFilters component #2150 👏 @rrennick
    • Dev: Record refunds separate from order entries #2083
    • Dev: Add refund filtering to order reports #2179
    • Dev: Hook up API Historical Data screen to API endpoints #2177
    • Fix: Show Y grid ticks/lines in charts where all values are lower than 1 #2147
    • Fix: Dashboard: Rename class/feature to remove conflict with legacy dashboard widget #2138
    • Fix: add defaultOrder field to tablecard header #2139 👏 @rrennick
    • Fix: Travis: Exit scripts with error when one occurs #2184
    • Dev: Save section/block preferences in user data #2148
    • Fix: Vertically center Dashboard ‘Add more’ button #2171
    • Fix: Don’t make an API call when there are no performance indicators #2157
    • Dev: Add Historical Data Import Screen #2073
    • Fix: Fix customer type filter param in orders report #2169
    • Dev: EllipsisMenu: Refactor children to renderContent #2154
    • Dev: Dashboard: Section add, remove, move up, and move down #2134
    • Fix: Persist chart interval in Dashboard #2156
    • Dev: Allow renaming Dashboard sections #2131
    • Dev: Add import endpoint and controller #2034
    • Fix: Prevent chart type buttons breaking in two lines #2135
    • Dev: Support Sequential Order Numbers in Downloads Report order number filter #1907
    • Dev: Scroll to top of the table when navigating table pages #2051
    • Dev: Add empty state for the Reviews panels #2124

    0.11.0 2019-04-17

    • Dev: Extend report submenu items #2033
    • Dev: Extension Examples #2018
    • Dev: Update admin notes readme #2043
    • Dev: Add profile wizard base page #1933
    • Dev: Method to publish core ready features #1863
    • Dev: Add PHP autofix to pre-commit hook #2022
    • Dev: PHP Lint fixes #2023
    • Dev: Update Link in readme to Proper Location #2026
    • Dev: Split D3Chart utils/axis file #2000
    • Dev: Remove coupon_total from order stats table #1975
    • Fix: Transpile acorn-jsx package #2064
    • Fix: Inbox: Giving Feedback Notice #2019 👏 @Mr-AjayM
    • Fix: Check if welcome message notice exists before creating it #2063
    • Fix: Respect manual offsets in default before/after params #2035
    • Fix: Fix wrong dates in Reviews and Orders panels of the Activity Panel #2013
    • Fix: Make customer name extendable #1976
    • Fix: center mobile icon vertically #1990 👏 @rrennick
    • Fix: search filter focus #1994
    • Fix: Fix date filter layout on Android #1996
    • Fix: Order Status filter: is not vertically aligned #1971 👏 @dinhtungdu
    • Fix: add filter length condition to enable filter check #1983 👏 @rrennick
    • Fix: lookup product title in order meta if product has been deleted #1977 👏 @rrennick
    • Fix: Cast order totals as floats when calculating net total #1945
    • Enhancement: Add empty state in Stock panel #2049
    • Enhancement: Add empty state in Orders panel #2037
    • Enhancement: Hook up Stock panel #1998
    • Enhancement: Add order milestone notifications. #1872
    • Enhancement: Add leaderboard controller and endpoint #1995
    • Enhancement: Hook up leaderboards endpoint to dashboard #2004
    • Enhancement: Activity Panel: Add a mobile app note #2008
    • Enhancement: Scroll to top only when URL changes #1989
    • Enhancement: Allow negative values in charts #1979

    0.10.0 2019-04-02

    • Dev: Properly namespaced methods in wc-admin.php. props @ronakganatra9 #1804
    • Dev: Changed text-domain to woocommerce-admin #1795
    • Dev: Updates to plugin header #1764
    • Dev: Clear scheduled actions on plugin deactivate #1715
    • Dev: Refactor getFilterQuery #1873
    • Dev: Update npm dependencies #1913
    • Fix: ESLint error in leaderboards #1914
    • Fix: REST API Requests failing with isUnboundedRequest #1954
    • Fix: Bugs in Reviews panel #1947
    • Fix: Scroll to top of page when changing reports #1958
    • Fix: Update variations controller filter names #1949
    • Fix: Sku sorting in variations report #1952 #1801 props @ronakganatra9
    • Fix: REST API customers exact match filters
    • Fix: EmptyContent on narrow viewports #1703
    • Fix: Empty chart and summary numbers in Categories Report #1698
    • Fix: Display chart and summary numbers placeholders when loading search terms #1694
    • Fix: Display order number on reports #1706
    • Fix: Missing Date Picker Calendar in RTL #1810
    • Fix: Circles on chart hover #1816
    • Fix: Date Range dropdown for RTL locales #1803
    • Fix: Sorting by tax_code in Taxes Report #1811
    • Fix: Charts in RTL locales #1794
    • Fix: RTL css #1781
    • Fix: CSS Lint issues in store-alerts #1793
    • Fix: Products stats segmentation when filtering categories #1779
    • Fix: Remove timezone from appendTimestamp() output #1778
    • Fix: REST API Make variations and coupons endpoints return zero-value items #1765
    • Fix: REST API make categories return zero-value items #1755
    • Fix: REST API Make products and rates endpoints return zero-value items #1722
    • Fix: Taxes report, sort taxes numerically #1766
    • Fix: Chart comparison mode single category #1762
    • Fix: Simplify options in filters #1748
    • Fix: Show compared keys in chart legends even if their values are 0 #1754
    • Fix: IE11 Leaderboard issue
    • Fix: Use IDs instead of labels to identify chart legend items #1730
    • Fix: Update table columns visibility when loading finishes #1729
    • Fix: Update chart colors #1731
    • Fix: Date Picker css tabs #1717
    • Fix: Infinite loop in customer population #1936
    • Fix: PHP notices on orders data store #1870
    • Fix: Table links to internal reports #1824
    • Accessibility: Add button focus style to report chart interval selector #1740
    • Enhancement: Add “Cancel All” method to ActionScheduler Store #1813
    • Enhancement: Add store notice for processing historical data #1763
    • Enhancement: Ensure other scheduled actions are claimed before WC Admin actions #1759
    • Enhancement: Load on hold reviews in the Activity Panel: #1871
    • Enhancement: Add overlay to Product Placeholder image #1880
    • Enhancement: Added “Remind me later” ability to StoreAlert component #1848
    • Enhancement: Set reviews Activity Panel unread indicator based off REST API data #1824
    • Enhancement: Set orders Activity Panel unread indicator based off REST API data #1860
    • Enhancement: Hide Reviews Activity Panel if reviews are disabled #1852
    • Enhancement: Lookup product title in order meta if product has been deleted #1977
    • Performance: Avoid un-needed chart re-renders #1780
    • Performance: Don’t run lookup table historical population on activation of plugin #1741
    • Performance: Don’t dispatch REST API requests when window/tab is hidden #1732
    • Performance: Only check for unsnooze note on admin_init #1960

