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Essential Grid Portfolio – Photo Gallery

Each blogger knows that the way you demonstrate photo gallery grids is very important, it can make your users stay on your page, while exploring your photo gallery. Therefore your portfolio grids should be professional, with a unique interpretation.

One of the most-required views lately has been grid photo gallery view. That’s why we have come up with this plugin, which is easy to maintain and the results are always awesome.Collect your favorite images or videos in one beautiful image gallery with Essential Grid plugin.

Learn more or connect with us:
*Plugin Page
*Elastic Grid Demos
*Support Forum
*Contact US

Endless Images- Endless Portfolio Grids!
Upload as many images as you need in each portfolio grid. Create more and more image gallery grids, because there are no limits. The more portfolios you create the more options you will find out.

Essential Grid Portfolio Demos
*Elastic Grid
*Content Popup
*Portfolio List
*Block Toggle Up/Down
*Content Slider
*Masonry Portfolio

Photo Gallery Grids anywhere!
After creating image gallery grids, feel free to post them wherever you want. Your website’s Header, Body, Side-Bar, Footer may become a good place to demonstrate your portfolio grids. Just insert the photo gallery shortcode on your website from posts, pages or theme editor.

Quick to Load- PortfolioGrid!
The plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.We constantly update the portfolio grid to be sure our users have the best experience with our plugin.
Demonstrating Essential Grids can’t affect on your image gallery page loading time.

Image Gallery Exclusive Features
Try to experiment with the latest features and your image gallery projects will be very prominent. You are free to build portfolio grids from images, and videos with their description and title. Get various features for the portfolio grids that you are creating.

Easy to Upload and Organize!
Essential grid allows to upload images to portfolio plugin one by one or in bulk. Add your media in just 2 steps and start customizing the photo gallery descriptions and titles.

5+ Modern Portfolio Layouts
Our team has created more than 5 exciting and modern portfolio grid layouts. Each of these photo gallery layouts are entirely responsive and each of these layouts have their own functionality. Make various customizations on layouts and get your favorite one.

More than a Portfolio Gallery Grid
You get more than 3 plugins in 1, image gallery grid, slider, video gallery, lightbox and an FAQ. No need to upload 5 different plugins on your website when you have Essential grid photo gallery plugin.

Add Title And Description to Portfolio Grid
Quite an important option for each and every image gallery grid is to have a title and a description under each image or video. Describe what you wanted to say with image gallery media files, with portfolio grid’s title and description option.

Add URLs to Your Photo Gallery
Image gallery grid items can link to internal or external website links. Just add URL links when adding a media file on photo gallery.

Make Portfolio Grids from YouTube and Vimeo videos
Create and customize Youtube and Vimeo galleries with portfolio plugin.

Besides all of these significant options you also can duplicate portfolios, add primary and secondary images in each portfolio, pagination and load more buttons and many other options that you can investigate in your portfolio “Essential Grid”.

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