    0.8.0 – 2019-02-28

    • Table Component: Reset search on compare
    • MenuItem Component: Added isCheckBox prop
    • a11y: Enhancements to “Rows per Table” on the dashboard
    • Taxes Report: Fix comparison mode and segmentation labels
    • Fix css linter errors
    • Test Framework: Require WordPress 5.0 or greater to run phpunit
    • Table Component: Fix search positioning in small viewports
    • Chart Component: Preserve chart colors bug fix
    • Navigation: Close wp-admin menu when navigating between reports in narrow viewports
    • Analytics: Don’t show variation table when in an active search
    • Dashboard: Fix for style of summary number placeholders
    • Downloads/Customers Report: Fix for filters
    • Product Variation name format now matches Woo core
    • phpcs fixes in unit tests
    • Chart: Mouse pointer now displayed in entire clickable area
    • Analytics: Sort tabular data when selecting a Summary Number
    • Chart: Fixes for the legend totals
    • Build: Move IE11 css to specific css file
    • Downloads Report: Fix for sorting bug
    • Stock Report: fix the product link
    • Chart: Refactor of d3 logic
    • Autocompleter: Increase debounce time to reduce API requests
    • Segmented Selection Component: fix for missing borders
    • Chart: Add messaging when no data is available for selected filters
    • Setup: Improvements to install flow
    1. WooCommerce Admin Dashboard

      WooCommerce Admin Dashboard

    2. Activity Panels

      Activity Panels

    3. Analytics


    Tags: e-commerce store ecommerce reports sales
    3.4 (248)
  • Authors: danieliser
    Contributers: Boxy Studio

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Cooked is the absolute best way to create & display recipes with WordPress. SEO optimized (rich snippets), galleries, cooking timers, printable recipes and much more. Check out the full list below.

    Be sure to check out the online demo as well as the Cooked Documentation if you need some help!

    Quality design & usability

    Using the drag & drop recipe builder, you can create your recipes quickly and without limitations. Add ingredients, directions—and then add a gallery, nutrition facts, cooking times and much more.


    Cooked automatically includes semantic structure and schema.org microdata into each and every recipe you publish. This allows Google to display your recipes across a variety of device sizes and platforms.

    Many premium features already included

    Most recipe plugins require that you purchase a PRO version for features like nutrition facts, galleries, powerful searching, timers, etc. The standard version of Cooked includes all of these. Here’s what you get out of the box:

    • Drag & drop ingredients and directions.
    • SEO Optimized – Google Structured Data and Schema.org support.
    • Beautiful grid-based masonry recipe lists.
    • Prep & Cooking Times
    • Photo Galleries
    • Nutrition Facts
    • Difficulty Levels
    • Powerful recipe search with a text search, categories & sorting options.
    • Author template to list recipes by a single author.
    • Cooking times with clickable, interactive timers.
    • Very developer-friendly with loads of hooks & filters.
    • Servings switcher to adjust ingredient amounts.
    • And more to come…

    Of course, if you want even more, you can always check out the PRO version of Cooked. It adds features like ratings & favorites, recipe submissions, and so much more.

    Developers love it

    Cooked has a whole bunch of actions and filters to customize Cooked as much as you need to. Be sure to check out the Developer Documentation.

    1. Recipe Display

      Recipe Display

    2. Adding Ingredients

      Adding Ingredients

    3. Adding Directions

      Adding Directions

    4. Recipe Template

      Recipe Template

    5. Nutrition Facts

      Nutrition Facts

    6. Cooking Timers

      Cooking Timers

    7. Gallery Builder

      Gallery Builder

    8. Recipe Shortcodes

      Recipe Shortcodes

    Tags: chef food recipes cooking recipe
    4.1 (66)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Tom Hemsley

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Max Mega Menu will automatically convert your existing menu or menus into a mega menu. You can then add any WordPress widget to your menu, restyle your menu using the theme editor and change the menu behaviour using the built in settings. Max Mega Menu is a complete menu management plugin, perfect for taking control of your existing menu and turning it into a user-friendly, accessible and touch ready menu with just a few clicks.

    Documentation & Demo: https://www.megamenu.com


    • Automatic support for native touch events
    • Off Canvas Mobile Menu option built in
    • Specify your own Responsive Breakpoint
    • For items with sub menus, choose between “First click opens sub menu, second click closes sub menu” or “First click opens sub menu, second click follows link”
    • Option to hide sub menus on mobile
    • Mobile Toggle Bar designer allows you to tailor the toggle bar elements to fit in with your site design


    • Builds upon the standard WordPress menus system
    • Supports multiple menu locations each with their own configuration
    • Off canvas (slide in from left or right) or standard drop down mobile menu
    • Organise your sub menus into rows and columns using the Grid Layout builder
    • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
    • Customise the styling of your menus using a built in theme editor
    • Supports Flyout (traditional) or Mega Menu sub menu styles
    • Hover, Hover Intent or Click event to open sub menus
    • Fade, Fade Up, Slide Up or Slide sub menu transitions
    • Add icons to menu items
    • Menu item options including Hide Text, Disable Link, Hide on Mobile etc
    • Align menu items to the left or right of the menu bar
    • Align sub menus to left or right of parent menu item


    • Keyboard Navigation built in
    • TAB activates keyboard navigation and navigates through the menu
    • ENTER on a parent item opens a sub menu (pressing ENTER a second time will respect the “Second Click Behaviour” setting)
    • ENTER on a standard item will follow the link
    • SPACE toggles the sub menu visibility
    • ESC closes all open sub menus

    Max Mega Menu is developed with a focus on code quality, performance and usability.

    • The only mega menu plugin with zero “!important”, block or inline CSS styles
    • Menus are styled using a single, static CSS file
    • Less than 2kb JavaScript (when gzipped)
    • Responsive, Touch & Retina Ready
    • Built with accessibility in mind – keyboard navigation supported
    • Extensively tested in all modern desktop and mobile browsers
    • Clean code with a low memory footprint
    • Filters and actions where you need them
    • In depth documentation
    • Basic Support

    Pro Features:

    • Tabbed Mega Menus
    • Sticky Menu
    • Vertical & Accordion Menus
    • FontAwesome 5, Genericon & Custom Icons
    • Custom Item Styling
    • Menu Logo
    • Search box
    • WooCommerce & EDD support
    • Google Fonts
    • Roles & Restrictions
    • Extra mobile toggle blocks
    • Automatic updates
    • Priority Support

    Find out more: https://www.megamenu.com/upgrade/

    1. New menu changes

      New menu changes

    2. Drag and Drop widget editor for each menu item

      Drag and Drop widget editor for each menu item

    3. Front end: Mega Menu

      Front end: Mega Menu

    4. Front end: Flyout Menu

      Front end: Flyout Menu

    5. Back end: Use the theme editor to change the appearance of your menus

      Back end: Use the theme editor to change the appearance of your menus

    Tags: mobile menu mega-menu megamenu navigation
    4.7 (416)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Delite Studio

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Send push notifications to iOS and Android devices when you publish a new post. Straight from your WordPress site, in real-time. This plugin has a built in hub, allowing WordPress to send out the push notifications directly—without using any third-party’s server.

    The premium Push Notifications for WordPress also supports Safari, Web Push (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and others) and Telegram Bot notifications. They work just like mobile notifications, but you don’t need to build the apps.

    Alert your visitors when new content is published, converting them to regular and loyal readers. It’s like a newsletter, but so much more effective. Keep your audience engaged.

    Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) allows you to focus on building beautiful and unique apps, without developing your own server-side back-end. Content for the apps is collected automatically from your WordPress site, so no extra work is needed to maintain them.

    With Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) you can send, for each post, a maximum of 1,000 notifications per platform (e.g. 1,000 for iOS, + 1,000 for Android).

    Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) is our basic solution for small personal blogs. We also offer a full-featured plugin with a reduced memory footprint and unlimited notifications, Push Notifications for WordPress, designed for all the other websites. Push Notifications for WordPress also supports Safari, Web Push (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and others) and Telegram Bot notifications. If you’re not sure which plugin is right for you, compare the features here.

    Key Features

    Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) natively supports:

    • Apple Push Notification service (APNs)
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

    The premium Push Notifications for WordPress also supports Safari, Web Push (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and others) and Telegram Bot notifications. They work just like mobile notifications, but you don’t need to build the apps.

    No charge for delivery. You don’t have to pay any fees since Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) does not use any third-party’s server.

    Instant notifications. Notifications appear as message alerts, badge updates, and even sound alerts.

    Powerful APIs. Provides easy to use REST APIs, available via HTTP. Send and receive data using the simple JSON standard. More info here.

    Allow users to receive notifications of their choice. If you want, users can choose the categories of post of which receive push notifications. People are busy and do not like to have their time wasted. And when you do that you’re likely to lose that subscriber.

    Optional support for OAuth. Any request sent to the API that are not properly signed will be denied.

    Android and iOS libraries. Save hours of work by using our Android and iOS libraries in your apps.

    Works with native apps, Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap, and more frameworks. Build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using your preferred technology.

    Localization ready. Thanks to the presence of the POT (Portable Object Template) file, it’s really easy for you to provide your own translation files, with English and Italian translation out of the box.

    WPML is supported only by the premium Push Notifications for WordPress.

    Additional Information

    Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) works exactly as you’d expect:

    • Publishing a post will trigger push notifications.
    • Saving a post as a draft will not trigger push notifications.
    • Publishing a private post will not trigger push notifications.
    • Static pages will not trigger push notifications.
    • Scheduled posts will trigger push notifications at the time they’re scheduled to publish.

    Custom post types are supported only by the premium Push Notifications for WordPress.

    Who Is This Plugin For?

    This plugin is primarily intended for mobile developers who do not want to develop their server-side back-end. Supporting push notifications is incredibly complicated. This plugin lets you focus on creating the apps, without the hassle.

    Can You Build The Apps For Me?

    Yes. We’re a team of mobile developers. We created native Android and iOS libraries, and we put our expertise to work on custom projects for companies that need great apps. Interested? Contact us.

    Getting Started

    Read the Getting Started guide.

    Detailed documentation

    You can find detailed documentation on the official website.

    The documentation refers to the premium version. Not everything is applicable to the free version. Compare the features here.

    Translate Push Notifications for WordPress in Your Language!

    Contributing to translate Push Notifications for WordPress is straightforward. Please visit the GlotPress section of our plugin. If you do a good job, you can get a big discount on the premium plugin.

    Uninstall Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

    If you deactivate and delete Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite), we leave data created by the plugin. Although WordPress will tell you that we do remove data on uninstall, we don’t.

    If you need to remove ALL Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) data, including tokens, users, and settings, go to: Push Notifications → Settings → Misc tab, and enable “Remove data on uninstall”. Then when you deactivate and delete the plugin from the WordPress plugin admin, it will delete all data.


    The Delite Studio team does not provide support for the Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) plugin on the WordPress.org forums. Ticket support is available to people who bought the premium plugin only. Note that the premium Push Notifications for WordPress has several extra features too, so it might be well worth your investment!


    Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) requires:

    • WordPress 3.5 or later with “pretty” permalinks (recommended WordPress 4.x or later).
    • PHP 5.3 or later (recommended PHP 5.5 or later).
    • Inbound and outbound TCP packets over ports 2195 and 2196 (for iOS notifications).
    • PHP’s cURL support (for Android notifications).

    To begin using this plugin, you first need an app that uses one of the supported push notification services: APNs (Apple Push Notification service) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

    To send push notifications to iOS devices, you need the Apple Push Notification service SSL certificate in the .PEM format. For more information, see our Configuring iOS Push Notifications guide.

    To send push notifications to Android devices, you need to obtain the Google API Key. For more information, see our Configuring Android Push Notifications guide.

    1. The settings page.

      The settings page.

    2. An example of push notification received on an iOS device.

      An example of push notification received on an iOS device.

    3. An example of push notification received on an Android device.

      An example of push notification received on an Android device.

    4. The Push Notifications widget on Add New Post page.

      The Push Notifications widget on Add New Post page.

    5. The Tokens page.

      The Tokens page.

    6. The OAuth page (with OAuth disabled).

      The OAuth page (with OAuth disabled).

    7. The OAuth page (with OAuth enabled).

      The OAuth page (with OAuth enabled).

    Tags: push notification android iphone notifications
    2.9 (14)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: anirudha.prabhune wpoets

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Awesome Studio is a shortcode based platform along with ready to use modules that can be installed and used by calling the shortcodes for those modules.

    Interested in knowing more about our platform? Get started with Awesome Studio

    More details about the platform & documentation can be found on https://getawesomestudio.com

    1. List of all the modules currently available to install.

      List of all the modules currently available to install.

    2. List of all the modules that are currently installed, or created by you.

      List of all the modules that are currently installed, or created by you.

    Tags: assemble studio builder page-builder modules
    3.7 (3)
  • Authors:
    Contributers: Jason Coleman

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    The most complete member management and membership subscriptions plugin for WordPress

    Paid Memberships Pro gives you all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your membership site. The plugin is designed for premium content sites, online course or LMS and training-based memberships, clubs and associations, members-only product discount sites, subscription box products, paid newsletters, and more.

    Users can select a membership level, complete checkout, and immediately become members of your site. You decide what content your member can access. Members can log in, view payments, update billing info, or cancel their account directly on your site.

    Simple to set up, deeply customizable

    Member Experience Features

    View all Screenshots

    Content Protection Features

    Integrated Payment Gateways

    All of our payment gateways are included in the plugin. Choose from Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, or 2Checkout. You can offer multiple gateway options at checkout including PayPal Express or offline payment by check or direct transfer.

    Flexible Level Pricing and Expirations

    • One-time Payments
    • Recurring Subscriptions
    • Custom Trials
    • Custom Renewal Dates
    • Variable Pricing and Donations
    • Discount Codes
    • Prorated Payments
    • Yearly, Monthly, Daily, and Hourly Expiration.

    Popular Add Ons

    Extend the features of your membership site or integrate with third-party services through our library of over 65 Add Ons. Some of the most popular features include:

    View all Add Ons

    Paid Memberships Pro is a free membership plugin for WordPress

    Our plugin is 100% GPL and available from the WordPress repository or on our site at www.paidmembershipspro.com. The full version of the plugin is offered with no restrictions or additional licenses required. Developers should get involved at our GitHub page.

    1. Optimized Membership Checkout page that blends seamlessly into your WordPress site. Fields captured at checkout can be modified with other Add Ons.

      Optimized Membership Checkout page that blends seamlessly into your WordPress site. Fields captured at checkout can be modified with other Add Ons.

    2. Set up the membership levels that best fit your business, whether they are Free, Paid, or Subscriptions (Annual, Monthly, Weekly, Daily). Offer Custom Trial Periods (Free Trial, Custom-length Trial, 'Introductory' Pricing)

      Set up the membership levels that best fit your business, whether they are Free, Paid, or Subscriptions (Annual, Monthly, Weekly, Daily). Offer Custom Trial Periods (Free Trial, Custom-length Trial, 'Introductory' Pricing)

    3. Easy to use Membership Access Settings by Page, Post, or Category. Shortcodes to display restricted content inline. Developer-friendly hooks to restrict access any way you need.

      Easy to use Membership Access Settings by Page, Post, or Category. Shortcodes to display restricted content inline. Developer-friendly hooks to restrict access any way you need.

    4. Members are WordPress Users. PMPro provides a unique interface to view a single member's history, filter and search all Members or export your Members List.

      Members are WordPress Users. PMPro provides a unique interface to view a single member's history, filter and search all Members or export your Members List.

    5. Offer Membership Discounts with specific price rules (restricted by level, unique pricing for each level, # of uses, expiration date.)

      Offer Membership Discounts with specific price rules (restricted by level, unique pricing for each level, # of uses, expiration date.)

    6. Filterable Sales Revenue Reports (reports also included for Visits, Views, Logins, Signups, Cancellations, and other Membership Stats).

      Filterable Sales Revenue Reports (reports also included for Visits, Views, Logins, Signups, Cancellations, and other Membership Stats).

    7. Advanced settings for updating non-member messages, optionally show excerpts or filter content, use reCAPTCHA, and a Terms of Service checkbox.

      Advanced settings for updating non-member messages, optionally show excerpts or filter content, use reCAPTCHA, and a Terms of Service checkbox.

    8. Membership levels selection page, filter the shortcode with additional attributes using add ons or the Memberlite theme.

      Membership levels selection page, filter the shortcode with additional attributes using add ons or the Memberlite theme.

    9. Membership Account page, display all sections or show specific sections using shortcode attributes.

      Membership Account page, display all sections or show specific sections using shortcode attributes.

    Tags: memberships user-registration ecommerce members subscriptions
    4.3 (502)
  • Contributers:

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Increase your revenue by up to 60% by preventing your content from being easily downloaded. Woocommerce, Amazon Web Services and S3Bubble

    Desktop App:

    Encode to HLS adaptive bitrate, encrypt & upload to Amazon Web Services all from your desktop save money and create stunning 4K UHD, FHD videos with 360 degree support.

    Studio Approved DRM Widevine, Playready & Fairplay Support
    Integrates perfectly with EZDRM Licence sever to provide studio approved DRM.

    Watch Studio Approved DRM Video Tutorial

    Plugin Features:

    • Works With Woocommerce Membership & Subscriptions Plugins
    • Widevine, Playready & Fairplay Support
    • Works With EZDRM Third Party Licence Server
    • Supports AWS Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) API
    • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Support
    • Audio Waveform Player View Demo
    • Allow your videos to be viewed for a set amount of time before payment is required
    • Monetize with Woocommerce The largest online payment plugin
    • Protect your video content from being downloaded by browser extensions Firefox Video Download Helper, Skyload and many more…
    • Live Streaming
    • Dynamic Watermarking log who is screen recording your videos
    • Instantly block users that attempt to steal your content
    • Translation ready (Translate into any language)
    • HLS Adaptive bitrate streaming with AES 128 bit encryption
    • Advanced Google Analytics WATCH VIDEO
    • Netflix style (Trickplay) thumbnails
    • Custom posters
    • Custom Branding
    • Mobile Compatible
    • Picture-in-Picture support
    • Bitrate Switcher
    • VAST/Vmap Advertising
    • Subtitles, Captions and Audio Descriptions
    • DRM Protected Video Streaming‎
    • Live, VOD, SVOD, PPV, TVOD
    • 4K UHD, 1080, 720, 480, 360
    • Chromecast & Apple Airplay Compatible
    • Clean mobile menu

    Sign up for a 10 free trial.

    S3Bubble Sign Up: View Website

    1. Dashboard 1

      Dashboard 1

    2. Dashboard 2

      Dashboard 2

    3. Dashboard 3

      Dashboard 3

    4. Dashboard 4

      Dashboard 4

    5. Dashboard 5

      Dashboard 5

    Tags: fairplay ezdrm playready drm widevine
    4.4 (7)
  • Authors: botpenguinbot

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    BotPenguin is a bewildering platform with great traits, flourishing in the market, to develop the chatbot. Fundamentally, this platform generates AI chatbots for your Website, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and various other social media.
    Its 24x7x365 availability, No human error, Zero Waiting Time, high conversion rate and automation is some of the salient features.

    Why Choose Us

    • QUICK – Build, Design and deploy chatbot under 10 minutes.
    • FREE – Free-forever plan allows you to use and test it without any cost or regrets.
    • CONVERSATION DESIGNER – Free support to guide you on how to use conversational AI for your business.
    • NO CODING – Use drag and drop to create your chatbot in your own style.
    • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – In case of any issues faced, we are just one email, live chat, or WhatsApp away to have the honor to assist you.
    • READY TO USE TEMPLATES – Choose the one that suits your business needs and ease up the way of having your own WordPress chatbot.

    Premade Template To Keep You At Ease

    • Chatbot for Mutual Funds
    • Chatbot for E-Commerce
    • Chatbots for YouTube channel
    • Chatbots for Public figures
    • Chatbots for Insurance
    • Chatbots for Banking
    • Chatbots for SAAS Enquiry
    • Chatbots for Game studio
    • Chatbots for Freelancer Assistant
    • Chatbots for Outsource Services
    • Chatbots for Legal Services
    • Chatbots for Sports Club
    • Chatbots for Music concert Booking
    • Chatbots for Cleaning Services
    • Chatbots for Food recipe
    • Chatbots for Corona Awareness
    • Chatbots for Co-working space
    • Chatbots for Chiropractor
    • Chatbots for Placement Services
    • Chatbots for Healthcare
    • Chatbots for Salon
    • Chatbots for Packing services
    • Chatbots for Webinar registration
    • Chatbots for Solar panel lead generation
    • Chatbots for Equipment rental
    • Chatbots for Photography Services
    • Chatbots for Hospitality & Entertainment
    • Chatbots for mortgage services
    • Chatbots for Food truck
    • Chatbots for Immigration Services
    • Chatbots for Education
    • Chatbots for Repair and Tools
    • Chatbots for Bike Hire
    • Chatbots for Digital Marketing
    • Chatbots for Event Planner
    • Chatbots for Wedding Planner
    • Chatbots for Pizza Delivery
    • Chatbots for Eatery Order
    • Chatbots for Order a cake
    • Chatbots for Restaurant Table Booking
    • Chatbots for Logistics Feedback
    • Chatbots for Beautician
    • Chatbots for Flower Shop
    • Chatbots for Diet Consultant
    • Chatbots for Fitness Chatbot
    • Chatbots for Order Tracking
    • Chatbots for Real Estate
    • Chatbots for Travel Package Booking
    • Chatbots for Restaurant Feedback
    • Chatbots for Car Rental
    • Chatbots for E-Commerce Shopping
    • Chatbots for Hotel booking

    9 essential Benefits of using BotPenguin Chatbot Plugin:

    Undeniably, BotPenguin Plugin will bring you plenty of benefits. Here are the best results that you can have from that same.

    • BotPenguin can take care of your visitors 24 x 7 without any leave 😉
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can engage your customers to build meaningful conversations, thus increasing the average time spent by the user on your website and decrease the bounce rate.
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can capture the contact details of your visitors by interacting with them to generate leads for your business.
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can answer customer queries instantly so that customers don’t have to wait.
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can collect email id of visitors to build your email list and subscriber base for re-engagement
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can guide and educate your customers with interactive FAQ.
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can interact with more than one customer at the same time simultaneously to save time and resources for you.
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can save all the details collected to your CRM or any other tool you use
    • BotPenguin chatbot plugin learns from previous interactions and gets smarter day by day.

    ”My company was getting a lot of leads but all were spams. No proper name or number was real and
    all were filled randomly. After I switched to BotPenguin this issue was resolved. Thanks to
    BotPenguin Team, they are just like chatbots 24/7 available for their customers.”
    – Peter Charles
    Newtech Technologies, Jakarta

    “Want some more?
    Come on, asking for more is not a bad thing.”

    12 extra special features of BotPenguin

    1. Zero development time
    Your first working chatbot will be deployed on your website in less than 10 minutes.

    2. The Capability of being trained FAQ
    The chatbot can learn a list of the entire frequently asked question in a matter of seconds & can reply to them with the fed answers.

    3. Customer support handover
    If the customer seems to be interested and wants to discuss critical issues, then the second line of customer support can take the call or start chatting.

    4. Logical branching for a conditional situation
    A huge set of answers can be prepared for many questions, and they can be branched accordingly.

    5. Strong validation
    The BotPenguin Bot makes sure that no spam or wrong information is put up. We make sure the company gets 100% authentic leads only.

    6. 24/7 Customer support by BotPenguin
    It’s for you; if you incur any problem while developing your bot, then you can simply call us & we will
    troubleshoot it instantly.

    7. Chatbot Personalization
    You can personalize the chatbot according to your organization's needs.

    8. Complexity of task it handles
    You can give any complex task of understanding about your business to the BotPenguin and it makes
    sure that it does it.

    9. NLP for all the basic questions
    Our efficiently built bot makes sure that if the customer questions about many things at one time
    then how to answer it and match the right string. Our bot is smart enough to find wrong answers as

    10. It can serve 1,000,000+ customers at same time
    Our Bot will be integrated to your various platforms at once. The bot can be a

    • Telegram chatbot
    • Facebook Messenger chatbot
    • Website Chatbot
    • Line chatbot
    • Landing page chatbot
      & it covers many other platforms as well.

    11. Hundreds of Languages
    Our Penguin can speak any language you want it to. The major ones are

    • English
    • French / Français
    • Spanish / Español
    • Italian / Italiano
    • German / Deutsch
    • Swedish / Svenska
    • Portuguese / Português
    • Hindi / हिन्दी
    • Japanese / 日本語
    • Korean / 한국어
    • Russian / Русский
    • Persian / فارسی

    Note: Currently, we are Supporting English Langauge. We are working on other language support. You can contact us if you want BotPenguin in some other languages.

    12. Chatbot integration
    The versatile BotPenguin can get along with each and every platform. It can be integrated into CRM,
    Google sheets, delivery partner, payment gateway, sms gateway & many others.

    • Jira: Ease the process of bug tracking and project management
    • Groove: Enable Shared Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports while delighting customers at the same time
    • HelpScout: Integrate to get chat copy, contact details in HelpScout mailbox
    • HelpDesk: Enhances customer support, provides product’s information to end-user and imparts support related to all your commodities
    • Zendesk: Enables powerful and flexible customer service and engagement products to help you scale
    • Freshworks: Integrate for an adaptable solution, tracking and following up on customers efficiently
    • Desk.com: Customer support solutions for all sizes of businesses with faster and smarter service.
    • Happyfox: Reduce chaos and bring order with HappyFox providing exceptional customer support
    • Timetrade: Integrate with Time trade to schedule appointments online & hassle-free
    • Eventbrite: Integrate with Eventbrite to be aware of events occurring around you
    • Acuity Scheduling: Integrate with Acuity Scheduling for auto-adjusting time zones and allowing clients to easily manage meetings independently.
    • Mindbody: Integrate with MindBody Online to enable your users to easily schedule health and fitness classes online
    • ClickMeeting: Integrate Click Meeting to run custom and branded webinars with ease
    • Appointy: A simple, functional and a powerful tool to schedule online 24*7 and increase productivity
    • Outlook: Schedule meetings instantly and make the most out of your time with Outlook
    • Calendar: Integrate for time management and scheduling with Google calendar effortlessly
    • Zapier: Integrate zapier to transfer data from BotPenguin to 1000+ apps
    • Webhooks: This integration helps you connect BotPenguin to your various services
    • Segment: Directly integrate BotPenguin and Segment to collect, clean, and control your customer data and automate the process efficiently.
    • Tray.io: Integrate with Tray and automate the process without developers, connecting with tons of tools.
    • Agile CRM: Get your leads directly into the CRM to automate the process
    • Base: Integrate BotPenguin with Base to power a seamless and relationship-driven sales experience
    • Zoho CRM: BotPenguin can be integrated easily with multi-channel sales Zoho CRM
    • Pipedrive: Integrate BotPenguin with this CRM tool used by more than 80,000 teams.
    • Capsule CRM: Connect BotPenguin with CapsuleCRM to make a simple, affordable and effective solution
    • Salesforce CRM: One of the world’s best CRM can be easily integrated with BotPenguin
    • Drip CRM: Integration with Ecommerce CRM to make the process smooth
    • Autopilot: Integrate Chatbot with this marketing CRM to make email marketing more efficient.
    • Bitrix 24: BotPenguin can also be integrated with this free CRM.
    • SugarCRM: Integrate BotPenguin with SugarCRM which can be customised and configured easily.
    • Insightly: Easily integrate BotPenguin with Insightly to manage products, price books and quotes
    • 1 CRM: One stop solution for marketing automation, e-commerce integration and many more
    • Gold-vision: On premise or in cloud solution unifying sales and marketing
    • Leadsquared: Integrate for your B2C business to get higher sales productivity from all your teams
    • AmoCRM: Integrate with AmoCRM to boost sales with messaging apps cutting through the noise and winning more sales
    • Freshsales: A clean and a simple interface for AI based lead scoring, phone. Email, activity capture and more
    • Sales manago:** Build customer loyalty and boost sales with real time data processing at Sales Mango with BotPenguin.
    • LeadsBridge: BotaPenguin Flawlessly integrates to optimize your digital advertising ROAS
    • Botanalytics: Integrate with Botanalytics to analyze your conversations and get meaningful insights with an AI powered platform.
    • Google Analytics: Integrate with Google Analytics to keep track of your customers, see their behaviour and analyze the reports.
    • Todoist: Integrate with Todoist to manage your life and events easily using this tool.
    • Google task: Add a task and integrate it with BotPenguin to create a to-do list.
    • Meistertask: Use this to organise and manage task adapting to the individual needs
    • Stripe: Integrate Chatbot with Stripe to receive payments from your customers from various countries.
    • PayPal: Integrate Chatbot with Paypal to have access to more than 250 million PayPal customers and operating in over 200 markets.e
    • Site: You can find BotPenguin on Site123’s App market to get started
    • Instapage: While using Instapage for creating landing pages, you can find “BotPenguin” under the integrations section.
    • Weebly: Find “BotPenguin” in the App Center of Weebly.
    • GoDaddy: Get “BotPenguin” in All Apps section while opting for “GoDaddy” hosting service.
    • WordPress: Find “BotPenguin” in the plugin section and get yourself a tool as efficient as an army for handling visitors
    • Webs: “BotPenguin” can be found on listed webs app for you to get started
    • Wix: Chatbot Integration with Wix enables you to find BotPenguin on Wix App Store
    • Google Sheets: Get all your data in a designated folder as excel format.
    • Google Contact: Get leads’ contact information directly to the contact list.
    • Google Drive: Get all your data in a file storage and synchronised format for easy access
    • Google Tasks: Create a to-do list with your desktop making it easier to accomplish your routine work
    • Getresponse: Integrate with Getresponse for simplifying email sending process,creating landing pages, and marketing automation
    • Chili Piper: Integrate with Chili Piper to provide your customers access to automatically book a meeting or start a phone call right after they fill out a form on your site.
    • Mailchimp: Integrate with MailChimp to create unique campaigns, landing pages and run ads on facebook or Instagram
    • Click funnels: BotPenguin can be integrated with ClickFunnels that brings all of your digital marketing needs under one roof.
    • Twilio: Integrate with Twilio for enabling your end users to avail Voice, SMS, Video services.
    • ActiveCampaign: Automate customer experience with integrating email marketing, CRM and marketing automation
    • Verticalresponse: Integrate to get tools you need for a successful email marketing campaign
    • iContact: Harness power of automation & scale your email marketing strategy with iContact
    • Easyship: Manage the aspect of your delivery by integrating with EasyShip
    • Shipway: Integrate with Shipway to increase customer loyalty with enhanced engagement
    • Zoom: A cloud based peer to peer software used for online meetings to be conducted with ease
    • Twilo: Web based collaboration for screen sharing and video conferencing, making online meetings possible
    • Dropbox: Integrate with Dropbox to get file hosting service to operate offering cloud storage
      The best part is it can also be integrated with your native CRM.

    Note: Currently, we are providing Integration with Bitrix 24, Pipedrive, Freshworks CRM, Drip CRM, Capsule CRM, Agile CRM Zoho CRM,Google Calendar, WordPress, Freshdesk and Shopify. We are working on integrating other platforms. You can contact us if you want to integrate with other platforms.

    Our Chatbots add substantial value to your organization & its basic Chatbots are ready to
    use. If you love our product then don’t forget to write a review because our network is our
    net worth. We wish you happiness in your chatbot-building journey. We hope our creation helps you achieve your goal.

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  • Authors: Appointy
    Contributers: appointy

    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Trusted by businesses since 2010, Appointy is one of the most popular, reliable, and highly rated appointment scheduling and WordPress booking calendar plugin. It has all the features that businesses need to accept appointments, calendar bookings and payments 24×7 in one easy-to-use user interface. Additionally, it can also help you:

    1. Schedule online: Customers self-schedule anytime, anywhere.
    2. Increase productivity: Improve staff productivity, manage multiple staff and locations.
    3. Attract customers: Social promotion via Facebook, Twitter, and Email marketing. Reserve with Google Integration.
    4. Retain customers: Understand your customers and run customer loyalty programs.

    Appointy has been built from the ground up keeping business growth at its core

    With Appointy’s super-quick guided setup, (or you may opt for our Free Done For You setup), enterprise level customization, built in marketing & analytics features and simplified integration with your website, you will get an instant boost for your business’s revenue, exposure and customer satisfaction.

    With its partnership with Google, Appointy also provides you the opportunity to turn Google searchers into paying customers using Reserve with Google.

    What can I use Appointy for ?

    • Appointment Scheduling : Schedule services or staff (Hair Salon Booking, Barber Shop booking, Beauty Center Booking, Spa Booking, Acupuncture Booking, Dog Groomers Booking, Massage Therapists Booking, One-to-One coaching, Gym, Dentists Appointment Scheduling, Doctors Appointment Scheduling, Nutritionist Appointment Booking,Fitness Coach booking etc).

    • Class Scheduling : Yoga Class Scheduling , Dance Class Scheduling, Fitness Class Scheduling , Cooking Class Booking,Culture classroom booking, ,Swimming Class booking, Music class booking etc.

    • Resource Scheduling : Schedule Resources (Balloon Rides, Real Estates or Agents, Hotel Rooms, Machines, Pools, Courts, Rentals etc.)

    • Event Scheduling / Event Booking: Schedule Events with Events Calendar (Single or Multiple occurring events)

    • Meeting Scheduler: Book Meetings Online

    • Booking Calendar / Appointment Calendar: Book Calendar, Book Rental, Beauty Salon Booking, Tour Guide Booking, Restaurant Booking, Cafe Booking, Conference Room booking, Car Rental Booking, Hospital Booking, Clinic Booking, Facility Booking, Private Residence Booking

    • Reservations: Hotel reservation & bookings, Tour Reservations, Reserve Calendar, Any kind of Online Reservations

    • Almost any other business that accepts appointments

    Homepage | Appointment Scheduling | Class Scheduling | Activity Scheduling | Demo

    Appointy Features and Pricing

    Free Plan:

    Features offered in Free Plan
    1. No. of Staff Users: 1
    2. No. of Services: 5
    3. No. of Appointments in a month: 100
    4. Clients can schedule appointments 24×7
    5. Integration on your website and Facebook page
    6. Check Daily, weekly, and monthly availability in just one click
    7. Schedule classes, groups, events or individual appointments
    8. Zapier Integration
    9. Automatic Reminders
    10. Mobile App
    11. Reschedule appointments
    12. Set service dependency
    13. Client Verification
    14. Automatic appointment assignment to staff
    15. Reserve with Google integration
    16. CRM Tool
    17. 24×7 Customer Support and Free Setup
    18. Real Time Notifications
    19. SSL Security
    20. Accept Payments through Square
    21. Instagram and Facebook Integration

    Premium Plans: Growth, Professional, Enterprise

    Features offered in Premium Plans: (All features of the free plan + the features below as per plan type)
    1. No. of Staff Users: 1-5 as per plan with option to add more staff members
    2. No. of Services: Unlimited
    3. No. of Appointments in a month: Unlimited
    4. Schedule resources/ equipment/ rooms in addition to staff
    5. Service Level Agreement
    6. Multi Location Support
    7. Recurring bookings
    8. Capacity booking
    9. Two way Google calendar synchronisation
    10. i-Cal feed
    11. Office 365 integration
    12. Google Analytics
    13. Google Tag Manager
    14. Customizable deals and discounts
    15. Gift certificates
    16. Accept Payments through Square,Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.Net
    17. Business analysis reports
    18. Separate staff login
    19. SMS customization
    20. Custom booking portal, features & Integration


    For any help or setup support you may mail us at [email protected]
    You can also schedule an appointment by clicking this link

    You may also call us at our 24×7 support numbers:
    24×7 Support: USA +1 786 766 7676
    24×7 Support: UK +44 20 3871 3003

    Why is Appointy better than other standalone WordPress scheduling plugins

    • Freemium plan that’s free forever. No credit card required. Affordable pricing that scales as your business grows. No hidden costs. Most WordPress scheduling plugins just provide basic features in the free version and then force you to buy premium add-ons for additional critical features like payments etc. whereas Appointy provides many of these premium features in its free forever version itself. As a result, the standalone WordPress plugins with their add-ons end up being more expensive and bug ridden in the long term over Appointy.

    • Other WordPress scheduling plugins are often plagued by poor support and long issue resolution turnaround times but Appointy being one of the biggest players in the appointment scheduling domain, is proud to offer the highest standards of customer support 24×7 through call/chat/email. You can even request free setup assistance for your business.

    • Other WordPress scheduling plugins and their add-ons often create unnecessary bloat in the WordPress dashboard thus slowing down your website and resulting in compatibility clashes with your theme and other plugins, whereas Appointy is a SaaS application and all the heavy processing is managed by Appointy’s super fast cloud servers so that processing is extremely fast and you never lose your precious data or appointments.

    • Other WordPress scheduling plugins require setting up of server cron jobs and specialized server settings forcing you to either upgrade to higher hosting plans or losing out on bookings/appointment reminders thus eventually affecting your business’s service quality and customer satisfaction. But with Appointy, you can set up scheduling on your website with just the basic shared hosting plan as all the sms/email reminders, are taken care of by Appointy with their efficient cloud service with 99.99% uptime guarantee. This saves you unnecessary hosting costs and ensures professional services to your customers.

    • Other WordPress scheduling plugins creates security vulnerabilities, whereas Appointy being a SaaS application is 100% safe and integrates with your favourite payment processors out of the box even in its free plan.

    • Other WordPress plugins which have their working from within WordPress remain exposed to problems caused by WordPress version updates leading to service downtimes and business losses whereas Appointy being a SaaS is always resistant to compatibility and functionality issues arising out of any such updates, thus ensuring robust performance and business reliability.

    • Other scheduling plugins tend to get limited by features and as your requirements grow along with your business, you are forced to switch platforms which impacts your business and creates new problems. Whereas, Appointy offers enterprise level plans and features so that as your business grows Appointy will be your growth partner throughout your journey.

    • Unlike other plugins, Appointy offers multi platform access to your business settings and administration. You can access Appointy on the go through our Android and iOS apps as well.

    • Unlike other WordPress scheduling plugins, Appointy has several marketing and analytics features so that you can get an edge over your competition.

    • Unlike other WordPress scheduling plugins, Appointy has a very intuitive interface and onboarding process which enables you to get comfortable with the system within the first 5 minutes itself. In case you need help, our 24×7 support desk is always at your disposal. Appointy also provides you with several third party software integrations.

    • Several of the standalone free WordPress plugins compromise your data and the data of your customers and are not GDPR compliant. Appointy being the one of the most trusted and reliable appointment scheduling plugins, is GDPR compliant and provides 100% security for you and your customer’s data.


    Appointy appointment booking and online scheduling is available in:

    • Chinese
    • Croatian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Estonian
    • French
    • Finnish
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Lithuanian
    • Latvian
    • Dutch
    • Nynorsk
    • Portuguese
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Romanian
    • Spanish
    • Slovenian
    • Serbian
    • Slovak
    • Swedish
    • Turkish

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    Charts and Tracking Description >>

    Supported payment methods include Visa and MasterCard bank cards payments via Cloudpayments, Yandex.Kassa, PayPal, Chronopay, QIWI Kassa, ROBOKASSA and RBK Money systems, mobile and SMS payments via MIXPLAT, also WebMoney. You can also use a traditional bank payment orders.

    This plugin developed and supported by Teplitsa of social technologies.

    The plugin’s task is to ease and improve integrations of donations collecting function on websites of NGOs and any social oriented projects.

    • Plugin is very easy to install, and it requires only a minimum of settings.
    • You can start to collect donations right after plugin setup.
    • Many important settings are setted automatically.

    The plugin is designed for any website that wants to collect money online – NGOs, informal unions, individuals.

    Official website: leyka.te-st.ru

    Warning: you will need to sign a contract with some payment systems, like Yandex.Money or RBK, to collect donations through them.

    Core features

    • Wide range of payment systems and options
    • Suitable for private persons and NGOs
    • Automatic e-mails to supporters
    • User accounts that help donors to manage recurring donations
    • Payment history and statistics on the website
    • Integration with Google Analytics out of the box
    • Campaign templates and visualization of the progress bars
    • Template color customization
    • Widgets and shortcodes for WP
    • Legally correct templates for personal data usage agreement and oferta text
    • Multiple language support
    • Partially complies with accessibility standards WCAG 2.0

    The plugin manual is avaliable at official website. Intallation and usage are illustrated with screencasts course.

    PHP at least 5.6 is required for plugin to work correctly.

    Help the project

    We will be very grateful if you will help us to make Leyka better.

    • You can add a bugreport or a feature request on GitHub.
    • Send us your pull request to share a code impovement.
    • You can make a new plugin translation for your language or send us a fixes for an existing translation, if needed.

    If you have a questions for the plugin work in any aspect, please address our support service on GitHub.

    1. "Campaign card" widget example

      "Campaign card" widget example

    2. Donations form example

      Donations form example

    3. Donors list page example

      Donors list page example

    4. Recurring subscriptions list page example

      Recurring subscriptions list page example

    5. The plugin start page (a console)

      The plugin start page (a console)

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